He wore a mask and the system window reflected in front of him. Song Eun-Ho’s clear eyes appeared and he froze on the spot. The system window was like a status window that he had in his subordinate’s game. As soon as he thought that the nonsense was written in a plausible way, his eyes widened with the phrase “the butler in front.”

What… what it wants me to be taken in? Is it talking about Song Eun-ho?

with a rustling

Song Eun-ho came close to him through the system window.

“What are you doing there? Are you lost? What about your mom?”


His heart is pounding.….

Is it because they met too suddenly? At that moment, his heart began to beat like crazy.

Notification! Your heart rate is going up fast!

Penalty adds heart attack damage!

Heart Attack Damage-5

Heart attack damage-2

Heart Attack Damage-3

When Song Eun-ho’s face was covered by the system window that suddenly reappeared, He got nervous. When he raised his hand and stirred it quickly, the system window disappeared with a clatter.

“Oh, my!”

The system window wasn’t the only one missing. When Song Eun-ho reached, he got a scratch on the back of his hand with the paw Kang Jin-Taek waved.

“Ah… Are you surprised that I suddenly approached you? I’m sorry, I’m not trying to hurt you.….”

‘No, it’s me who hit him. Eun-Ho, why are you……!’


He was sorry for hurting him, so when he shouted, Song Eun-ho stepped back. he raised his voice to him.


Of course, no proper words came out. he just kept babbling like a cat.

A cat…? What do you mean by a cat? Ugh…

Maybe because he screamed as hard as he could, his body was shaking more than before. he stayed in a place where the fire was burning

There must be. The cold has cooled him down. What did it say earlier? A strange system window said it was a survival mission, but if he really died…Do you mean…….



Eventually, when he couldn’t hold out and fell to the side, Song Eun-ho immediately hugged him.

“Oh, what should I do? Come on, let’s go to the hospital.….”

Song Eun-ho’s voice was heard floundering through the fading consciousness. The survival rate of the system window, which had been set aside, was gradually decreasing.

▶ I’m letting you in

>I’m letting you in! (Survival rate increased by 5%)

He didn’t know what all this is, but for now, he decided to choose ‘I’ll let you in!’ because it will increase the survival rate.

I’m letting you in! (Survival rate increases by 5%)

Reminder! Additional survival rate increases and butlers are brought in!

The survival rate is going up.…! On a 0.1% rise…….

Are you kidding me? It’s going up so slowly!

No way. He found Song Eun-Ho through his blurry eyes. He saw the face of a guy running hurriedly with him in his arms.

Song Eun-Ho, hey… .

He was struggling to look at the cat, but he looked busy running. After thinking about it, he stuck out his tongue and licked the wound on the back of Song Eun-Ho’s hand, which was leaking blood.


Only then did Song Eun-ho stop walking and look at him. He licked the wound carefully so that it wouldn’t bleed, and then he stared at him with his eyes wide open.

Maybe this is the last time.

‘I’m sorry, Song Eun-ho. I’ve had many chances…… I’ve been wandering for so long, and I’ve been looking for you like this…….’

(/0w0)/ Hidden attack!

Immediately after that, He lost consciousness when he checked that the system window last appeared with loud music.


That guy.

Song Eun-Ho. 25 years old.

Growing up in a nursery school, he has been working as a child actor with a beautiful appearance. After being an idol trainee for 3 years, he suddenly turned into an actor. He rose to stardom overnight in a supporting role in his first-weekend drama.

At that time, he was a popular star at the young age of 24, but his stock price was rising due to his sincere acting skills, pretty face as good as a woman, and good personality.

However, while filming the movie he was cast as the main character at the time, he suddenly disappeared after holding an emergency press conference to express his intention to get off.

Since it has been almost five months since the filming began, 80% of the scenes to be filmed have been filmed, so his sudden departure caused a big impact. People criticized Song Eun-Ho for being irresponsible, and even strange rumors circulated that he used drugs.

At that time, he was rotting in his cell because of the ‘loyalty’ problem that occurred in the organization.

When he moved from a five-person cell to a solitary cell in the wake of a small quarrel, Song Eun-ho was shown in a magazine book in the previous issue. His cellmate gave it to him thinking he was bored. He didn’t remember if it was an ad photo. At that time, he just saw Song Eun-Ho’s face and forgot to breathe on the spot.

It was so pretty. At first, he thought Song Eun-Ho was a woman. Large eyes with a pure image, eyes that open up pigments but look intelligent, long eyelashes, glossy red lips…….

He became a fan right away.

He said such a strange thing when he showed a tattered magazine book that he had seen so often in a week of solitary confinement. He asked the visiting subordinate to find out where he was. he heard the word “becoming a fan” for the first time that day.

What do you mean, becoming a fan?

But at some point, the man realized that he was already signing up for Song Eun-Go’s fan cafe. As he got to know the traces of his life and countless beautiful stories, he became more and more immersed as he got to know them. And when he heard late that Song Eun-Go had disappeared, he had a lot of mental pain.

For the first time in his life, the person he could call his favorite is missing……!

At first, he thought he would find Song Eun-Ho who disappeared quickly. He’s just looking for one person, it wouldn’t be a difficult job.

But Song Eun-ho really disappeared.

It’s not that, Mr. Song Eun-ho is hiding like a rat. He likes to move around from place to place that he can’t find him.

He heard there was no gangster in the search for a man.…. Song Eun-Ho was living like a wanderer moving from place to place in Seoul as if he wanted to erase his traces in the world.


He wanted to know why. He wanted to meet and ask what happened in person.

The first thing he’ll do when he meets…….


he was making such a resolution, but he slowly woke up to the sound of someone calling him.


However, he still felt blurred and dizzy in front of his eyes. He moved his leg and bumped his head somewhere.

“Oh, are you up? Will you be able to eat?”

Then he heard a human voice and a big silhouette approached him. Surprised by the appearance, he staggered up and saw a strange woman’s face in front of his eyes. She was smiling at him

“You’re hungry, aren’t you? Go ahead and eat, so you can be discharged from the hospital kitty.”


he tilted at the strange title the woman called him, and a system window appeared in front of him.

You haven’t received a name from the butler yet! Let’s hurry up and increase the likability and get <name>! ○(= ‘√ ’ =)o

He was startled and looked at his body right away. On one side of the leg, a needle was inserted into the fluffy hair, and a transparent line attached there was connected to the sap outside.

Ha… wasn’t it really a dream? He thinks something went wrong in the accident, but of all things, he is such a weak cat……. And what is this futility in front of you……?

He was confused about how he ended up looking like this, but he suddenly smelled something fishy that was poking his nose. A woman who appeared to be a nurse gave him a broken tuna in a bowl to eat. The smell is really strange, but his mouth kept drooling.

“Oh, my……. Look at him drooling. Yeah, eat it, baby. ”

Munch! Munch

“Oh, you eat well.”

He thought while munching on the tuna in a bowl.

So let’s sort it out. The night of the car accident, for some reason, he came into the kitten’s body…….


It was only organized up to there, but it became difficult to think about it anymore.

“Oh, why are you sighing? Are you done? Are you not going to eat more?”

When he sighed while eating tuna, the nurse, who was staring at him with her cheek attached to the transparent glass wall.

He finished licking the bowl and emptied it clean.

“Doctor! He’s done eating!”

Shortly thereafter, the nurse roared and called the doctor. The doctor, who came close, smiled with satisfaction when he saw the clean empty bowl.

“Hey, I know. I’ve never seen anyone eat so well as soon as they wake up. It must be stronger than it looks. Good for you.”

When he put his nose in the water bowl next to the bowl and ate it all with a sound, there were more people surrounding him at some point.

Are you having a party? What are you looking at?

As many as five people kept staring at him with their faces attached. When he looked at them in a sulky way, they made a sound like they are doting on a baby.

“Stop watching so the cat can rest, and let’s go eat lunch

Fortunately, everyone has gotten out.

Oh, he can relax now.….

Is the medicine strong, or does this cat really seem to have been very sick……. he stretched helplessly on the blanketed floor and stared blankly outside the glass wall.

“Oh, he’s lying down like this. He’s so cute. His stomach is full.”

He lowered his head and looked at his stomach when the nurse who was passing by said. The belly, which was bulging with white fur, swelled and sank every time he exhaled.

His stomach is full, he thought it would cause stomachache.


When they came back from lunch, the nurses began to take pictures of him.

“Oh, my. It’s so cute……!”

“Right? I think he’s really gentle. Look at the snow fur, it’s pretty.”

“You know what? Even the guardian has really pretty eyes.”

“I’ve only heard it. You said you couldn’t see his face because he was wearing a mask”

“Yes, but I think he’s really handsome. In the past… Who was it? There was a popular actor, right? He looked like him, who was it? I can’t remember the name…….”

Guarding? If it is a guardian…… Is it Song Eun-ho? Are they talking about Song Eun-Ho?

Knowing that the nurses were talking about Song Eun-Ho, he jumped up on the spot. he was excited to see Song Eun-Ho again.

“Oh, we must have been bothering you. I’m sorry.”

Then they apologized and quickly went outside.

What is it, he is curious…….

Still, it was quiet for a while, so he could relax.

“Choco, mom is here……!”

It was when he was dazed by the energy of the medicine and relaxed his eyes for a while. he saw people coming and going to visit the cats in other cases. Everyone checked the cat’s condition and said hello, cried, or acted cute.

At first, the appearance was unfamiliar, and the second was funny. But after the third and fourth times, he felt strangely nervous.

When is Song Eun-Ho coming?…?

If you say you’re my guardian, shouldn’t you come?….

“Wow, it’s all gone again.”

It was right after he ate the tuna can that the nurse gave him.

with a rattling sound

“There isn’t much time for visiting, I’ll be back in 20 minutes.”

“Yes, thank you very much…….”

It wasn’t until late at night that Song Eun-Ho finally appeared. Song Eun-Ho took off his mask covering more than half of his face only after the nurse left.

He jumped up from his seat and approached the glass wall.

“Oh, are you awake? I was too late…”


What’s wrong with him?

He was surprised when he saw Song Eun-Ho. This is because one cheek of Song Eun-Ho was swollen. It was as if he had been beaten up by someone.

The reason why it’s full of He is because Eun-Ho still needs to name him.

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If you live as your favorite’s cat

If you live as your favorite’s cat

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A cat with a strange system window. <Find a butler candidate! Cat system coming soon!> “Survival Mission! Let the butler in front of you take you in before you freeze to death! ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ Survival rate 0.88833214609% ▷ Take you in! (survival rate increased by 5%)」 No, start with an X-like tone. [notice! It seems that the butler is depressed... (^._.^)ノ ▷Let him touch your belly ▷A cat snack! (12% increase in happiness)] His pride hurt. Ultimately, he had no choice but to open his belly and hug him for his sake. NOTE: Do not share or repost or the translation would be taken down.


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