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After sending the boy and dog away, Yu Fan returned to the Internet cafe.

“Is there a computer available?”

The owner of the Internet bar looked up from the computer: “Yes.”

” Did you come back after dinner? ”

Yu Fan gave a sound.

The noodle shop chosen by Chen Jingshen is honest. A bowl of noodles weighs a lot, and there is a poached egg in the bottom of the bowl. He came back after walking around and his stomach was still swollen.

“Do you have a night package tonight?”The boss called the computer program and asked.

“Then that one.”

“Wait a minute. There are many places available today. I’ll choose a comfortable one for you.”

Yu Fan is form the same neighbor. Yu Fan often comes here, and the boss has more or less heard about his family.

He couldn’t help asking, “Why don’t you just stay at school?”

“I’m too lazy to fix it.”


There is a student dormitory in Nancheng No. 7 High School. However, due to the convenient location and convenient transportation of the school, coupled with the rule that boarding students must study in the evening, there are twice as many day students in their school as in other schools.

Yu Fan was lying on the sofa and opened a shooting game.

After playing a game, he suddenly felt lost in thought.

I went out to blew some steam, but I didn’t seem to want to fight so much.

So Yu Fan casually clicked on a movie that he had heard the name, and when he was ready to get some sleep.

He just closed his eyes and was woken up.

The aunt came over with a cleaning cart, pointed to what was on his desk and asked, “Little brother, is this a garbage bag?”

The owner of the Internet bar was passing by, holding instant noodles for his guests. When she heard the noise, she looked over at Yu Fan.

Yu Fan put things too casually, plastic bags were pitifully affixed to those books, and the books at the top were vaguely revealed. The boss saw the slogan on the book that read, “Zero Foundation of Mathematics, choose for stupid birds to fly first!” .

There is even a picture of a fat bird on the word “stupid bird”.

The boss saw Yu Fan’s smelly face and stared at the bag with disgust.

So he said firmly to the aunt, “It’s not his, but to other guest who stayed. Please put it on the counter for me, and see if anyone will pick it up later. ”

The aunt is old and has poor eyesight. She nods, reached out and tried to get the bag.

The other party is faster than her.


Yu Fan painstakingly took the things away and threw them behind him. His eyes flickered on the computer screen and said vaguely, “Thank you, but don’t throw it. ”

Wang Luan was given an ultimatum by his father this time. He won’t be given pocket money, confiscate his cell phones and restrict travel on weekends.

So in class the next day, he ran to Chen Jingshen with exercise books in his arms.

Wang Luan found that the information he got was very reliable. Although high achiever usually sayss a few words, the topic is unambiguous, easy to understand, and very detailed.

It’s even a little too detailed.

“high achiever, although my foundation is a little poor, I still understand the knowledge of the first year of junior high school. There is no need to waste your time telling me again.”

Chen Jingshen said, “learn one more time and strengthen your memory.”


After another question, Chen Jingshen leaned his pen against the table and made a clear sound, “do you understand me?”

At the same time, the sleeping deskmate beside him pulled his finger on his shoulder and clenched it into a fist.

Wang Luan ‘s heart shook with this hand and said in a small voice, “High achiever, maybe our voice can be a little smaller? You look around so many students,let’s not disturb other. ”

“mm-hmm.” Chen Jingshen’s volume remains the same, “what’s the other question?”


Wang Lu’an gently turned the page: “this–”

“it’s not over?” Yu Fan looked up from his arms and stared at Wang Luan

“Why, is there is a sign hanging in Zhuang Xingqin’s office, which says, ‘Wang Luan is not allowed to enter the house and ask questions?”

“I am eager to learn. And it’s true that Zhuang Xingqin is not in his office. She has gone to attend a public lecture today. ”

As Wang Luan said, he put his face together a little bit. “Fuck, you look like that, what did you do last night? Ah, I have been surprised that the environment of the Internet bar near your home is so bad, how did you manage to stay there all night? ”

Chen Jingshen looked down.

The skin is cold, but it is obvious that there is more color on the body. At the moment, his under eyes were black and blue, his eyebrows drooping, and he didn’t look very energetic.

Feeling the eyes of the person next to him, Yu Fan wanted to bury his face back.

He knows what he is like now.

But then he thought– No, what’s wrong with ugliness? Why his image infront of Chen Jingshen important?

“it’s cheap,” Yu Fan said, frowning. “it’s not as bad as you said. There’s a sofa.”

As soon as something cold touched his forehead, Yu Fan’s voice stopped abruptly.
Chen Jingshen put his fingers together and probed his forehead.

Yu Fan’s disorderly hair was pushed aside by his fingers, revealing his eyes, which instantly reduced a bit of hostility.

The two men were stupefied for a moment.

It was not until Chen Jingshen moved his hand that Yu Fan regained his mind. He put his jaw on his arm, turned his head and said, “are you–”

“you look the same now as you did last time.”

Yu Fan: “…”

Chen Jingshen said, “if you are weak, don’t stay up all night.”

Yu Fan: “?”

You, a man who can’t even hold his own dog, have the right to talk about me?

When Wang Luan saw Yu Fan, he was afraid that Chen Jingshen would say one more word, he would be pulled directly to the toilet alone by Yu Fan.

So he immediately closed his exercise book: “Last time? What last time? Why don’t I know– Oh, Yu Fan, don’t sleep. I asked Zuo Kuan to play in PE class. He probably already occupied the court.. ”

No matter how many times the schedule is changed, Class 7 and Class 8 have two PE classes a week. So the ball is often asked between the two classes.

When he saw them, Zuo Kuan complained: “Why are you so slow? I waiteed for you.”

“the PE teacher disbanded slowly.” Wang Luan breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to grab the stadium.”

“A man who just wanted to come and play badminton was driven away by me.” Zuo Kuang counted their numbers. “Why are there only four of you?”

Even one of them, with dishevelled hair, was walking lazily to the stone chair.

Wang Luan: “Yu Fan does not want to play, we are playing 3 against 3.”

“What 3, the five of us wants to play.” Zuo Kuan said.

“We used to be five, too, but Guan Fei went to training.”

“just find someone who doesn’t dislike it, all right?” Zuo Kuan looked at Yu Fan, “do you want to play? I’ve got all the people here. ”

Yu Fan yawned: “whatever, call someone over.”

In two minutes.

Yu Fan looked at Chen Jingshen, who was pulled by Wang Luan, and turned his head: “I won’t play anymore.”

“Oh, keep your word.” Wang Luan caught him by the neck and whispered, “there’s no way. There’s no one else. Make do with it. You’re so strong, you should let class eight have a lead.”

Chen Jingshen glanced at the whispering figure of the two people close to each other.
Wang Luan has a large skeleton, which makes the boy next to him thinner.

For a long time, Yu Fan looked back with a straight face ignoring Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen, who was standing on the side, went straight into the stadium.

Wang Luan followed closely. As he passed Chen Jingshen, he raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder: “high achiever, we discussed it. if you get the ball, pass it directly to the empty teammates around you, and don’t bother to break through and shoot. ”

Chen Jingshen said, “No.”

Zuo Kuan stood opposite Yu Fan, and he said with a smile, “there is no one else in your class? I can’t believe you brought Chen Jingshen here. If you bump into him,he won’t tell the teacher, will you?”

As he spoke, he glanced at Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen took off his school uniform coat he was wearing, leaving only a shirt.

His sleeves are pulled up, which makes him look a little more agile than usual.

“you think you can still take care of him?” Yu Fan said, “Don’t talk nonsense, play early and finish early. There will be many people later, and I’m afraid you’ll lose face. ”

“shit, don’t talk rubbish.” Zuo Kuan was happy. “Other classes can’t beat you, but the two sports students in our class are here this time. Are they still fucking afraid of you?”

Zuo Kuan is really not afraid, he asked them to play in advance.

Wang Luan, the only one whose figure has a bit of an advantage, can’t run through two periods without wheezing.

It’s a good fight, and the people who should be on guard are on guard.

Yu Fan withstood the pressure of two strong sports player, once again fake, three-step layup.

The basketball fell to the ground through the frame.

At the same time, Zhang Xianjing, who acted as a referee beside him, raised her arm in an ostentatious manner to show the end of the first quarter competition.

Yu Fan picked up the ball and threw it to Zuo Kuan: “how about more people to defend me?”
Zuo Kuan said, “Don’t pretend. See the score for yourself. ”

Wang Luan followed his voice to take a peek at the score and could not help but “lean”.

The basic goal of their class basketball game is to score by Yu Fan and Guan Fei. This time Guan Fei is not here, although Yu Fan is still scoring, but the two people defend him, results to him scoring less.

Now that the first quarter is over, they are still two points behind.

Break time.

Wang Luan took a sip and said, “Damn it, this time it’s up to them. If Zuo Kuan is won, he will probably brag for a month. ”

The first quarter was when they had the most strength, and the more they went on, the more tired their main force became, and it became more difficult to deal with the two sports students.

“you don’t know who will win until you finish the game.” Yu Fan said, “Don’t be lazy.”

When he went back to the court, Yu Fan glanced aside.

After a short period, everyone was sweating a little bit.

Only Chen Jingshen, who was passing the ball the whole time, did not gasp for breath.

Suddenly, Chen Jingshen’s eyes fell into him.

Yu Fan quickly put aside his eyes and said, “continue to pass the ball to me.”

Until he returned to his position, Chen Jingshen did not respond, and his words just now went unanswered.

At the beginning of the first quarter of the game, Yu Fan was still defended to death.

Wang Luan broke through and only passed the ball back. He looked back and saw that the others were being guarded, and only a tall, thin figure stood there doing nothing.

He didn’t know if he should pass the balll.

Zuo Kuan saw this and went to defense perfunctorily. He knew that the ball would probably be passed to Yu Fan again-Yu Fan himself thought the same way.

After waiting for a few seconds without waiting for the ball, Yu Fan frowned and looked to the side in doubt.

Chen Jingshen stood in place, dribbling with one hand, confronting Zuo Kuan.
His palms are big, and every time the basketball bounced, it fits perfectly in the palm of his hand.

In a second, the teenager leaned over, took the ball easily over the left, and took a few steps to shot.


The ball went in smoothly

Everyone else in the field: “?”

In fact, this is a very simple shoot.

But when it comes to Chen Jingshen, it is a little surprising.

“high achiever.” Wang Luan was stunned and said, “so you can play basketball?”

Chen Jingshen picked up the ball, threw it to Zuo Kuan, and said faintly, “A little bit.”

Yu Fan took a look at Chen Jingshen’s eyes.

No wonder every time Chen Jingshen passes the ball, he catches it.
He should have said it sooner, instead of pretending not to play.

Zuo Kuan was passed too suddenly, but also regained consciousness.

He smiled and said, ” Then I’ll score a point and guard against you. ”

Two minutes later, he was once relaxed against Chen Jingshen.

Zuo Kuan: ” I have to recognize your skills.”

In the third section, Zuo Kuan’s three consecutive shots were lightly blocked by Chen Jingshen.

Zuo Kuan: “ha.”

Chen Jingshen carried the ball in one hand, ran him left and right like a monkey, then raised his hand, picked his fingers, and threw a three-pointer on the top of his forehead.

Zuo Kuan: “your mother.”

In the last two minutes of the game, Zuo Kuan looked at the fury of 12 points behind his class.

Losing is actually a common occurrence, and he loses even worse in the absence of these sports students in the class. But this time it made him feel particularly different–.

Yu Fan himself is quite crazy, playing ball ruthlessly for a while. It made him feel good about losing.

On the contrary, Chen Jingshen.

The man has a cold and indifferent look when he plays ball.

To put it simply, “you do your best, but the other person easily beat you down without a face.”

Zuo Kuan suddenly felt that he understood the mentality of being the last one in the grade.

The last ball.

Although there is no hope of winning, several people in Class 8 still recognize that they are playing.

Chen Jingshen dribbled the ball in silence and raised the back of his hand to wipe off the sweat.

Class eight was divided into a sports student to prevent him, and Zuo Kuan was watching him all the time. It was difficult for him to break through now.

In an instant, he caught up with the line of sight of Yu Fan.

The two looked at each other for less than a second and then withdrew their eyes by coincidence.

Yu Fan wiped off the sweat from the corners of his eyes and slowly took two steps towards him.
Chen Jingshen took the ball. He stood outside the three-point line for a second and then raised his hand.

Zuo Kuan thought he was going to shoot a three-pointer and immediately looked for an opportunity to take off. Only to see Chen Jingshen glance at him, his hand suddenly drooping,, the ball was passed to the left–.

The ball fell into Yu Fan’s hands obediently.

Zuo Kuan: “fuck you.”

The man smiled: “but this game is really good.”

Zuo Kuan strangely said, “I didn’t think Chen Jingshen would finally pass the ball, otherwise I must have blocked it, and I would never let Yu Fan be so compelled.”

To tell you the truth, Yu Fan himself did not expect it.

But the moment Chen Jingshen looked at him, he inexplicably understood.

Yu Fan twirled his fingers and couldn’t help glancing aside.

Chen Jingshen sat quietly in his seat. He was sweaty, his hair was tightly huddled between his forehead, his shirt was dirty, and he was in a rare mess.

But he was breathing smoothly and his face was pale. It’s different from the tired people around him who gasp like dogs.

Yu Fan did not intend to let Chen Jingshen follow.

But Wang Luan said that after playing for such a long time, it was much more intense than that of three thousand meters, and he was afraid that Chen Jingshen would get dizzy as he walked.

Yu Fan had deep experience and did not drive him away.

Wang Luan exhaled a puff of air: “Oh, I don’t know if Sister Jing recorded the game. I’ll ask later. ”

Zuo Kuan: “Don’t think about it. She did the math and definitely recorded only two people.” .

Wang Luan: “……”

He actually thought it made sense.

“high achiever,” Wang Luan said, “how many years have you played basketball?”

Chen Jingshen said, “I haven’t played for a long time.”

“You haven’t played for a long time? The three-pointers are all shoot in the middle! ”


After smoking a cigarette, Zuo Kuan still felt that he had not had enough.

So he took out his cigarette case and said, “Yu Fan, don’t you want one?”

Yu Fan leaned one hand on the desk to play with his cell phone, lowered his head and shook his head.

Hie eyes moved on the person on his left.

His heart moved, his hand moved away, and the cigarette case moved to the man’s eye.
“high achiever, would you like to try it?”

Chen Jingshen raised his eyelids and glanced at him, but said nothing.

Zuo Kuan smiled gently and said, “I’ve learned that it can help you relax when you’re under a lot of pressure to study in the future.”


The foot of the chair was kicked unexpectedly, and Zuo Kuan immediately moved back awkwardly.

As soon as he was excited, he looked back and saw the cold look in his eyes.

“Hey, Zuo Kuan, this is your problem.” Wang Luan also twisted his eyebrow, “you want to quit but can’t quit, then also persuade people to touch it?”
Zuo Kuan: “then I’m asking politely. Everyone is smoking, and I’m afraid high achiever thinks we don’t welcome him. ”

“If you like smoking too much, put it in your nostrils and smoke it yourself.”

Yu Fan got up and kicked Chen Jingshen’s chair neither lightly nor seriously. “Let’s go.”

The first thing Wang Luan did when he returned to the room was to ask Zhang Xianjing if there was any video recording.

Zhang Xianjing lived up to expectations and recorded it.

“what about me? Where am I? Why is the whole video High achiever and Yu Fan! ” Wang Luan denounced, “We have such a close relationship that you don’t even take a picture of me.”

“bullshit,” Zhang Xianjing pointed to the corner of the phone screen. “look down and see if this is the tip of your shoe!”


The two argued noisily.

Just after playing a game, Yu Fan felt sleepy.

He leaned back in his chair and bowed his head to continue his career of gluttonous snakes.

The period of gluttony is relatively simple. He plays absent-mindedly and plays with a cigarette case in the other hand. He turned the box around several times and made a few noises.

“Yu Fan.” Chen Jingshen hung down on the desk with one hand, a pen in his finger, and gave a light call.

Yu Fan was silent, but the operation of playing the game was a little slow.

A few seconds later, there was no sound. Yu Fan twisted his eyebrows: “say it.”

Chen Jingshen looked down at what was in his hand: “I will listen to you and won’t pick up cigarette.”

Yu Fan: “?”
Did I talk to you? Why would you listen to me?

“so, to be fair, shouldn’t you listen to me and stop smoking–”

Yu Fan: “shut up.”… ”

Knock, knock, knock.

The next window was knocked with force.

Yu Fan immediately pressed the phone into his thighs, turned his fingers skillfully in the other hand, put the cigarette case into the palm of his hand, and looked up–.

Hu Pang was so menacing and he said through the window, “look at the window!”

He was followed by the Zuo Kuan gang. They looked restless and had just been caught.

Yu Fan beat the window: “what?”

“What do you think?” Hu Pang pointed behind him. “you guys, did you just smoke in the experimental building?”

Yu Fan: “I didn’t smoke.”

“Lying again, right?” Hu Pang took out his cell phone. “A classmate specially sent me an anonymous text message to report it to me. Look, is this you?”

Hearing the word “report”, Yu Fan looked slightly cold and looked up.

Unknown number: Director Hu, I would like to report Yu Fan, Wang Luan, Zuo Kuan. Many students smoke in the room of the experimental building. ].

Unknown number: Yu Fan smokes in school all the year round, which affects his classmates. There is a cigarette case in his drawer. I hope the director will find out in time. ].

[unknown number: [photo]].

There is only one person in the picture.
Half of the body was exposed in the crack in the back door of the room. He sat lazily on his butt, surrounded by smoke.

The picture is a little blurry, so the position should be a little far away. Yu Fan looked at it a few times: “so, where is the cigarette?”

Hu Pang: “I’ll look through myself.”
“Director, I told you, I smoked the cigarette myself, but no one else smoked it.” Zuo Kuan said behind him.

“come on, you think I’ll believe it?” Hu Pang rubbed his eyebrows, raised his hand and pointed to his drawer. “take out the things in your drawer, or take the initiative and take out the cigarette.”

Yu Fan gave an impatient sight and reached into the drawer for something.

His drawer was empty.

When he went to draw the last textbook, his finger touched the innermost thing in the drawer, paused stiffly, and silently put it in a little more.

“your textbook is newer than the one in the office.” Hu Pang glanced at his desk. “where’s your pen?”

Yu Fan said, “there is no pen.”


Hu Pang’s heart ached even more. He hung his head and looked at his drawer. “Why is there anything in it? Take it out. ”

“that’s not smoke.”

“what if it’s just hidden there?” Hu Pang said, “take it out.”


Yu Fan remained motionless.

“You want me to go in and see for myself, right?” Hu Pang threatened to come in.

Oh, shit.

Yu Fan took a deep breath, pulled out the innermost books and smashed them on the desk with a straight face.

Hu Pang was frightened by a dull noise.

“do you still have a temper? How dare you smash the table in front of the director? ”

His voice stopped abruptly after reading the title of the book.

The others couldn’t help looking at his desk–.

“stupid birds fly 2017 first edition”.

“Mathematics in junior high school must do exercises”.

“An English dictionary memorized by pupils.”

Hu Pang: “?”

Others: “?”

He regrets it.

Feeling the silence around me, Yu Fan was so humiliated that his ears were burning, thinking that he might as well just punish him and get out of here–.

“ahem.” Hu Pang coughed in shock. “Good, good.”

He said, “turn your pocket out and have a look, and what are you doing with your other hand hanging over there?”

Yu Fan: “…”

What kind of cigarette case do you play with?

He was wondering where to tuck the cigarettes when the back of his hand was touched lightly.

Before Yu Fan could react, an outstretched fingers had already fiddled with his hand, and the warm belly of his fingers swept gently in the palm of his hand and took over the box of cigarettes.

Yu Fan: “…”

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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