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Coming down from the ride, they followed the guidance of the staff to get out.

More than a dozen people were surrounded by balloons and colorful lights, and they pulled banners with a lot of photos of the couple printed on them. One could tell that they had been carefully arranged by people.

The next moment, the man sitting next to them took the ring box from his friend and knelt down half to his girlfriend: “Baby, today is the 520th day of our relationship.”… ”


“I plucked up my courage and stood in the middle of it.”


“I hope you can marry me, and I will marry you.”


The man couldn’t bear it, so he turned his head and asked, “Excuse me, can you stand far away and throw up?”

“Just go and go … ah, don’t spit it out, wait for me to find a bag …”Wang Luan grabbed Zuo Kuan’s clothes and took him away with a look of regret.

They picked a place where there were few people. Zuo Kuan was spitting with a plastic bag in the corner. Wang Luan slapped him on the bac. The other two stood waiting by the flowers.

“what’s wrong with you?”

Yu Fan was stunned slightly, as if he had just been pulled out of some kind of thread. It took two seconds to turn around and said, “what?”

Chen Jingshen’s eyes rested on his face: “after we came down, I didn’t say anything.”

Yu Fan clasped his hand.

Ten minutes after he came down from the ride, his heart was still beating fast and his palms were inexplicably wet.

This kind of reaction seems to have happened before, but it is not so serious. When did it come again?

The back was lightly touched twice and it was warm.

Chen Jingshen patted him on the back: “do you want to throw up, too?”

When Chen Jingshen touched him.

It happens when Chen Jingshen doesn’t touch him, when he just makes a silly confession to the phone camera or wants to be taught a lesson with a smile.

Very strange, very strange, he subconsciously felt uncomfortable.

“No.” Yu Fan raised his elbow and pushed his hand away. “I’m not that weak.”

Zuo Kuan vomited for a while before he managed to recover.

After washing his face, he said with a pale face, “I don’t even want to sit around for a while anymore.”

“You can’t sit even if you want to. There’s no time.” Wang Luan picked up his watch. “the night
market will be open in half an hour. Let’s find a short ride for the team to play.”

“all right.” Zuo Kuan glanced to see Chen Jingshen coming back from the commissary with a bottle of mineral water in his hand and said, “Thank you … ”

Chen Jingshen touched the mineral water bottle, gave him a glance, unscrewed it and drank it.

Zuo Kuan:“……”

The four walked around the entertainment facility again, and finally stopped between the happy revolving cup and the bumper car that they all hated at first.

In the whole amusement park, there are only two rides with the least number of people.

Several big boys hesitated for a long time, and Yu Fan took the lead in: “Let’s go and have fun.”

The happy revolving cup happens to be a teacup for four people, and there is a column in the middle of the teacup. The cup they sit on rotates as fast as the column rotates.

The people who play the ride are all children and parents, and other people’s cups are all turning slowly, warm and happy. But gradually, some children and adults could not help but turn to the top teacup in the middle of the field, looking shocked.

“Don’t stop if you have the skills!” Wang Luan turned the cylinder crazily.
“come on! Who’s afraid?! Turn to the sky!” Zuo Kuan is not to be outdone, and his action is so fast that his face blushes.

Two idiots.

Yu Fan sat with no expression, hesitating in his heart whether to kick the “two people down”.

“No matter how fast it is, I’m not trying hard at all. Wang Luan– ugh! ” Zuo Kuan had nausea and retched for a while.

Yu Fan was defenseless and suddenly leaned to the other side to hide, and the whole person bumped into the person next to him.

The cup turned so badly that he wobbled. Before he realized it, Chen Jingshen reached out and encircled him from behind.

Chen Jingshen grabbed him by the shoulder and fastened him firmly to his seat with his arm against the back of his neck.

Wang Luan immediately stopped: “Fuck! If you throw up you lose. I can’t afford to play, can you? Don’t play anymore! ”

Zuo Kuan: “I didn’t fucking throw up!”

Yu Fan instantly regained his mind, and as soon as he tried to break free, Chen Jingshen let go of his hand first.

Bumper cars are also double cars, with one person grabbing the steering wheel and the other stepping on the gas pedal.

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuanqiang joined hands to bump into all the children in the field, and finally focused on their other two brothers.

Yu Fan was not in the mood to play, but after being hit twice by them, he only had the idea of knocking their car over the door of the amusement park.

He slammed on the accelerator and said to Chen Jingshen, “turn left, turn left– will you? I got it! ”
He reached over, grabbed Chen Jingshen’s steering wheel and turned around, ramming his horsepower into the seat of Wang Luan and their car.

After going back and forth three times, Zuo Kuan couldn’t help it: “stop running! Hit them! Die with them! ”
Wang Luan: “I’m fucking thinking about it!”

Two bumper cars with the highest horsepower collided head-on, hurting both sides. Yu Fan laughed so hard that his brain was shaken and hit directly on Chen Jingshen’s chest, and the next moment, his head was held down.

Chen Jingshen put his head in front of him and pressed it on himself, and his voice could not help laughing: “does it hurt?”


Half an hour later, Yu Fan left the children’s area, and his heart was still beating fast.

When they came out, it was just at the appointed time, and several people met with Zhang Xianjing at the night market.

The night market is a feature of the Gujia amusement park, which is actually a street specially vacated by the amusement park, which is decorated with lights and balloons, and both sides are covered with food and game stalls, creating a sense of atmosphere.

However, there are few and naive things to play with, coupled with the tiredness of playing before, several boys are not very interested.

However, Zhang Xianjing liked the atmosphere very much and took a lot of pictures in succession.

“Wow, you can take a big-head sticker!” Zhang Xianjing hooked Ke Ting’s hand, “Let’s shoot a set!”

Ke Ting pushed his bulky glasses and whispered, “good.”

Before entering the hospital, Zhang Xianjing thought of something and turned to hand over the camera in his hand.

Yu Fan frowned: “Why?”

Zhang Xianjing: “anyway, you have nothing to do. Help me take pictures of the scenery.”

Zhang Xianjing forced the camera into his hand: ” help me take a pick of the Ferris wheel more!” With that, he pulled Ke Ting into the big head sticker shop.

Yu Fan: “…”

He frowned with the camera in his hand for a long time, but couldn’t figure out how to use it.

Yu Fan was just about to give up, when a hand reached out and pointed to a button above.

“This is for picture,” Chen Jingshen said. “This is for video.”

” Oh. ” Yu Fan move to the side, far away from him.

It seems that he can’t get too close to Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen glanced at him and said nothing.

After a stroll for a while, Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan regained their energy, and they casually made a bet to play the shooting machine.

Yu Fan stood aside, bored and casually took pictures.

He looked around and thought about what he could shoot. He turned his head to a row of colorful baby machines.

Baby machines can be seen everywhere, and there is nothing to shoot. It’s just that in one of the dolls, there are a bunch of dog dolls.

It is a design of a Doberman with a tongue sticking out and a very earthy red heart on his head with a white “LOVE” inside.

Dobermen all over the world may look the same.

In general, the doll is as ugly as the one in Chen Jingshen’s family.

Yu Fan made a few comments in his heart, then raised his camera and took a picture over there.

When he returned to the shooting interface, a man stood in front of the doll machine.

He watched Chen Jingshen throw a coin, manipulate the handle, get off the hook, and then easily catch the dog.

The girl who stood beside him for more than ten minutes and didn’t catch a fart was shocked and envious.

Chen Jingshen bent down and took out the doll and pinched it in his hand for a moment.

He think it looks like a lot of stuff, too. Like his dog.
Yu Fan wanted to laugh.

Yu Fan raised his camera and wanted to take another one. But in the camera screen, he saw Chen Jingshen turn around and scan around in the crowd, and finally his eyes stayed in him.

The next second, Chen Jingshen came towards him.

Yu Fan held up his camera, and before he could react, the man had already walked up to him.

The night market is full of people and bright lights. In his ear was the hawking of all kinds of stall owners, and the tourists kept passing him, while Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan quarreled behind him.

A puppy doll was stuffed in his arms.

“Don’t worry about it.” Chen Jingshen said, “he has been caught.”

In order to avoid traffic jams, they left half an hour before the amusement park closed.

There was no bus for a while, so Yu Fan simply took a taxi.

On the way back, the Wechat discussion group had a heated chat.

Wang Luan is shaking the embarrassing material of Zuo Kuan. Zuo Kuan sends out seven 60s voice chats in a row, which contains a very high amount of mother.

Listening to it one by one, and you can’t help but pull at the corners of your mouth if you hear it , simply because it is funny. Smiling, his eyes drifted to the dog in his hand.

The doll is in good posture, it looks is stupid, and the more he look the uglier it is.

After looking at the dog doll for a while, he could not help poking his nostrils and murmuring,

“from now on, your name is Chen Jingshen.”

The driver suddenly looked up and gave him a strange look in the rearview mirror.

Yu Fan: “….”

Oh, shit.

Am I crazy?

Yu Fan turned the doll over and bowed his head to continue the group chat.

As soon as Yu Fan arrived downstairs, he received a message from Chen Jingshen, a three-minute video.

In the dead of night, “there is almost no sound in the community”, Yu Fan put the volume down very slowly.
A three-minute one-man show.

In the camera, Chen Jingshen teased the dog for three minutes without saying a word, holding the dog’s rope. He made the dog whine.

It was not until the last few seconds that he asked faintly, “is he the same as that doll?”

At the end of the video, Yu Fan just walked to the door.

He took out the key to open the door and pressed the talk button.

“Let’s do it all at once. Can you send one less thing? it’s so awful.” Yu Fan pushed the door and entered, and when he reached the scene inside, he was all stiff, and his words were cut off.

“Yu Kaiming, what are you doing?” When he opened the door, his voice was colder than frost.

Yu Fan only cared about the video, but did not notice that the lights were on in his house.

In the twinkling of an eye, the door of the room he should have locked was wide open. Yu Kaiming sat at his desk with several twisted paper clips scattered beside him and a padlock that had just been removed.

Yu Kaiming held the pink envelope that had just been taken out of the drawer, and he was stunned to see him.

What’s going on? Why did Yu Fan come back suddenly? Didn’t that little bastards usually play all night in Internet cafe as long as he didn’t come home after twelve?

“Why are you back?” Yu Kaiming smiled with a far-fetched smile, “Dad has had an accident recently and needs money. Do you still have the money left by your grandpa and mother?”

“I can still receive…. ”

Yu Fan picked up the fish tank that had not been used for a long time on the shoe cabinet and suddenly smashed it at him!
Yu Kaiming didn’t hide, and the fish tank brushed past his face. It smashed heavily on the ground, and fell apart with a bang.

Yu Fan loosened his fingers and threw his cell phone aside.

In the middle of the night, the residential area suddenly became lively, with the sound of breaking, sticking and cursing constantly.

Lights were turned on in every household, windows were closed one after another, and several families got up to make sure that their doors were locked.

Yu Fan grabbed Yu Kaiming’s hair and kicked him in the belly! Yu Kaiming cried out in pain, and his backhand slapped him in the face, and the fingernail of his little finger scratched a blood stain on his face.

Yu Fan felt no pain and slammed him against the wall.

“I’m your father! The money my wife left behind! Why the fuck should you occupy it alone? My mother! ”

Yu Kaiming’s mouth was dirty, he never stopped, “son of a bitch! I should have fucking shot you on the wall! He should have been strangled on the day you were born! You are as cheap as your mother– ”

Yu Fan pressed him against the wall, punched him hard in the face, and finally said, “I told you,” Don’t mention her. ”

“bitches are not allowed to be scolded? She’s a bitch! No matter how you fight, you can’t beat a good mother bitch! She fucking ran away with someone else! Her mother stood up for her, but did she ever think about it when she ran?”

Yu Kaiming sneered like crazy, “Don’t hate her, but fall out with her? Your mother is the same person as me! You should be on my fucking side! Do you think the person who sent you the letter liked you? When you got married, they will only fucking run away like your mother! ”

Yu Fan was silent and punched him in the face.

Chen Jingshen felt vaguely wrong when he got out of the car.

The neighborhood is eerily quiet, with only one family in the whole building with the lights on, and the rest even close the windows tightly.

Chen Jingshen walked up the stairs quickly, holding his mobile phone, and the footsteps seemed too heavy in the silent corridor.

The door of Yu Fan’s house was open. Chen Jingshen stood on the door and smelled the faint smell of blood inside.

He took a heavy breath and reached out to push the door.

The ground is a mess.

Sofa coffee tables, dining tables and chairs staggered, TV screens cracked, glass fragments of different colors scattered all over the floor. Nothing in the whole house is good.

The man he was looking for sat exhausted in the corner, his white t-shirt dirty, his face and neck covered with wounds, his eyes red, and a broken broom in his hand.

When he saw that it was him, the other party relaxed and threw the broom to the side.

-when you get married, that person will only run away like your mother.

Yu Fan saw him and suddenly remembered what Yu Kaiming had just said.

Neither of them talk, and there was a dead silence.

Chen Jingshen walked through the ground in a mess and squatted down in front of him.

“can you move?” Chen Jing asked.

Yu Fan stared at him deadly, and his voice was dumb when he opened his mouth

Chen Jingshen ignored him and inspected him: “where is that man?”

“Chen Jingshen,” Yu Fan repeated

Chen Jingshen’s face was cold and different from the past. He adjusted his breath, tried to calm himself, and held out his hand to help others: “can you move? Let’s see first if you can move. ”

Before Chen Jingshen finished his words, his collar was suddenly caught. He felt a bump on his nose, and the next moment his dry lips pressed up.


It took only a few seconds to withdraw.
He loosened Chen Jingshen’s clothes, smiled coldly, and opened his mouth just to say something-

The neck was suddenly pinched and he was pressed back to the wall defenselessly. Chen Jingshen sank his fingers into his hair and scratched hard. He easily forced him to look up, turned his face and kissed him.


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