Wulin Chapter 6.1

“Come, register your name, phone number and address.”


In the police station, Officer Song threw two documents in front of them, he knocked Song Zhaolan’s head with his hand. Then he picked up the tea cup, blew the floating bubbles and drank a mouthful of tea. He turned his head and asked the colleague next to him, “You’re not on duty today right?”


“No, why?”


“Change shifts with me. I have something to do today, I have to leave first.”


“What’s so urgent?


“It’s a long story. It’s a family’s misfortune.”


Not knowing what the colleague was thinking, he quickly agreed and took a few glances at Song Zhaolan.


Nearby, Song Zhaolan who was writing with his back to them, sighed slightly.


Yu Tingfeng took two steps, leaned on his shoulder, and whispered, “Is he talking about you?”


“It should be.” Song Zhaolan looked down and wrote.


Yu Tingfeng couldn’t help glancing at him after writing for a while. Song Zhaolan noticed his gaze. He covered the paper with his left hand, turned slightly, and finished writing everything with his back to him.


“Che, what’s the big deal?” Yu Tingfeng sneered. “So shy, if you want to see mine, feel free to look.”


“Then let me look.” Song Zhaolan turned back.


Yu Tingfeng immediately held the form in his arms and gave him a few stares: “In your dream! You don’t even show me yours.”


“Stop whispering back and forth. Quickly fill it out and come over here.” Officer Song shouted from behind.


The two handed over the forms and sat in their seats to receive Officer Song’s socialist lesson. They drowsily listened to the ideological education for nearly an hour before being let go after each had signed a letter of guarantee.


Before leaving, Yu Tingfeng had to compensate the boss for the pancake. He put his hands in his pocket: “I don’t have any money.”


Song Zhaolan carefully touched his pocket: “Me too.”


Officer Song doesn’t know how much pocket money other people’s children have, but he knows his own son’s pocket money. He wondered: “Where did all your money go? Did you use it on your girlfriend?”


“What’s a girlfriend?” Song Zhaolan asked. Yu Tingfeng also looked at Officer Song with curiosity.


Immediately, Officer Song not knowing whether they are really stupid or acting stupid, he simply cooperated with their performance by saying, “It’s very expensive to have girlfriends. You have to take them to eat delicious food, wear nice clothes, and you have to hand over the money after you get married.”


Song Zhaolan’s complexion was complicated, and Yu Tingfeng looked like he’s facing a big enemy.


A small sentence casted an indelible shadow over both men.


Head can be cut and blood can bleed but pocket money can’t be handed over!


Officer Song: “So before you graduate, you’d better not fall in love and get a girlfriend. Study hard, okay?”


Song Zhaolan nodded repeatedly.


“Alright, call your parents and have them pick you up. Don’t come here again.” When Officer Song finished, he noticed that Yu Tingfeng was not moving, he prompted, “Hurry up and make a call.”


“What call? I don’t have one.” Yu Tingfeng replied.


“You don’t have a phone?”


Yu Tingfeng shook his head.


Officer Song couldn’t help but look at him a few more times. The young man looked very handsome. Could it be that his family is in a difficult situation that he couldn’t help but steal?


Yu Tingfeng waited until Officer Song gradually changed to a look of pity.


This is really strange. He never thought that he, a fearsome demonic sect leader, would be pitied by an ordinary (possibly carrying a gun) middle-aged man.


“What’s your name?” Yu Tingfeng asked.


“Huh? You’re asking me?” Officer Song pointed to himself and let out a laugh, “My name is Song Nian, you can come here for help in the future, but don’t come if you’re causing trouble.”


“Song Nian, ok, I remember you.” Yu Tingfeng said.


The colleague next to him slid his swivel chair to Song Nian’s side. He laughed and said, “Young people are getting more and more wild. How come I think that he’s a little bit of vendetta against you?”


Song Nian laughed: “Not possible, he’s my son’s friend. Why would he come after me?”


“Who said I am friends with him?” Yu Tingfeng arrogantly said, “I don’t need to be friends with him. He’s not worthy of my noble status.”


Song Nian and his colleague loudly laughed and asked, “What noble status do you have?”


Yu Tingfeng didn’t bother to answer their questions, but bumped Song Zhaolan’s arm: “Tell them.”


Song Zhaolan: “He’s the descendant of a dragon.”


Yu Tingfeng proudly raised his chin. His father, Yu Long, was the former leader of the demonic sect. When people in Jianghu mentioned dragon, they would think of this bloody figure, so his subordinates would respectfully call him ” the descendant of the dragon”. It was better than other people in Jianghu who have no nicknames!


Song Nian and his colleague were silent for a moment. At the same time, they laughed and one slapped the table and the other slapped the legs.


“Too noble.” Song Nian laughed so hard that his tears fell. He took it as a joke made by the youngsters. He didn’t forget about his business, he got the phone number of Yu Tingfeng’s parents from the school and dialed the number.


The phone rang three times before someone hurriedly picked it up.


“Hello, who is it?” It’s a female voice.


“Hello, we’re from the police station. I’m calling you to talk about… ”


“Oh, a swindler huh?”




The phone was hung up.


Song Nian: “……”


Song Nian dialed again and said directly: “Ms. Yu Huan, we are not swindlers. I can still find your ID card information. Do you need me to confirm it with you?”


“Nonsense! You wouldn’t be swindling if you didn’t get my ID! This sister is busy. Go find someone else to swindle.”

Song Nian rubbed his eyebrows. He pointed at Yu Tingfeng, signaling him that he would talk later.


The phone rang again, Ms. Yu Han impatiently answered and open her mouth to scold : “I say you damn —”


“It’s me.” Yu Tingfeng opened his mouth to speak.


Ms. Yu Huan was silent for a while and then continued: “You bastard, you have nothing to do and decided to mess with your old lady?”


Song Nian answered immediately: “Ms. Yu Huan, it’s like this, your son is currently with us. I hope you will soon—”


“He is in your hands, right? I don’t have the money, kill him.”


Song Nian: “…… “

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Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The leader of the alliance, Song Zhaolan brought a group of martial artists to besiege the demonic sect. Suddenly the whole alliance and the demonic sect had crossed over to be the students of Class A and Class F. So this group of people climbed the wall and went to the Internet cafe, stayed up late to read novels, and participated in the sports meeting with 18 kinds of martial arts… The students at Wulin No. 1 Middle school were going crazy. Every day, they trembled under the authority of these two big bosses. They were caught in the middle of these two classes that were sanctioned with iron fists. There were no longer mandarin ducks in the grove, only the two bosses shouting at each other. Finally one day, Song Zhaolan received the demon's "letter of surrender": "Who says that good and evil do not mix? I insist to only be in your heart!" Class A student: The leader of the alliance is mighty, he actually captured the right palm of the devil with one hand! Class F student: The leader has a good heart, he actually used his mouth to save this scumbag! Class BCDE student: Are you blind or mentally disabled? ? ? The martial arts master who only wants to cook Shou X  The master who only wants to learn Gong


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