Yuren Chapter 31

To Demand Repayment

As they spoke, a few maids brought over iced fruits, osmanthus pickled plum soup, and warm tea. The tea and soup were normal, however those fruits are rarely seen in the capital. Yang Heng and Lie Dang ate a little of each. They felt it was sweet and fragrant, simply compared to the usual fruit, it’s a world difference.

The maid specially brought out yogurt and poured it on one of the bowls of chopped mixed fruits. This is Bai Fuling’s favorite way to eat and it’s similar to yogurt fruit salad, but the taste is not everyone’s favorite. Yang Heng and Lie Dang tried a bit and didn’t particularly like it, but they were curious about the origin of yogurt.

Although Bai Fuling didn’t intend to side with Yang Heng, she also wanted to have a good relationship with him. Earlier, she had saved his life. She had then treated them with hospitality. If something happened in the future, he would retain some sentiments and affections. So it’s rare for her to take the initiative to introduce them to the names of various exotic fruits. When she heard them ask about the yogurt, she simply said: “This was made by the barbarian herdsmen outside the city. It’s made by fermenting cow’s milk and can also be made by sheep’s milk. But I don’t really like the strong taste of sheep’s milk. Yogurt is very nourishing, my parents and I both like it very much. Although the barbarians are poor and backward, they also have many good things.”

Bai Fuling understands the principle of making yogurt, but she knew nothing about what to use to ferment and how to ferment the milk to a suitable level. She left it to luck when she sent people to the barbarians to find yogurt. They asked many tribes and by chance, she was able to find a herdsman from a small tribe who knows how to make it. Immediately the method was brought back and from then on, the Bai family have been eating yogurt.

Mu Peilan wasn’t used to it at first. She reluctantly ate it for a while under her daughter’s coaxing and pestering. She gradually became accustomed to the taste and found it to be quite delicious. Now, this kind of yogurt is also made in Tongyun Lou in Beiguan City, it has quite a support among the guests, especially in the summer, where it’s often in short supply.

After listening to Bai Fuling’s introduction, Yan Heng repeatedly nodded and said: “No wonder the Bai family settled here. Living in paradise, able to eat rare fruits and exotic delicacies. Really living the life of an immortal.”

Bai Fuling replied, “Yes, brother also likes it here. We all want to stay here forever.”

Finally reaching the main point, Yang Heng thought and said, “I’m afraid that this is not easy….”

“Why is it not easy?” Bai Fuling pretended to be innocent and naive. She had the advantage of being young, no matter what shouldn’t be asked, she could use the excuse of her youthful ignorance to push it all away. Others would find no fault as they would be embarrassed to argue with her, a young woman.

Yang Heng feigned helplessness: “Wherever the Bai family want to live, it’s possible as long as it doesn’t obstruct the imperial court law. But General Lu is an official appointed by the court and a military general. He would inevitably be subject to being dispatched to fight. How can he stay here forever?”

“It’s like that ah! Are there ways that allow my brother to stay? He isn’t the only general. With my brother here, barbarians won’t dare to make trouble and everyone would have a better life.” Bai Fuling continued to be naive and delicate.

“It’s not impossible, but…”

“But what?” Bai Fuling aked.

Yang Heng deliberately maintained the suspense: “It’s better to talk about this with General Lu.”

Bai Fuling pressed her mouth and said nothing. The first bout was a big defeat. She glanced at Yang Heng who was eating a honeydew. She cursed in her heart: “It’s best that you are not used to it, so that you will vomit and have diarrhea.”

After resting for a while, Yang Heng continued with today’s itinerary, and this time the destination is directly to the Lengquan Courtyard where Bai Fuling currently resides.

The main house of the Bai family mansion is built on the hillside in front of Baili Mountain and the Bai couple would normally live here. The main house was built in a simple manner, apart from the high walls and the quite-large entrance. It was exactly the style of a countryside landlord’s mansion.

In addition there are several “scenic spots” designated by Bai Fuling, there are several side courtyards were smaller in scale with different styles and characteristics. Because of the flat and spacious terrain by the banks of the Heling Lake, the courtyard built there were the largest and the most exquisite and naturally used to entertain Yang Heng. The Lengquan Courtyard is the smallest. It is a small house made of bamboo and wood. The Lengquan perched by the side of the stream and is specially used for a summer escape. There is a water wheel beside the house, constantly bringing the cascading cold spring water to the side terrace’s awning. The spring water continued to flow through the awning and once again back into the spring. The sound of the water is like the jingling of bells. You can imagine how cool and relaxed it will be to sit under the terrace.

When Yang Heng first met Bai Fuling, he had seen this house from afar. At that time, he was secretly impressed by the craftsman’s ingenuity, he asked to visit here today was not for a clear look of the bamboo house. He deliberately walked to the seat where Bai Fuling was sitting that day and sat down. He smiled gently and elegantly. “There’s something Bengong always feels weird about.”

People can’t beat the circumstances, Bai Fuling had no choice but to obediently sit on the stone bench. She answered with a fake smile: “I wonder what it is?”

“If Bengong is really short of money, how long does it take Miss to arrange work to Bengong to pay off that 528 taels?”

Sure enough, he’s here to overturn old debts. Could it be that these royal princes are cheapskates? Bai Fuling couldn’t help but whisper, “As expected, those who owe debts are more arrogant than those who collect them!”

Bai Fuling’s voice was low, and Yang Heng, who had internal force, could clearly hear it. He secretly smiled and intentionally asked, “What did Miss Bai just say?”

“This little girl said that His Highness is well versed in the pen and sword, equivalent to a first class talent. Not to mention earning five hundred taels, even more than five thousand taels is easy.” Bai Fuling smiled flatteringly, but she could not hide the indolence and anger in her eyes. She had been arrogant in this world for more than ten years and had almost become used to it. It’s really hard for her to adapt to humbling herself to please others.

Yang Heng knew that she was already very upset, but he continued to quibble, “I’m grateful to Miss Bai for her kindness, Bengong is curious, is it possible to further explain it to Bengong?”

Can she say “no”? Bai Fuling snorted coldly in her heart and pondered for a while, “There are many ways, only depending on which one His Highness prefers.”

Yang Heng gave Bai Fuling an expression of listening intently and motioned her to speak freely.

“The first method is very fast but also a bit dangerous. My family Tongcai Yaxing also provides some merchants with temporary escorts and bodyguards for hire. Based on their skill, they received different remunerations, ranging from ten liangs to tens of taels per person per trip. With His Highness’ ability, as long as you make a few more trips, you are able to earn the money back very quickly. As the intermediary that provides labor and guarantee, we take a tenth of the proceeds as a commission fee.”

“The Bai family’s Yaxing is really attentive. From what Miss Bai said, it seems there are other methods?” Yang Heng praised and amazed by how Bai Fuling seized every opportunity to make money.

“The second method is also fast and much more safe. Fang Hai could teach you a set of internal techniques that could open meridians and help people to quickly recover from their internal injuries. His Highness then travel to several big factions in Jianghu, relying on this technique, as long as one or two people are cured, the rewards will be more than five hundred taels. If you cure three people, it’s enough to pay off the tuition fees.”

Although Fang Hai knows this kind of technique, none of the people in the clinic meet the required internal force. There are people that meet the requirement in the Bai family manor and also have learned this technique. But it’s inconvenient for them to show their faces and some are plagued with mundane affairs. How could they have the leisure to go and toiled for money?

Most of the big factions in Jianghu engaged in some high-risk high-reward businesses. They had plenty of money and this kind of skill was exactly what they needed the most.

Hearing this, Yang Heng smiled and nodded: “What else?” The Bai family really has some background in the Jianghu, why else would she have thought of this. Having seen Fang Hai’s medical skills, Bai Fuling’s method is indeed feasible. But this lass’ scheme is really terrifying, she still didn’t forget to charge a fee. Listening to her tone, he has to pay hundreds of taels of silver to learn. Although it’s worth the money, it seems really difficult.

“The third method is the easiest and the quickest.” Bai Fuling raised her head and looked at him, her big eyes full of cunningness and provocation.

“What is it?” Yang Heng was aware of a pitfall, but he couldn’t help but to jump into it.

“Find your men and ask them to send money to you.” Bai Fuling said as she turned her head and faintly smiled at Lie Dang. The meaning is obvious, your subordinate’s here and he had money. You should pay back the debt!

Yang Heng couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The straight-laced Lie Dang couldn’t help but let out a wry smile and honestly took out six official bank notes of one hundred taels of silver from his sleeve and handed them to Bai Fuling. “Your great favor can’t be thanked by words. These are six hundred taels, Miss Bai please accept it.”

How great it’s to be tactful and sensible beforehand?!

“Many thanks!” Bai Fuling was not polite and Bai Guo stepped forward to take the official note and put it in her sleeve.

Yang Heng raised the teacup made from a bamboo tube in his hand and took a sip of the fragrant tea. He suddenly remembered something and asked, “I heard that Miss Bai has raised quite a few ‘fierce beasts’ . Can you take me there to have a look?”

Bai Fuling smiled strangely and said, “Since His Highness wants to see it, this little girl should let them come here. But I’m afraid they are wild and untamed. If they frighten and offend His Highness, this little girl will have to bear all the blame with her death.”

“Young lady worries too much, Bengong is not easily frightened.” Yang Heng knew that Bai Fuling was deliberately mocking him. The few “beasts” that’s going to appear later are probably going to be ferocious and very fierce. But he wants to see how this little girl handles the extravagance show. He had already seen the white tiger, what could be more fierce than that?

Bai Fuling pretended to be reluctant and said, “Okay!”

She raised her index and thumb to her lips, along with a clear whistle, a roar that resembled a wolf howl came from a distance. There were several long, sharp cries, in broad daylight, it made those that listen feel cold.


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Yu Ren

Yu Ren

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2010 Native Language: Chinese
Where would be useful talents and tons of oxen and horses without human trafficking? How to revive economy and upgrade employment rate without corruption? How to support small and weak ones and defeat every ruthless character in the way without being black-belly? Being an honorable maiden with ideals, who pursues three views[1], uprightness and successful career Bai Fuling thinks what she needs is a loyal dog who could be an object of her torment and bully and not this black-belly, whose object of enjoyment is tormenting and bullying her. Confronting a fierce devil, who she could not provoke nor avoid she could only put to use her art of handling people and engage with him in battle of wits and guts to the end. [1] three views (三观) is mainly referring to views of world, life and value   Note: Please check chapter 1-30 on NU


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