Wulin Chapter 9

Yu Tingfeng and his entourage walked into the classroom and on the way, they met Ma Jingyang who was going to the office.


When the other party saw them, he smiled and extended his hands: “Yu Tingfeng, give me your phone.”


Yu Tingfeng impatiently handed him his new phone and walked back with his own men.


One of his men couldn’t  help but ask, “Boss, why are you so afraid of him?”


Yu Tingfeng: “You know fart.”


Another subordinate: “If this happened in our Demonic sect, he would have been put in the frying pan already.”


Yu Tingfeng: “You know fart.”


Shorty: “He asked you to hand it over and you hand it over, isn’t it too humiliating?”


Before Yu Tingfeng could answer, Ma Jingyang called out the name of Shorty: “Sun Yicheng, hand over your phone too. Your parents specifically contacted me to confiscate your phone during school.”


Sun Yicheng was stunned for a moment, and under the eyes of his brothers watching the show, he silently took a few steps back, handed over his mobile phone honestly, and then said stubbornly: “It’s not my fault, it’s my current parents, they really know how to team up!”


Yu Tingfeng patted him on the shoulder: “It seems that they do not treat you well. When we have time, why don’t we put your parents in a frying pan.”


Sun Yicheng clenched his hands and begged for mercy: “Forget it, they’re quite honest and treat me quite well. Everyday, they would ask me how I am doing and afraid that I won’t grow tall and force me to drink milk every day. By the way, have you ever drank milk?”


“Then why do you keep yapping about killing and torturing.” Yu Tingfeng patted him on the back of the head and said, “Stop saying those, we’re now focusing on peace. Do you understand peace?”


“Yes, yes, yes.” Sun Yicheng repeatedly nodded.


Yu Tingfeng educated his good little brother and soon heard what the Right Guardian said: “Boss, Ma Jingyang seems to be coming over again.”


As soon as the voice was heard, Yu Tingfeng began to run away, “He didn’t know I had another phone, did he? Somebody, delay him!”


“Boss, didn’t you just say you wanted peace? ” Sun Yicheng said as he ran.


“Peace and survival are two different things, understand?”


“Yes, yes, yes!”


The party ran for half a lap, and when they saw that Ma Jingyang hadn’t caught up, it was probably not to trouble them, so they stopped and walked slowly to the classroom.


When they entered the classroom, the people inside suddenly went quiet, so quiet as if they could hear the needle drop.


Some were sizing them up and then looked at Huang Mao in the other corner and burst into laughter.


Huang Mao held his head and rested his upper body on the table, pretending to be dead.


The Demonic Sect were baffled. The schoolgirl sitting in front of Yu Tingfeng showed him her phone: “The video with you guys carrying people on your shoulder and running crazily  has already gone viral in the forum.”


Yu Tingfeng leaned over and took a look and he suddenly thought of something. Somehow, he took out his old phone and handed it to her: “Where? Find it for me.”


The schoolgirl didn’t help him find the forum.


[Shocked! In broad daylight, two men were found…… ]


1L: Running with x on y’s shoulder! [Pictures]


2L: If it wasn’t for the familiar background, I’d have thought it was a funny picture the OP had found online.


3L: I was at the scene and laughed myself to death! This year’s freshmen are too outstanding!


4L: That pair in front of you is so good-looking, are you sure they haven’t had work done?


5L: According to my sister, these two are the most handsome boys in freshman year, and the reason they haven’t been named is because it’s so hard to make a decision!


6L: Am I the only one who cares how they did that difficult move? He’s on the shoulder at such height and hasn’t fallen off. Not to mention it’s very strange, I found it very strange!


… …


Yu Tingfeng roughly scanned the contents of  the first page, then his eyes returned to the image. It was the image of Song Zhaolan sitting on his shoulder, looking like he enjoyed the scenery leisurely.


He saved the image and studied it for a while, and found that the camera function was really amazing.


After a while, he asked the schoolgirl in front, “What’s so interesting about phones?”


“Games.” The schoolgirl looked back and quietly asked, “Team up with me?”


Yu Tingfeng gave her his phone: “The game you mentioned, show it to me.”


The schoolgirl secretly downloaded several games for him, couldn’t hold back and also downloaded Meitu**.


**** Meitu is a popular image editing software.


… …


After the evening self study, everyone was heading back to the dormitory.


Song Zhaolan broke away from everyone’s sight and headed toward the grove. Tonight, he will be formally fighting against Yu Tingfeng here.


The only light in the woods was the faint light from the street lamp by the playground, but that didn’t hinder Song Zhaolan’s vision.


To him, growing up in the mountains, this environment is a comfort zone.


He found an open space, closed his eyes, and listened to the movements around him.


This is a skill he developed as a child, to always be aware of the presence of wild beasts.


After concentrating for a while, a few footsteps finally appeared in the southeast direction.


Song Zhaolan abruptly opened his eyes and was about to head over there, but he heard someone talking and that the voice was not Yu Tingfeng, but that of an unfamiliar woman.


“Oh, it’s so dark here.”


Immediately afterward, a boy spoke, “Dark is good. Baby, miss me?”


“We just met this afternoon.” The girl said sheepishly.


“We haven’t seen each other for three hours and forty-two minutes, and I’ve missed you so much I’ve been thinking about you in class. Baby, let’s kiss.”


Song Zhaolan waited for a while, and seeing that no one spoke, he was preparing to leave and wait for Yu Tingfeng at another spot.


Unexpectedly, as soon as he was about to leave, he heard the girl’s “uuuu”, which sounded like she was out of breath.


He rushed out without thinking, and said sternly, “Let go of this young lady.”


The young couple was startled, and the boy looked back at him, anxious: “Who are you? Why are you hiding here in the middle of the night? You are not from the FFF inquisition, are you?”


Song Zhaolan said: “Don’t hurt her, young lady, come here.”


The girl’s face turned red: “He didn’t hurt me.”


“Then why did you stammer and say nothing?”


“Because . … ”


The boy interrupted: “I understand, you’re a 10,000-year-old single dog! We’re making out here. What’s your problem?! Baby, let’s go.”


Song Zhaolan saw them leave and the girl didn’t seem reluctant, so he let it go.


The girl glanced back at him, and with the help of a street lamp and saw a figure inside and exclaimed: “Holy sh*t!! He’s so motherf*cking handsome!”


Boy: “Baby, what did you say?”


“Oh, nothing.” The girl pulled the boy and walked away, with each step looking back thrice.


Song Zhaolan also changed his spot, and walked along the path for 20 or 30 meters, then stopped and waited for Yu Tingfeng.


There was another round of conversation not far away. He listened carefully but it was not the voice he had expected.


“Any more cigarettes? Give me two more.”


The voice was a little familiar, it seemed to belong to Huang Mao he had met in the afternoon, and there was more than one person nearby.


“I’m down to three.”


“Cut the f*cking crap and give me one, I am so irritated today.”


“What’s going on between you and Yu Tingfeng today? You didn’t get beaten up by them, did you?”


“Bullsh*t.” Huang Mao said sharply, “I’m too lazy to play with him. If you have the ability and call him over, I’ll make sure to beat the crap out of him.”


Saying that, he vicariously smoked a cigarette, exhaled a puff of smoke, then he seemed to see someone coming towards him in the smoke and took a step back in fear: “F*ck, who is it?”


Only after the person approached, did Huang Mao recognize the person: “Song, Song Zhaolan? What are you doing here?”


Song Zhaolan glanced at them, a choking smell poured into his nostrils. He seriously frowned and asked, “You just said that you can beat the crap out of Yu Tingfeng? Are you serious?”


Huang Mao’s expression stiffened and slightly flinched, but when he saw his brothers staring at him from the corner of his eye, he could only show off: “Of course! I beat him!”


Song Zhaolan surveyed him. He really couldn’t see what kind of strength did this person have, but after all, this place does not need internal strength, maybe there is some special method to defeat the enemy.


“Then let’s have a formal fight.”


Huang Mao was stunned for a moment: “What? What?!”


“Since you can defeat Yu Tingfeng, then I will just directly compete with you.” Song Zhaolan said.


Whenever he meets a strong opponent, he alway wants to compare strength.


Huang Mao: “What are you trying to compete with? Who wants to compete with you, go away.”


As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sudden strong wind in his ears. No one could see when Song Zhaolan made his move. When he reacted, Song Zhaolan had already hit the tree behind Huang Mao with one hand, and the tree swayed.


Several other people saw the situation and gulped. One could not help but say: “You two are here to act in an idol drama?”


Hearing this, Huang Mao, who had been in fear, suddenly woke up and found that he seemed to be ” tree-don”?


He reached out and pushed Song Zhaolan: “Go away, go away, I’m a straight man!”


But when he pushed, he couldn’t push him off at all. His eyes widened in surprise, and tried to use both of his hands to push the other party’s shoulder.


His brothers jeered: “Oh, wow, you are even feeling him.”


Huang Mao: “… … ”


Seeing that he didn’t seem to have any special tricks. One arm around his neck and the other hand picked up his waist, semi-lifting him.


“Ehhh, Song Zhaolan, did you hear?! Let me go?!!” Huang Mao shouted in horror.






Song Zhaolan let go and Huang Mao fell to the ground.


The brothers quickly helped Huang Mao up, they winked at each other, and together they besieged Song Zhaolan.


Half a minute later, several people collapsed, one after another.


“You…” Before Song Zhaolan left, he glanced around and commented, “You, compared to Yu Tingfeng, were not up to par.”


After he left, Huang Mao touched where his shoulder was hit and tried to find a topic to cover up his embarrassment: “What did he just say?”


“He said we are not good.” Someone replied.


Huang Mao: “… … “Is this the time for you to be honest?!


The dorm room was about to turn off the lights. Song Zhaolan walked out of the grove and made a call to Yu Tingfeng.


It took a while before the other party picked up, “Huh, what does this play thing do?”


“Hey, where are you?”


“I’m in a dorm room. … I’m currently opening your ancestor’s coffins. Where are you? Are we talking now?”


“I’m in the grove, aren’t there something you forgot?”


“There is?” Yu Tingfeng thought for a while, then stood up abruptly, his head hit the ceiling, “hiss” and sat back down again:  “I was just playing a game, I didn’t mean to stand you up***. Where are you now? How about I’m coming over to find you? ”


“No need.” Song Zhaolan was in a bad mood. “Since you’ve stood me up, I’ll also stand you up. You don’t have any opinions right?”


“Go ahead, I’ll make another appointment another day, I’ll go first.”


Yu Tingfeng originally thought that Song Zhaolan’s decision to stood him up was to be deliberately late for the next appointment, he never expected it to be such a painful way—


The next day, he was bored in class and wanted to summon the pigeon he kept in the grove to play with him, but it never came.


During dinner, he ran to the grove to look for his pigeon. He smelled a fragrance from a long distance, followed the smell and went over to see Song Zhaolan sitting in a clearing roasting meat, and wondered, “What is it that smells so good?”


Song Zhaolan looked at him and didn’t say anything.


Yu Tingfeng’s eyes moved to the tender and fragrant piece of meat, looking at the little body, it looked like a pigeon he raised.


“Wait, isn’t this my Qiuxiang!?”




Yu Tingfeng’s eyes widened: “How dare you touch my Qiuxiang! I’m going to kill you today—”


“It’s cooked.” Song Zhaolan nonchalantly held up the roast meat, “Do you want to eat it?”


“I must take you out today—”


The roasted meat swayed before his eyes.


“I want you—” Yu Tingfeng slammed down and divided the leg meat, “When I’m full, I’ll avenge Qiuxiang!”


The author has something to say:


Qiuxiang went away with hatred, and did not enter the underworld. One day she became a pigeon spirit, and she made three coos every day: Gugugu, next time on the next time on the next time on the next time.


Yu Tingfeng: Be a robin!


Song Zhaolan: Robin? Roast it.


A friendly reminder: This behavior is not from an expert, please do not imitate this behavior.


***TLN: The joke behind this is that stand you up in mandarin is 放你鸽, also means letting go of your pigeon. So the direct translation of the next line could be this: “Since you’ve stood me up, I’ll let go of your pigeon…”

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