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Yu Fan slammed the vinegar on the table and let out a heavy “bang”. The people at the table next door couldn’t help looking at them.

All they saw was a head bowed, holding chopsticks like a knife, stirring the noodle soup in front of him.

His face was covered with a hat.

Yu Fan is stirring the noodles as if they were people.

The next moment, the chopsticks were held down by the outstretched fingers. Chen Jingshen took away his noodle soup.

“it’s too sour,” Chen Jingshen said. “order a new bowl.” .

Yu Fan raised his eyes and glared at him, and just wanted to ask him what to eat.

“I mean your face is sour.” Chen Jingshen added.


From then on, from dinner to checkout, from restaurant to Internet cafe, Yu Fan no longer paid attention to Chen Jingshen.

It is easy for people to play games with a loud voice, especially five boys in one voice.

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan walked off the road together, and they said that they wanted to roar, and they quarreled to turn down the volume of the game again and again.

“well, your skill is not good.” In the headphones, Zuo Kuan said in the voice chat, “it’s not as good as that one just now.”

“well, guess what, you can play with person just now– my grass!” Wang Luan exclaimed, and the mouse pressed and snapped, “they are coming in the middle! Zuo Kuan, you help me block the injury– you fucking sell me? ”

“my brother was originally a forest bird.”

“scram!” Wang Lu’an said, “Yu Fan, why don’t you tell me if the middle road is gone?” .

Yu Fan: “forgot.”

Wang Luan: “what’s the matter with you today? why do I think you’re not paying attention?”

He is really not paying attention.

He moves the character to a safe place, turn around and look at the person sitting next to him.

“what are you looking at?” He asked angrily.

Chen Jingshen got on the internet cafe, he did nothing. He leaned so against the sofa, occasionally looking at his screen and occasionally looking at him.

“look at you playing games.” Chen Jingshen said.

Wang Luan said in the headphones: “Why is high achiever next to you?”

Yu Fan: “surf the Internet.”

Wang Luan was surprised: “your relationship is so good you hang out on a weekend together just to surf the net?”

“I just met him.”

“can you run into the Imperial River?”


What’s wrong with that?

Yu Fan moved the microphone next to his mouth and looked at Chen Jingshen coldly: “look at your computer, or go home.”

Chen Jingshen turned his head according to his words and casually clicked on a movie.

After playing five games in a row, Zhu Xu said that his mother asked him to go downstairs to help carry things and he would buy something for ten minutes.

Just because everyone else is tired, they might as well hang up and chat in the game voice.

He have been wearing headphones all afternoon, and his ears are tired. Yu Fan simply turned off the phone, put the headphones on the table and turned the computer volume to the maximum, so he could still hear them.

Yu Fan leaned against the chair and pulled out a cigarette with his legs tilted. He was about to throw it into his mouth when he caught a glimpse of the person next to him.

Chen Jingshen is not wearing headphones either. His stationery for the exam was thrown on the table. He sat a little sloppy, and watched the movie coldly.

There are two animated characters on his computer screen. The man walks in the sky holding the horse, looking up, “Howl’s Moving Castle.”


It is hard to imagine that Chen Jingshen would watch this kind of movie.

Yu Fan looked at the time, it was already dinner time, and it was dark outside.
He touched the person next to him with his knee: “Chen Jingshen, why don’t you go home?”

Chen Jingshen glanced at the unlit cigarette in his hand and asked, “when are you going back?”

“I may pass…” Yu Fan paused, “it’s none of your business.”

Chen Jingshen: “I’ll also stay all night.”


“can you order me?” Yu Fan frowned, “No one in my family cares about me, is it the same with you?”

“No. My family is abroad now, so it’s okay to stay out all night,” Chen Jingshen said.


Chen Jingshen went to lean and asked, “what kind of expression is that?”

“No, just,” Yu Fan looked at him motionless. “Chen Jingshen, have you been in a rebellious period recently?”

Chen Jingshen looked at him quietly for a while.

“have you ever thought,” Chen Jingshen stated, “that It’s because of my secret crush.”

Yu Fan reached out and pinched his mouth.

“Yu Fan! Yu Fan! ” His name came from the headphones on the table, and Wang Luan shouted inside, “where are the people?”

Yu Fan is expressionless: “shut up and continue to watch your movie.”

Chen Jingshen nodded.

Yu Fan talked to him and turned on the microphone: “what are you doing?”
“where have you been? I called you for a long time. Zuo Kuan and I are talking about going to the amusement park during the Dragon Boat Festival. ” Wang Luan paused for a moment. “Oh, yes, ask the high achiever to come with me.”

Yu Fan was not very interested in these, and he didn’t even think about it: “I -”

Chen Jingshen: “Yes.”

Chen Jingshen overlooked: “I have never been to an amusement park.”

Then you can help yourself and form a group with them.

“Let’s go together.” Chen Jingshen said.


Yu Fan stayed silent for a while, he impatiently stuffed the cigarette back into the cigarette case and vaguely said in his voice, “whatever. I’m going to the bathroom. Don’t play games yet. ”

The Internet cafe is full of people at the weekend. It was time for dinner, and the air was filled with the smell of food.

When he got up, he happened to hear the student say, “I’m in the Internet bar. Play what? I’m not playing anything, I’m watching TV shows. I can’t help it. I want to stay with my boyfriend. It’s not boring. he’s been talking to me all the time, and he bought me something to eat. I’m not tired of sitting. ”

When he came back from the toilet, Yu Fan was just about to return to his seat. After two steps, he stopped, turned his head and looked at the front desk.

At the end of another movie, Chen Jingshen moved his fingers to see what else he could do to pass the time.

The familiar figure came back from a distance, carrying things in both hands, slow and bulky.

Before Chen Jingshen came to see it clearly, with a bang, there was a pile of things on the table.

Potato chips, melon seeds, cake and plum, snacks of various flavors, and a bowl of beef noodles.
“eat.” Yu Fan returned to his seat and calmly picked up the headphones. “I’ll play two more games.”

Chen Jingshen looked at the exquisite thousand-layer cake and milk tea on the table next door, and then looked at the packets of snacks of various flavors on the table. He couldn’t help pursing my lower lip.

“Hey.” He randomly picked a bag and asked, “I’m tired of watching the movie. Can I watch you play games?”

Yu Fanmian chose the hero without expression: “…… Whatever you want. ”

Back to school, Wang Luan made another appointment to go to an amusement park. Unfortunately, several people had to go out with their families during the Dragon Boat Festival, and only Zhang Xianjing and Ke Ting finally agreed to come together.

Nancheng is bright and hot in June, and the temperature during the day is frighteningly high.
On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, he discussed it and decided to have something to eat at home at five o’clock in the afternoon. They would see each other at the gate of the amusement park.

The amusement park they went to is owned by local people. It has been located in the suburbs for more than ten years, and it covers a large area. It has been very lively because of its atmosphere.

Today is a holiday. Just entering the amusement park they have to wait in line.

In the entry team, Wang Luan gaped at Zhang Xianjing, who was wearing long-sleeved trousers and sunglasses in front of him: “you, it’s not hot?”

“you don’t know anything. There are ultraviolet rays.” Zhang Xianjing took out sunscreen from her bag and went to hold Ke Ting’s hand next to her. “Come and put some on your hand.”

As soon as Ke Ting began to resist, Zhang Xianjing said “sunscreen”. She had an expression and stretched out her hand and obediently let her apply it quietly.

After applying, Zhang Xianjing turned around and asked the two tall men who were both white:

“would you two like some, too?”

Yu Fan didn’t want to: “No.”

Chen Jingshen said, “neither do I.”

Today, the two men are wearing short-sleeved trousers and wearing a white cap on their heads, looking at the inexplicable harmony in the past.

Zuo Kuan coughed and held out his hand: “Zhang Xianjing, give me some.”

“what’s wrong with you being so dark?” Zhang Xianjing threw sunscreen to him and “apply it yourself.”


Although the weather eased a little in the evening, it was still hot in the crowd.

Yu Fan occupied his pockets with both hands. He feels a little irritable in the high temperature.

In this bad weather, why didn’t he stay at home or Internet cafe and wait in line in such a place?

Now it’s time to go back.

The procession moved forward again, and as soon as he had the idea, he suddenly felt a cold wind on his neck.

He looked back and saw that Chen Jingshen was holding a hand-held electric fan.

“where did you get it?”

“I just bought it,” Chen Jingshen drooped his eyes. “is it any more comfortable?”

It’s really cool, but Yu Fa is a little strange. He frowned: “blow your self.”

“I’m not hot.”

“Why do you buy it if it’s not hot?”

As soon as the sound fell, a small vendor passed them with about a dozen small fans in his hand, the same as Chen Jingshen’s.

He walked two steps and asked the people around him, “handsome, the weather is hot. Do you want to buy a small fan for your friends to use?”

Yu Fan: “…”
Yu Fan squeezed his hand in his pocket a little bit and said without any ups and downs, “take it.”

Chen Jingshen gave a hum and turned the fan back.

It’s just that after a few minutes, Yu Fan felt the wind in his neck again. Yu Fan never looked back, pretended not to know, and patiently lined up again.

After ten minutes or so, it was finally their turn to check in.

Coming out of the crowded queue, it was not so hot, and Chen Jingshen threw the fan into his pocket.

The lights have been on in the evening amusement park, the merry-go-round nearest to the door is flashing in all colors, and the Ferris wheel on the horizon is spinning slowly in the air with colorful lights.

There is a paper map in the amusement park. Zhang Xianjing found the place she wanted to go at a glance.

“Ke Ting and I would look for dolls to take pictures, but then we went to the merry-go-round to take pictures, and the best thing to do was to take pictures at the castle. Would you like to join us?”

Wang Luan ‘s expression was complicated: “Sister Jing, I have always thought that you are different from other girls.”

“Scram.” There was no sunshine. Zhang Xianjing took off her sunglasses, revealed her painstaking makeup, and rolled her eyes. “then let’s go over there and meet again when we go to the night market. Pay attention to the time when you play. ”

There are two boys left standing in the middle of the playground garden.

Wang Luan asked, “what are we playing?”

“I don’t know.” Yu Fan turned and walked away. “look at it while walking.”

The entertainment near the door is childish and suitable for children to play.

After happily spinning the cup, Wang Luan asked, “how about we …… ”

Zuo Kuan: “keep your fucking eyes open. Is there anyone besides children and parents?”

After passing the bumper car, Zuo Kuan asked, “otherwise try it.”… ”

Wang Luan: “No, I get carsick.”

The two denied each other all the way, and Yu Fan and Chen Jingshen walked in front of them without glancing at these rides at all.

Yu Fan glanced at the person beside him. Chen Jingshen was silently scanning the colorful game consoles around him, looking really like his first visit. It’s just that the expression is as cold as ever, and he can’t see whether he is interested or not.

Yu Fan said coldly, “tell me what you want to play.”

The next moment, Chen Jingshen stopped and stared straight to the side.

Yu Fan followed his line of sight and saw a gloomy black wooden door, beside which stood a sign that read “haunted house-unknown cave”.
Yu Fan: “…”
Wang Lu’an and Zuo Kuan went straight ahead without blinking an eye.

As soon as Chen Jingshen’s words “want to play” came to his lips, he was grabbed by his arm and pulled away.

Yu Fan is indifferent: “this won’t work.” .

Chen Jingshen stopped in front of the two-man Ferris wheel.
Then he was dragged away: “Don’t sit down.”

For a moment, Chen Jingshen glanced at the bicycle stall for two, and his footsteps were slow for a second.

The wrist was held again: “No riding.”

Chen Jingshen smiled and stared at the head of the man holding his own clothes and asked sincerely, “what can we play with?”

They stopped at the center of the amusement park.

In front of them are pendulum, roller coaster, pirate ship and the most famous jumper with a drop of 129 meters.

Yu Fan: “choose.”

Chen Jingshen: “….”

Stepping into this area, they can hear the loud screams of other people. So Zuo Kuan and Wang Luan refused at first.

But the two of them taunted each other and the more they want to play.

First, Wang Luan declared war by saying, “you shouldn’t even be afraid of this.” Zuo Kuan immediately counterattacked “who is afraid of who’s grandson”. The two of them with their trembling legs gnashed their teeth and decided to go up together.

The queue of this ride is much longer than other rides. They have to attend the night market at the amusement park later, but in terms of time, they can’t ride eveything.

After discussing for a while, they decided to play the hottest jump machine first, and then they would like to arrange something else if they had time.

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan walked noisily in front. Yu Fan asked in a low voice, “can you play?”

Chen Jingshen said, “Yes.”

Yu Fan walked towards the end of the line.

They lined up in a man-made cave with air conditioning, so it wasn’t so hard to wait for an instant.

After waiting in line for a long time, Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan simply played a game.

Yu Fan didn’t like to stand up and play games. He didn’t participate and leaned against the wall to watch Wang Luan play.

The t-shirt was held for a while, and Yu Fan consciously turned around.

The line was long and dense, and he turned around defenselessly, and the two were a little close for a moment.

Chen Jingshen’s eyes fell under the brim of his hat: “We will be waiting for a long time.”

“mm-hmm.” Yu Fan nodded at him and said, “Don’t you want to? Then let’s go and play with
something else. ”

“I have time anyway.” Chen Jingshen said, “recite the preface to Lisao and Tengwang Pavilion?”


“Ten minutes”, they finally came to the end of the line.

When the last group of tourists came down from their seats with a pale face, Wang Luan swallowed and said, “How come none of them are standing still?”

Zuo Kuan looked up his head with difficulty: “I was watching outside just now. It doesn’t feel so fucking high. ”

Yu Fan whispered for the first time: “can you really play?”

Chen Jingshen: “Hmm.”

The staff beat the isolation belt in front of them, and Yu Fan calmly took off his hat and went in: “then go.”

The machine has three rows of seats, a row can seat six people, in addition to them, there is a couple on this side.

When they were fastened to their seat belts, Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan looked at each other and saw regret in each other’s eyes.

the machine starts, and they rise slowly and slowly, as if there is no end. .

Wang Luan was so desperate that he wanted to cry.

Zuo Kuang shouted down: “I’m done! Hello! You hear me?! I’m going down– ”

One shout is louder than the other, and it is a bit annoying hearing the noise.

But he quickly relaxed his eyebrows.

The jumper rose to the highest height, 129 meters high enough to overlook the colorful amusement park and a quiet mountain forest, and the glittering night view of the city on the horizon.

He looked at the scene nervously and enjoyably with his legs hanging in the air without any fear.

“Li Yan! I like you! ” The man of the couple suddenly yelled at the sky, “marry, give, me,–”

They all ate dog food from the couple next to them.

The man was originally screaming in a low voice, but the speech paused for two seconds, followed by shouting, “I, wish, will–”

“me, love, you–”

“I, too, is–”

Yu Fan looked at the scenery without expression, thinking about why he didn’t fall when the back of his hand was suddenly touched.

Chen Jingshen held his finger and said, “Yu Fan, I …”

“shut up,” Yu Fan said, feeling his heart jump. He gave him a hard slap on his hand. “Don’t you dare try it.”


Chen Jingshen tilted his face for a moment and then turned back in two seconds: “I was just a little scared all of a sudden.”

Yu Fan: “…”

“can I hold your hand?”

“No.” Yu Fan said with a cold face.

Chen Jingshen looked at him for a while and then turned around.

Zuo Kuan couldn’t stand it any longer. Hanging high in the air was so excruciating that he closed his eyes and shouted, “what the fuck is it?” Ah, I , fuck– ”

The ride fell off without warning!

At the moment of falling, Chen Jingshen felt something next to him touch his own finger, and the next second, his hand was tightly grasped.

He was stunned for a moment, then clasped it back forcefully. Within ten seconds of falling, they fumbled for each other’s hands, clasping their fingers firmly together–.

The strong sense of weightlessness caused adrenaline to soar madly, and there was a lot of screaming around, and some even screamed until they lose their voice.

The two hands clasped tightly together, and the heartbeat collided with each other through the thin skin, hot and trembling. In the process of falling, Yu Fan hardly breathed. He seemed to have fantasized about the feeling of falling from a height a long time ago-falling to the ground in seconds, and the whole world was crushed to the body, so heavy that he smashed his soul.

But in the fantasy, there is not a hand that clings to him, nor does Chen Jingshen’s body temperature and heartbeat.

The ride stopped abruptly before touching the ground, stopped for a short time, and then went up again, a little faster than before.

Yu Fan finally resumed breathing, gasped hard, and subconsciously looked at the person next to him.

Chen Jingshen is also looking at him.

Chen Jingshen’s hair was blown apart by the wind, revealing his dark and clean eyes. The light of the ride was reflected in his eyes, like the moon immersed in the lake.

Chen Jingshen said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Yu Fan does not know what his face looks like now, which will make Chen Jingshen think he is scared.

“I’m afraid of nothing.” Yu Fan said in a neutral voice, “Chen Jingshen, what are you laughing at?”

“nothing, I just. ”

They rose to the top, and Chen Jingshen’s voice mingled with the wind.

He paused, smiled and whispered, “Yu Fan, I seem to have died with you.”

Yu Fan’s heart missed a beat.

The next moment, they fall high and down–.

Yu Fan seems to have something in his brain suddenly fried, his heart beating violently, his whole body’s blood boiling and hot, and he almost cried out with Wang Luan and them.

Yu Fan’s brain was dizzy and in a trance, he could not tell whether these were due to weightlessness or Chen Jingshen.


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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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