“Hyung, I’ll serve you properly!”

He was about to move on that day because he heard that he finally found the whereabouts of ‘him’, before happily getting in the prepared car, he stopped at the cry of his subordinate. When he turned his head, to the person driving today.

“Hey, I told you not to call me Hyung outside.”

“I’m sorry, Hyung.”

“Ha, you just won’t listen. Just do it properly and serve.”

“Yes, Hyung!”

“……I wish you won’t change, man.”

He patted the inflexible bald head and got into the back seat.

But it was right after that.



He restrained the driver from trying to start the car.



Leaving behind the puzzled driver, he opened the car door again and looked through the black Mercedes. The shiny car looked no different from usual because of the car wash.

‘Was he mistaken?’

It was the moment when he tried to get back in the car.


He was not mistaken either. He heard a faint sound in his ear. The man bent his knees and looked at the rear wheels of the car.

“Hey, you furball. Why are you crawling in there? Do you want to die?”

Shaking, there was a rather sinister gray furry kitten crouching in the back wheel. Perhaps it didn’t want to freeze in this cold weather, so it went in and hid in search of faint engine heat.

“Come out.”


He punched the car so that the cat could come out on its own. And because of this, the car’s body was dented. It is weird that it gave out this result with only one punch, but that’s not important now. He is busy, and he needs to be on his way. However, the cat, which was stuck in the tire, started to tremble. It continued to crouch in its place despite such threats.

“Ahh, I’m going crazy.”

Eventually, he reached out to the back wheel. And got a hold of the small bundle of soft hair and took it out at once.


As soon as he took it out, he thought it would rebel or run away, but the cat caught in his hand was drooping helplessly with its eyes closed.

“What is it dead?”

When he slightly raised the cat’s chin using his finger, it groaned and opened its mouth. The scene suddenly overlapped with some past memories.

with a rattling sound

“Hyung, what’s the matter?”

It was then. The driver opened the car door thinking that he should not be allowed to sit in the driver’s seat from now on.

“Stop by the nearest vet”

“What? Don’t tell me…It’s….”

When the driver saw the cat in his hand, he tried to say something, but he stopped him right away.

“I’ll let it slide just this once. Just do what you’re told. “


When he got in the back seat with the cat in one hand, the bald man also got into the driver’s seat and started the engine immediately. The car left the dark underground parking lot and drove on the frozen road.


The kitten curled up in his hand, it showed no signs of improvement. No, It seems that the furball was slowly dying like this. Its eyes couldn’t open at all, and the nose and mouth were dry, perhaps because the cat ate something.

When he touched the cat’s pink nose slightly, only the wriggling feet and tail were still moving.

He put the kitten in his suit pocket. Maybe because it’s small, but it fits in. For now, he thought the cat would need warmth, so he decided to put it in his pocket until they arrive at the vet.

Sometimes he felt the kitten’s wriggling gesture while looking out of the car window. The lamplight flashed through the gloomy clouds. Then, a neon sign that says Vet passed by.

“Hey, I’m sure we’re at the animal hospital…….”

It wasn’t even before he finished talking.

‘What, that’s…!’

He couldn’t believe the sight before him. This is because a huge truck was rushing in front of the car they were in.

In a flash the driver was already almost out of the front seat.

“You punk……!”

“I told you I’d serve you properly, Hyung.”

At the end of the sentence, The man jumped from the driver’s seat with a big smile. He also tried to open the car door, but it was already late.


With a loud roar, his eyes became dark. He could hear the sound of his body being smashed somewhere with indescribable pain.

At the last moment, he smiled self-helpfully and hugged the cat in his arms. Feeling dazed, he completely lost consciousness.

[Kang Jin-Taek, were you the only one who could do this?]

[The gangster is so affectionate]

[Jin-Taek, that’s what we do…. It’s not about cleaning up rubbish. It’s just a pop bird. We’re making our own mess to clean up, all right?]


With the boss’s final warning, he opened his eyes wide to the hot heat that enveloped him. The surroundings were red, and he was confused about whether this place was real or a living hell.

Is he dead…? Well, it’s weird that he wasn’t dead.

He slowly blinked his blurred eyes with his vision tilted and checked that it was pierced as if there was a hole in the middle of the fire. It seemed like someone made a way for him to go there instead of staying here. He struggled up from his seat. It was hard to support his legs, but there seemed to be no major injuries.

How could that be……? The truck he saw last time and the huge roar are still clear


At that moment, he remembered the existence of the cat. It immediately fumbled with his arms.


He felt like he was touching it. When the man lowered his gaze, he could see white fur, not his black suit, with a cloudy view.

What’s going on?… Is this a dream?


While he was unable to understand the situation, he heard an explosion with a burning fire. he froze in amazement. Whatever the situation, he felt like his life was in danger right now. He managed to move his trembling body to get out of the place quickly.

As he managed to escape toward the passage, his nose became paralyzed and his eyes were stinging because of the acrid smell. Tears trickled down without realizing it. It was too vivid a sense to be a dream.

So… you’re saying it’s not a dream, this is reality?

As soon as that thought came to mind, he turned around to find the kitten.


But at that moment, the explosion was louder than before. The passage through which he had escaped was long gone, and the more time he spend there the more his whole body seemed to burn, so he couldn’t get close.

It was then, he heard a voice nearby.

“Hey! Where’s Kang Jin-Taek? Find him!”


It was the voice of a strange man. Seeing as the noise became louder, it seemed like there were more than one or two people.

He wanted to beat them up right away, but it was obvious that he would be killed if he tried to beat them up like this. He had no choice but to get out of their sight.

Tap, tap!

What is this…?

Whenever he ran between the reeds by the road to avoid them, he hears a strange sound. He looked back to see where it was coming from, but the view was all black smoke burning between the high reed fields.

Damn it…

He kept running forward wherever he went to avoid the fire. Every time he ran, every corner of his body was throbbing like a fever was rising, and he was short of breath, but he still ran like crazy thinking that it was much better than being hit by a knife in the stomach like 10 years ago.

Hyuk… Hyuk… Hyuk…

How easy it must have been to run.

“Yes, sir. Thank you so much for the audition introduction.”

He paused at the familiar voice in his ear.

What… What is it, hallucination?

He stood there and listened. But only the sound of the reeds echoed silently

As expected… it can’t be.

He thought he was insane. He couldn’t believe he could hear a voice that can never be heard in a situation like this…….

If this was really a dream, he thought it was too malicious and tried to move quickly again.

“Yes, yes. Then I’ll beg you then. Thank you.”


No, it’s not an auditory hallucination. This is, really…….

He completely ignored the doubts that arise in the corner of his mind. His body had already moved in the direction of the sound.

Tap tap tap

He didn’t even care about the strange sound he heard every time. If this wasn’t a dream, they had to meet.

And it was when he just got through the bushes.


His and The man’s eyes met.

Song Eun-Ho?

As soon as the man shouted at him, an incredible sound popped out of his mouth.


We found a candidate! The system is about to be activated!

Survival mission! Get the butler to adopt you before you freeze to death!

“Survival Mission! Let the butler in front of you take you in before you freeze to death! ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ
Survival rate 0.88833214609%
▷ Take you in! (survival rate increased by 5%)」

A strange system window appeared in front of him.

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