“No.” Two words with no ups and downs floated in through the window.

“you see, I’ll tell you!” Wang Luan said proudly.

Yu Fan ignored him, pulled the chair again, and sat back with his arms folded.

Zhang Xianjing paused regretfully: “do you have a girlfriend?”


“then why can’t you? You don’t want to fall in love? Or is there someone you like? ” Zhang Xianjing looked at his school uniform and guessed, “or do you not like those with poor grades?”

“No,” Chen Jingshen said, “just don’t like you.”

Zhang Xianjing: “……”

Wang Luan: “……”

He looked at the cold side of the first rank in the whole grade, and the idea of asking the other party for help to cheat was completely shattered. “Damn it, isn’t this high achiever too straightforward?”

Yu Fan was not surprised while he is playing with a lighter.

It’s appropriate for someone with a face who wants to be hit.

Zhang Xianjing’s frustration lasted only two seconds: “I know, it doesn’t matter. You just don’t like me for the time being. We still have to be in the same class for more than a year. Take your time. I’m very patient. In fact, I began to pay attention to you when I was a freshman in high school. I also went to see your project during the sports meeting. I didn’t expect you to transfer to my class this semester. ”

Chen Jingshen’s expression finally changed a little. He picked his eyebrow lightly and stared at her for two seconds as if thinking about something.

It took a long time before he asked, “are we in the same class?”

Zhang Xianjing: “……”

Zhang Xianjing smiled stiffly and stated, “I’ve been sitting in front of you all day.”

Chen Jingshen thought for a moment: “Sorry, I don’t remember.”

Are you blind? I’ve been turning around all day and my head is almost broken, and you say you don’t remember?

Zhang Xianjing’s face was almost out of tension. she opened her mouth and was about to say something when she was interrupted by the abrupt bell of the class.

Chen Jingshen also heard it. He glanced at the direction of the playground and then looked back: “is there anything else?”

“Yes,” Zhang Xianjing told herself to be calm,” then we should be friends, right? Can you add a Wechat? ”


” What? ”

“I don’t have Wechat.”

Chen Jingshen left, and Zhang Xianjing stood still for a long time.

Wang Luan was satisfied, and as soon as he was ready to leave, he saw Zhang Xianjing suddenly turn her head and went straight to them.

“Wang Luan! You say! ” Zhang Xianjing stood outside the window, reached in and grabbed Wang Luan ‘s clothes. “am I good-looking?”

“Beautiful!” Wang Luan shrugged his shoulders.

“then why does Chen Jingshen have such an attitude toward me?”

“that’s it!” Wang Luan asked, “how did you know we were here?”

“I saw you already. How much did you smoke? It stinks. ” Zhang Xianjing loosened him and looked at another person who had never opened his mouth. “Yu Fan, do you think I look good?”

Yu Fan said, “come on.”

Zhang Xianjing smiled and propped herself on the windowsill with one hand: “Today I didn’t look carefully. Your face is really wonderful.”

Wang Luan said, “you don’t understand. These are all my brother’s honorable medals.”
“is this an honor for you?” Yu Fan asked.

“No, no.” Wang Luan smiled and asked Zhang Xianjing, “Hey, do you really like Chen Jingshen since the first year of high school?”

“How is it possible for me to hold back my love from my freshman year of high school?” Zhang Xianjing said, “I said it casually.”

“…” Wang Luan was bewildered, “so it was love at first sight?”

“it doesn’t count.”

Zhang Xianjing pulled her hair and regained her usual beautiful and flamboyant appearance.

“I think he’s handsome, don’t I? He even study well. If I can really be with such a person, I won’t have to worry about homework and exams after that. ” When Zhang Xianjing thought about it, she was still a little moved. “do you think I still have a chance?”

Yu Fan did not raise his head: “No.”

“I think so, too.” In the middle of what Wang Luan said, he immediately turned to the menacing look in the previous chapter, “basically, these high achiever tastes are quite special. What if Chen Jingshen doesn’t like you like this?”

“Which one does he like?”

Wang Luan became more and more excited as he said, “The kind of girl with hair tied to the back of her forehead, small eyes, thick lips, and 800-degree wine bottle glasses. All she knows is to study, and there are a few pimples on her skinny face.”

“bullshit.” Zhang Xianjing paused and then said, “is it too late for me to get a pair of glasses now?”

Tired of hearing this, Yu Fan stood up and walked out.

Wang Luan ‘s sleeve was still in Zhang Xianjing’s hand. Seeing this, he hurriedly asked, “where are you going?”

“go home,” Yu Fan said. “take your time.”

“who’s fucking playing with her? wait for me. Let’s go together, in case you get stuck again. Oh, my ancestor, you’re going to tear my clothes. ”

Zhang Xianjing didn’t let go. What came to her mind, she said, “Yu Fan, don’t say anything about what happened just now! Or I’ll tell the director about your fight with the school next door. ”

“whatever you want,” Yu Fan occupied his pockets with both hands and turned upstairs. There was a sentence floating in the corridor. “remember to say that I won and didn’t embarrass her.”



“high achiever, did you bring your cell phone to school?” Wu Jing looked at the person who had just returned to the classroom and asked.

Because of Zhuang Xingqin’s special habit of changing seats twice a semester, at present, the seats in the class are all sat by the students themselves.

As a transfer student, Wu Jing naturally sat with another transfer student.

Their seats in the first class are all arranged according to grades. Before the shift, Wu Jing did not think that he would be able to sit at the same table with Chen Jingshen one day.

Chen Jingshen sat down, bowed his head and packed his things: “mm-hmm.”
“I just heard some vibrations,” Wu Jing said. “the ones in your schoolbag.”

Chen Jingshen took out his cell phone with five unread text messages on it.

He stared at the sender’s remarks for a while before pressing his finger on the screen.

Wu Jing did have an idea of peeking, but his seat was so close that he accidentally glanced at Chen Jingshen’s mobile phone screen in the twinkling of an eye.

It’s a text message interface, and you can vaguely see the words “mom”, “help you transfer your shift” and “go home early”.

Although he did not see all of them clearly, they were very easy to understand in series-high achiever’s parents were not satisfied with the division and wanted Chen Jingshen to change classes.

This is normal. His parents also want him to change classes, but it is a pity that his family is not as good as Chen Jingshen’s.

Wu Jing was lamenting that he had not yet taken advantage of this high achiever. When he saw Chen Jingshen throw his cell phone back into his schoolbag, casually pulled out a question bank, lowered his head and began to brush the questions silently.

He was stupefied: “high achiever, school is over, aren’t you going home?”


For a long time, Chen Jingshen felt the burning eyes around him and turned his head:

“something wrong?”

Wu Jing smiled and was a little nervous. “it’s all right, but there’s a problem…. I never figured it out. I just went to the office and the teacher wasn’t there. I just wanted to ask if you could take a look at it for me. Of course, if you’re busy, forget it. ”

“give it here.”

“Ah?” Wu Jing was stupefied. He immediately reacted and handed over his question bank with both hands. “Oh, please.”

Wu Jing got to ask Chen Jingshen.

He left contentedly with his schoolbag in his arms, leaving Chen Jingshen alone in the classroom.

The cell phone rang again in the school bag.

Chen Jingshen didn’t seem to hear, and continued to shake his pen and do exercises.

The afterglow of the setting sun laid a layer of gold on the whole campus.

After finishing another paper, Chen Jingshen turned his wrist, looked at the pen and ink on the palm of his hand, got up and walked towards the toilet.

When he came back from washing his hands, he caught a glimpse of the man downstairs opposite to hom. Chen Jingshen took a step and stopped where he was.

In front of the dean’s office. Yu Fan stood impatiently, leaning against the wall with one hand in his pocket.

And his other hand is being held by the dean and sent to his nose-

“Don’t you feel like a pervert?” Yu Fan asked.

“What nonsense!” Hu Pang grabbed his hand and asked, “you said you didn’t smoke, so what’s with the smell of smoke on your hands?”

Yu Fan tilted his head to the other side and was silent.

Thanks to the Flag before Wang Luan said goodbye, Yu Fan was blocked before he left school.

He bumped into the fat tiger who had just returned from the meeting, and the other side insisted that he smelled of smoke ten meters away.

The dog’s nose doesn’t even work like that.

“No sophistry?” Hu Pang said to him, “call your parents over tomorrow!”

For a moment, Yu Fan’s expression showed a trace of unconcealed irritability and disgust.
But soon, he regained his original face: “No.”

“Why, do I have to ask Mr. Zhuang to call your parents at home, right?”

“it’s no use fighting.”

“what do you mean?”

“No one is at home.”

“I don’t have a mother,” Yu Fan turned around and smiled at him. “the other one is already dead.”


Hu Pang looked at his smile and stood in the same place, only to recover for a long time.
“you.” He was still in shock. “Why didn’t I hear Mr. Zhuang mention it?”… ”

Yu Fan did not care: “maybe he wants to keep it a secret for me.”

Hu Pang was silent for a long time, then feeling at a loss he said, “this, I really do not know … So you’re living alone now? ”

“sort of,” Yu Fan looked at the darkening sky. “I don’t have to call my parents, do I?”

Who dares to call here?

Hu Pang coughed, “No.”

Yu Fan stood upright and was about to say goodbye to Hu Pang when his shoulder was pinched.

“but if you break the discipline of the school, you will still be punished.” Hu Pang patted him on the shoulder comfortingly. “I’ll tell you what, you go upstairs and write me a two-thousand-word review, hand it in before you go home.”


“I’ll play chess at the school gate. Bring it to me directly after you finish it.”

Yu Fan slowly moved to the classroom corridor and looked down at the school gate.
Then he looked into the eye of Hu Pang, who had been watching him go upstairs.

Hu Pang and the old school policeman set up a table of go outside the school police room. when they saw him, they immediately waved their hands and urged them to write quickly.

Yu Fan turned his head and went into the classroom.

He didn’t expect that there were still people in the classroom at this time.

Chen Jingshen sat in the setting sun and did not look up when he heard the noise. There was only the rustle of paper falling from the tip of his pen in the whole classroom.

Under Yu Fan’s eyes, he swept past Chen Jingshen’s desk and saw only a thin piece of paper, like a draft.

Neither of them wanted to communicate with each other. As if no one was there, he went to his seat, pulled out his chair with his feet, and took out his cell phone to pass the time.
There are several unread Wechat posts on it.

Wang Luan: have you been caught by a fat tiger? ].
Wang Luan: Hey, why are you back in the classroom? I’m waiting for you at the school gate to go back together. ].

[-: let me write a review of two thousand words. ].

[Wang Luan: What are we going to do? How long do you have to write? or find a copy on the Internet. ].

[-: don’t write, don’t bother to copy. ].
[-: you go back. I’ll climb the wall through the back door later. ].

The back door of the school is not open except after school on Fridays. But only when Hu Pang is absorbed in chess can he sneak out of his opponent’s back to the back door.

In response to the message, Yu Fan opened the Snake Mini Game that came with his cell phone and played with an attitude a hundred times more serious than usual in class.

The surroundings are very quiet, because there is no interference, he feels very good in this game. In the back, the gluttonous snake almost occupied the screen, and the upper right corner of the phone kept reminding him that he was still a little short of score to break the record.

The shrill sound of the chair feet rubbing against the floor pierced the calm of the classroom.
Yu Fan didn’t care too much, and his long fingers were still scratching back and forth on the screen.

He heard another man in the classroom stand up, then the paper flipped over.

Is he finally leaving?

As Yu Fan thought, he heard the sound of footsteps, getting closer and closer, as if walking towards him.

If you don’t go to the front door of the classroom, do you still have to go through the back door?

Because there was no one else in the classroom, Yu Fan sat loosely-most of his body was exposed outside the desk, his legs stretched out at will, blocking the aisle.

Feeling that the other party was approaching, Yu Fan lazily retracted his legs.

Two seconds later, the other party stopped at his desk.

“Mr. Yu.” Chen Jingshen’s voice fell from the top of his head in a cold tone, no different from what he heard it when he was smoking.

When the game reached a critical moment, it was only 300 points short of breaking the record.
Yu Fan stared intently at the mobile phone screen, ignoring him.

About half a minute later, he found that the man was still standing in front of his desk. Yu Fan twisted his eyebrow and habitually threw out a sentence: “I don’t hand in my homework.”

Eight out of ten people in the class rush their homework every time they talk to him.

“I’m not collecting my homework.”
“then what are you doing?”

Chen Jingshen stared at his shallow hair and was silent for a moment, then took a letter out of his pocket and handed it over with one hand.

Things reached out at that moment, Yu Fan conditionally raised his head.

Yu Fan thought he might have been distracted for a second, and he didn’t even see what it was, so he quickly went back to the game.

Then he saw that the super-invincible giant gluttonous snake in the universe crashed into the wall for more than ten seconds, and the game was over.

It’s only 77 points short of the record.

Oh, shit.

Yu Fan threw his cell phone on the table and stood up unbearably: “want to be taught a lesson? Can’t you fucking see I’m busy? ”

He glanced at the pink envelope handed over by Chen Jingshen, looked up and asked, “what do you mean? Challenge letter. ”



What color is this envelope?

Yu Fan’s voice came to a standstill, and he kept the air of wanting to beat people up. He bowed his head again and took a closer look at it.

Chen Jingshen, with slender fingers, protruding wrist bones, and clean nails, was holding a familiar pink, love-sealed envelope.

“Mr. Yu.”

Yu Fan raised his head stiffly.

Chen Jingshen, carrying his schoolbag on one shoulder, pressed the letter on the table and pushed it forward: “Please accept my love letter.”

Shizun: This won’t be a side project anymore, so please look forward to future updates.

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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