Song Eun-Ho covered his cheek with his hands with an embarrassed expression as if he knew he was staring at him.


“I got into a fight on the way here……. There are a lot of bad people in the world.”


A fight? What kind of punk! On Song Eun-Ho’s face like a jewel!


He was furious when he heard that someone had hurt that face.




I felt Song Eun-ho get embarrassed when I got angry with my hair up close.


“Hyuk, why… What’s wrong? Are you sick?”


When I saw Song Eun-ho in a hurry, I sat down right away. For now, it was a priority to reassure him.


What kind of punk…. Ha… , when I go outside, I’ll have to destroy the ones who touched Song Eun-ho first.


“I heard from the teacher that you ate well, I was worried a lot, but I’m glad……. When I first saw you, I thought something was wrong…”


Song Eun-ho seemed to recall that day with tears in his eyes.


I don’t feel good when Song Eun-ho reacts like this.


Kang Jin-Taek rubbed his forehead against the glass wall to mean not to cry. Afterwards Song Eun-ho smiled and came closer to him then also pressed his face against the glass wall.


Well, it’s the first time I’ve seen him close up except for a close-up photo…


It’s a bright face. It’s natural like you’re in your 20s, but your smooth skin, big eyes, and cherry-like lips were so pretty that it couldn’t touch your eyes.


It looks like it’s shining somewhere…


No, it really was. Song Eun-ho’s face sparkled like a star was floating.


What is it?


Kang Jin-Taek raised his hand to press down on the glass wall, and a window popped up next to a star.


LV. 1 The Butler




* ☆ Gantaek ☆ was hit by the “Write” hidden attack by the cat (temporary).


*Shows extraordinary affection for the cat (temporary).


*I hit my shoulder for a second…… (+more)


The butler’s personal history can be purchased with Nyangcoin.


*Depressed mode due to ‘excessive animal hospital expenses’.


*The baby butler is happy with the cute action of the cat (temporary).


“Thank you.”


Song Eun-ho said faintly to me while looking at the history. For a moment, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to live as Song Eun-ho’s cat.


When my body recovered to some extent, I moved to Song Eun-ho’s residence at the hospital. His house was 1.5 rooms located in a so-called one-room village away from the city center.


After the incident about a year ago, the agency said it paid a huge penalty and came out……. It seemed that I had a hard life while moving around the house.


But the house wasn’t bad. It had the structure of a living room and a bathroom in one space. There was no bathtub in the bathroom, but there was a small veranda, and there was no elevator, but it was on the fifth floor, so the house was sunny.


I was much more comfortable here than the hospital, but my body didn’t recover as quickly like I wanted. The cat I possessed seemed to be naturally weak, so it was hard to move until the third day after being discharged from the hospital.


I spent most of my time hanging out at a place called cattery bought by Song Eun-ho. It may be boring, but it wasn’t necessarily because of the system window that floats all the time.


Daily Quest


1. Making potatoes (1/3)


2. Dropping cups (0/3)


3. Pretending not to hear the butler (0/3)


In particular, it appeared every day but it’s always random daily quest, and I knew what “making potatoes” roughly meant, but I couldn’t understand “dropping cups” and “pretending not to hear the butler.”


More than that, why does this keep coming up?


I thought it might be a cyborg cat, so I tried to bite my leg, but I got caught by Song Eun-ho and got in a lot of trouble. The body, including the legs, is wound around the towel and pulled in. It was basically bossam. I couldn’t move, so I opened my eyes wide with my face sticking out, and Song Eun-ho scolded me then suddenly kissed me on the nose.




What is this? Is it a form of corporal punishment for cats?…?


[You can’t do that from the back!] [All right?]


Seeing Song Eun-ho scold me after that, I thought that cats are often subjected to this kind of thing. And while staying at Song Eun-ho’s residence, there were many things to eat. It was probably because I could see Song Eun-ho’s various images up close.


[You’re really good at taking medicine] Or I don’t use animal medicine……?]


Song Eun-ho wondered if I ate the medicine well even if I just poured water without mixing it with food on purpose.


What you use is good for your health.…. I was thinking a little old at the time.


In the meantime, Song Eun-ho, who shook off a small amount of powder on his palm and tasted it, frowned.


“it’s bitter…”


As soon as I thought it would be nice to take a picture of him sticking out his tongue and refusing to leave, a notification popped up.


Leave a memory with the butler! o(= ‘V ‘ =)o


Shortcut > Nyang Punch Snapshot!


What is this…?


No, but… Let’s just say there’s nothing else we can do. Can’t we just stop this?


I grumbled but clicked on the cat punch snapshot. But I heard a warning sound right away.


Insufficient Nyang Coin! Unable to pay for ‘Nyang Punch Snapshot!’


Retained Meow Coin: 0


Ha… This is, well…….


I was angry. I wanted to argue about how you do business this way. But I couldn’t because I missed the timing. Song Eun-ho put me back in the cattery.


What the hell is a nyang coin, how do you get it……?


Since then, ‘Nyangcoin’ has become a big challenge for me.


This is because I had to use Nyangcoin to look at Song Eun-ho’s personal history. I’m sure it’s talking about money because it’s called a coin.… It didn’t seem to mean the cash that people use.


So it’s like cyber money?


“I’ll be right back. You have to keep an eye on the house.”




“Good boy.”


In response to my answer, Song Eun-ho stroked my head and left the house.


I’ll be back in the middle of the night again.….


As a result of my side examination, Song Eun-ho wasn’t at home and kept going outside. But it didn’t seem like working or hanging out separately.


So where the hell was he going?


I was able to find it. That means that he has rarely done outside activities so far.


Almost a year, not just a few months. How the hell have you been…?


I was curious about the reason, so when Song Eun-ho was away, I searched all over the room. He cleans every morning, so I searched everywhere without a grain of dust, but I didn’t get any helpful information.


while staying in this house, I recently found out that Song Eun-ho is taking medicine for insomnia.….


The fact that he’s taking medication means he’s got a medical record…… Why haven’t I been briefed? Did you originally have insomnia, and why you don’t act again…….


While I was at it, I wanted to know everything about Song Eun-ho.


The butler’s personal history can be purchased with Nyangcoin.


Retained Meow Coin: 0


However, to know his personal history, he needed “Nyangcoin.”


“This is today’s news. The Korean Wave fits the global era…….』


It’s getting colder Because of the cold wave…….』


“This is the news of the accident. A fire broke out in a house in Gangwon-do overnight, resulting in four casualties…….』




Aside from Nyangcoin, there were no reports today, so only a sigh came out.


I didn’t see anything about the traffic accident that happened that night. I’m sure it was a big accident that could have been on the news.….


As expected, it was not just an accident.


[I told you I’d serve you properly]


Oh, my God.….


From the first time we met, it was very bad. He just came under me, and he didn’t listen to me dirty. It is clear that there is a backseat in the circumstances.


There was no action. Even if there was, I wouldn’t have taken action and the other person wouldn’t have been alive two feet away.


No matter whose fortune I received, I had to catch my bald head and foot it.




For now, it was a priority to properly defecate first.


Oh, I’m tired….


Cats are cats, but I wondered what I would be possessed by kittens. The kitten had no strength, even pooing, so it had to struggle for a long time on the sand.


Is it because it’s piled up too much?…?


In fact, it is right that I have to work every time I get a signal, but when I stand close to my tail and try to give strength to my hips, Song Eun-ho hid and watched me.


What are you looking at it?


I freaked out because I tried to take a picture because it was rather cute when I glared at it with that kind of eyes. In addition, when I came back from a cool job, I was ashamed of the bucket that looked behind me for anything or wiped me with wet wipes soaked in warm water.


So I only did my business while Song Eun-ho left the house. When I finished my business, I went out to the sunny veranda and dried my butt. What have you done to make me sweaty?…. After a short sunburn, your butt warms up quickly.


Tek, Pik, Tek, Tek.


with a rattling sound


“Meow, it’s coming out…….”


In the very early afternoon before sunset, there was an electronic sound at the front door, and Song Eun-ho returned home very early.




I went into the thistle from the veranda where I was taking the sun and greeted Song Eun-ho. Even if I couldn’t [1]greet you like a dog, I was going to give you a sign if you came.




“You came a little early today…”




What’s wrong with you?


I was surprised to see Song Eun-ho, who came inside wet with water.




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If you live as your favorite’s cat

If you live as your favorite’s cat

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A cat with a strange system window. <Find a butler candidate! Cat system coming soon!> “Survival Mission! Let the butler in front of you take you in before you freeze to death! ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ Survival rate 0.88833214609% ▷ Take you in! (survival rate increased by 5%)」 No, start with an X-like tone. [notice! It seems that the butler is depressed... (^._.^)ノ ▷Let him touch your belly ▷A cat snack! (12% increase in happiness)] His pride hurt. Ultimately, he had no choice but to open his belly and hug him for his sake. NOTE: Do not share or repost or the translation would be taken down.


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