Wulin Chapter 12

Yu Tingfeng ran back to the dorm room, turned around and was about to close the door when he saw Song Zhaolan also ran back like a gust of wind, the hem of his clothes fluttered and his long legs entered the door diagonally opposite to him.


Yu Tingfeng paused for a moment and closed the door.


“Boss, where have you been?” Sun Yicheng was concerned.


Yu Tingfeng didn’t answer. He turned around and went to bed. He looked down at several of his men and by chance, he caught a glimpse of their crotch: “Why aren’t you guys dressed?”


“We’re all big men. Why would we wear clothes?” Sun Yicheng laughed.


Yu Tingfeng silently looked at him.


Sun Yicheng felt an indescribable □□ chill. Several people rushed to put on their underwear.


“Boss, wanna play a game?” the Right Guardian asked.


No one answered.


The Right Guardian came to his bed and saw him with his hands under his head, staring at the ceiling in a daze. He asked: “Boss, do you have something on your mind?”


Yu Tingfeng scoffed: “No.”


“Then why didn’t you want to play games?”


“Come.” Yu Tingfeng shook his head, picked up the phone and played with determination.


Unknowingly, he played until midnight, he put down his phone and prepared to sleep. Unwittingly thought of something, he quietly picked up the phone again and shrunk into bed.


He opened up WeChat and tapped Song Zhaolan’s moments. There’s nothing new.


He then zoomed in on his profile, very good, it’s a piece of sesame seed-coated cake.


He lifted the quilt irritably: “Get up, get up for me.”


Several subordinates who had just closed their eyes were woken up by him, struggling with sleepiness, they asked: “Boss, what’s the matter?”


“Tell me everything you know about Song Zhaolan.” Yu Tingfeng said.


“Now?” The Right Guardian was puzzled, “Didn’t you already know about him?”


“What do I know? I only know that he has an unknown background, and that he hasn’t touched any of our people.” Yu Tingfeng scratched his hair irritability, which was why he was unwilling to kill him, after all, it was hard to meet a genuine expert who is evenly matched with him.


Sun Yicheng was very sleepy, but still obediently answered: “According to my former subordinates’ investigation, Song Zhaolan was not in any prestigious sect before he became the leader. His parents died when he was young and he grew up alone in the wilderness. He had no feud with anyone. It was only after our old Lord and Lady wounded the previous leader that his name appeared in the Jianghu.”


“Who’s his master?” Yu Tingfeng asked.


It didn’t make sense for a nobody to exchange so many moves with him, either he had learned from a master or found some long-lost secret manual.


“I don’t know. Nobody knows.” Sun Yicheng paused, he thought of something and said, “But I did find out something else.”




“The thing is, when our men tried to kill the previous alliance leader, none of them were successful so I chased after them to have a look. And guess what I saw?”


Yu Tingfeng didn’t speak, so the Right Guardian asked: “What did you see?”


“I saw Song Zhaolan sneaking out in the middle of the night, he’s very secretive and very careful about the things hiding in his arms….” Sun Yicheng lowered his voice and managed to pique the curiosity of others.


“What did he hide? Did he steal the old leader’s secret manuals and treasures?” The Right Guardian asked.


“Neither.” Sun Yicheng drawled his words, “I followed him and found that he had snuck into the inn’s back kitchen and took two chicken legs. Afterward, he sat on the rooftop to guard, he even hit me in the head with a chicken bone. So I reasonably suspect that he’s a glutton.”


Yu Tingfeng grabbed a pillow and threw it at him: “You still suspect that? Can you say something useful? !”


Sun Yicheng returned the pillows respectfully and said: “Let me think….I got it! When he threw away the bone, he didn’t even look at me, it was as if he was throwing away garbage. Hah, experiencing it made me piss my pants.”


“Why do I feel that you’re proud of it?” The Right Guardian reminded him.


“Cough.” Sun Yicheng straightened his face and said seriously , “Lord—Boss, I think Song Zhaolan’s martial arts skills are definitely not inferior to yours. Let’s get rid of him as soon as possible.”


“Not inferior to me? You mean I could still lose to him?” Yu Tingfeng slowly asked.


“No, no, I mean, this person is very dangerous.”


Yu Tingfeng smiled inexplicably.


Dangerous? That silly goose?




On this night where Yu Tingfeng was losing sleep, there was another person who was also tossing and turning——Huang Mao was recently very unlucky.


First, he was being carried around by Yu Tingfeng, causing him to lose face. And on that same night, he once again got beaten up by Song Zhaolan. He could no longer hold his head up in front of his brothers.


And then, when he was in a hurry to pee and didn’t feel like going to the toilet faraway. So he wanted to go to the nearby wood to pee. At once, he was caught by the guidance director, who insisted that he was setting fire to the mountain.


Did he set fire? He’s obviously going to water it!


After he desperately tried to clarify that he did not create the fire, the guidance director found a lighter in his pocket.


“What is this?” The guidance director looked like an asura. He rolled the sparkwheel and the flames popped out with a whoosh.


“Ah this…. ” Huang Mao immediately blew out the flames and embarrassingly smiled, “I used it to make wishes.”


“Don’t try to fool me.” The guidance director began to grunt at his hair. “When did you dye it? Dye it back next week, or I’ll shave it myself, you hear me?”


“Ok ok ok.” Huang Mao repeatedly nodded.


At this moment, some teachers in the office mentioned the morning’s flag-raising ceremony and when Huang Mao heard Yu Tingfeng and Song Zhaolan’s names. Didn’t know what he was thinking, his eyes snapped wide open: “Director, I know who started the fire!”




“Yu Tingfeng and Song Zhaolan!”


“You shouldn’t believe in rumors.”


“It’s true, when I went to the woods, I saw the two of them running, I thought they were fooling around. Don’t you think they could be the one causing the trouble and running away?” Huang Mao said, “If you don’t believe me, you can check the security cameras.”


The director thought about it. He was really embarrassed to tell him that the basketball court’s camera was broken by a student playing ball last week and he did not have the time to replace it.


“Ok, ok, hurry back to class.” The director urged.


“Aren’t you looking for the guy who started the fire?”


“What fire? Did I say fire? Go go, don’t spread rumors. Nothing happened.”


Not only that, but he was also admonished for dyeing his hair and had to write a self-criticism before he was released from the office of moral education.


When he went back to the dormitory, he happened to see Yu Tingfeng and Song Zhaolan feeding each other coke. It was just an accident meeting, and unexpectedly, the student council was looking for the litterer, and caught him hiding by the flower beds.


“It’s really not me. It’s the other two people. Hurry up and go after them.”


“If it’s not you. What are you doing here with your obscene behavior?”


“Who are you calling obscene?” Huang Mao pushed him away and scolded his ancestors.


Then he was named by the student council and was taught another lesson.


The root cause of all this was Yu Tingfeng. Huang Mao was determined, he must think of a way!


The next day, there were many people around the hallway, asking about Yu Tingfeng as if he had become the man of the moment.


Huang Mao was so angry, indignantly walked to the last row, and slapped Yu Tingfeng’s desk.


The circle of demonic sect raised their heads one after another, looking at him unkindly.


Faced with the eyes that wanted to chop him off, Huang Mao’s heart skipped a beat. He saw a sturdy boy clench his fist as if he were about to smash his handsome face in the next second.


His eyes met Yu Tingfeng’s and suddenly grabbed his hand. “Boss, p-please let me join you!”


Yu Tingfeng: “What?”


Huang Mao figured it out, fight, he couldn’t beat them. Since he couldn’t beat them, he should join them!


He also didn’t know what kind of powerful background these people have that made the director give up using the camera to investigate them!


Smart people know the importance of sticking together. Yu Tingfeng is so popular now, if he sticks with him, maybe some girls will pay more attention to him!


“Let me join you guys. We can join forces and dominate this school!”


Yu Tingfeng was silent for a few seconds and said: “Wait.”


After saying that, he got up and pulled back his chair, waved his big hand, and took his men out with him.


While Huang Mao anxiously waiting for the results, they gathered around the rooftop to discuss.


“What do you guys think?” Yu Tingfeng asked.


The Right Guardian: “This person has robbed the boss’ phone before. He seems to be a person who does many evil things.”


Liu Zhuizui grinned: “That’s just right, he meet our requirement and moreover, he looks good~”


Sun Yicheng: “I never thought there are still people willing to join our demonic sect, so of course we can’t let go of him. We need this kind of talent to expand our team right now!”


However, there was still opposition: “But what if he wants to seek revenge? When our boss is asleep, he will do this and that to him… … ”


Sun Yicheng: “Like what?”


“Peeling off his flesh and drinking his blood.”


“Ss —”


“He dares!” Yu Tingfeng slapped each of them on the head.


Yu Tingfeng was very dissatisfied with the person who had snatched his phone, so he went back and told him the result: “We don’t need you.”


“But . … ” Huang Mao pushed the others aside and whispered into his ears “I know your secret with Song Zhaolan, you don’t want the others to know about it, do you?”


Yu Tingfeng frowned, thinking that he and Song Zhaolan really had a secret.


Did this kid know that he added Song Zhaolan on his WeChat?


Although there was nothing wrong with this matter, if the subordinates knew about it, it would be annoying to think up an explanation.


“Fine, join.” Yu Tingfeng told his men “We need someone who understands the rules of the world. Even if he came here to seek revenge, I couldn’t take him on?”


Sun Yicheng was eager to get into action: “That’s right, he thought he was the spy, but in fact we already knew his identity. We could make him spy for us.”


“Boss, what can I do for you?” Huang Mao hurriedly expressed his loyalty.


“Help me clean the toilet first.”


As a result of violating discipline, they were punished for a week of cleaning toilets.


“… … ” Huang Mao endured the humiliation and took on the heavy burden, “Ok, I guarantee I will keep it clean!”


“And do this homework for me.” Sun Yicheng handed him the assignment book “You’re now the lowest in terms of seniority.”


According to the customs of the sect, there are two guardians under the sect leader, seven practitioners, and a number of sect disciples.


Sun Yicheng, one of the practitioners, was worried that he didn’t have any subordinates to order around. When the newcomer came along, he was very happy.


“And mine.”


“Mine too.”


“I’ll leave these to you. I really killed my ancestors in my last life, I have to write essays in this lifetime.”


Huang Mao was holding a pile of homework and almost wanted to back out of the group. At this moment, Liu Zhuizui came and caressed his face, with an indescribable fragrance on her body, said coquettishly: “Handsome, this is mine, I’ll leave it to you.”


“OK, OK. No problem, I’ll guarantee to write it beautifully!” Huang Mao’s eyes widened. Why didn’t he notice there’s a great beauty in his class before.


Liu Zhuizui’s slender, jade-like fingers ran from his face to his neck. Huang Mao nervously gulped.


“All right, get back to your seats.” Yu Tingfeng ordered.


Liu Zhuizui clicked her tongue: “Gee, you’re such a bummer.”


Huang Mao foolishly watched her swaying back. When she wore the ordinary uniform, there was a kind of charming and sensual feeling, making his heart beat erratically.


“Don’t look. Be careful that she cuts your neck off.” Yu Tingfeng said lightly .


Huang Mao touched his neck subconsciously, feeling a slight chill. “Boss, what kind of terrifying thing are you talking about?”


“Don’t rashly provoke women, especially that one.” It was rare for Yu Tingfeng to remind someone.


Huang Mao thought: Is that why you like men?


The author has something to say:


Huang Mao: I guessed the endings, but I only missed the process. And when can I have a name?!


Right Guardian (wearily light a cigarette): When the author abandoned her name, you will be named.

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