Wulin Chapter 2

Wulin No. 1 Middle School has two canteens, a small one and a large one.


The former has a wide range of dishes, including all kinds of stir-fries, dessert and dim sum, but the amount was not much and they served on a first come basis. The school, in order to ensure the diet of senior high school students, deliberately let the seniors out of class five minutes early to beat the lunch rush. So if two juniors could grab the food in the small canteen, they were the chosen one.


Today Song Zhaolan came a step late and had to go to the big canteen.


The big canteen was just mediocre, with only a meat dish and a vegetarian dish, plus a laver egg drop soup. If you go too late, even the laver and the egg would be gone, leaving a little bit of clear soup.


There were almost no people in line. Song Zhaolan took everyone to pick up the meal. A group of people were crawling at the window like hungry wolves, all staring at the hands of the canteen auntie.


Song Zhaolan reassured the auntie: “We have no ill intentions, we just hope that you don’t shake your hands.”


The auntie habitually shook the meat from the spoon back into the pot. When she saw such a beautiful young man, since there was no one to eat anyway, she gave half a spoon more!


Subordinates: Alliance leader was so powerful, with one move could get an advantage of two! Follow the leader to have meat to eat!


“Brother Song, there are still seats left!” One pointed to the center, where a TV was hung on the beam column to broadcast the news.


Several people quickly went to take seats, and the middle seat was naturally reserved for Song Zhaolan.


As soon as he was seated, he turned his head and looked back at the female student behind him: “Young lady, why do you keep looking at me?”


The female students quickly turned red. What else could it be, it was naturally to look at a handsome guy!


As her peers smiled and cheered at the show, the female student simply admitted: “Because you’re handsome!”


This tone could shocked heaven as the canteen suddenly became silent and they all looked over.


Song Zhaolan: “You can continue to look then.”


Her eyes brightened and she looked at her companions in surprise: He told me to keep looking. Does this mean I have a chance?!


Companions: This settled it!


The two quietly eavesdropped on what the group said, and one asked: “Why isn’t Brother Song angry?”


Song Zhaolan: “No harm done, she has no strength to hold a chicken. If she really wants to do something, I can kill 80 people with a punch.”




Girl: Who are you gonna to kill? !


Within two minutes of eating, Xue Canming noticed movement in the opposite canteen.


The two canteens were just a road away. From here, he could see what was happening right across the street. He poked Song Zhaolan’s arm: “Look, those guys are doing evil again.”


In the small canteen, several people were in high spirits. They looked around and walked up to the four-eyed schoolboy, stepped on a chair next to him and viciously asked, “Whose meal are these?”


The four-eyed glanced at the table next to him: “My classmate’s, he went to the toilet and will be back in a minute.”


“Have you touched the dishes?”


“Not yet.”


“Here sect master!” Regardless of what others’ faces like, he took the meal away and respectfully sent it to Yu Tingfeng.


On the iron plate were several dishes, a small stir-fried beef, roast chicken with potatoes, and a cup of Yangzhi nectar.


Yu Tingfeng took a quick glance and reluctantly took it. As a result, he bumped into a frowning Song Zhaolan. Immediately, he was in a good mood and went straight to the main canteen, and threw the big iron plate in front of him.


With such a big movement, not to mention that the food could be spilled, but the Yangzhi nectar might come tumbling down


But in fact, no liquid was spilled and the food remained in the bowls.


Yu Tingfeng sat down in front of Song Zhaolan and ate his food, as if he was showing off his meal.


His few followers also naturally sat down.


The people on both sides began to duel with their eyes.


“Gee, you devil, why are you looking at me like that?” The woman of the demonic sect was angry at the bald head sitting in front of her, conversely, she threw a coquettish glance at him.


Ming De: “… ”


Amitabha. Excellent, excellent.


Other students who saw the scene: “… ”


Was there still any law? Huh? Openly flirting and no one cared?


“Demon girl, demon girl…” Xue Canming clicked his tongue, and simply didn’t want to watch further. He turned to look at Song Zhaolan, but only saw him eating quietly as if nothing had happened. He could be calm and at ease in the face of the big devil. This was truly heroic!


He leaned over and whispered, “My lord, when do we start?”


Song Zhaolan didn’t understand: “I’ve already started eating?”


They first eat and move once they have their fill.


Yu Tianfeng saw that he was so carefree and ate so happily, he was not happy.


He tightly knitted his brown, and looked at the other side’s meager clear soup, he stretched out his chopsticks and clamped Song Zhaolan’s chopsticks.


The two looked at each other in silence.


The people on both sides suddenly stopped their chopsticks, keenly stared at each other and waited for an order to kill and won’t leave until the fishes died or the net split.


But the order was not given.


A few moments later, Yu Tingfeng said, “Is it delicious?”




“I don’t believe it.”


“Suit yourself.”


“Speak well, you don’t need to give me face.”








“I’ll tear you apart tomorrow!”




“… ”


Crowd: …?


What’s with the noise? Quickly fight!


Yu Tingfeng held his breath, and a storm was brewing in his eyes. He slapped his arms on the table, startling everyone around him.


Demonic Sect: We’re ready!!!


Yue Tingfeng’s eyes tilted: “How long will you watch? Do you believe I won’t cut you?”


The girl who was warned by him shrank: Woooo~ Is it life-threatening to peek at a handsome guy these days! One moment, she was threatened by a punch that could kill 80 people. The next, she was threatened to be cut down. Mommy saved me!


By this time, Song Zhaolan had finished eating and left without stopping.


Immediately, the subordinates approached Yu Tingfeng and asked, “Just let him go?”


“I have my own arrangement.” He sneered as he stared at his back. He was about to let out a series of an unruly, evil laugh but his head was suddenly slapped.


“It’s this stinky brat who robbed others of their meal!” The canteen auntie pointed at him and complained.


As Yu Tingfeng maliciously gritted his teeth, angrily turned around and saw the homeroom teacher standing next to the canteen auntie with a smiling face, and the wronged four-eyed student by the side.


Yu Tingfeng: “… ”


Homeroom teacher: “Follow me.”


Yu Tingfeng: “…


In the office, the homeroom teacher asked: “Why are you stealing other people’s meals?”


Yu Tingfeng didn’t answer and naturally his men remained silent.


“I’m talking to you, Yu Tingfeng. You don’t want this to be known to your parents, right?”


Yu Tingfeng’s expression changed several times, and indignantly looked at him. At last, the Right Guardian, who knew the inside story well, answered: “Because we don’t have any money.”


The crowd lowered their heads in shame. It was really a penny that stumped beautiful women and fierce men!


When they cross over to an unfamiliar place, before they have not had the time to adapt. They found that they no longer have internal strength and they were completely degenerated to the point of being slaughtered by others. This wasn’t good. If the righteous alliance found out, wouldn’t they slaughter them all? That was why they still kept the impression, “I, your father, is the best in the world”. Let alone mentioning that they lacked internal strength, there was no money….


As the old saying goes, you can’t go anywhere without money.

On the way back to study hall, the group was indignant. The short boy was born with a loud voice, and said, “How about we blow this broken place up!”


After the words fell, the students couldn’t help but salute them.


“What’re you looking at? Look again and I ….” Shorty didn’t finish, but his partner covered his mouth and gestured to him to shut up. He lifted his chin and glanced at the person in front of him. He scratched his head and said, “Sect master, you seem to be leading us in the wrong direction.”


Yu Tingfeng, who had been silent all this time, turned and walked in the other direction: “I was just thinking about a problem just now.”


“As expected of the master, he’s thinking about the problem with so much focus!” Shorty boasted.


… …


It’s time for the evening self-study, and the rest of the class was already sitting in the classroom, but there were always people talking to each other, so the discipline was very poor.


Xue Canming was rummaging through the English textbooks on the table over and over again, unable to understand what kind of bird language is it.Then he pricked his ears and eavesdropped on his seatmates talking to the row of schoolgirls behind them.


“The more I look at our class monitor, the more handsome he is. Sisters, he’s really like a male lead of the novel.”


“He just looked a little mean because he scared off all the girls who came to peek! He is even cooler like this!”


“I think that one from Class F, Yu Tingfeng, is also very extraordinary.”


“Forget it, I don’t think these two guys and their groups still are not over their middle school syndrome phase. All day long, they all talked about what leader what alliance. It makes me want to laugh to death.”


“Indeed, he is handsome, but his brain has problems.”


Xue Canming was sullen: “Who’s the one with the problems in their brain? Our alliance leader is well endowed with talents!”


The class was silenced by a loud roar, and everyone looked at him, and a burst of laughter erupted.


“Song Zhaolan, what kind of talent do you have?” One of the students laughed so hard that his stomach hurt. He turned and saw Song Zhaolan was sneakily eating a sesame biscuit, and said “I think his talent is in this sesame biscuit!”


“This is funny, how the hell did you get in?”


“Help! You’re so seriously funny!”


Xue Canming:??


“Can you manage discipline, monitor?” The students who were reading seriously were annoyed by this disturbance and reminded Song Zhaolan.


“Don’t talk anymore.” Song Zhaolan had finished eating the sesame biscuit and when everyone was quiet, poked the female student in front of him. “Monitor, what do I need to do?”


The female student was surprised and whispered: “It’s just helping the teacher to manage the affairs of the class, you haven’t been one?”




“Then why did that group of people choose you to be the class cadre of all the classes?” There was a teacher who didn’t agree with it and his group seemed like about to beat the teacher, which frightened everyone to death.


“Because they can’t beat me so they respect me very much.”Song Zhaolan said sincerely.


“?” The female student glanced over his thin arms and face, her voice was like a mosquito. “You don’t look like you can fight very well.”


“Brother Song, you’re very powerful!” It was the female student’s deskmate who spoke.


The girl turned and looked at the head of her deskmate. Her eyes landed over his smooth and round forehead that was almost brighter than the light: “Why did you shave your head?”


Master Mingdeng, ah no, now he has a full name, Zhao Mingdeng replied, “Family rules are like this, forgive me.”


Female classmate: “What kind of family are you from? And the rules?”


Zhao Mingdeng: “Buddhist.”


Female classmate: “… … ” City students are full of variety.


Song Zhaolan lowered his head and continued perusing the books on the table, ignoring a passerby outside the hallway.


A passing figure rushed to the F-class downstairs and came to Yu Tingfeng’s side to report: “Song Zhaolan, that guy is reading a book. He is very serious”


Sitting around Yu Tingfeng, the Right Guardian interjected: “Could he have found some secrets?”


Hearing this, Yu Tingfeng nodded thoughtfully.


Song Zhaolan, who had never been in the Jianghu before the great besiegement. He was a minor figure who had no name and no sect, suddenly gained fame when he was selected to be the Martial Arts Alliance Leader. There must be some hidden secret and it must not be taken lightly!


“What secret book is he reading?” Yu Tingfeng asked.


“This …. This subordinate didn’t see clearly.”


Yu Tingfeng looked at him coldly.


“I didn’t dare to get too close for fear of being discovered.” said the subordinate who was drenched in cold sweat.


Yu Tingfeng: “Go again, if you can’t find out, you don’t have to come back.”




Three minutes later, the subordinate ran back to report with confidence: “Reporting to the sect master, what he read is a book called Sapiens…. A brief history of humankind.”


“What?” Yu Tingfeng was greatly puzzled and shocked. “Humans picking up shit still need to learn? He’s actually learning this? !”


The author has something to say:


Yu Tingfeng: Me too (bushi).


“A Brief History of Humankind” is an excellent book, the author added. It is purely for fun and there is no intention of blaspheming it! (humble desire to survive)

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