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Their fingers were affixed to each other for a moment and soon separated.

Chen Jingshen quietly put his things in his pocket, then picked up his pen and continued to work on the paper on the table.

He looked natural, and no one around him noticed.

“Hurry up, don’t waste everyone’s time.” When Hu Pang saw that he stopped moving again, he twisted his eyebrow and urged him.

Yu Fan returns to his senses.

He curled up his fingers, pulled his pockets with a straight face, and opened his palms.

Hu Pang is satisfied. He nodded reluctantly and looked at Wang Luan: “where is it?”

Wang Luan immediately pulled out all over his body and lied: “Director, I’ve given up smoking for a long time, and now I’ve forgotten how to smoke!”The “smoke” in the photo was spit out by Zuo Kuan, which has nothing to do with Yu Fang and me. We just smoked ourselves in there! This man is so abhorrent! ”

Hu Pang: “…”

Zuo Kuan: “…”

Wang Luan refused to admit it, and Hu Pang could not arrest people without proof and simply gave up.

After a few words of advice, he took the people of Class 8 to his office.

Before leaving, Zuo Kuan gave Wang Luan a middle finger while Hu Pang turned around.
Although it was previously agreed that they would take turns taking the blame, but isn’t he going too far”?

Wang Luan blew him a kiss.

Zhang Xianjing sighed: “Wang Luan, why don’t you blink when you lie?”

“Sorry, I’m a boy. And this is what we made an appointment with Zuo Kuan. I don’t understand. ”

When Wang Luan finished, he turned his eyes and looked at the complicated desk.

Yu Fan had a dark face and just wanted to destroy someone. Wang Luan had already stepped ahead of him and picked up one of them.

“Damn it, metaphorically complicated and dishonest.” Wang Luan said, “are you studying secretly?”

Yu Fan: “I learn nothing.”

“then where did this come from?”

“I picked it up from the night package in the internet cafe.” Yu Fan said without expression, “take it back.”

He pick it up and bring it to the school and put it in the drawer? The dog doesn’t believe it.
But Wang Luan looked at his expression and decided to shut up, and the exercise book was handed back.

The bully of the school found it humiliating to be studying secretly, and he could understand his brother.

Yu Fan put these things in the drawer together with the “textbook” he took out.

“Oh, damn it.” Wang Luan looked at the people who were far away and could not help scolding,

“which idiot reported us in the end.”

Yu Fan remembered that his things are still in Chen Jingshen’s.

Gao Shi’s voice came from the door: “High achiever! The math teacher asked you to go to the office!”

Wang Luan is contagious. After the sports meeting, people who met Chen Jingshen was called high achiever.

Yu Fan sullenly turned, just going to get things back. His deskmate has pushed his chair away, got up and went out the back door to the teacher’s office.

Yu Fan: “…”

Zhang Xianjing said: “the smell of smoke must have floated out and affected others.”

“Then he can come and tell us, who’s the hero behind the report!” Wang Luan wanted to think, “and we take turns to wait on the lookout. When there is no one near the classroom, who can be affected? … Have you seen the photos just now? It’s only Yu Fan ”

Yu Fan hung his hands under the desk, had little strength to hold up his mobile phone, and didn’t listen to what they were talking about.

He turned on the snake again, and in the few seconds that he entered the game, he opened his left hand and looked at it.

Last time he made a bloody cut in his hand, he didn’t feel anything. Chen Jingshen just grabbed his hand with his fingers, and now he’s still a little numb.

Is there a thorn on this man’s finger?

He didn’t know what Chen Jingshen did on this trip and he came back after the class bell.

As soon as Chen Jingshen sat down, he poked him twice with his elbow.

Yu Fan said: “my things.”

Chen Jingshen reached into his pocket, took out the carton of cigarettes and handed it to him.

Yu Fan picked up the cigarette case and looked at his fingers, not to mention thorns, even his fingernails are clean and neat.

After school, the milk tea shop was filled with boys.

Zuo Kuan had bad luck and stared ferociously at every passing classmate to see who looked like a whistleblower.

“Damn it, just wait if I find him. I’ll beat him to the point where he won’t say anything anymore.”

Wang Luan ‘s state of mind has been much calmer. “he didn’t take punishment again, he just made a review.”

“what I care about is self-criticism? I am the one who is disgusted by the snitch! ” Zuo Kuan finished scolding and reached into his pocket for it.

“how dare you smoke here?” Seeing the meaning of his action, Wang Luan said, Are you not afraid to be caught by the fat tiger?”

“He just take whatever he wants. I would also like to say that the text message contains only our name, so why is it so complicated? I don’t deserve to be photographed? ”


Zuo Kuan touched his lower pocket, but didn’t touch anything, so he remembered.

“Yu Fan, do you have any more?” Zuo Kuan poked the person next to him, “give me one.”

Yu Fan took it out and threw without looking up.

Zuo Kuan took it and murmured, “this box is so heavy, you just bought it?… My ass!? ”

Wang Luan: “What the hell you scare me– fuck!”

Their voices are too loud, not to mention the people inside, several girls passing outside the door looked.

Yu Fan was not far away from them and was almost deaf to these two cries.

He frowned and turned his head. “are you looking for–”

The colorful colors appeared in the line of sight, and the voice was dumbfounded, and he bowed his head and looked

The blue-purple cigarette case was stuffed with colorful sugar. In bulk, there are single pieces, some with sticks, and the cigarette packs are stuffed and bulged quickly.

His only two cigarette were huddled in the corner, shivering.

Yu Fan: “…”

Everyone else froze.
So is the owner of the cigarette case.

“Why did you do this?” Zuo Kuan was the first to react and said, “Brother, I admit that I have been a little aggrieved in my personal life, but you don’t have to coax me like that… After all, if you do more for me now, it will be your turn to do it next time. ”

Yu Fan was silent.

No wonder his pocket is so heavy.

He recalled that Chen Jingshen had gone to the teacher’s office and came back. That was the weight of the cigarette case. It’s just that when he only looked at Chen Jingshen’s hand, he didn’t remember how much he had smoked before, and didn’t care at all.

Where did Chen Jingshen get so much sugar?

Zuo Kuan stretched out his hand: “but since you are so careful, I will taste the strawberries.”

The things in the hands were taken away mercilessly.

Yu Fan reached out to pick and choose in the cigarette case, he took out the two cigarettes in the corner and threw them to him.

Then “all the rest” was thrown into the pocket.

He is going to go to school tomorrow, and take it out and hit Chen Jingshen on the forehead.


He think so, but until Friday, the “candy” failed to greet Chen Jingshen.

The two made no mention of their tacit understanding.

Wang Luan was motionless and could ask seven questions-it wasn’t until Friday that Yu Fan finally got a good night’s sleep in class.

Wang Luan celebrated his birthday today and opened a box in ktv in the evening to celebrate, so he was busy running around in various classes in the second year of high school to invite friends.

He has a good fate, and in the grade, he smokes and fights, and he is clever and loves to learn, regardless of whether he is male or female, he always plays well.

So at night, when Yu Fan was so busy, the ktv’s box was already full of people.

The ghost in the stereo was almost sent away by Yu Fan. He looked up and saw that it was Zuo Kuan.

When he saw him, Wang Luan, who was sitting in the middle, made room for a seat: “Yu Fan, why are you so late? Come and sit here. ”

Half the people in the box couldn’t help looking at Yu Fan.

They have a good relationship with Wang Luan, but few of them have spoken to Yu Fan. They don’t dare to talk to him.

Yu Fan silently came and sat down. Wang Luan found that his face was not very good. He handed him a glass of wine and asked, “Why, are you bored by the traffic jam?”

Yu Fan: “No.”

When he went out, he met Yu Kaiming and they quarreled. If he hadn’t come over to celebrate Wang Luan’s birthday, they would have been fighting by now.

Yu Fan handed over the bag in his hand: “Happy birthday, brother.”

Wang Luan took it over and said, “didn’t I told you not to buy a gift?”

Wang Luan was stunned when he saw the hat in the bag.

He talked casually with Zuo Kuan a while ago, saying that he liked this fisherman’s hat, it is nearly 600 yuan, but he had recently bought a pair of shoes, so he planned to buy them later.

When Yu Fan was eating, his head was not raised, but unexpectedly he listened to it all.

The main thing is that he knows more or less about his situation at home, and this hat is quite expensive.

Wang Luan was a little hesitant.

“take it, don’t be hypocritical.” Yu Fan said.

” OK, I’ll take it. ” Wang Luan raised his glass to him. “Dear brother, needless to say, the birthday boy personally made a toast.”

Yu Fan simply drank up a glass of wine.

“Wang Luan, do you still want to play?” Zuo Kuan shouted loudly beside him.

“go on, go on.” Wang Luan turned around and asked, “Yu Fan, do you play dice?”


“Then just sit down and watched me kill all the fools of Class eight.”

“Damn it,” said Zuo Kuan. “Don’t think that I won’t scold the birthday boy today.”

Yu Fan sat on the sofa and watched them play dice.

He doesn’t know which girl got the microphone, the voice was so broken he thought he would be deaf.
It would be even better if he didn’t sing “Father”.

After listening to two sentences, Yu Fan began to be irritated and subconsciously pulled out his pocket to look for a cigarette. As a result, he felt as soon as he touched the box.

He didn’t believe in evil and picked up the lid-and saw the candy wrapper.

Shit, wrong cigarette case.

Yu Fan turned his head and wanted to find Wang Luan to get a cigarette.

Wang Luan stood up and said, ” Zuo Kuan has a crush on Zhang Xianjing. Tell her now, and don’t come to the wine table to disgust me! ”

Zuo Kuan: “Don’t fucking talk nonsense! I have no secret crush on her! Women like her are not my type at all! ”

Zhang Xianjing: “Let’s stop fighting.”

Yu Fan: “…”

He turned his head back again.

He picked out a lollipop, broke the package, and stuffed it with an expressionless face.

It tastes like milk, it’s okay, it’s creamy, and it doesn’t taste bad.

Two waiters pushed the door in with two cylinders in their hands. The light was so dim that Yu Fan could not see what it was.

Until the two men walked to both sides of the box, he realized and it was too late.

“Bang! Bang! ”

The fireworks tube burst, the sound was more sensational than the stereo, and the colorful sequins rushed out and fell in the whole private room.

The two waiters said in unison: “Happy birthday to Mr. Wang Luan! We wish you long life from the heaven! Peace all year round! ”

The candy was crushed with a bite

The girl sitting next to him was startled by this noise, covering her ears she bumped into his shoulder.

The girl came round, looked up at him, blushed and said, “I’m sorry.”… ”
Yu Fan had no expression and moved to the other side: “it’s nothing.”

The birthday boy himself was frightened: “fuck!”

Zuo Kuan: “what do you think? I specially asked someone to arrange it. ”

Wang Luan: “stupid!”

Yu Fan thinks so, too.

He stood up with candy and was about to leave when he was stopped.

Wang Luan raised his head and asked, “where are you going?”


“Oh, that’s just right. Let’s go out and pick up high achiever.” Wang Luan shook his phone. “he said he was at the door of ktv.”


Yu Fan’s expression appeared in a daze: “Why did he come?”

“Ah? I invited him. ” Wang Luan said, “I was worried that he wouldn’t come.”


Yu Fan could not scold the birthday boy: “can’t he come in by himself?”

“then I’m afraid he won’t find his way. Maybe this is the first time he has come to ktv, so I’ll pick him up.”

“No, I’m too lazy to guide him.”

Wang Luan said, “then I’ll let him find a waiter to lead the way. It’s just that it’s busy here at night, and he probably has to wait a long time for the waiter. ”

Two minutes later, Yu Fan appeared at the ktv gate with a smelly face.

This ktv takes a pompous palace style, and there is a man with black sunglasses in a suit at the gate, which is motionless and cool.

But the girls in the hall were watching the person outside the door, and then they got together again, laughing and whispering.

Yu Fan saw Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen wore a simple black sweater, black overalls wrapped around his legs, and the whole portrait melted into the night. He is looking at his phone with his head down.

The stick of Yu Fan’s lollipop was thrown away before he came forward.

“Why, are you waiting for the sedan chair to lift you up?”

When Chen Jingshen heard the sound, he looked back.

His eyes were dark and shining in a dark environment, like a calm lake at night, making it easy for people to indulge in.

Yu Fan looked at him for two seconds, then opened his mouth and said impatiently, “Let’s go.”

As soon as he turned around, he suddenly grabbed his arm and brought him back to his original position.

“what are you doing?”

Chen Jingshen raised his hand and put his finger into his hair. Yu Fan lost his voice directly.
His chin was raised slightly, and Yu Fan could see his neck and protruding Adam’s apple.

Chen Jingshen’s fingers poked slowly in his hair, and every time his fingers touched him, his whole head became numb.

Somehow, he suddenly remembered Chen Jingshen touching his hands.

A few seconds later, Chen Jingshen withdrew his hand and spread the thing he got in front of him, with several colored stripes and sequins wrapped around his thin fingers.

“How dirty.” Chen Jingshen said.

Shizun: He really knows how to break the atmosphere.

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