After school, a group of people sat in the billiards hall at the back door of the school to play cards.

Wang Luan leaned back in his chair, his head hanging softly: “I took the exam at the beginning of school. Zhuang XingQin is really sick.”

“Does your class pass on the test results to the parents every time?”

“forget it. My dad has to wait on me with a baseball bat again.” Wang Luan looked gratefully at the people around him. “fortunately, with my brother, I will never be the last.”

Yu Fan ignored him and bowed his head and dropped his card.

Zhang Xianjing is the only girl in this group. She crossed her legs and drank milk tea: “isn’t your deskmate a disciplinary commissioner? Didn’t you copy it? ”

“copy a fart, only he is still a disciplinary commissioner,” Wang Luan said angrily. “the handwriting is comparable to that of Yu Fan. I almost squint. I can’t read a word– Fuck! I’ll give you a 3, and you just blow me up? ”

“You’re annoying.” Yu Fan said.


Zhang Xianjing trembled with laughter: “but Yu Fan, you handed in a blank paper as soon as you started school, and you weren’t even trying the multiple-choice questions. Are you really going to change the seat?”

When it comes to the exam, Yu Fan thinks of someone again, and the act of throwing cards is a little too heavy.

He asked, “did you get 90 points for multiple choice questions?”

Zhang Xianjing drew her eyebrows: “there are no 90 points for multiple choice questions.”

That’s it.

If you can’t get 90 points, it’s the same whether you write it or not.

The hand itches, Yu Fan touches into his pocket, wanting to smoke one slowly.

As a result, when he came across a rough piece of paper, he gave a “fuck” in his heart and quickly pulled his hand out again.

It’s the draft paper handed over by Chen Jingshen.

He had intended to throw it away in a ball, but Zhuang Xingqin happened to pass through the back door and called him, and he reflexively stuffed the ball of paper into his pocket.

Yu Fan feels that he may be allergic to the paper things in Chen Jingshen’s hand in the future.

“what is there to write about the examination paper? I never wrote, “Zuo Kuan was smoking and pretending not to admit defeat.” the teacher dared not care about me at all. ”

Wang Luan: “your teacher is too lazy to care about you.”

Zuo Kuan: “isn’t that better?” The head teacher of your class, I was tired of hearing what she is saying. If she were my head teacher, I would have been– ”


Yu Fan threw the last card on the table.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Yu Fan said. “stretch out your face.”

Zuo Kuan: “…”

Half a minute later, Zuo Kuan’s face was marked with a tortoise drawn.

“Fuck, come again.” When Zuo Kuan finished, the man next to him suddenly bumped into his arm and twisted his eyebrow. “what are you doing?”

“Brother Kuan, look, that woman outside, is that the woman who chased you before?”

“Who is it?” Wang Luan looked out.

“it’s her,” she said, looking at the girl who hurriedly left outside the billiards hall and raising her eyebrows.”No one, a woman from Class Three. She chased me for two months, and sent me water and snacks every day. I was bored to death, and I managed to get rid of her. ”

“is that woman blind?” Zhang Xianjing bowed her head and played with her mobile phone and said coolly.

“bullshit. I’m so handsome. There are a lot of people chasing me, okay?” Zuo Kuan looked at the card, “what’s the most disgusting thing, Class three, you know? It is said that it is an invisible key liberal arts class. That woman writes me a letter a week, in which there are so many ancient poems and essays that I can’t fucking read them– ”

Yu Fan: “how did you dump her?”

The person who had been silent suddenly opened his mouth, and Zuo Kuan was stunned for a moment: “what?”

“I said,” repeated Yu Fan, “how did you get rid of her?”

“it’s not easy,” Zuo Kuan said. “I pasted out the name of the letter she wrote to me and posted it in the blackboard newspaper of her class.”

Zhang Xianjing glanced at him: “you are such a bitch.”

“Huh? Who told her to keep haunting me. ” Zuo Kuan said, “Yu Fan, why do you ask? there are girls chasing you?”

“nonsense, are there fewer girls chasing my brother?” Wang Luan raised his eyebrows proudly, as if it was himself who was being chased. “Yu Fan just received a love letter-you blew me up again? I’m on your team! I’m a fucking farmer, too! ”

Yu Fan: “it’s so noisy.”

Zhang Xianjing put down her phone and leaned curiously against their card table: “is there such a thing? Yu Fan, who gave you the love letter? ”

Yu Fan: “No one.”

“tell me,” Zhang Xianjing asked. “A freshman and a sophomore? Does it look good? Do I know him? Is it– Chen Jingshen? ”

Yu Fan threw out all the cards directly.

When he subconsciously wanted to refute, he heard Zhang Xianjing go on to say, “is that Chen Jingshen?”

Yu Fan heard the words and looked back at the billiards hall.

Chen Jingshen stood not far from the back door with his back to them, his schoolbag on his shoulder and his hands hanging naturally on his side.

He was motionless, and in front of him stood three men.

“that’s true,” Wang Luan leaned over to the glass. “the ones in front of him. Is it from the school next door? What are they doing? ”
“what else can the crappy school next door do when they come to us?” Zhang Xianjing said, “blackmail.”

Yu Fan propped his elbows on the sofa at the back and watched the play lazily.

There is a technical school near their school, which is quite messy, and they often come here to make trouble. Hu Pang patrolled and arrested people nearby for a period of time, but the matter was shelved because he had just started school recently and was relatively busy.

The three men infron of Chen Jingshen, were wearing colorful long t-shirt and black trousers, all dyed with strange hair colors.

It seems that Chen Jingshen around him is cleaner.

Zuo Kuan looked at his expression and asked tentatively, “Yu Fan, don’t you care? Isn’t he in your class? ”

Yu Fan ignored him and still looked at the other end.

Who cares, there are so many people who are blackmailed every month, can he handle it? Did the fat tiger pay him the protection money?


Although Chen Jingshen is a nerd, at least he keeps up with nutrition. His shoulders are twice as wide as those idiots in front of him, and he is half a head taller than others. If his serious temperament is not too weak, who can believe that the three skinny monkeys are blackmailing him now? As long as Chen Jingshen has a bit of backbone and raises his fist to fight back, none of these three will go straight back today.

In the distance, the tall figure paused and bowed his head to pay for it.

Yu Fan: “?”


A few punks looked at the boy in front of them, but they were not sure.

To be honest, they usually only look for lower grades or girls for blackmail, but this one. Those sneakers on his feet are too good. As far as a gangster knows, it’s close to five digits.

Coupled with the fact that he was dressed as a good student, the three of them unanimously decided to give it a try! A bike becomes a motorcycle!

“Do you hear me? ” The leader plucked up his courage and held up his Wechat QR code. “if you don’t turn it around, we’ll ask you to go somewhere else for a detailed chat.”

Chen Jingshen dropped his eyes and glanced around their faces.

It was only then that they found that the temperament of this good student depended entirely on his neat school uniform.

The teenager’s eyelids are thin, and the facial lines are smooth and sharp, in fact, it is a very cold appearance. When he looks at them condescendingly, they can’t help but feel nervous.

For a moment, they regretted it.

Chen Jingshen pondered for two seconds and put his hand in his pocket.

Perhaps at that glance, this person subconsciously felt that Chen Jingshen was going to take out a weapon or a cell phone to report to the police, and hurriedly took two steps back: “what are you doing? Take out your hands, or I’ll– ”

His words came to an abrupt end when Chen Jingshen took out his money.

They gaped at the persib in front of them and counted out five red notes and handed them over.

“No Wechat. Pay cash. ” The boy finally opened his mouth and said the first thing to them.

They were in a trance for a moment.

Why does he feel like a beggar who has been given alms?

And, damn it.

What’s wrong with today’s high school students? How can he have so much living expenses?

“No Wechat? I believe your bullshit. You don’t usually talk to others? No games? Not in love? ”
In the end, he fooled around for a moment, thinking that this person might not really know how to fall in love.

He took five hundred, and his eyes were still greedily fixed on Chen Jingshen’s hand: “forget it, how much do you have? Bring it all over. ”

An empty card box flew in and hit the man on the forehead precisely and simply.

The card box fell to the ground and made a “clatter”.

The man was stunned for a moment, covered his forehead, and looked behind his head: “who the fuck–”

He saw the man’s face clearly and shut up at once.

Someone in their school once said that it was ok to go to the high school next door to find some money, but when he saw two moles on his face and a fierce-looking person, he left quickly.

Isn’t that the guy in front of you?

Chen Jingshen turned his head and saw his new deskmate.

At the moment, the expression on the face of his deskmate was the same as when he refused to copy the examination paper, not very friendly.

Yu Fan didn’t look at him.

“give him the money back,” he said to the three men, “and get out.”

The faces of the three changed at the moment, and the one standing in the middle raised his chin: “who the fuck are you?”

“come on, you don’t know him?” Wang Luan, who followed, reached out and put his hand on the man’s shoulder with a smile. “he just beat up the haircut gang in your school, haven’t you heard?”


“Are they still going to school these days? They looked badly hurt the other day. ”


More than ten seconds later, the man was able to hand the money to Yu Fan.

Yu Fan did not answer: “my money?”

The man paused, and moved his hand to Chen Jingshen.

As soon as the group of people turned around and left, Zhang Xianjing came from the billiards hall and said, “Just go? What a pussy. ”

“Originally, he was not a powerful person.” Wang Luan ‘s words stopped after seeing the black-rimmed glasses that suddenly appeared on Zhang Xianjing’s face.

“It’s the same.” Zhang Xianjing pushed her glasses and looked at the boys around her with hypocritical worry. “Chen, are you scared?”

Chen Jingshen put the money back in his pocket: “No.”

Zhang Xianjing smiled gently: “good, the back door of our school is very messy, you must be careful in the future.”

The tone of her voice gave Wang Luan goosebumps. He curled his lips and asked, “high achiever, why did you give the money out so honestly just now? The security guard at the back door is still here. He can come as soon as you yell. Otherwise, you can struggle for a while. They dare not make a scene. ”

Chen Jingshen said: “trouble.”

His face was calm and his tone was cold, as if he wasn’t the one who gave the money as soon as he was blackmailed.

Wang Luan: “……”

“I’ll tell you what, Mr. Chen,” Zhang Xianjing bent her eyes, “how about we add a Wechat? In the future, if you are in danger, you can come to me, and I will bring someone to save you as soon as possible! ”

She finished and paused. “Oh, you don’t have a Wechat, do you? The phone number is also fine. ”

Chen Jingshen was silent for two seconds and reported a string of figures.

Zhang Xianjing did not expect that he would give it so easily this time. She was stunned for a moment and took out her cell phone: “wait, wait, wait.”

Yu Fan regretted it almost the moment he came over. He scolded himself in his heart, occupied his pocket with one hand, turned around and walked back.

He just took a step, when his sleeve was suddenly grabbed.

Everyone else was stunned.

Yu Fan bowed his head and saw the familiar, bony hand on his clothes.

With great effort, he went back and oulled his clothes.

So he frowned and raised his eyes and said coldly, “what are you doing?”… ”

“Can I add your Wechat?” Chen Jingshen asked deeply.

Yu Fan: “…”

Zhang Xianjing, who is typing the number into the mobile phone address book, said: “?”


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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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