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Feeling the eyes of the people around him, Yu Fan turned his head and tried to break Chen Jingshen’s head back, only to bump into Chen Jingshen’s eyes.

Just now, Yu Fan leaned over there to play dice with Zuo Kuan. There are people in the back box and the space is crowded.

With the benefit of hindsight, he was too close to Chen Jingshen.

So close that he smelled Chen Jingshen in the smoke-filled box. Mint fragrance with wine flavor, mixed into a unique, cold and cool breath.

Chen Jingshen breathed slightly, and he smelled like wine.

For a moment, Yu Fan suddenly couldn’t remember what he was going to scold.

Someone in the box had secretly raised their cell phones, and no one sang the song, while the people at the other end of the sand looked at them with their heads up.

After Chen Jingshen moved, their heads also moved.

Then they saw Yu Fan’s scary face.


Everyone reacted in an instant!

Yeah! It is just mentioned that it should be the person next to him, there is no rules whether it is the same or the opposite sex.

It’s just that people of the same sex don’t seem to be as interesting. My ass!
The people holding the phone instantly raised the phone higher!

The person next to him whispered, “Will they really kiss?”

“Anyway, it’s written on the card.”

“Then who does Chen Jingshen want to kiss?”

“Nonsense, of course, it’s more complicated to kiss a girl, isn’t it?”

“Will Yu Fan agree?”

“Didn’t Yu Fan himself ask high achiever to take a dare?”

” There is no reason for him to refuse.”

Wang Luan glanced at Zhang Xianjing, who was secretly fixing her lipstick, then turned to look at Yu Fan, who was motionless and murderous. He could not help praying for Chen Jingshen in his heart.

“Fuck.” Zuo Kuan frowned, “what kind of ghost card is this? Why haven’t I seen this one?”

“Isn’t this kind of dare card quite normal?” Zhang Xianjing put away her lipstick. “All right, come on! I’ve got it, since our class can gamble the we are also accepting of our loss! Isn’t it just a minute of kissing? I’m not afraid. ”

Zuo Kuan: “…”

Wang Luan wanted to cheat, but Zhang Xianjing turned her head and put the words out.

So he only tried to minimize it: “the hot kiss is too much, forget it, just give him a simple kiss– Zuo Kuan, is that okay with you?”

This is a game between high achiever and Zuo Kuan, as long as Zuo Kuan agrees, others don’t care.

“No problem!” Zuo Kuan responded quickly and angrily.

Although Chen Jingshen is watching Yu Fan, what if he changes his mind and wants to kiss Zhang Xianjing again?

Ok, now it depends on whether high achiever wants his chastity or his life.

“all right.” Wang Luan looked at Chen Jingshen, “Then high achiever, who do you want to kiss? ”

Yu Fan was snapped out of his thoughts. He clasped his arms and turned his head to the other side coldly.

His face was cold and hard, and his whole body was covered with resistance.

On the other hand, Zhang Xianjing threw lipstick into her bag, puckered out her pretty lips and poked Chen Jingshen’s shoulder shyly. She whispered in a very small voice: “high achiever, I can help you. As long as you are willing to take all my assignments and exams this semester. ”

Chen Jingshen has no plans to “trade” with her.

He drew back his eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to have a glass of wine to finish everything. Then he felt something sweep across a gust of wind–.

An arm ran roughly across his face.

The white sweater is loose, and the sleeves are wrinkled after sitting for a long time, which expresses the discomfort and awkwardness of the host.

Chen Jingshen was rarely stunned. He stared at the cloth for two seconds before he looked up and looked away.

Yu Fang looked at Cheng Jingshen, and his face stinky than before, and he uttered a word coldly: “Done.”

Everyone around him was stupefied for a moment.

Zuo Kuanyu first regained his senses and immediately protested: “even with your own hands? Even across the clothes? ”

“Why doesn’t it count?” Wang Luan picked up quickly. “I just said to give kiss, it doesn’t matter where! ”

Zuo Kuan: “who would understand that you bastard?”

Yu Fan frowned and was about to say that he shouldn’t push his luck, when a warm and feeling on his wrist made him shut up in an instant.

He subconsciously drew his hand, but did not pull it back.

Chen Jingshen held his wrist and quietly used his strength to lift the palm of his hand up.

Yu Fan passively began to bend his hand, but before he could react, his finger was already on Chen Jingshen’s face.

He even felt Chen Jingshen’s breath, sprayed heavily in his fingers–.

Half a second later.

Chen Jingshen half-closed his eyes and kissed him on the palm of his hand.

It froze like electricity.

The place that was touched was like a fire, winding its way up the blood vessels all the way to the ear.

The surroundings were quiet again, and even the songs in the stereo were pressed and paused.

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan just fought with “your Class seven can’t afford to play” and “your Class eight is so stingy.” they stopped together

Zhang Xianjing glared at a pair of fox eyes, wanting to rebuke Yu Fan for stealing her opportunity. When she looked up under the dim light, Chen Jingshen’s eyes were much softer than usual.

The hand near his face curled up slightly and Yu Fan didn’t seem to have his usual teeth and claws.

Chen Jingshen asked, “are you all right?”

Wang Luan and Zuo Kuan were still in shock and looked at Chen Jingshen with some admiration.

Is that the palm of the hand that Chen Jingshen just kissed?

That palm is a tiger meat pad!

Zuo Kuan murmured: ” There you go. ”

“high achiever.” Wang Lu’an gave him a thumbs up and said, “you are this.”

Chen Jingshen ignored them, held the wrist down, relaxed his strength, and said hoarsely to the person next to him: “Thank you.”

Yu Fan suddenly returned to his mind, pulled out his hand, gritted his teeth and whispered, “I fucking… Let you do it yourself? ”

“Where do you want me to kiss?”

Yu Fan turned his head with the idea of tucking his sleeves into Chen Jingshen’s mouth and looked at the position below the tip of Chen Jingshen’s nose.


“well, here comes the wine,” shouted a boy standing at the wine table. “is there anyone else playing dice? Two more, we’ll have a lot of fun. ”

The man looked back at Yu Fan and remembered the scene in which he had just turned over Zuo Kuan. He couldn’t help laughing: “Brother Fan, have you been playing this game for a long time? Why don’t you take a break? ”

“not tired.” Yu Fan painstakingly got up, moved a separate leather stool. He sat down and looked up at the person opposite to him. “Zuo Kuan, come and continue.”

Zuo Kuan, who was just about to lie down for a rest: “…”

“you, Wang Luan, and your class high achiever, can’t afford to take turns messing with me?” He couldn’t help complain.

“how many of your Class eight have come tonight?” Yu Fan buckled the dice cup to the wine table and said, “bring them all up.”

Yu Fan drank down several people in Class 8, which took no more than half an hour.

“No, I can’t.” The sports student in his class waved, “I really can’t fucking drink. Can I pick the dare too?”

It is a metaphor for asking for mercy: “Yes.”

Sitting next to the sports student on the left, he rose to his feet and said, “Wang Luan, change your seat.”

“No.” Wang Luan laughed at him, “the best you can do is to kiss the palm of your hand. What’s the big deal?”

Yu Fan picked up a dice and threw it directly then it was caught by Wang Luan.

The sports student had better luck than Chen Jingshen and drew the adventure card to go to the box next door to sing.

A group of boys instantly boiled, all got up and surrounded him and rushed next door, and the box was more than half empty.

Yu Fan was not interested in these and stayed in the box.

He picked up his glass and took a sip.

When he took his first sip, he finally looked back reluctantly.

Chen Jingshen sat quietly, and at the moment he looked back, he seemed to lift his eyelids with emotion.

Chen Jingshen sat quietly, and at the moment when he turned back, he lifted his eyelids.

Not only the body is crooked, the head also has no strength to lean to one side, it is obviously a drunken posture.

A few seconds later, the head hung down again, and after a while it was estimated that the head would lie directly on Zhang Xianjing’s shoulder.

Zhang Xianjing sat with a smile and seemed ready to pick him up.

It’s fine.

Yu Fan lazily withdrew his eyes.

Chen Jingshen slipped down again, and Zhang Xianjing stretched her shoulders. She wants to ask how long she would have to wait. She to just press his head down.

She had just moved her fingers when suddenly a hand reached out, grabbed Chen Jingshen’s collar and put the man back upright.

Yu Fan grabbed him impassively, thinking that he had to pretend to be forced not to drink.

Unexpectedly, Chen Jingshen looked up at him, then lowered his head, raised his hand and pinched the corner of his clothes.

“Yu Fan.” Chen Jingshen said faintly, “I don’t feel well.”

After going crazy in the box next door, a group of boys smiled and walked out of the private room next door.

” I will never come to this ktv in my life!” The sports student turned red with shame and indignation.

The crowd turned around and were about to go back when the door of their box suddenly opened. Yu Fan came out with a person in one hand and a bag in the other.

Wang Luan looked at him in shock and couldn’t remember when was the last time he saw Yu Fan’s back bag.

“He can’t hold on anymore. I’ll send him away first.” Yu Fan told Wang Luan when he saw him.
“All right.” Wang Luan said, “can you carry him alone?”


Wang Luan stood at the door and watched them for a while.

Although he is drunk now, he walks steadily.

Luan Wang safely turned back to the box.

After nine o’clock, the night show is at its peak.

Many people were beautifully dressed with shiny clothes. Yu Fan helped a drunken man to walk out.

“do you want to throw up?”

Chen Jingshen was silent for a moment, then thought about it: “Yes-”

“swallow it back.”


Even though Yu Fan said that, he still dragged the man and carried him to the toilet.

He waited outside for a while, then Chen Jingshen came out. He doesn’t know if he threw up or not. Anyway, his face was stained with water. He should have washed his face.

He glanced at the crowded traffic outside and said, “your address.”

Chen Jingshen: “I’m not going home.”

Yu Fan: “which street do you want to sleep on?”

Chen Jingshen’s forehead was wet and his bangs were clumped together.

“I told my family I went out to do more lessons. It’s not time yet, so I dare not go back.”


Five minutes later, the two entered a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store.

There are no customers in the convenience store next to ktv, and most of the people who come in at this time are buying cigarettes.

Yu Fan found a seat by the window and sat down.

“how late are you going to make up your lessons?”

Chen Jingshen glanced at the wall clock and said, “I just need two more hours.”

“…” Yu Fan frowned impatiently.

Chen Jingshen changed his tune: “but my house is far away. Staying here for an hour is enough.”

“Your house is really far?” Yu Fan asked.

” How come you still drink so much wine? You even dared to play dice and drink with Zuo Kuan? ”

Chen Jingshen closed his eyes: “he asked me to change seats.”


“I don’t want to change.”


Yu Fan opened up his eyelids and turned away.

“Where are you going?” Chen Jingshen asked.

“I’ll smoke.”

Yu Fan walked to the door then he remembered that there was no cigarette in his cigarette case.

He turned to the counter and was about to pay for it when Yu Fan caught a glimpse of the honey being sold by the table.

They really know how to do business.

“Let me take a bag of Honey.”

The shop assistant was stupefied: “Sorry, we only have canned honey here.”
“That’s fine,” Yu Fan frowned impatiently, he took out the money and put it on the counter, vaguely, ” Do you have warm water and cups? ”

When Yu Fan returned, Chen Jingshen had already leaned against the window and closed his eyes.

Chen Jingshen’s undereye is a little red. It must have been because he is drinking, his shoulders collapsed loosely, and he looked lazy.

Today, Wang Luan specially bought a few bottles of foreign ones for his birthday. There was nothing wrong with that kind of wine, but it has strong alcohol level. The last time Wang Luan finished drinking it, he asked for leave the next day and slept at home for a day.

Yu Fan foolishly held a plastic cup and touched him on the shoulder: “Chen Jingshen.”

There was no response.

The car was jammed outside, and the red light at the back of the car swept into the convenience store. He couldn’t tell whether the red on Chen Jingshen’s face was a drunken effect or a light reflection.

How come there’s no response, there’s nothing wrong with him after drinking, right?

Is it true that he can’t show up at home like this?

Should he just carry him to the hospital?

Yu Fan hesitated and unconsciously moved his hand up, and the back of his hand probed Chen Jingshen’s face.

Fortunately, the person is still warm and alive.

Chen Jingshen suddenly looked up at him, his dark eyes stained by the smell of wine, looking a little contemptuous.

Yu Fan was stunned, and it took a long time to find his voice: “Uncomfortable? Shall we go to the hospital? ”

Chen Jingshen was silent.

Yu Fan frowned: “speak.”

Chen Jingshen lowered his eyes, tilted his face, and took the hand back to his face.
The hand that did not have time to be taken back was stiff, indicating that the nerves were instantly tense.

“it’s okay.”

After a few minutes of silence, Chen Jingshen’s deep and hoarse voice was heard. “if you ask me to endure it for a bit, then it won’t be hard.”

School is starting for me so updates might not be that frequent.

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