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The distance between the buildings in the old district is very narrow, for fear that people in the opposite building will see it. The first thing he did after entering the house is to turn off the lights and draw the curtains, leaving behind a lamp with warm light on the desk and a little moonlight coming through the cracks in the unfastened curtains.

Yu Fan leaned back against the head of the bed and somehow leaned on his pillow. When he doesn’t talk much and stops occasionally for a while, Yu Fan will subconsciously ask for trouble.

For example, he will pick up the phone that is ringing and turn it on mute, and then click on the words in the chat notes. He seems to know the words in the chat notes, but he can’t see them in his head for no reason. So he lost patience to lock the screen and looked up at Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen will kiss again in silence.

Shyness, freshness and restlessness fuse in silence, in sultry summer nights.

The fangs were rubbed over and over again. Yu Fan raised his hand and pressed Chen Jingshen’s face and said in a dumb voice, “Chen Jingshen, if you lick my teeth again, do you believe I will bite your tongue off?”

Yu Fan’s disorderly hair on his forehead was moved to the back by Chen Jingshen, and his whole face was exposed to the air. What he said was fierce, but he appeared lazy with a slight lack of oxygen, red, and his lips were wet and powerless.

Chen Jingshen looked down, put his hand into his neck and helped him sweep his hair asually. He said he knows.

Yu Fan was numb, and suddenly he felt that something was wrong.

He moved his legs lightly, his brain was blank, and he was instantly stiff. After a while, he found his voice: “Chen Jingshen, stop kissing.”

He removed the hands attached to the neck. Chen Jingshen hum, got up from the bed, the tall figure stood on the head of his bed, said: “borrow the toilet.”

In the light and shadow, Yu Fan saw that the root of his ear was red, the jaw line was stretched into a very tight and good-looking line, and it was rare sight for him to sweat a little.

Chen Jingshen pushed the door out, followed by the sound of the toilet closing.

Yu Fan stared at the ceiling and then stretched out his hand to cover it casually. His head was hot.

He seems to know why he can’t do his homework after kissing.

Yu Fan pulled out the pillow under his head and put a heavy cover on his face. The pillow seemed to burn and smoke him.

Yu Fan was so bored that he didn’t know for a long time. After pressing it a little bit, he got up and turned on the light, the fan was set to the maximum gear,. He slowly reached out to touch the phone, trying to divert his attention.

His brain cooled down a little, and he was finally able to read the contents of this group chat.

[Zuo Kuan: I’m really impressed. Now I can’t find Yu Fan at night. What on earth did he do? ].

Zhang Xianjing: busy, didn’t he find a teacher to teach him? ].

[Zuo Kuan: can the teacher stay with him until midnight? If you look at Zhu Xu, people who are in love and have to speak to their girlfriends for two hours every night, can he take the time to reply to me? Yu Fan hasn’t answered my message for four hours. ].

Zhu Xu: Hey, hey… Hey, hey, hey. [love bubble jpg]. ].

Zhu Xu: maybe Yu Fan is in love? ].

Zuo Kuan: that’s impossible. ].

Zuo Kuan: with his temper, who can he fall in love with? ].

After this, Yu Fan continued to look down.

Wang Luan: what do you mean? The man who chased my brother is alot, okay? ].

Zuo Kuan: I know. There is no one in my class. ].

Zuo Kuan: I don’t mean that. Let me give you an analogy– look at Zhu Xu. He talks about love, sweet words, sticky and disgusting. “cuddling and hugging every day, can you imagine Yu
Fan cuddling and hugging people? ].

With a clatter, the toilet door opened, and Yu Fan threw his cell phone to the edge.

Chen Jingshen’s cheeks were wet with water, and his collar was stained with a few dark drops. After he entered the room, he swept his eyes at what Yu Fan had just pulled on him.

Yu Fan immediately sat up.

Chen Jingshen quickly raised his eyes, bent down, picked up his schoolbag and put it on his shoulder. “I’m going back,” he said.

Yu Fan bowed his head and got out of bed to wear shoes, and followed Chen Jingshen to the door.

Chen Jingshen looked back at him. “you want to lift the sedan chair and give it to me?”

” Is that possible? get out of here. I want to lock it. ”

After driving him away, Yu Fan went back to the balcony and waited for a while, and soon saw Chen Jingshen going out of the building.

After staring at Chen Jingshen getting on the bus and leaving, Yu Fan sat on the balcony. He touched the cigarette case he had put on the balcony for a long time, and took out a cigarette that was just about to be put into his mouth.

If he smoke too much, will there be a smell of smoke in your mouth for a long time?

It’s impossible for him to brush his teeth every time he kisses.

Chen Jingshen is a weak chicken who coughs twice when he touches the smell of cigarette.

And didn’t the little sister upstairs say that? This thing blackens the lungs.

Yu Fan stuffed the cigarette back into the cigarette box and sat dryly on the balcony looking at the moon for a while. For a moment, he picked up his phone and opened the city shopping software, typed out the words “candy to quit smoking” on it, randomly picked up a few bars and placed an order.

He didn’t checked whether these candy brands were good or not, and they were set to be delivered at seven o’clock tomorrow morning.

After buying, Yu Fan went back to Wechat with nothing to do and looked through the chat notes again. There was nothing. After turning a few pages, he returned to the conversation he had just seen.

In the middle of the night, the lights on the opposite building are all extinguished, giving people a sense of security that they will not find out no matter what he do.

Yu Fan closed Wechat and wandered open the browser’s search page. When he regained his mind, a line of words appeared on the search bar–.

“how do you fall in love with someone? ”

The next morning, Chen Jingshen watched his deskmate sleep off two classes.

It was not until physical education class Yu Fan woke up leisurely, narrowing his eyes and queuing downstairs. When the physical education teacher called his name twice, Yu Fan was lazy.

Wang Luan, who was standing next to him, couldn’t help asking, “Didn’t you go to bed at eight yesterday? Why are you so sleepy? ”

Yu Fan stood idly, “Who said I went to bed at eight o’clock?”

“Zuo Kuan, say you haven’t returned his message since eight o’clock.”


The man standing on the other side of him seems to have looked at him.

Yu Fan’s heart jumped sharply, unconsciously standing up straight, and it took him a long time to mumble.

It’s customary in physical education class to run exercises. In the morning, the sun is warm, Yu Fan walks slowly around the playground, and the drowsiness that has just dispersed is gathered again.

On a whim last night, he searched for some messy things after Chen Jingshen left .He stayed up until three o’clock in the morning, and he couldn’t even keep his eyes open when he arrived at the classroom this morning.

“Zuo Kuan smokes in the classroom of the laboratory building, so I’ll run over there and sneak away? I don’t expect the teacher to call the name after running. ” Wang Luan put down the phone and said.


When they arrived at the fork in the road, they were just about to run when the physical education teacher didn’t pay attention to this end. A faint sentence came from behind them:

“Where are you going?”

Yu Fan was about to turn back, but Wang Luan responded first.
“Laboratory building, here,” Wang Luan smiled at Chen Jingshen’s smoking gesture. “High Achiever, if they roll call later, please help me and tell the physical education teacher that I went to the school doctor’s office.”

After Physical education class, they rushed to grab the court. In the summer, the basketball court was half empty.

Peopl who doesn’t do physical education class went to the laboratory building classroom to smoke and play cards.

Wang Luan threw out a card, and Yu Fan glanced at someone sitting next to him playing with a mobile phone with a cigarette in his mouth. He said smoothly, “Yu Fan, come to me too … What are you doing? ?”

“Quit smoking candy.” Yu Fan changed the position of candy in his mouth and said vaguely.

Yu Fan’s smoking cessation candy looks a little special. The lollipop shape is a candy stick designed into a pattern of smoke. Wang Luan thought it was smoke when he saw it.

“What a design …” Wang Luan asked. “Why do you suddenly want to quit smoking?”

“Quit if you don’t want to smoke.” Yu Fan manipulated the snake in a lazy way.

“Don’t worry, you can’t stand it in a few days,” Zuo Kuan looked at his cards and suddenly thought of something. “by the way, Yu Fan, you returned the letter yesterday, and the girl in my class almost cried.”

Yu Fan slides his cell phone and says nothing.

Zuo Kuan said, “the other girls went to comfort her. Do you know what they said?”

Yu Fan did not care, but Wang Luan asked curiously, “what did they say?”

“she said,” Zuo Kuan first wheezed and cleared his throat. “Don’t cry. It doesn’t matter whether Yu Fan agrees or not. He looks so fierce and fights with people every day. Maybe he will beat his girlfriend in the future.”

Yu Fan: “…”

Wang Luan: “Ha!”

Yu Fan stretched his feet and kicked him on the foot. Wang Luan immediately reined in and shook his head with a smile: “this is nonsense! Yu Fan never hits a girl, let alone his girlfriend. ”

Is that the fucking point?

Yu Fan wanted to retort a little, but didn’t know what to say, so he simply said with a cold face,
“Scram, talk about something else, and don’t pull me in it.”

“forget it, the sleepy man has a bad temper, so don’t mess with him.” Zhu Xu chewed gum and said, “Hey, did you know that some girls in the third year of high school dropped out of school?”

Wang Luan looked at him gloomily and said, “how do you even know about the third year of high school?”

“I heard from the sports students in the third year of high school that the story was very lively in the third year of high school.” Zhu Xu said, “it was said that the girl liked the man, but as a result, the man didn’t refuse or accept it, he made her hang. There was no shortage of kisses and hugs. He told people everywhere that he was just having fun with that girl. The girl dropped out of school because she got depressed. ”

Yu Fan was bored and shook the candy in his mouth and almost bit his tongue.

“What a loser!” Wang Luan slapped his thigh. “Isn’t that man a bad guy? How the hell is he a guy?! ”

Zhu Xu: “right! I heard that the man often scolded the girl. It was really bad! ”

“Ah, yes!”

Doesn’t refuse or accept, hang someone, kiss and hug, and occasionally scold each other–.

Yu Fan was familiar with this, that the candy doesn’t taste anything anymore.

Zuo Kuan: “the girl dropped out of school? Is there anything wrong with the man? That’s too cheap. ”

With the sound of “bang”, the back door of the classroom was pushed open. Yu Fan bit the candy stick and looked over there subconsciously, then slightly paused.

Chen Jingshen stood in the doorway, gasping slightly, and glanced at him.

Others were stunned by the news and breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Chen Jingshen.

Wang Luan: “high achiever, you scared me to death. I thought–”

“Director Hu is here.” Chen Jingshen said.

At the next moment, several hasty footsteps and a familiar roar came from outside the corridor: “the classmate in front of me! Who is it?! The crime of tipping off and so on! Don’t try to run inside. I can smell the smoke in the classroom all the way! ”

Wang Luan: “Fuck!”

The boy instantly scattered the cards in the sky and spread out in the shape of a bird and his cigarette. Hu Pang caught them on the spot, the classroom smelled of smoke. “it doesn’t matter, just deny it.”

He ran all the way to the window, the tables and chairs banging back and forth, and the violent noise made the empty laboratory building tremble.

Yu Fan got up and made room for him to escape. When he turned around and was about to say something, he was caught off guard by the man. A few seconds later, he ran towards the wide open window.

Yu Fan looked at Chen Jingshen’s back and shouted in a vague voice, “Chen Jingshen!”

Chen Jingshen didn’t look back: “Jump.”


Behind him came Hu Pang’s voice: “Yu Fan!”

What the fuck?!

Yu Fangritted his teeth and jumped out of the window with Chen Jingshen.

The seven or eight boys scattered and fled all over the campus. Hu Pang went through the window and chased closely. Seeing the boys scattered in front of him, the security guard asked Hu Pang who he was chasing.

“chasing the leader!” Hu Pang ran so fast his tie was dangling in the wind. “Yu Fan!”

The wind howled in his ear, and the others that had just escaped was given to the PE teacher.

Chen Jingshen showed that he had no experience in running from teacher at school. Yu Fan grabbed the school road behind the experimental building and ran away.

He wanted to say that there was no one on the road, so he had to run to the playground and mingled with the crowd and refused to admit it.

Yu Fan turned his head and looked at his eyes. The wind messed up Chen Jingshen’s hair, his brow frowned slightly, and his white school uniform neckline flew back, occasionally looking back at the school security guard who chased him behind his eyes.

The sun shone into Chen Jingshen’s dark eyes, like the moon he had seen for a long time on the balcony last night.

Yu Fan smelled the cold and familiar peppermint aroma, and the unknown feeling slowly covered his heart and passed it on to the brain. He was excited for no reason and purely enthusiastic.

“Chen Jingshen. ” Yu Fan opened his mouth in the violent heartbeat.

Chen Jingshen briefly replied, “mm-hmm.”

“you open your mouth.”

Chen Jingshen frowned and looked at him in some doubt. After that, he saw Yu Fan take out the “cigarrette” from his mouth and forge towards him.

He subconsciously opened his mouth and answered.

A touch of sweetness spread in my mouth.

“Let’s talk about it.” Yu Fan’s voice is mixed in the wind.

Chen Jingshen unconsciously slowed down, holding the fast-melting sugar and staring at Yu Fan in silence.

Yu Fan’s ears were a little red. He turned around and looked at him, then moved quickly away, adding in a low voice, “I won’t be angry with you.”


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