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Chen Jingshen sent a message asking him why he hung up.

Why did he hang up? What can he say?

Is your eyes innocent?

But Yu Fan can’t say how shameless he thinks it is to confess to him. So he didn’t reply at all.

Chen Jingshen didn’t ask any more questions, but more than ten minutes later, he sent over a few more pictures of dogs.

Yu Fan squatted under the tree while smoking while blowing the evening breeze, blowing calmly, Yu Fan opened the pictures and look at them one by one. He got up, put out the smoke and went home.

When Yu Fan came home, the window of the house was wide open, the lights were on, and the TV was so loud that the whole building could hear it.

Yu Kaiming was sitting on the sofa watching the game while chatting with gamblers. Yu Fan came in. He immediately turned off his cell phone and laid his feet flat on the coffee table.

The seventeen-year-old boy has already grown taller than him.

Usually when he is drunk or there are people around him, Yu Kaiming would not bother him. In his rare state of sobriety, Yu Kaiming will take the initiative to provoke him.

After all, the experience of the past two years tells him that the chances of winning an one-on-one fight are really great.

After Yu Fan entered the house, he glanced at the TV, threw the key to the shoe cabinet, and came up with a remark.

Yu Kaiming immediately put down his feet: “I warn you not to stir up trouble.”

Yu Fan picked up the remote control, turned the volume of 68 to 18, then threw the remote control back on the table. He turned around and went back to the house. He didn’t even glance at him in the process.

He close the door behind him. Yu Kaiming took a look and continued to pick up his cell phone and chat with gamblers.

“I’m here. I didn’t fall asleep. My son just got back. I’m not fighting. That son of a bitch knows what to do tonight and looks jubilant. ”

On the evening of the next day, Yu Fan sat at his desk shaking his pen and waited for a video recording of Chen Jingshen’s topic. As a result, the video recording was not received, and the other party directly gave him a video call invitation.

Yu Fan was stupefied for a moment until the invitation was about to hang up automatically.

Chen Jingshen, with a towel on his shoulder, turned his hand over with drooping eyes.

The lamp light swept across his cheek and was covered with a cool color.

Like when the two men sprinted for the mid-term exam, he asked, “do you want to do it for a while?”

Yu Fan clenched his fingers for a while. After a while, he stood beside his mobile phone and dragged it out of the test paper: “I’m bored. Forget it. Anyway, it’s boring. I’ll just do a few questions. ”

When Chen Jingshen talks about the topic, he subconsciously come near the rear camera.

More than an hour later, he finally came to several big questions after the examination paper.

There are some difficulties in these big questions. Yu Fan resisted walking away he finally encountered the questions.

Chen Jingshen’s low voice rang in the headphones, and Yu Fan turned his pen to listen. He suddenly remembered the faint smiling outline of the other party in the back seat of the car last night.

“do you understand?” Chen Jingshen asked, but there was no answer, so he raised his eyes and said, “Yu Fan?”

Yu Fan jumped for a moment, then raised his chin abruptly: “Oh, I didn’t listen.”… ”

There was a small and long creak of headphones, which interrupted him.

Yu Fan thought he had heard wrong at first, until he saw Chen Jingshen suddenly turn to one side. Then, a light flashed across his face, like a car light.

“We’ll talk about it when we get to school.” After a while, Chen Jingshen looked back and put down his pen. “I have something to do here. I have to go.”

Yu Fan gave a sound of aggreement, and the next second, the video hung up.

Yu Fan leaned against the chair and frowned and stared at Chen Jingshen’s dialog box for a while.

Is it his delusion? Why did he feel that Chen Jingshen looked so unhappy before he hung up the phone?

It’s still the same paralyzed face.

After most of the day’s work, Yu Fan picked up his cell phone and cigarette and got up and went to the balcony to get some air.

The old neighborhood is quiet in the middle of the night.

Yu Fan sat on the balcony smoking and flipping through his cell phone. During the period of their video call, Wechat received several messages, all from Wang Luan. He kept asking how he can’t call him.

Yu Fan replied that he was busy, but Wang Luan did not reply and probably went to play games. So he broke off in @ his discussion group again and flipped up and chatted.

[Wang Lu an: Call Yu Fan voice and ask then asked that sport student. 】

[Zuo Kuan: Call it, too. Shit, what’s the matter with this group of people? If you want to play games, all of them can get together. @-I’ll try again. 】

[Zhu Xu: I’m coming. Shit, Wang Luan, don’t I have a first name or a last name? A sports student … I just shared a video with my deskmate. 】

[Zuo Kuan: Girlfriend is a girlfriend, but with a deskmate? Which deskmate would video call for hours every night? 】

Yu Fan: “…”

What happened to the video? How to talk about the topic in video?

He glanced at the left wide game characters and thought, ‘Forget it, this kind of learner really knows.’

Wang Luan:[ isn’t it enough to spend time every day at school? One hour every night. Do you think it’s a waste of time? ].
Zhu Xu:[ it’s all right. I have nothing to do when I get home anyway. If really speaking, in fact, this is a waste of smoke. ].

Wang Luan:? ]

Zhu Xu: I want to smoke when I have a good chat. I want to smoke when we talk. I want to smoke when I have something to talk about. Hey, it’s annoying to be in love. ].

Zuo Kuan: damn it, who wants to listen? Shut up. ].

Yu Fan’s fingers holding the cigarette trembled slightly.

For a while, he turned off his cell phone and threw it aside, thinking that he just wanted to smoke, and it had nothing to do with Chen Jingshen.

After smoking one, he thought it was enough, but he wanted another one and reached into the cigarette case.

After knowing it, he remembered that he hadn’t been smoking in a circle for a long time under that tree last night.

Yu Fan: “…”

He held the cigarette case impassively in his hand amd threw it forcefully into the dustbin by the door.

When he went to school on Monday, Ding Xiao’s punishment spread all over the classroom.

He didn’t come to school himself, and according to people he knew, his family was transferring him.

Yu Fan has completely lost interest in this matter. Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan babbled in his ear, and he didn’t listen carefully to a word.

With his chin on one hand,Yu Fan glanced at the really timid one while Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan passionately debated the old question of who was daring.

Chen Jingshen, as always, “sat upright and lowered his eyes in silence” sketching the calculus on the draft paper.

It seems that he did not intend to explain why the video was ended last night, nor did he intend to tell him the next big question.


Forget it, if he doesn’t want to.

Yu Fan looked back, and he was bored for no reason.

Until the physics teacher came into the classroom, the two noisy brothers, finally left.

Yu Fan leaned on the chair and half bent down and reached into the drawer to touch the textbook. Then he saw a book that had never been read before.

The evolutionary version of “stupid Birds fly first”, black.

Turning to the first page, there is his name on it, which is the handwriting of his deskmate.

“I have drawn out the important questions.” Chen Jingshen leaned back like him, leaning over to look at him. “Yesterday’s paper, I’ll continue to talk about it tonight?”

Yu Fan looked at him and relieved his mood for no reason.

He lowered his eyes and returned to his usual lazy manner and said, “…… Oh. ”

After the first class, as soon as the physics teacher left, Zhuang Xingqin came in.

He announced the parents’ meeting on Thursday afternoon while everyone in the class was still sitting in their seats.

“everyone must inform the parents and if any parents are unable to come, they should call me in advance to explain the situation.” With that, Zhuang Xingqin glanced at the back of the classroom and said, “all right, let’s take a break from class. Yu Fan, come to the office with me. ”

Yu Fan followed Zhuang Xingqin to the office.

Zhuang Xingin and glanced back at him: “this time’s parents.”… ”

“No would come.” Yu Fan truncated directly.


As expected, nothing unexpected.

As a matter of fact, Zhuang Xingqin has worked hard before.
He talked to Yu Fan, but he did not agree. Later, he went over Yu Fan and looked up his address book and called his parents directly. No one answered the phone for two days, until the last time she got through, “You also know what’s going on in my home. My school has nothing to do with him.”

So Zhuang Xingqin didn’t insist on it any longer.

“then forget it. Since the parents are participating this time, someone will have to pick people up at the door. Then come to the classroom to help me receive the parents.”


Yu Fan thought he heard wrong: “me? I don’t fit. Don’t blame me if half of the parents turn away. ”

“seriously.” Zhuang Xingqin picked up the teaching plan and patted him. “what do you think you are going to do? Just ask the parents to sign attendance at the door.”

Zhuang Xingqin mentioned this matter for four days in a row, and Yu Fan also rebelled for four days.

But on Thursday afternoon, just after the first class, Zhuang Xingqin stuffed the signing sheet into his arms and asked him to pack up and go to the door to pick up the guests.

The parents’ meeting will begin in more than half an hour.

Several students in the class are decorating the classroom. Yu Fan took the sign-in form and stood lifeless against the balcony fence, watching the bustling scenery downstairs.

The location of his teaching building is excellent, and you can see the school gate and the outer street as soon as you stop on the balcony. At the moment, the road outside the school is full of parents’ cars.

Chen Jingshen picked up his schoolbag and put it on the sundries table, raised his eyes and said to him, “I’m going down.”

Yu Fan thought he was going downstairs to pick up his parents, so he answered casually.

Ten minutes later, he saw that his deskmate had a red armband with the words “Outstanding Student Representative” on his arm and walked to the school gate to stand with Hu Pang.

Yu Fan: ” What is he doing? ”
Zhang Xianjing glanced down his line of sight: “Chen Jingshen? He is standing guard, ah, senior one and senior high school seniors rep are choosen to stand at the gate, Hu Pang chose high achiever. Didn’t he tell you? ”

Yu Fang wanted to say no, when he suddenly thought of last night’s video, he said that he was going to watch the door.

Chen Jingshen shook his pen and said let’s take a look at it.

……. He thought Chen Jingshen meant to stand in the hallway and listen to the parent-teacher meeting.

“Oh. I think he did. ” Yu Fan looked at the two people next to him. “Why did you go down to pick someone up?”

Zhang Xianjing played with her cell phone and said, “I’m in a hurry, my mother is still stuck at home.”

Wang Luan: “my father hasn’t gone out yet.”

Zhang Xianjing: “Why, shouldn’t he came to help clean up the classroom?”

“I don’t know anything! My father drove his ancestral little electric donkey through the traffic, and it took ten minutes to get there. ” Wang Luan proudly looked down. “look at this situation. What’s the traffic jam? My ass! ”

Yu Fan frowned as he shouted.

His voice was so loud that the class next door scolded him on the left side of the corridor: “what a fart?”

Wang Luan: “Fuck! Look at that car! Is it a fucking Bentley? ”


Zuo Kuan directly threw the broom on the floor and ran over.

“my ass, it’s really.”

Zhang Xianjing is lacking interest: “how much does this car cost?”

Wang Luan, who loved cars since he was a child, licked his lips crazily, “this car costs Tens of millions of dollars. ”
Zhu Xu, who followed, took a breath and said, “We are still in school. I didn’t expect there to be a Hidden Dragon… The car has stopped. come on, look who is so rich! ”

Yu Fan is not interested in these things. He stared at the figure downstairs that was a bit taller than the others and wondered why Chen Jingshen stood so foolishly.

Almost every passing parent has to take a look at Chen Jingshen, using the kind of eyes that look at the baby in their dreams.

A few seconds later, the man standing guard finally moved.

Chen Jingshen suddenly moved and said something to Hu Pang. Hu Pang motioned to him to go.

Yu Fan watched Chen Jingshen walk all the way out of the school gate, past the crowd pouring into the school gate, and came to a car. Next to the limousine.

A woman with a capable and generous temperament came down from the back seat of the limousine. When she reached Chen Jingshen, she naturally raised her hand and sorted out Chen Jingshen’s armband.

Zuo Kuan: “Fuck! It’s High achiever! ”

“The rich are unexpectedly in my side?” Wang Luan touched the shoulder of the people around him and was stunned. “if you can fall in love with high achiever, you will marry into a wealthy family!”

“Scram.” Yu Fan said in a conditioned reflex, saying, “I won’t marry him, you marry an old woman.”

Yu Fan hugged the sign-in form and said. The corridor suddenly quieted down.

Even a falling needle can be heard.

Yu Fan looked around him.

Only Wang Luan on Zhang Xianjing’s shoulder have his mouth still open.

All the people on the scene stood still, staring at him blankly and shocked.


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