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It was Wang Luan who first found out that Yu Fan was studying.

He took out his pen and paper planning to talk with Chen Jingshen after class. When he saw two heads huddle together.

To be exact, Yu Fan was leaning and Chen Jingshen still sat upright.

Yu Fan’s arms were bent on the table, his chin was propped lazily on it, and his head was a little crooked. From Wang Luan ‘s point of view, it is almost affixed to Chen Jingshen’s shirt sleeve.

Wang Luan wanted to ask after class, but he couldn’t help it. He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Yu Fan.

Wang Luan:Studying behind my back, does it mean that you want to take me by surprise and take me by surprise? ].

[-:. ].

[-:scram. ]

Wang Luan: but I feel that your relationship with high achiever has changed in the past two days. ].

Wang Luan: Oh no, it seems to have been good before. You sent him back when we were in ktv. ].

Wang Luan: “it seems better now. ].

Better my ass.

It’s just for the mid-term exam.

When the exam is over, he will cross the river and tear down the bridge, unload the mill and kill–.

“do you understand?” Chen Jing asked deeply.

Yu Fan threw his phone back and frowned at the bitter words.

Chen Jingshen spoke in enough detail that he didn’t understand it at this time, and he looked very stupefied.

“I see.”

Chen Jingshen lowered his eyes and looked at him.

Afraid of missing any step, Yu Fan listened very carefully, and the person unwittingly crossed the gap between the two desks. His other hand grabbed impatiently on his hair because he could not understand the problem.

The hair is thick,dark and looks soft.

A few seconds later, he didn’t hear any sound and looked up.


His strength of scratching his hair get heavier “what are you looking at? Don’t look at me, read the question. ”

Chen Jingshen turned his eyes and re-solved the problem.

Yu Fan: “what is it? I said I understood. ”

“mm-hmm.” Chen Jingshen said, “I want to say it again.”


Yu Fan awkwardly re-read the question: “whatever you want.”

For several nights in a row, Yu Fan was able to receive Chen Jingshen’s “wrong” message.

Chen Jingshen held his mobile phone casually and sent over more videos. Yu Fan watched” a lot of things other than the papers in the question bank.

Chen Jingshen’s desk, pen holder, and even lamp are all gray, and there are no objects on the table except paper, pens and headphones.

When he do a problem, he will show a corner of his coat, occasionally black, occasionally gray plaid, accompanied by that cold, low voice. The whole video “feels cold”.

Chen Jingshen no longer said that he was wrong and Yu Fan did not ask. The two unwittingly chatted out many pages of chat records.

The day before the mid-term exam, Yu Fan took a shower and picked up his cell phone and didn’t see any messages.

He raised his eyebrow and confirmed the time. It was five minutes after nine.
Sitting lazily on the chair, he picked up the towel on his shoulder and wiped the end of his hair.

His eyes stopped at Chen Jingshen’s Wechat profile picture for a few seconds, and then he “entered”. The message stayed the same as yesterday.

Why are you late?

As soon as he typed in the dialog box, he suddenly reacted to it and deleted it quickly.

No, no. What an idiot.

Chen Jingshen had never promised to send video topics to him every night.

Yu Fan seems to have regained his sense of reason after holding the phone for a while.

Chen Jingshen has no obligation to teach him every day. Tthere is no agreement, no transaction, and they don’t have that kind of relationship where they can chat every day.”

He threw his phone on the table, open the pen lid with one hand. He lifted his hair back, and flip through your exercise book.

He will just teach himself. Anyway, he can understand some simple topics now.


Yu Fan threw down the pen, thinking that he was just two minutes late. They can still talk in the phone.

Someone in the sub-group of Nancheng high School has @ you. ].

[Zuo Kuan: @ Wang Luan, @-do you play games? Let’s eat chicken, your class and ours].
Wang Lu’an: I’m coming. Wait for me. ].

Zhang Xianjing: aren’t you going to study tonight? ].

Wang Luan: I thought about it carefully. I’ve been working hard for two weeks, and it’s not bad to play this night. Besides, if I didn’t do well in this exam, then tonight is my last night of freedom! ].

Zuo Kuan: cut the crap and get on the number. What about @Yu Fan? -].

Yu Fan cratched the record of the chat. As soon as he was ready to type, the phone suddenly vibrated, and a pop-up window popped up at the top of the screen.

[s invites you to make a video call. ].


Yu Fan was stupefied for a moment, and then reacted after a while.

He suddenly sat upright, stared at the screen and waited for a moment. The invitation was there, but the other party didn’t hang up.

A few seconds later, he quickly grabbed his messy hair after washing it, and picked up the video.

Chen Jingshen stood on the table with his mobile phone at a strange angle. He seemed to have just finished taking a shower and he was also wiping his hair with his head down when he got through.

Yu Fan stared at the man on the screen and felt a little awkward in his heart.

Obviously two or three hours ago they were just sitting together, now they got home just to video chat, just, damn, weird.”

” What are you doing? ” Yu Fan quickly sorted out himself and asked coldly.

Hearing the sound, Chen Jingshen raised his head and glanced at him.

Yu Fan held the phone very close, revealing the lower part of his eye and collarbone.

Chen Jingshen blinked his eyes and asked faintly, “I have found several types of questions, and it will be very late for you to read them after recording. Can we do a video call? ”

He called just to ask him this?

Yu Fan replied “no” in the discussion group, and then found something to put the phone up.

Disgusted with the screen, he moved the phone very close: “All right. Go ahead. ”

At the end of the last question, Yu Fan stretched his back and wanted to lie down to sleep. He realized that he was not in the classroom.

He moved himslf out of the camera and glanced at the screen.

Chen Jingshen seemed to say that he was tired. He picked up the glass and drank the water, and his Adam’s apple rolled several times with the action of swallowing.

“What’s wrong?”

Yu Fan returned to his mind, then moved half his face back to the camera. He looked down with a casual look: “We’re done let’s hang up. ”


There was a moment of silence in the video.

Yu Fan’s fingers stopped on the hang-up button for a long time, and then moved again.

“Chen Jingshen. ” He called.


“Let me look at the dog.” Yu Fan said, “I haven’t sent it these days.”

Chen Jingshen was stupefied for a moment, but he soon recovered: “Okay.”

In the picture, Chen Jingshen shouted Fan-Fan, followed by a change of camera angle. The numerous front legs were lifted to cover Chen Jingshen’s legs.

Chen Jingshen was wearing a pair of gray trousers today. Seeing Fan-Fan with his tongue out, Chen Jingshen reached out his hand and scratched his chin.

“Why are your dog’s ears standing up?” Leaning against the chair, he watched and asked lazily.


“Oh…. What? ” Yu Fan was stunned for a moment.

“before, the owner planned to let him be a working dog.” Chen Jingshen explained faintly,

“drooping ears will affect hearing, so he cut off some of them and sew them up. Now they will be able to stand up.”

“some people will cut off their tails to make it easier for them to go up and down the mountain.”


Yu Fan sat up unconsciously and recalled for a long time: “I remember his tail didn’t seem to be cut?”

“well, I took him home before it was cut.”

Yu Fan breathed a sigh of relief and lay back in his chair.

It seems to sense that the two people are talking about him, he barked excitedly. Chen Jingshen patted it, but it still sobbed in a low voice.

Chen Jingshen simply reached out his hand and closed his mouth.

Fan-Fan’s “whoo” sounded, and finally stopped.

“Yu Fan.” Chen Jingshen said faintly.

Yu Fan stared at the mobile phone screen: “what are you doing?”

The video still stays on the dog, Fan-Fan has stopped, and stands obediently next to the gray pants.

Chen Jingshen moved his hand to the side of his ear and twisted it a few times at will: “Goodluck with the exam tomorrow.”


Yu Fan took a deep breath and squeezed out a “Oh.”

After the phone hung up, Yu Fan maintained his original posture and suddenly felt a little dry.

Yu Fan stared at the chat box for a few seconds, then gave a “tsk”, he threw away his phone and got up from the chair, slamming the window to the fullest.

When the evening breeze poured into the room, Yu Fan stood at the window for a few seconds, stretching out his hand and rudely pulling his hair back to his forehead.

It’s so hot.

Learning is really infuriating.

He is sure he won’t learn at the end of the exam, what a broken geometric function.

Why should Chen Jingshen touch the dog while talking to him?


The first day of the mid-term exam, Chinese in the morning and math in the afternoon.

Yu Fan stepped into the examination room.

When he was in the last examination room of the class, he was invigilated by the teacher and slept halfway under the podium.

This classroom is full of several people who are at the bottom of the class, with equal strength, and the whole classroom is basically closed as soon as the signal blocker is used.

Under no pressure, the invigilator read the newspaper on the podium.

Zuo Kuan lay down on the table and felt bored. He was going to ask do you want to hand in your papers in advance to surf the Internet.

He was shocked as soon as he turned his head.

He saw his brother who had finished sleeping with him several times before, his brother who would sit more upright when playing LOL, bowing his head and writing hard.

Zuo Kuan: “?

Yu Fan stopped writing and looked at him coldly throwing out a sentence when he felt his line of sight: “turn your head around”


Zuo Kuan changed his position and went back to sleep.

After taking the Chinese exam.

Wang Luan came to have dinner outside the school.

The three men went to a nearby Sichuan restaurant.

“I wrote a whole Chinese examination paper because I felt like I can understand.”

Zuo Kuan was shocked, “even the composition has been written!”

Wang Luan: “Didn’t I told you when we played the game yesterday?I have been studying recently, and you don’t believe it. ”

Yu Fan: “is it over?”

“it’s not over.” Zuo Kuan said, “what’s going on, you want to crawl out of the bottom?”

“nothing.” The sentence was thrown out vaguely, “only this midterm.”

Seeing that he was not willing to say, the two of them did not ask any more questions and turned their heads to talk about the topic.

Yu Fan listened to the chat, and the cell phone vibrated in his pocket.

[s: how did you do in the exam? ].

He haven’t received any similar questions for a long time. Yu Fan felt it was sudden for a while.

He typed angrily.

[-:I didn’t take Chen Biao. 】

[s: well, I guessed it. ].


‘I’ve been reciting it next to you for two days. You guess and you didn’t won’t tell me? ?’

Yu Fan endured the impulse to grab him from the screen and beat him up. He clenched his teeth and closed the chat box.

After lunch. Wang Luan wiped his mouth with tissue and said, “my father insisted that I go home for a lunch break after the exam and come back in the afternoon. What do you two say? ”

There are more than three free hours in the middle before the afternoon math exam.

“I’ll play two games in the Internet bar.” Zuo Kuan asked the person next to him, “would you like to join us?”

Yu Fan: “No.”

Zuo Kuan: “then what are you doing?”

He wants to go back to the examination room and read the formula again.

Yu Fan certainly wouldn’t say that.

He put his cell phone in his pocket, got up and went out without looking back, throwing down a sentence: “take a walk.”

The first and last examination rooms are two extremes. People in the first classroom for basically stayed in the classroom for review during the lunch break, while the last classroom in is mostly empty.

Yu Fan’s classroom is in the experimental building.

When passing the teaching building, he couldn’t help taking a look at the position of Class one.

Several students were reading on the balcony, but none of them are Chen Jingshen.

When Yu Fan returned to the examination room, there was no one there.

He took out the exercises from the table and was about to find a pen when the mobile phone buzzed heavily again.

What is Chen Jingshen going to say again?

Yu Fan loosened a little, picked up the phone and lowered his eyes.

The moment he saw the messages, he suddenly became cold. He put back the pen on the table

[strange number: relying on their own large number of people, they throw dung at people in the canteen and fight like mad dogs. Come out of school and fight me now if you can. ].


Yu Fan was just about to lock the screen, then it was followed by another five or six messages.

[strange number: what? Afraid to answer? Wasn’t it awesome to put a plate of rice on my face before? ].

[strange number: by the way, I read your student information before, how come there are only parents on it? ].

[strange number: Is your mom and dad dead? ].

[strange number: no wonder you always looks like an orphan. ].

In the first class of the examination room, the air flow rate seems to be one slower than that of the classroom.

Some people are taking the time to review.

After finishing a problem, Chen Jingshen took out his cell phone from his pocket and looked down.

There is no message.

The invigilator came into the classroom, put the test paper on the podium and watched the ranked one with a cell phone in his hand.

“you have five minutes to take the exam,” he coughed. “put all your textbooks and cell phones away and put them outside the classroom.”

Chen Jingshen looked faint and was about to turn off his cell phone when a preview of a message popped up by the discussion group.

Familiar with the name, Chen Jingshen made a move and went into it.

Zhang Xianjing: A friend from the school next door secretly told me that she had gathered several people in her school today and was coming to block Yu Fan, saying that she was going to cripple Yu Fan. ].

Wang Luan: that’s impossible. Yu Fan is at school. How many people could have rushed into the school? Fat Tiger would put them on the ground one by one. ].

[Zuo Kuan: That’s right. ]

Zhang Xianjing: she said that those people had a way to cheat Yu Fan out. Are any of you with Yu Fan? ]

Wang Luan: Fuck, no way? I just called Yu Fan and there was no answer. ].

[Zuo Kuan: it’s over. I can’t get through either. Fuck, where are all the brothers in the group? Let’s get them together. ].

Wang Luan: What’s the matter … the test invigilator here. I can’t get out for the time being. Please find someone near the school first. 】

The invigilator looked at the first table, frowned and repeated: “students hand in all of your cell phones, do you hear– hey? Classmate? Why don’t you take the exam right away! Classmate, classmate, Chen Jingshen! ”

There is a narrow dark alley behind the billiards hall.
Yu Fan looked at the few familiar faces in front of him, and his heart was complicated.

“when you took my knife away before, you should have thought that we could meet again.” The first man with a flat head said, “Yu Fan.”

Yu Fan did not speak.

“Why are you silent? Didn’t you stood up for that nerd last time? ” The man behind the him with a hair crew cut said, “if you had left that alone, I might not have come today.”

Yu Fan is still silent.

Another person smiled and said, “You are going to be beaten soon. Are you scared that you can’t speak.”… ”

“You’re annoying.” Yu Fan said.

It was not easy for him to learn something.

It’s all useless.

The man did not hear clearly, squinting: “what do you say-fuck!”

Without finishing the conversation on the other side, Yu Fan picked up the shabby trash can with one hand and directly smashed it in his face.

The alley was so narrow that there was no room for a few people gathered together. only six or seven people rushed up at first.

Yu Fan grabbed the one in front of him, pushed his knee hard, and made the man see stars.

He received a sharp blow on the shoulder, but Yu Fan’s face remained unchanged. He was dizzy but he threw the man in his hands directly at the person next to him, grabbed the one that rushed over, and directly hit the other person’s nose with his head.

The flat-headed man was supposed to be smoking like a big guy, but in the end, the cigarette was about to burn his tail and he didn’t even take a sip.

The man next to him also froze and grabbed the corner of his coat: “Brother, isn’t this guys really a good fighter? Wouldn’t we die if we fight?!”

The haircut man knew it would kill him to fight.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have failed last time.


“Brother, don’t forget, this place is not so remote.” Seeing a few people passing by at the corner occasionally, the person was a little panicked. “I think the fight was similar this time …”

“Similar? Isn’t it because we get beaten more often? ” The flat-headed man pressed to put out the cigarette and beckoned those who were on the lookout at the entrance of the alley, “Let’s go together!”

Being pushed down the corner of the wall, Yu Fan took the time to lick the blood in the corners of his mouth, ready to make use of all available space to run.

Even if the boxing champion comes, he may not be able to beat a lot of people at once. He is not stupid.

The entrance of the alley was not guarded, so he needs attract people and he could run.

In the middle of the alley, Yu Fan clutched the top of the clothes with his elbow when he suddenly heard a gust of wind behind his ears-the sound of sticks raised high.

It’s over.

Yu Fan gritted his teeth and was ready to get hit by the stick.

The next second, the stick didn’t fall, but there was a shrill scream:


Yu Fan is in a daze.

What? Did you hit the stick on your own people?

Before he had time to look back, his collar was suddenly pulled, followed by a gust of wind. A familiar schoolbag appeared in his line of sight, drawing an arc in the air and smashing the flat-headed brother in the face.

Yu Fan: “?”


Yu Fan didn’t respond, so the whole person was dragged back two steps by that hand.

What kind of strength is this?

He smelled a faint scent of mint.

Yu Fan turned his head and took a look.

Chen Jingshen stood behind him.


What is Chen Jingshen doing here?

What about the exam?

Yu Fan: “you.”

When Chen Jingshen finished, he kicked out the man who wanted to rush up. Yu Fan helplessly watched the brother’s feet off the ground, and then hit the man with a flat head, and then the two screamed together.

Yu Fan: “?”

He stood there with blood on his chin. When he wanted to ask again, he was grabbed by the wrist and dragged to the entrance of the alley.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, it was deserted near the school, there were no teachers and students, and there were few people in the shop around.

The landlady of the milk tea shop was sitting at the door chatting with people, just in time to talk about high achiever, who often came to their shop recently.

“He seems like a nice guy, he always hangs out with people who don’t like to study, but it’s not like those people are bad. They’re always the same people on the road, I think–”

Her words came to an abrupt end.

She looked at the boy who was very obedient in her mouth, holding the one she usually thought was the most stupid with a cold face, as if a gust of wind swept past her storefront.

The boss’s wife: “..?”

Yu Fan doesn’t know how long he has been caught and running.
He had consumed too much energy before, and now he was out of breath. For a moment, he felt that he was going to die of lack of oxygen.

Before he died, the man in front of him finally stopped.

Thay found an empty park.

Yu Fan collapsed to the ground, opened his mouth and took a big breath, his shoulders heaved up and down hard, and his heart beat as fast as a drum.

Something got stuck in his hair, but he couldn’t care. Yu Fan did not recover, when a hand, grabbed his hair, and raised his head.

Chen Jing squatted down and looked down at him.

His eyelids were cold and taut, and his eyes looked like he is looking at a puppy waiting to be slaughtered.

“Yu Fan, are you good at fighting?”

As soon as the heart is tight, the heart moves.

The next second, Chen Jingshen raised his other hand and leaned straight into his face.

Yu Fan is used to fighting, and when others raise their hands and approach him without saying a word, it is either a fist or a slap.

He unconsciously closed his eyes–.

The corners of his mouth felt cold.

Chen Jingshen used his fingers to wipe off the blood there.

And then put a band-aid on the top.


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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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