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Ji Lianyi remained stiff in her position for a long time.

Wearing a simple silk shirt and white suit trousers, she still looks bright after nearly half a month of intense work and more than ten hours of flight.

When she saw Yu Fan’s cheek band-aid, her expression was longer than that of the parent-teacher meeting, and her eyebrows could not help wrinkling. When he saw Yu Fan’s hand resting on her son’s face, the subconscious dislike of her face had turned into seriousness.
“are you fighting?” Ji Lianyi asked.

After listening to this, Yu Fan realized how stiff his expression is now.

He breathed a sigh of relief in the dark, frowned lazily, and changed his more idle expression than usual: “just ask him to get some…. ”

Before the word “money” was spoken, Yu Fan’s wrist was held and put back to the side.

Chen Jingshen had just finished taking a bath, his palms were a little cold, and he briefly touched and loosened. Chen Jingshen said lightly, “he came to me to do his homework.”


Ji Lianyi knows what kind of student Yu Fan is, and her expression is more subtle. Her eyes flickered slightly, glancing at the band-aid on Chen Jingshen’s neck, and glancing down at the cumbersome shorts.

As soon as her lips moved, Ji Lianyi suddenly loosened her eyebrows and nodded: “that’s it.”

“it’s so late, it should be done.” She looked at Yu Fan. “do you want me to ask the driver to take you there?”

Yu Fan occupied his pocket with one hand: “No.”

The driver, who followed Ji Lianyi, carried her luggage quietly and gave way to Yu Fan when he walked up to him. The other party rubbed his shoulder and left without looking back.

“Old Wu, you should go back, too.”

“all right.” The driver put his luggage down immediately. “I’ll pick you up at nine o’clock tomorrow night.”

After the door was closed, Ji Lianyi put her handbag in the shoe cabinet and clicked on the monitoring of the iron door at home. She changed her shoes and watched Yu Fan leave.
Chen Jingshen closed his eyes and silently picked up Ji Lianyi’s suitcase.

“Why is Yu Fan wearing your pants?” Ji Lianyi asked suddenly.

“I soiled his and brought him one.” Chen Jingshen asked quietly, “have you had dinner yet?”

“I ate a little on the plane.” Ji Lianyi asked warmly, “are you sure you didn’t fight?”


“what happened to your neck?”

“I accidentally scratched it.”

Ji Lianyi recalled the manner of the two boys just now, and they really didn’t seem to have had a conflict. She nodded and asked no more questions.

During this period, she was busy with her work to apply for divorce, it was because she was a little careless about her son that he got students like him to play together.

But luckily, it would be nice to finish this. She calculated in her mind that there were only a dozen or so left this semester, and now it would be troublesome to change classes.

“that’s fine.” Ji Lianyi said, “how come all these things have obscured the surveillance at home?”
“I don’t feel well.” Chen Jingshen said.

Ji Lianyi was silent for a few seconds and nodded: “when you grow up, Mom can understand, but I am not monitoring you, it is for the safety of you. Can you understand? Mom thinks it’s for your own good. ”

Chen Jingshen looked down at her and said nothing.

“in the future, you shouldn’t block the surveillance outside the house.” Ji Lianyi lightly played down the order and gently put her hand on Chen Jingshen’s shoulder. “Mom, will go and cook a bowl of noodles. Why don’t I cook some for you?”


“I asked my aunt to come and do a thorough cleaning at home and make a pot of chicken soup. I’ll have dinner with you later before I go. ” Ji Lianyi walked to the kitchen, suddenly thought of something, turned around and said, “by the way, that pair of trousers won’t come back either.”

On the way home, Yu Fan finished chewing a whole box of gum.
He sat in the back row of the bus, staring out of the window with an expressionless face. He was so confused that he checked his mobile phone for several minutes, but did not receive a reply from Chen Jingshen.

It was not until he got home to take a shower that the cell phone placed on the sink rang slowly.

Yu Fan went to touch his phone without drying his hands.

[-: has it been revealed? ].

[s: no. ].

In one word, the tense nerves suddenly relax. He dropped his shoulders slowly, threw his phone at the table, and walked back under the shower.

After settling down, Yu Fan realized that he had not been so flustered for a long time.

Since he was the only one left in the family, he was indifferent to a lot of things. He is alone, unattached, not afraid of what people say, not afraid of the consequences.

So he talked to Chen Jingshen, and it didn’t matter whether it was puppy love or sexual love.

But Chen Jingshen is different from him.

Just now, as soon as he thought of letting people know that Chen Jingshen was in a sexual relationship and still in love with someone like him, he was numb and upset.

In the future, they should rein in a little bit, or at least not go to Chen Jingshen’s house any more.

When he came from the bathroom, Yu Fan hesitated for a moment, but still put on Chen Jingshen’s trousers. This thing feels big on the outside, but it’s OK to wear it when you sleep, and it’s spacious.

[s: but we can’t see the movie. ].

He just got rid a thorn in his heart and took a shower. Yu Fan is now at ease.
The cicadas sang loudly outside the window. He lay on the bed with one hand behind his head, typing lazily.

[-: Oh, then next week].

Chen Jingshen replied “mm-hmm” and then posted another picture: [I’ll give it to you on Monday. ]
Yu Fan opened the picture and saw the black pants that were thrown into the corner after being taken off. His nerves jumped with a jerk.

He turned off the picture and opened it again. After repeating it three times, he still couldn’t help but click on it and look at it carefully.

The trousers lay in a basin soaked with water. Chen Jingshen carried a piece of cloth to the surface of the water with one hand in order to show him.

Yu Fan looked at the lavatory with generous and exquisite decoration, and then looked at the water in the basin that was “dyed” by poor quality trousers. He wanted to type and let Chen Jingshen throw away this stupid thing.

At last his eyes fell on Chen Jingshen’s hand.

Chen Jingshen has long thin fingers and sharp bones. It is not obvious when he is holding a pen at ordinary times, but the green veins will protrude slightly, such as when he pick up trousers that absorb enough water, and when…


Yu Fan threw away his cell phone, raised his hand to turn on the fan, and blew his brain clean by the biggest wind

Yu Fan washed Chen Jingshen’s shorts, took them to school on Monday and changed them back to his broken trousers.

In order to facilitate the fitting of trousers, Yu Fan specially took out the thing from the wardrobe that he had not bought for years.

So after the first class, his few friends at school gathered around the window next to his seat.

“I’m stupid, so I read it right when I read it earlier? Yu Fan is really carrying something. “Zhu Xu asked blankly,” schoolbag? ”

Yu Fan: “…”

“I was fucking startled, too! When I saw it, I thought I was in a dream and didn’t wake up. ”

Wang Luan said.
Zhang Xianjing: “it’s not just you. When Zhuang Xingqin passed his seat, he thought high achiever was carrying two schoolbags today.”
Zuo Kuan reached into the window and picked up the schoolbag hung behind the chair. “it’s not heavy,” he said. “what’s in it? You didn’t put a stick and knife in there, did you? ”

Zuo Kuan was cheap, and he wanted to pull the zipper.

Yu Fan was sleepy. When he heard the speech, he immediately turned around and slapped his hand. As a result, because he was in such a hurry, he knocked on the desk. The pen on the desk suddenly flickered and almost fall down from the edge of the desk.

Then it was caught in mid-air and put back into the desk.

Chen Jingshen glanced at the pen and his finger clicked on a certain question: “the step is wrong.”

Yu Fan was provoked by Zuo Kuan, and suddenly stalled after seeing Chen Jingshen’s hand: “…… Oh. ”

When he turned back to the window, he was already lazy again: “if you touch my things again, I will cut off your finger.”

Zuo Kuan: “…”

“well, take advantage of the present moment to tell us what’s going on with you.”

The person outside the window said, “I heard that Yu Fan abandoned his date for Zuo Kuan?”

Yu Fan: “…”

Seeing the man on the edge silently turned his pen, Yu Fan really wanted to squeeze the curtains into their mouths.”That was for Ding Xiao’s incident, because he helped me. I want to pay him back this time …”

“Shh.” Zuo Kuan’s finger extended to the edge of the mouth, “the mouth is hard, I understand it. Brothers are brothers, women are clothes, this time you keep your brothers in mind. ”

Yu Fan: “.. ”

“Oh, I forgot if you didn’t mention it.” Zuo Kuan took out his cell phone. “those idiots, I don’t know where they got my phone. They scolded and said they want to fight with me again.”

Yu Fan: “…”

Wang Luan was immediately excited and said, “Fuck! How dare he come! All of a sudden, many of our brothers didn’t come last time. We must suppress him this time. ”
Zuo Kuan: “of course! I already scolded him in a text message last night, so in the alley behind the school this afternoon– ”

“No.” Yu Fan said.

It’s like pressing the pause button after a heated discussion.

Wang Luan was stupefied for a moment: “Why?”

“I see,” Zuo Kuan turned his phone over and showed it to him. “you must not have seen how they scolded me. Look, he said, I’m just a dog if I don’t come this time. He also said that he would hit me once in Nancheng in the future.”

“Ha ha!” Wang Luan gave an exaggerated sneer, “answer one now and tell him that a man who dares to say such a thing to Yu Fan has been in the hospital for three months and asked him to book the bed in advance.”

Yu Fan was unmoved: “I said I won’t go.”

“Why?” Zuo Kuan didn’t understand, “you’re not a coward, are you?”

“is it possible?”

Yu Fan leaned back in the chair and leaned against someone’s shoulder, his face impassively and vaguely, “My lover won’t allow me. ”

The back row of the classroom was silent for a few seconds, and everyone stared wide eyes.

Only his deskmate stopped his pen and quietly tilted his face to the side.

“you.” Zhang Xianjing frowned suspiciously. “didn’t you say you broke up?”

“all right.”

Wang Luan: “Didn’t you say that the person is ugly and annoying. You were blind when you talked to her… ”

Yu Fan: “I’m blind again.”

Zuo Kuan: “in that case, you can secretly fight, anyway. She does not know, we will certainly keep it a secret for you.”

Yu Fan: “Thank you. No thanks.”

If his partner hadn’t had sudden deafness, he would have known by now.


Ayyy it’s his deskmates.


I just posted all my stockpile chapters then I’ll be dropping the series. KK will now translate it and this person is really fluent at Chinese so he/she could give this beautiful story some justice, KK will start from ch1 and would posting on his/her own site. Thank you for everyone who read my translations.

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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