The forty-minute class meeting passed quickly.

When the bell rang after class, Zhuang Xingqin ignored the harsh sound and continued, “I will readjust your seat in a couple of days. Students who have ideas or opinions about seats can meet me in the office in private. ”

A figure stopped at the door of the classroom.

Zhuang Xingqin turned her head and bumped into Hu Pang’s eyes and instantly understood.

“all right, let’s break up the meeting first, and the representatives of each subject will collect the winter vacation homework.”

When he heard the word end of the meeting, his head went straight down–.

“Yu Fan, I need to talk to you.” Zhuang Xingqin’s voice dropped coldly, “you wait in my office. I’ll be there after I talk to Director Hu.”


Shortly after the class meeting, the teacher’s office was empty.

Zhuang Xingqin’s desk is stacked with a stack of booklets, with computers and lesson plans on the other side, leaving only one piece in the middle of the desk.

The cool breeze came in through the window, comfortable and cozy.

Yu Fan stared at the vacant lot for a while, then lay down and went to sleep without hesitation.


“are you used in the new class?”


“the learning progress of the ordinary class is much worse than that of the first class. You should keep the number of exercises and don’t be affected.”


“your parents are also very concerned about this matter. They called me specially this morning, and I also told her that class reorganization is just a response. When the limelight is over, the school will reschedule.”

Yu Fan closed his eyes and waited for a long time, but did not wait for the lifeless “mm-hmm”.
He looked up from his arms and looked forward through the mountain-high exercise book with awakened displeasure.

Seeing clearly the man standing in front of him, Yu Fan narrowed his eyes.

Chen Jingshen stood silently at his desk, talking to a former class teacher.

Yu Fan did not move much, and there were three desks between them, which were blocked by the partition, and the people in front of them did not notice him for a while.

“but your parents still have concerns. What she means is that she wants me to transfer you to a better class. After all, the class you are in now …”

“No.” He finally had a reaction.

A class teacher paused: “but your mother …”… ”

“they are all ordinary classes, and there is no difference.”

The tone of the teenager was cold, and his thin single eyelids were taut downward.

Yu Fan propped his chin and went to watch the show lazily.

“you have just transferred to that class, you may not know,” the head teacher hesitated.

“although they are all ordinary classes, the atmosphere of Class 7. It’s worse than any other class. The average score is at the bottom of the year, the class hygiene discipline is always the last, and there are several famous prickles in the class-one called Yu Fan, which you should have seen. He often read a review at the flag-raising ceremony. Your mother’s worry is not unreasonable, it’s all for your own good. ”


The sound of a pen falling to the ground.

The head teacher of the class heard the sound, and the two turned their heads and looked back together.

Yu Fan stooped to pick up the pen, raised his head, and looked up at them.

Seeing him, Chen Jingshen loosened his shoulder slightly and regained his silent expression.

The head teacher of the class still keeps his mouth open.

When he saw the band-aid on Yu Fan’s face and remembered the rumors he had heard about Yu Fan beating his teacher, he felt a little shaken in his heart, and it took a long time to find his voice: “you …”… ”

Yu Fan: “I think you are right.”


Without waiting for her to react, Yu Fan said, “how bad it is for me to scare the top students. I agree that he should be transferred.”

“who is extremely vicious? Who wants to transfer? ” The voice of Zhuang Xingqin came from the door. when he saw the situation inside, he shouted angrily, “Yu Fan! Who gave you permission to take the teacher’s seat? Did I call you here to put you to sleep? How about I make you a bed in the classroom? ”

Class one head teacher: “.”

Yu Fan: “I didn’t sleep.”

“then who pressed the mark on your face?” Zhuang Xingqin put the things in his hand on the table. “Why, why don’t you get up? I stood and lectured, you sit and listen? ”

Yu Fan slowly stood up and stood aside.

Chen Jingshen withdrew his sight and said, “teacher, I won’t change classes. If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll go back first. ”

The head teacher of class one returned to his mind, and before he could say anything, the other person turned around and left without looking back.

Perhaps feeling embarrassed, half a minute later, he also hugged the lesson plan in a hurry to leave.

There are only two people left in the office.

Although Zhuang Xingqin didn’t hear all of it, he guessed eight-tenths of ten when he looked at the situation just now.

“Look at you. What have you done to the image of our class?” He picked up the thermos cup and took a sip. “tell me, what happened to your face?”

“come on, you have still lied to the dean,”

“did you get into a fight again?”

Yu Fan looked out of the window and said nothing.

“how many times have I told you that you are a student? don’t always fight with those young people outside. Can you do something you should do at your age?”

The man in front of him stood there with a careless face and the virtue that a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water.

Zhuang Xunqin poured another mouthful of hot water angrily: “also, the instructor just told me that you threatened your new classmate outside the school yesterday with a knife in your hand. What happened?”

Yu Fan: “he is so good at editing, why doesn’t he publish a book?”

“This book,” Zhuang Xingqin ordered an exercise book on the table, “is the math handout compiled by Director Hu.”


After a long stalemate, Yu Fan said quietly: “I did not threaten him, the knife is picked up, people do not know.”

“can you pick up knives on the way?” Zhuang Xingqin looked at his pocket. “where’s the knife?”

“at home, save and cut vegetables.”


Zhuang Xingqin stared at him for a moment, feeling a little relieved.

After taking this class for such a long time, he knows a little about his class, especially Yu Fan.

Looking at his tone and expression, he really hasn’t done anything.

However, combined with the situation when the flag was raised this morning, he was not so welcoming to the new student.

“I’ll believe you.” His face did not change. “the new semester has begun. Do you have any study plans?”

“memorize the ninety-nine multiplication table.”

“say a few more words and see if you can get me into the hospital.” Zhuang Xingqin glanced at him, opened the drawer, took out a brand-new guidance book, and put it in front of him. “I specially went to the bookstore to find it for you. The questions above are very basic and simple. If you take it back and do more, you won’t need to come to the office to find me.”

Yu Fan stared at the book seal for a while and swallowed “Don’t waste money” back to his throat: “Oh.”

Before leaving, Zhuang Xingqin stopped him again.

“also,” Zhuang Xingqin thought about how to say, “these transfer students are all good students with excellent grades. You should take them as role models and try not to conflict with others.”

“Don’t worry,” Yu Fan replied. “I’m allergic to top students. In the future, if he is close to me, I’ll go a foot away from him. I am committed to creating a harmonious and beautiful learning environment for new students. ”


In the first PE class after the beginning of the school year, Yu Fan went straight away.

The toilet on the first floor of the experimental building is filled with smoke. There are usually no teachers here, and the fat tiger, who often comes on patrol to catch people, goes to a meeting again. Several boys are standing in the toilet, fearlessly gathering the crowd to smoke.

“those idiots in the school next door know how to play dirty because they don’t dare to be straight. Next time, let’s go to the back door of the school to find them.”

“they are also really funny, blocking the most powerful man in the seven South City ……”

“Thanks for the invitation. I was at the scene. My brother punched them and made them shit all over the floor.” Wang Lu’an looked at the people next to him. “right, brother?”

“get out.”

Yu Fan pulled a stool from the empty classroom next door and sat lazily with his legs crossed. He bowed his head, manipulating the characters on the phone in one hand and smoking in the other, “talk about yourselves, don’t pull me.”

“Damn it,” said the rightmost boy squatting on the ground, staring at the grade table on the phone screen. “Why are there still transfer students in the second semester of senior high school? Our class also welcomed four at the same time, causing my class ranking to plummet from 57 to 61! ”

Wang Lu’an laughed at him: “it’s not much different, it’s all last.”

“Scram,” the man puffed a smoke at Wang Lu’an and got up. “School is over soon. do you want to play ball?”

In response, others wrung out the smoke and shook their hands skillfully to dissipate the smell of smoke.

Seeing the motionless man on the chair, the man asked, “Yu Fan, aren’t you going?”

“No, I’ll play games.”

Wang Lu’an immediately said, “then I won’t go either.”

The party left mightily.

Yu Fan leaned against the back of his chair and had a good time in the game when he heard a crackling sound of typing next to him.

Wang Lu’an has a strange habit. He likes to listen to the default percussion sound of his mobile phone when typing, which is terribly noisy.

Yu Fan paused the game, turned around and asked him, “are you sending a message?”

“I’m talking,” Wang Lu’an said. “I’m asking about Chen Jingshen.”


Yu Fan is inexplicable: “Why are you asking about him?”

“what do you think?” Wang Lu’an said, “that was the first grade! I must inquire whether he is talkative or not, and see if I can ask him for help with future quizzes and homework. ”

Yu Fan: “Oh.”

For a moment, Wang Lu’an put down his cell phone and sighed.

He was looking for a friend who used to be in class one, and without even thinking about it, he politely told him: no chance.
It is said that the high achiever is famous in Class one with few cold words, and his character is exactly the same as his appearance. He usually takes a few questions to ask him, he may be able to free up a hand to help, but forget the rest, he will say no more than ten words.

“Oh, by the way, my friend also told me that Chen Jingshen’s family seems to have a lot of money.” Wang Lu’an said, “he said that the power of Chen Jingshen’s mother at the last parents’ meeting was very powerful. Well, the wound on the back of your hand has healed quite quickly. ”

Yu Fan flanked his wrist.

This minor wound will heal quickly, and it has already started to form scabs when he got back last night.

He stared at the wound for a while, but somehow, he suddenly wanted to reach out and grab it.
Tear open the wound, it should bleed again, and then fester and become inflamed.

Yu Fan’s other hand had just bent up and touched the scar when his shoulder was suddenly bumped by people around him.

He suddenly regained his mind before he asked, “looking for death?”

“No, look out the window!” Wang Lu’an said in an angry voice, “you really can’t fucking talk about people behind your back. Is that Chen Jingshen?”

Yu Fan consciously looked out.

He doesn’t have to look at your face, he can see the floating white winter school uniform, Yu Fan can determine who it is.

From this angle, they can only see the tall, thin and straight silhouette of Chen Jingshen.
In front of him stood a girl.

Wang Lu’an squinted: “is that Zhang Xianjing next to him?”

The two most troublesome people in Class 7, Grade two, one is Yu Fan, the other is Zhang Xianjing.

Contrary to her name, Zhang Xianjing permed and dyed her hair as a freshman, smoked and left early, and cried to countless boys. She is beautiful, and when she was a freshman in high school, there were still a group of people chasing her. After she became famous, most of the boys took a detour when they saw her.

“what are they doing.” Wang Lu’an murmured.

As soon as the words fell, he saw Zhang Xianjing took a step towards Chen Jingshen, and her beautiful curly hair shook in the wind with the action.

“No, your name is Chen Jingshen, isn’t it?” She laughed and her lipstick lips rose brightly. “I like you. Can you fall in love with me?”

Yu Fan’s eyelids jumped for a moment and got up to go.

Wang Lu’an hurriedly grabbed him: “where are you going? Why don’t you watch it before you leave? ”

“not interested.”

“No, look again,” said Wang Lu’an. “do you think Zhang Xianjing is crazy? How can a student like Chen Jingshen fall in love with someone? ”

Yu Fan thought of the pink love letter, and his heart said forget it.


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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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