Wulin Chapter 17

The proctor glanced at them with an ambiguous look and confiscated the note: “Concentrate on the exam.”


When Wu Xiaoyu was interrupted by the teacher, he stopped thinking about the exam and stared dazedly at the topic.


The reading comprehension was about the scenery of Lianshan.


Wu Xiaoyu looked at it, and the rim of his eyes became moist.


Proctor: “… … ” This was the first time I saw a man who cried when he couldn’t write!


Wu Xiaoyu began to recall the old days where he stayed in an area of Lianshan begging for food. At that time, he didn’t have enough to eat or warm clothes to wear. His little figure endured the indifferent looks on the street, that’s until the old gang leader brought him back to the beggars’ gang, it was then that his small life was saved.


Wu Xiaoyu suddenly lay down on the desk.


“Student, hurry up and dry your tears and write your paper.” The proctor knocked on his desk.


Wu Xiaoyu secretly wiped away his tears and read the topic: What kind of thoughts and feelings did the article express?


Wu Xiaoyu tearfully replied: Lianshan is the largest and oldest mountain today. It has hosted numerous travelers and nurtured capable soldiers and officers. If the wanderer could glimpse it again, certainly he would weep.


The proctor took a look: “… … ”


Very well written. Don’t write it next time.


Wu Xiaoyu filled his answer sheet with his overflowing feelings of longing for Lianshan. When the bell rang, the paper began to pass to the front.


Only then did he realize that the multiple-choice questions were still empty!


It’s over! He can’t go back to Lianshan!


At this moment, he heard a whisper from Yu Tingfeng, which can be described as the most beautiful voice in the world: “ABCCD, BADDC”


Wu Xiaoyu quickly scribbled down the answers, and when he turned back to accept the paper, he showed Yu Tingfeng a smile uglier than crying.


Yu Tingfeng: “… … ”


Wait, why is this guy here? !


Wu Xiaoyu couldn’t turn in his paper in time, so he missed the small canteen. By the time he got to the canteen, all his companions had already finished eating. Song Zhaolan was left waiting for him, and was kind enough to help him get the meal.


“Thank you Brother Song.” Wu Xiaoyu sat down to eat and perfunctorily asked, “How did you do in the exam?”


“I don’t feel it.” Song Zhaolan started drinking the soup.


“I could feel it.” Wu Xiaoyu secretly told him, “To tell you the truth, I couldn’t help but cry a little, you must not tell everyone this ah.”


“En, that’s what they all told me just now.” Song Zhaolan nodded.


“What do you mean?”


“They all cried when they saw Lianshan’s article,” Song Zhaolan said.


Wu Xiaoyu thought about it and said, “That makes sense, after all, it’s impossible for people who wandered the Jianghu to not have passed through Lianshan. It’s a common memory for everyone. Not to mention the magnificent landscape, I hear that there is a peerless master hidden there. Many have gone there, but none have met him. Leader, did you cry?”


Song Zhaolan shook his head: “It’s not good to cry. I live in Lianshan, I feel the article is very fake. There’s simply no mountain full of blossoming flowers, it’s all wild animals .”


“You live in Lianshan?!” Wu Xiaoyu dropped his chopsticks in surprise, “Are you the legendary peerless master?”


“Is it really me?” Song Zhaolan denied, “You said it all, no one has seen the peerless master, and I have never seen outsiders, so how did you know that there are really masters?”


It seems that’s true too, so then who spread it?


“Alas, many rumors and slanders from Jianghu were like a tangled web. Someone might have spread it, as long as it’s about an expert, many would gather like flies.” Wu Xiaoyu dismissed the matter, but he’s still curious about the situation of Lianshan, “I’ve been at the foot of the mountain for so long and I’ve never seen you. Where did you live?”


“Top of the mountain.”


“Oh, no wonder, I couldn’t have gone to the top to beg.”


After taking a nap, a few people in their dorm room headed to the exam room. When they reached the second floor, Xue Canming said that he would escort Wu Xiaoyu to class F.


Wu Xiaoyu wanted to say that it’s not necessary, but he was ashamed to say that he was corrupted by the demonic sect.


They had just walked to the back door when bang, the window was opened from the inside. A boy leaped and touched the phone in his pocket. When he turned around, he bumped into their neat row of fleshy walls, he frowned: “What do you guys want? Good dogs should get out of the way.”


“We still want to ask you, Yu Tingfeng, what do you want? !” The aggressive side of Xue Canming began to flutter again, and he stretched out his hands and made a defensive gesture as he circled around Yu Tingfeng.


Yu Tingfeng’s head was about to be blown off by him: “I’m going to the bathroom.”


Xue Canming continued to circle around, looking at him vigilantly: “Why do you have to open the window to go to the toilet? Did you deliberately block us?”


“The door is being mopped. We are not allowed to step on it.” Yu Tingfeng said.


As soon as Xue Canming turned his head to look at the door, someone pressed his head down: “Hey, if you don’t let go, I’ll say you don’t have humanity!”


“Can you stop fuc*ing turning?” Yu Tingfeng glared at him viciously, then let go of his hand. He quickly pulled away their neat line and walked to the direction of the toilet.


Zhao Mingdeng said: “We have to go back, it’s almost time for the exam.”


The others watched Wu Xiaoyu enter the room before going back, only to walk a few steps when Xue Canming found that Song Zhaolan was missing: “Leader, where is our leader?”


“I saw him going there just now.” Yu Xiaohui happened to come up from the stairwell, and went straight to a certain direction as she spoke, but was stopped by Zhao Mingdeng in time.


“Master Yu, that’s the men’s room.”


“Oh.” Yu Xiaohui was unruffled, “Then let’s go up first.”


There were many people in the men’s room, some were smoking and some were preparing cheat sheets.


As soon as Song Zhaolan walked in, everyone all looked at him, and someone also recognized him.


The bully of class E said with a cigarette in his mouth, smiling maliciously: “Isn’t this the number one in our grade?  Why are you in the second floor bathroom? Come here, let’s talk about something.”


“What?” Song Zhaolan stood there.


The class bully and his followers looked at each other and smiled, stepped forward to surround him, and threatened: “Half an hour before turning in the exam, tell the proctor that you need to go to the toilet, we will wait for you here, the rest… ..you understand, right?”


Song Zhaolan asked: “You mean we made an appointment to go to the bathroom together?”


“… … ” The bully shouted,  “Who’s going to shit with you? I’m talking about telling us the answer!”.


“How am I supposed to know the answer? Isn’t the answer with the teacher?” Song Zhaolan said.


“The answer you wrote!” The bully ​​pointed at him angrily, “Did you fu*king pretends to be stupid with me?”


“Speak up if you have something to say.”


“Like I’ve sh*t to talk to you about.” The class bully punched him, but his fist was firmly held by the other party.


The class bully ​​was stunned, he regaining his strength and found that he couldn’t move his hand, so he raised his leg to kick him, but just as he kicked, the opponent stepped to the side and twisted his body into the air.


With a boom, the bully fell to the ground, grunted in pain, and screamed: “Ah ah ah ah, Song Zhaolan, just wait!”


After Song Zhaolan went to the bathroom, he saw the group of followers gathered around the bully, looking at him in fear. He thought for a while, and said: “It’s okay, you can’t die, I controlled my strength a bit, you should go and learn from a teacher with your little kung fu.”


After Song Zhaolan left, the bully uttered harsh words to his followers in an effort to get back some face: “I just wasn’t ready. Next time, I will definitely beat him until he vomits blood.”




When the door of the cubicle opened, the bully saw Yu Tingfeng walking out with his headphones on, with his head down at the game, he cried: “Hey, how much have you just heard?”


Yu Tingfeng didn’t seem to hear anything and didn’t see anything. He stepped on his leg and walked straight to the opposite sink.


“Aah! Motherf*cker %#¥… ” The bully fell to the ground holding his leg, cold sweat broke out on his face. He felt that if he had stepped on it a little bit harder, his leg could have been broken.


Yu Tingfeng put away his phone without even looking at them. After returning to the classroom, he poked Wu Xiaoyu’s back with a pen: “Why are you here? Aren’t you from Class A?”


Wu Xiaoyu pursed his lips, he was very conflicted to converse with the demonic lord, but he got help from him this morning.


While he was struggling, he heard Yu Tingfeng ask again: “If you can come here, can Song Zhaolan come?”


Wu Xiaoyu was immediately alarmed: “What do you mean?”


“Let him come and play.” Yu Tingfeng smiled generously, “We will treat him well.”


“Don’t even think about it, the leader will stay in Class A forever, and he will never be with you!” Wu Xiaoyu said righteously.


“Boring.” Yu Tingfeng pressed his head back, “Don’t look at me.”


Wu Xiaoyu pondered for a moment and ran back to Class A quickly while the bell hadn’t ring: “Friends, Yu Tingfeng asked me about the whereabouts of the alliance leader! What should I reply?”


Hearing this, everyone quickly gathered around Song Zhaolan to discuss important matters.


Xue Canming said: “He must be trying to plot against our leader, or want to challenge him.”


Song Zhaolan’s eyes lit up: “Really?”


Song Zhaolan touched the window, inexplicably thinking of Qiuxiang, wouldn’t it be much more convenient if there was a pigeon to deliver a letter at this time?


… … Wait, there’s something more convenient.


Song Zhaolan took out his phone and sent a message to Yu Tingfeng: [Are you looking for me?]


Xue Canming was still talking incessantly: “Leader, you shouldn’t be fooled. These people are scheming and cruel, and they want to confuse you at this time. Don’t believe them! You must concentrate on the exam, by the way, What is the answer to the last multiple-choice question in the morning?”


“A.” While waiting for a reply, Song Zhaolan took the time to reply.


Xue Canming lost his footing as if he was struck by lightning.


Wu Xiaoyu was also dumbfounded: “Isn’t it C?”


Zhao Mingdeng asked: “Who told you to pick C?”


Xue Canming: “Heaven’s will.”


Wu Xiaoyu: “Yu Tingfeng.”


Everyone slowly looked at Wu Xiaoyu with eyes full of disbelief, as if he was a fool.


Only then did Wu Xiaoyu come back to his senses: “Goddamn Yu Tingfeng, messing with my mind and messing with my exam! You are so vicious!”


Song Zhaolan then got a reply.


Yu Tingfeng: [No? You got something? ]


Song Zhaolan: [You are vicious]


Yu Tingfeng: [?? ]


The author has something to say:


Song Zhaolan: You’re very very very very fierce.


Yu Tingfeng: What are you talking about? (kissing sound)


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