Wulin Chapter 3

Two minutes after the second session of the evening self-study ended, the Demonic Sect ran back to report: “Reporting! Those scumbags seemed to be going to the martial arts conference!”


Yu Tingfeng and others were immediately alert.




“On the rooftop.”




The group of people hurriedly walked out of the classroom and followed behind Yu Pingfeng. The students along the road were amazed. “Is this the scene of escorting a celebrity?”

The rooftop door was tightly closed, so they subconsciously took light steps, and Yu Tingfeng specially sent his best hearing men to go in front of them to listen.

The subordinates lay on the door and listened for a while, then repeated: “The second martial arts conference officially begins.”


Someone asked: “Why is it the second?”


Another person speculated: “The first one may be discussing how to encircle and suppress us.”


Yu Tingfeng’s temple jumped: “Do you know what eavesdropping is? If you keep talking so loud, I’ll kick you off.”


The subordinates yelled in unison, “Yes!”


Yu Tingfeng: “… … ”


On the rooftop, a dozen or so people formed a circle, all looking at Song Zhaolan in the center: “What are the instructions, alliance leader?”


Song Zhaolan said: “Let’s just take a look at the current situation. Are these all the people who have come to this place together? Is there anyone else that might be missed?”


Xue Canming counted them one by one: “I was the first to rush to attack the Demon Sect. I remember that behind me were the head of the Yushan Sect, the owner of Wuji Jianzhuang, and a few people from Banshan Pavilion.”


Yu Xiaohui, head of the Yushan Sect, calmly added: “The Beggar Sect and the Shaolin had also come to help, and there is also Xuanwen House.”


Everyone counted the number of people and found that they were roughly the same, so they were afraid that there were still people left out. Because now some of these people look the same as they did before, and some of them look completely different.


They can get together now precisely because of their new friend – Song Zhaolan.


Only Song Zhaolan’s appearance and facial features did not change, so when he first came to this place, everyone quickly recognized him and started to form the group.


“The second thing, are you sure that everyone’s internal strength has disappeared?” Song Zhaolan asked.


When they first arrived, they realized something was wrong. They went back to practice secretly. They found that they could no longer use their internal strength. They only remembered the martial arts of their own sect.


Xue Canming scratched his head: “Yes, if we don’t have internal strength, no matter how good our martial arts are, it’s hard for us to rival the demon sect.”


Zhao Mingdeng said: “Not necessarily, since our internal strength has disappeared, the demon sect should be similar, otherwise they won’t stay here obediently until now. My lord, what do you think?”


Song Zhaolan nodded: “I think you’re right.”


“Then what do we do now?” Xue Canming asked.


Yu Xiaohui of the Yushan sect calmly spoke: “Start practicing your internal skill from scratch the sooner the better. You can’t let those demonic sect practice it first. Alliance leader, what do you think?”


Song Zhaolan: “You’re right.”


Xue canming sighed: “But how do you practice? Heart Sutras are still in the sect, and they’re skill a child could learn. But this body is completely unsuitable. I tried it, this body completely can’t hold a knife at all!”


Yu Xiaohui: “How did you try?”


“I took the knife with me and before I left the house, I was beaten up by my father and couldn’t fight back.”


Everyone: “… … ”


Song Zhaolan: “That means no knives.”


Yu Xiaohui: “Soft Thorn won’t work either … ”


The owner of Wuji Jianzhuang: “I can’t even use a sword…”


Song Zhaolan was silent: “Have you all tried?”


Everyone bowed their heads.


At this point, the new leader of the Beggar Sect raised his hand weakly: “My dog-beating stick is still fine!”


Everyone’s eyes lit up.


Song Zhaolan: “But you have no internal skills. The stick in your hand is not worthy of being called a dog-beating stick. It is just an ordinary broom stick.”


Zhao Mingdeng reminded at the right time: “According to the class teacher, destroying public property will be punished.”


Leader of Beggar Sect: “…”


Xue Canming hugged his head: “Help! How can a bunch of our rising stars be punished for breaking a mop? This would be a joke in the Wulin circle!”


As soon as the words fell, the smart and discerning people heard the angry voice of the homeroom teacher downstairs: “Who threw the broom head here again? Where’s the stick, which bastard took it away?”


The face of the leader of the Beggar Sect turned pale: “Leader, what should we do now?”


Song Zhaolan snatched the stick, silently turned and walked towards the door. As soon as the door was opened, several subordinates of the Demon Sect who were trying to eavesdrop on him fell in.


The others looked at them vigilantly, only to see that Song Zhaolan didn’t mean to attack, but handed a stick to their leader.


Yu Tingfeng: “?”


Demonic Sect: ???


Under their confused gazes, Song Zhaolan led the group downstairs without saying a word.


Xue Canming immediately shouted: “Teacher Wu! The stick is in Yu Tingfeng’s hand!”


Yu Tingfeng looked down at the stick in his hand. When he raised his head again, he saw the homeroom teacher of class A fiercely walked up to him and grabbed his ears.




“Presumptuous! Do you know who the person in front of you is?!” Yu Tingfeng shouted.


“You’re very bold, you dare to come to our class to make destruction.” Teacher Wu twisted his ears and walked him to the office.


“That surname Wu, quickly let our Sect Master go!”


“That’s right! Pulling people’s ears, what kind of man is he? If you have the ability, you can go head to head with us!”


There was a lot of noise, and the surrounding students were already whispering and laughing to themselves.


“Old Ghost Wu, let me go, believe it or not, I’ll slap you to death?” Yu Tingfeng hunched over and glimpsed Song Zhaolan standing in the corridor. “Good, you are such a sanctimonious bastard, Song Zhaolan, you are dead!”


Song Zhaolan said: “Let’s have a competition later.”


“Compare what?” He didn’t know what he was thinking of, Yu Tingfeng’s expression changed from irritable to horror and disgust, “Compared who is better at picking up shit?”


“Be honest with me, don’t tell me after stealing the broomsticks from our class, you still want to bully people in our class?” Teacher Wu made a direct phone call and asked their homeroom teacher to come and pick them up.


As soon as the class started, the other students who were watching the play scrambled to return to the classroom.


“Brother Song, you just heard Yu Tingfeng eavesdropping outside in such a noisy situation. It can be seen that your skill is extraordinary, you will need to cover us more in the future.” The owner of Wuji Jianzhuang said.


Xue Canming immediately praised: “I will say that our leader is truly unparalleled in martial arts, the best in the world! Even if his internal strength is lost, it will not affect his extraordinary hearing.”


Song Zhaolan said slowly, “I just wanted to take out the stick and return it to the teacher, but I didn’t expect to bump into them by accident…”


Several people:”……”


Xue Canming scratched his head: “It doesn’t matter, you are amazing anyway.”


Song Zhaolan remembered that the reason the martial arts conference was held this time, and there was one more thing that he didn’t have finish, so he took the time to say: “By the way, the third thing, I want to resign as the monitor.”


Everyone: “What?!”


Song Zhaolan: “I understand everyone’s good intentions, but I don’t seem to be suitable to be the monitor, disciplinary committee member, study committee member, and representative of each subject here.”


Suddenly, Xue Canming exclaimed in anguish from the door of the classroom: “No!”


The classmates looked at the door in unison, and in the next second, Xue Canming thumped, knelt on the ground on one knee, clasped his fists with both hands, and said with sincerity, “Please, continue to be our monitor!”


Classmates: ?


This scene was already very strange. What was even more frightening was that the seven or eight people standing behind all knelt down on one knee one after another, clasped their fists together and shouted in unison: “Alliance leader think twice!”


Classmates: ??


Zhao Mingdeng did not kneel, but his expression was also slightly mournful. He went to Song Zhaolan and said, “Amitabha, why does Leader Song want to resign from this position?”


“You don’t need to persuade me. I’ve made up my mind. That’s all, the meeting is over.”


Song Zhaolan turned around and left, Xue Canming hugged his leg: “Don’t go, don’t leave us.”


Classmates: ??


I can’t understand what kind of drama this is!


Song Zhaolan dragged his legs forward without hesitation, Xue Canming hugged him and didn’t let go, with a sad expression, and a row of people with abnormal brains knelt behind him.


Someone started to laugh, Song Zhaolan walked to the door and found that the eyes of these classmates had changed.


“Class monitor, you look like a scumbag~” After a girl finished joking, she took the lead in laughing.


“What are you doing ?” As soon as Old Ghost Wu walked in and saw this group of people making a scene outside and the students were laughing inside, it’s really bad.


After driving the group of kneeling people back to the classroom, Old Ghost Wu called Song Zhaolan out of the classroom and asked, “What kind of sitcom were you guys just playing?”


Song Zhaolan went straight to the topic: “I don’t want to be the monitor anymore.”


“What else?”


“There are also disciplinary commissioners, study committees, and representatives of various subjects.”




Song Zhaolan: “Not suitable, really not suitable.”


He had found out from the desk in the front that the so-called class leader was far from the position of Martial Arts Alliance Leader. When he was the Alliance Leader, everyone would give him delicious food, and he would always find experts to feed him.


But as a class cadre, you must set an example, you can’t eat in class, and you can’t fight after class.


Wu Chenggang said: “At the time of the class cadre election, your group has always elected you as all the class cadres, and said no one else was allowed to take up the post. Do you know why I agreed to such an outrageous thing?”


Song Zhaolan: “I don’t know.”


Wu Chenggang: “I just want to see what more outrageous things you people can do. I’ve led class A for so many times, and I have never seen a situation like yours. Tell me how you, as their leader, bought them off?”


Song Zhaolan recalled: “They bought me.”


“?” Wu Chenggang was about to laugh angrily, “You mean, they bought you to make you their leader and lead the whole class by the way?”


Song Zhaolan nodded: “Well, it’s not easy.”


Wu Chenggang: #*¥%…


No, he shouldn’t curse. He should maintain the teacher’s ethics!


“Don’t think you can do whatever you want with good grades!”




“Don’t even think about doing things for me, school is the place to learn, you know!”




“You!…” Wu Chenggang hung his voice, and he didn’t know what to say. Facing such a calm face with a good attitude of admitting mistakes, he also became speechless. After a moment of silence, he waved his hand, “Go in for self-study. There will be a new class cadre election tomorrow.”




Wu Chenggang couldn’t help but sighed in relief when he saw his well-behaved back. A good seedling, he didn’t know he went astray and start to form a small group.


Fortunately, he had been the homeroom teacher for so many years. His method was firm, he developed skill to handle this kind of student. As a matter of fact, wasn’t Song Zhaolan tamed by him?


Wu Chenggang looked into the glass window with satisfaction. After Song Zhaolan entered the classroom, he completely ignored the pleas of his small group and went straight back to his seat. Then he pulled out a bag from the table.


Crispy noodles?!


He also ate it “creak creak” like no one else was here.

Wu Chenggang’s blue veins jumped, you don’t want to be a class cadre, you want to take the lead in breaking discipline, right?!


The author has something to say:


A dictionary only used by Song Zhaolan: A class cadre means that there are too many things to do in the class, so they have to say no.


【Ge You Slouch】

TL: I’m almost a waste now.

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Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The leader of the alliance, Song Zhaolan brought a group of martial artists to besiege the demonic sect. Suddenly the whole alliance and the demonic sect had crossed over to be the students of Class A and Class F. So this group of people climbed the wall and went to the Internet cafe, stayed up late to read novels, and participated in the sports meeting with 18 kinds of martial arts… The students at Wulin No. 1 Middle school were going crazy. Every day, they trembled under the authority of these two big bosses. They were caught in the middle of these two classes that were sanctioned with iron fists. There were no longer mandarin ducks in the grove, only the two bosses shouting at each other. Finally one day, Song Zhaolan received the demon's "letter of surrender": "Who says that good and evil do not mix? I insist to only be in your heart!" Class A student: The leader of the alliance is mighty, he actually captured the right palm of the devil with one hand! Class F student: The leader has a good heart, he actually used his mouth to save this scumbag! Class BCDE student: Are you blind or mentally disabled? ? ? The martial arts master who only wants to cook Shou X  The master who only wants to learn Gong


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