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Early the next morning, the last test room of the experimental building was quite lively.

At the end of the second group, there were more than a dozen boys around the table, chattering non-stop.

“I have a friend from the examination room, and he said that the dog hasn’t come to school since then.”

“in a hurry, the monk couldn’t hide from the temple, so Zhou Yi went to his class to block him!”

“he went back a little bit and picked the time to take care of the students in the school next door. It was only when more than a dozen people gathered around the dog that they helped the dog to do it. ”

The group became more and more excited as they talked.

Only the person with a calm look on his face sat in between watched them without saying a word.

Zuo Kuan summed up: “anyway, the accounts on both sides are settled.”

“that’s it!” Wang Luan shouted, “look how you beat my brother’s handsome face!”

Yu Fan finally raised his head and said, “go and have a look at the school next door.”

Wang Luan: “do you want to see it?”

“Look who is hurt more badly between me and those losers.”

Wang Lu’an: “……”

A seventeen-year-old man who is born to be strong.

“All right, let’s take care of what’s in front of us, okay?” Zhang Jing is sitting on the table next to her, leaning against the wall and stretching her legs. “Yesterday, more than a dozen of you skipped the exam, and Hu Pang is probably sharpening his knife now.”

All the people around here, except her and Wang Luan, whose invigilators is Zhuang Xingqin, didn’t run away. The rest slipped out of the examination room yesterday.

A dozen people fled from the laboratory building, and the picture was spectacular.

“I don’t care, it’s all the same whether I take the exam or not …” The conversation turned. “but I didn’t realize that high achiever in your class was so righteous.”

Poor students skip the exam, and no one cares except the teacher.

But first rank’s seat was empty yesterday. In the evening, everyone in the school knew.

It wasn’t until Yu Fan was asked last night that he couldn’t stand it and simply said, “Chen Jingshen took me away”, they didn’t know that the first grade actually abandoned his exam for Yu Fan.

Wang Luan: “Of course! Learning to fight for other people is always good. ”

“But …” Someone realized. “Chen Jingshen can’t fight. How dare he rush over in front of a dozen people?”

A fart doesn’t know how to fight, so he kicks someone over.

Wait a minute.

Yu Fan suddenly reacted, and his thoughts paused.

Why does Chen Jingshen know how to fight?

No matter how strong he is, it’s hard to kick people away without a little skill, not to mention weak chickens like Chen Jingshen.

“Don’t ask. To ask is to share the feelings of heaven and earth.”

Wang Luan said, “I heard that he still left in front of the invigilator. It was so awesome.”

“Ah, I tell you, Zhuang Xingqin is our invigilator yesterday. She was sitting on the podium with a black face– ”

“wait a minute.”

Yu Fan frowned, “did Chen Jingshen leave in the middle of examination?”

“something like that. Later, Zhuang Xingqin asked me if I knew where you two had gone. I said I didn’t know. At that time, I took a peek at her cell phone, which was talking to high achiever’s mother. ”

The school hall was closed ten minutes before the exam.

Chen Jingshen climbed over the wall?

“it’s no big deal.”

Zuo Kuan waved his hand and said, “It’s the chance for the second in grade since he had been second for so long. ”

“it’s just that if you usually score higher and then suddenly fail”

The person next to him said, ” the answer is bound to be criticized.”

After that, they rambled on. Yu Fan didn’t listen carefully any more.

He stared at the physical formula and looked at it several times but didn’t get into his head.

Until the cell phone in my pocket vibrates.

[s: have you arrived at the examination room yet?

[-: I’m here].

[s: well, the exam is coming soon. Don’t go anywhere.

Yu Fan: “.”

What kind of language is this?

Are you the chief?

Yu Fan put his mobile phone in his pocket and suddenly got up from his seat.

All the people chatting around stopped to look at him, “Where are you going?”

Yu Fan didn’t look back, but dropped the sentence: “I’m going to the teacher’s office.”

In the afternoon, after the final exam, Chen Jingshen took the pen and walked to the classroom corridor.

Putting the stationery in his bag, he took out his cell phone and flipped through it. After more than an hour of examination, he received more than ten text messages.

Mom: your father and everyone in his family know about you playing truant, including the woman. ].

Mom: are you just embarrassing me with them? ].

Mom: I will finish the matter and return home as soon as possible, and then you need to explain the situation to me. You disappoint me. ]

It’s more or less the same as yesterday’s call.

Chen Jingshen read the messages coldly, then exited the interface, he opened Wechat and asked the person at the top if the test paper was fully answere.

The person didn’t reply.

Chen Jingshen, carrying his bag, turned around and was about to leave when he was stopped.
“Chen Jingshen,” the invigilator patted him at the back. “Director Hu asked you to go to his office for a visit.”

Before Chen Jingshen went to the director’s office, he was just about to knock–.
“Director, I have to take a make-up exam.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Chen Jingshen paused and slowly lowered his hand.

He looked in through the window.

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan are not far from the office, so they seem to have come with others.

The one who did not reply to his message stood at the desk right now.

Hu Pang looked at the person in front of him with a headache: “How many times has this happened? Huh? How many times have you called me today? I told you in the morning, no! ”

“Why not?” Yu Fan did not move.

“Which school exam has a make-up exam rule?” He wanted to explain this to Yu Fan. “Besides. You’re playing truant intentionally, and you’re not qualified to make up the exam! ”

“I said, I didn’t play truant. I was cheated out, and then I couldn’t get back when I was blocked.”

Yu Fan repeated for the nth time, “When did I lie to you?”


Wang Luan: “Really, director, I can testify! Next door, the school took more than a dozen people to the billiard hall behind the school to beat our classmates. It’s not appropriate for you to ignore this matter and deprive the beaten students of the right to make-up exams. ”

“I told you, I’ll deal with it after the exam.” Hu Pang was upset. “but what can I do for you? What are you doing here? ”

Wang Luan: “fight injustice for my classmates!”


Hu Pang feels it was weird.

Usually he does not go to class, the problem student who handed in the blank exam, unexpectedly chased after him and asked for a make-up exam.

Do you want to do make-up exam just to score ten points?

Hu Pang rubbed his eyebrows: “get out.”

Yu Fan: “I want to take a make-up exam.”

Hu Pang: “the monthly examination will begin soon.”

“I have to take a make-up exam.”

“if you want to prove yourself, wait for the monthly exam. Hurry out, I have an appointment with other students to talk. Why are you standing there? ”

Yu Fan moved his steps and set aside the seat in front of the table.

“I will make room for you to talk.” Yu Fan leaned against the wall. “If you don’t promise to make up the exam, I’ll live here in the future.”


For a while, Hu Pang took a thermos bottle and drank a lot of water.
He smiled and nodded straight: “good, good.”

“Chen Jingshen also has to take the exam.” Yu Fan blurted out, “he also missed the exam because he was stuck with me.”

” All right. ” Hu Pang turned red. “if you want to take the exam so badly, it will be tomorrow. On Saturday morning, let me know if you don’t fail this time! I will personally go to the classroom to invigilate the exam for you! ”

Suffered from an accident, Zuo Kuan stared round-eyed: “So, director, actually, I don’t-”

“No problem.” Afraid of going back on his promise, Yu Fan immediately succumbed to good advice and said, “Thank you, Director Hu. It’s very kind of you. Goodbye, Director.”

Zuo Kuan: “…”


Chen Jingshen walked to the other side of the corridor and did not knock on the office until the three men had gone far away.

Hu Pang asked him about yesterday. Chen Jingshen told the truth. When Hu Pang saw the situation and what Yu Fan said, his expression was much more dignified.

Hu Pang talked for half an hour before he was released. After repeatedly telling him not to let it happen again, Hu Pang informed him about the make-up exam tomorrow morning.

The sky had already been dyed red by sunset when the room was opened.

After walking out of the line of sight of the director’s office, Chen Jingshen took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

[-: I can’t finish it. I can’t understand a lot of questions. Can you teach me or not? ].

[-: take a make-up math exam at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, Room 109, Experimental
Building, remember it. ].

[-: do you copy? ].

Chen Jingshen stood quietly in the stairwell and looked down at the messages many times.
Until the video call pops up.

Chen Jingshen pressed to connect.

Yu Fan sat on the wooden chair in his room, staring blankly at the mobile phone screen: “I …… I pressed the wrong button and made a calll. ”

He quickly adjusted his expression and asked with a cold face, “have you seen my message?”

Chen Jingshen said, “I just saw it and received.”

“Oh.” Yu Fan leaned back on the chair, pulled his cell phone to his eyes and confirmed, “Why are you still at school?”

“after the exam, I helped to move down the tables and chairs.”

Chen Jingshen lifted the shoulder straps of his bag and asked, “how can I take a make-up exam in the final exam?”

“Who knows. ” Yu Fu moved his eyes to the side and quickly moved back, “It’s Hu Pang who wants us to take a make-up exam and says he wants to come to the examination room to invigilate the exam in person.”


“Yes, it’s a lot of trouble. I didn’t promise him to be anxious with me-“Yu Fan’s voice frowned and stared at him suspiciously.” Chen Jingshen, are you laughing again? ”

“there is no fart.” Yu Fan said, “Don’t laugh if you want to be taught a lesson.”

Chen Jingshen pursed his mouth and put up with it, and the Adam’s apple rolled with it.

He took a screenshot of the video.

After a while he was stupefied again-shit, am I crazy?

Is there any sound in the screenshot? Chen Jingshen probably didn’t hear it, did he?

“Yu Fan.” Chen Jingshen suddenly called him.

“what are you doing?”

Yu Fan decided to strike first, “I just pressed the wrong button.”

“like you.”


Chen Jingshen stood in the setting sun, quietly waiting for the person in the mobile phone to scold.

Yu Fan stared at him blankly for a few seconds, then clanked-his cell phone fell off.

Chen Jingshen watched Yu Fan hurriedly picking up his cell phone. Yu Fan’s face appeared on the screen at the bottom of the screen.


The video is ended.

Why is Yu Fan so sweet? Doing everything secretly for Chen Jingshen.

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