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Chen Jingshen looked at the darkness caused by the palm of hands and stopped breathing obediently.

A few seconds later, the nose was loosened. .

“are you stupid, I cover your nose and you did not use your mouth?” Yu Fan felt his chin with his fingers and patted him lightly.

It wasn’t until the person started breathing properly again that Yu Fan folded his eyes.

The people outside had no intention of coming in after holding the sedan chair for a long time.

Yu Fan’s patience has been worn out, and Chen Jingshen’s eyes are relaxed a little, he is just ready to go out and see what’s going on.

The next moment, the sedan curtain was lifted by a pair of pale hands! The red light outside illuminates the car–.

The Npc hands on the side, countless times more scary than before rushed to Yu Fan’s face.

She opened her mouth with blood, and a shrill scream rushed straight in.

No matter how daring Yu Fan is, he still can’t stand it in this kind of confined space, not to mention the fact that this npc is here for revenge, screaming ten times louder than before.


Yu Fan withdrew a little bit of his hand and suddenly covered it back, covering Chen Jingshen’s eyes again.

The next second, Chen Jingshen’s arm behind him suddenly bent up and covered his eyes.

It took a long time for the female ghost npc to stop screaming.

She lifted her hair in front of her face, stared at them for a few seconds, then retreated slowly, sending out a “uh-ah” roar and exiting the stage.

It was dark before Yu Fan felt that the skin was a little hot. For a brief moment, he could only receive the temperature in the palm of Chen Jingshen’s hand.

The moment the scary music stopped, Chen Jingshen let go of his hand.

As soon as the skin felt cold, Yu Fan fiercely regained his mind. He stooped up almost immediately, waved the sedan curtain with his fist, and walked out quickly.

He happened to meet the other three who came out to look for them.

“Fuck, this light is too dark, it’s like we are in the underworld.” Wang Luan was afraid, but he couldn’t help looking left and right, and was blinded by the red light on the ground.

Yu Fan stood in the light, his skin and white shoes stained with an unnatural red.

When he saw him, Zhang Xianjing asked, “what did you do? I came back to do it for you. ”

” I was chased. ”

Zhang Xianjing: “where is high achiever?”

Yu Fan did not answer her, but turned around with a straight face and rudely grabbed the sedan curtain: “come out, there are no ghosts.”

Chen Jingshen half bent over get out of the sedan chair.

Zhang Xianjing: “?”

Zhang Xianjing thought the scene was a little unspeakably strange, until she was patted on the shoulder.

Wang Luan: “Sister Jing, let’s go. The last link is done.”

Out of the secret room, the boss personally brought them tea and water, and brought a charge code and evaluation form, saying that filling in the form would give them a 20% discount.

When filling out the form, the boss can’t help glancing at the tallest boy.

The other party held the pen with his lanky fingers and glanced coldly at an option on the paper.

“what do you think is the horror of” ghost marriage “? ”

The other party mentioned it with a finger, and at the end, “the place is extremely scary!” You scared me to death! ” There is a tick in the frame.

There is also a blank column dedicated to writing feedback. Chen Jingshen pondered for a second and scribbled in it:
[satisfied. ]

The boss put away the survey form and sent the guests out of the door in a hesitant manner.

It was dark when he came out of the shop, several people discussed it and decided to eat hot pot.

Wang Luan had a big idea. As soon as he sat down, he picked up the menu and mastered the right to order. Zhang Xianjing explored the menu past from time to time to give some advice.

Yu Fan went to get a dip and came back with only the seat next to Chen Jingshen.

“Sister Jing, why don’t you sit next to high achiever.” Wang Luan looked at Zhang Xianjing, who was sitting on a chair in the aisle, and said, “the waiter has been carrying dishes up and down and has soiled your skirt for a while.”

“No, it’s comfortable to sit by yourself.” Zhang Xianjing asked, “Yu Fan, what kind of meat do you want to eat? Let Wang Luan order it for you. ”

“whatever.” Yu Fan sat down in the empty seat and put the dip on the table.

After ordering, Wang Luan leaned back on the sofa, took a long breath and announced, “I will never play in the secret room again in my life.”

Yu Fan said: “to be clear in advance, I can no longer accompany you and Zuo Kuan to go to the toilet. You two take care of each other. ”

“No, Yu Fan, are you afraid?” Zuo Kuan couldn’t help saying.

Yu Fan: “me? Is it possible? ”

“Don’t think about it, we all heard it. When we were doing the last double task, we heard you shouting from afar,” Zuo Kuan copied his voice– “Chen Jingshen! Chen Jingshen! ”

Yu Fan: “…”

After Zuo Kuan finished, he had to confirm with the person opposite, “isn’t that right, high achiever?”

Yu Fan whipped the chopsticks onto the bowl, which rang weakly.

So Chen Jingshen said, “I didn’t hear it.”

Zuo Kuan: “…”

Yu Fan thought that he should have rated that place half a star.

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan chatted and began to talk about who was the most coward in the secret room. Yu Fan endured the idea of adding Chen Jingshen to this option, picked up the water cup and drank cold water, and suddenly felt the person next to him glance at him.

“did you take the wrong seasoning?”

Yu Fan looked down and said, “what’s wrong?”

Chen Jingshen was silent, as if he briefly recalled, “can you eat parsley?”

The hot pot restaurant is noisy.

He was stunned by the question and asked, “Why can’t I?”

Chen Jingshen looked at him for a few seconds before saying, “No, few people like to eat this. There are also people who are allergic to this. ”

Yu Fan said, “I had allergies when I was a child, but I suddenly got better after I got sick.”

Chen Jingshen picked up a hot towel to wipe his hands, “that’s it.”

The hot pot restaurant at this time was so lively that it took more than ten minutes for the dishes to be served slowly.

In the middle of eating, Wang Luan suddenly picked up the teacup: “high achiever, thanks to you for your help this time. As soon as the exam results came out, my father was so excited that he asked me to transfer money. I’m afraid you can’t drink it, so I didn’t order wine today. Here, I’ll give you a toast with tea instead of wine. Thank you for your selfless dedication! ”

“you’re welcome.” Chen Jingshen picked up the teacup, raised his hand and toasted with him. He glanced at the side when he took it back.

Yu Fan pinched the chopsticks and boiled the meat without lifting it.

Wang Luan drank up his tea and then touched the man who was playing with his mobile phone. “Zuo Kuan, as your brother, we’re all high-spirited. Are you really not going to work hard with us. Don’t go to the technical school next door when Yu Fan and I go hand in hand. ”

Zuo Kuan shook off his hand: “Scram, you fart.”

“I’m serious. Try to learn. I’ve been working hard for weeks, and I don’t think it’s that difficult to study. ”
“come on, work hard by yourself.” Zuo Kuan finally put down his phone, picked up his chopsticks and called, “Yu Fan.”

Yu Fan: “say it.”

“A girl in our class asked me for your Wechat,” Zuo Kuan said. “I send her your acc.”

While eating, he remembere what the head teacher next door said in the office.

He did find the girl they are talking about.

He subconsciously wanted to see the person next to him, but his face was slightly skewed.

What the hell is he looking at him for?

Yu Fan moved the angle of his without a trace and frowned: “Did I allow you to send?”

“I can’t help it. She won’t let me copy her homework if I don’t hand you over,” Zuo Kuan said.

“Don’t worry. If she really applies, you can refuse. It’s not like you have to add her. ”
Yu Fan was too lazy to talk to him and continued to eat the hot pot.

Having enough to eat and drink, Wang Luan asked the waiter to get the bill, and then asked if anyone was going to smoke.

Yu Fan: “you go and I’ll wait here for the ticket.”

The men had just left when a burst of hustle and bustle came from the table in front of them.

Chen Jingshen looked lazily forward. Ssomeone was confessing at the next table, it looked like he had succeeded,a man and a woman hugged each other shyly.

The cell phone in his pocket is buzzing. Chen Jingshen withdrew his sight, took it out and scanned it. His eyebrows dimmed and he locked the screen directly.

The waiter brought the things over, and the people on the side said thank you, and then pushed aside the chair.

Chen Jingshen followed and waited for a few seconds to find that the person in front of him was standing motionless.

Yu Fan opened his mouth and called him, “Chen Jingshen.”


Yu Fan picked up the teacup and held it awkwardly in front of him.

Chen Jingshen raised his eyebrow and then picked up the cup.

As soon as Yu Fan was about to clink glasses with him, he saw that his hand suddenly pulled back a little bit, and then looked at the next table.

Yu Fan frowned and followed his line of sight in doubt–.

A man and a woman wrapped their arms around their arms and drank a cup of wine at the cheering of others.

Yu Fan: “…”

Yu Fan reached out his hand without expression, touched the next cup with him hard, and shook the tea out of Chen Jingshen’s cup: “if you want to die, continue to watch.”

After the meal, several people disbanded in place.

After watching the others get on the bus, Yu Fan turned around and walked back.

This street is not far from his home. It takes about ten minutes to get there.

He took out his cell phone, and transferred half of their expenses today.

Wang Luan:? Why transfer my money? ].

[-: didn’t you say to be the host together? Me and you. ].

Wang Lu’an: I was just saying casually. No, my father told me to transfer a lot of money. It’s on me today! ]

Although Wang Luan didn’t know Yu Fan for a long time, he had a good relationship with him and knew more or less about his family.

[-: take it, don’t talk nonsense. ].

Wang Luan finally thought about it and accepted it.

Wang Luan: then don’t do it next time I say treat. ].

There were no pedestrians on the path that Yu Fan walked. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket. As soon as he was about to light it, his cell phone rang again.
Why is this Wang Luan so painstaking?

[s: [photo]]

Okay, here comes a more difficult one.

Yu Fan bit the cigarette before he had time to light it, and took a look at the picture. It was a dim carriage, like a random shot.

[-:? ].

[s: it’s dark in the car. I’m a little scared. ].

[-:? ]

[-: what are you afraid of? Isn’t there a driver sitting in front? ].

[s: after looking at it for a while, the driver looks like the NPC. ].

[-:. ].

[s: can you make a video call? ].

[-: no. ].

[s: okay ].

Yu Fan is about to throw his cell phone into his pocket.

[s: it doesn’t matter. ].

[s: I was just touched by a ghost today. I was a little scared. I should feel better in a few months. ].

[s: sorry to bother you. ]


Yu Fan stared at these words with his cigarette in his mouth.

He picked up the phone and put it down, put it down and picked it up again. After several bad times, he put on headphones with hostility on his face, clenched his teeth, and made a video call.

The other side is connected in seconds.

Because he is walking on the road, Yu Fan held his cell phone low, and the angle was not very good.

He looked down at Chen Jingshen and said angrily, “are you so timid that you still have to let your parents watch you when you sleep at night?”

Chen Jingshen said, “there is no one at home.”

Yu Fan didn’t want to blurt out: “I can’t sleep with you in the video.”

There was a few seconds of silence in the headphones.

Yu Fan: “…”

He is talking nonsense.

“No, you don’t.” After a while, Chen Jingshen’s voice came out. Maybe he had been sitting in a taxi for a long time, and his voice was a little tired. “I have a lot to accompany me at home.”

Yu Fan: “can your dog change its name?”

“it’s a little difficult. It’s been called FanFan for many years. ”

Yu Fan walked along the road with one hand, and occasionally met a few people who came out to walk the dog. He always had no intention of taking a look at it and thought that none of these pet dogs were as good-looking as the one in Chen Jingshen’s house.

They had a conversation without a word, and there was an occasional silence of half an hour. When there is no sound in the headphones, Yu Fan subconsciously takes a low look, and then looks directly at Chen Jingshen through his mobile phone.

Several times later, Yu Fan couldn’t help it and said coldly, “…… Don’t keep looking at me. ”

“mm-hmm.” Chen Jingshen obediently look aside for a moment and looked back quickly. He asked, “did the girl add you?”


“the girl from Class eight.”


Chen Jingshen said faintly, “are you with her?”

Yu Fan is in a daze.

He frowned: “No.” I don’t even know her. ”

Chen Jingshen said in a low voice, “what kind of girl do you like?”

” I don’t know. ” Yu Fan looked at him quickly, then said a few seconds later, “anyway, I don’t like any one now.”

“there will be none in the future.”


“if you have a girlfriend, I can’t make a video call with you.” Chen Jingshen said, “we can’t even sit together.”

Yu Fan: “who mind that.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to see you with anyone else.”

“I would ask the teacher to change seats.” The taxi was driving on the path, and the dim street lights flashed across Chen Jingshen’s face. His voice was faint.

Yu Fan: “I.”

Chen Jingshen: “You can throw the letter I wrote you before. I haven’t written it for a long time, and I haven’t changed it many times. ”

Yu Fan: “…”

“and the award on the blackboard–”

“I fucking said I wouldn’t have a girlfriend!” Yu Fan couldn’t stand it. He raised his phone and interrupted him. ” Even if I have a girl I like, you can have a fucking video call and play with me! You can sit next to me if you want! Where do you want to post the award? What are you talking about here?! ”

Yu Fan finished shouting in one breath and gasped heavily. As soon as he looked up, the passers-by and the dog looked at him in surprise.

……. If I make a video call with Chen Jingshen on the road, I will be a dog.

There is no sound in the headphones.

Yu Fan turned into the park next to him, picked up his cell phone and looked at it. The screen was dark, and Chen Jingshen blocked the camera.

Yu Fan frowned and shouted, “Chen Jingshen?”

It took a few seconds for the opposite side to reply, “mm-hmm.”

Yu Fan: “did you hear what I just said?”

“I hear you.” Chen Jingshen said faintly, “I see.”

Suddenly he felt that something was wrong, Yu Fan stared suspiciously at the phone: “Chen Jingshen, show your face.”


The next second, the fingers that is blocking in front of the camera were removed.

Chen Jingshen put his mobile phone a little down, revealing only the lower half of his face.

Chen Jingshen pressed the corners of his mouth and confronted him silently. Then he finally raised his hand to hid his mouth, and the Adam’s apple rolled lightly.

Excuse me.

Yu Fan: “…”

For a moment, Yu Fan forgot what he had just shouted, which made Chen Jingshen look like this.

“Chen Jingshen, you are dead again.” He said gloomily, “hold your phone for me.”

“Well, it is not on purpose.”

Chen Jingshen struggled to lift his cell phone and looked at him for a second.

Chen Jingshen looked out of the window and quickly looked back.

He seemed to suppress it for a while, but at last he didn’t hold it down. His voice became hoarse with patience: “Yu Fan, I really–”

Suddenly there was no sound in the back.

Yu stood blankly in the park, holding up his cell phone and waiting for him. Then he suddenly reacted and jabbed the hang-off button before Chen Jingshen said the next word!

Beep. The video is dead.

It’s windy in the park at night.

Yu Fan’s heart beats so heavily, he can hear it in his eardrum, and his whole head is burning.

He paused for a moment, rubbed his face, took out the cigarette in his mouth, lit it to himself, and began to circle around the big tree on the edge.

It’s fucking weird.

Chen Jingshen obviously didn’t finish that sentence just now, but Yu Fan thought he heard it.

He heard Chen Jingshen sitting in a taxi, facing the wind by the window, and while there was driver in front of him.

Chen Jingshen said sitting in the flashing street lamp.

Yu Fan, I really–.

I really like you.



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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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