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Chen Jingshen was wearing a loose white sweater and black trousers, simple and casual.

This is the first time for Yu Fan to see Chen Jingshen wearing clothes other than school uniforms.

He’s more pleasing to the eye than at school.

The dog was still on Yu Fan’s legs, swinging his tail just waiting for him to run.

So Yu Fan stood and moved, biting his cigarette and vaguely asked, “Why are you here?”

“Walking the dog.”

Yu Fan glanced at the narrow street and the crowd around him: “here?”

“I was in a nearby park.” Chen Jingshen seemed to be thinking, and there was some indescribable expression on the paralyzed face, “then he brought me here.”


Yu Fan thought about the nearest park from here.

This boy, was led by a dog for a race of 3000 meters?

The Doberman looks fierce. Although he wears a muzzle and a rope, some passers-by are still frightened by it.

The dog turned around Yu Fan’s legs several times, and was limited by the muzzle, so that the sound he could make was heavy and small, a bit like a warning before predation.

A little boy passed by, looked into the eye with the dog and immediately cried.

“Oh, the baby don’t cry,” the mother next to him immediately hugged him, coaxed him twice, and then glanced at Yu Fan and reprimanded in a low voice. “Don’t walk the dog here, young man!”

Yu Fan: “…”

He twisted his eyebrow impatiently and stuffed the unlit cigarette holder back into the cigarette case.

“give me the leash of the dog.”

Chen Jingshen handed out the rope to him and Yu Fan put his hand into the handle. The backs of the two hands were stuck for a second, and they were both cold.

“Stop keeping big dogs.” Yu Fan led the dog and threw back his head and said, “keep up.”

Chen Jingshen: “okay.”

After a few steps, the dog changed the other end of the rope and couldn’t help looking back at his owner.

Chen Jingshen dropped his eyes and shook his finger at it.

The dog immediately “whined” twice, wagging its tail and moving forward obediently.

This street is full of food stalls all the way down, and there are more and more people in the evening.

Yu Fan walked on the side of the road, trying to avoid people. Fortunately, the dog was not noisy and walked obediently against the wall.

“where are you going?” Asked the man behind him.

Yu Fan: “Away from here.”

It’s not appropriate to walk a dog in the snack street.

After a while, the man behind him asked, “Have you eaten dinner?”

Yu Fan ignored him.

Chen Jingshen: “I haven’t eaten anything.”

“then be hungry.”

“The dog needs to eat too.”

The dog stopped as if it understood: “Bark!”

Yu Fan: “…”

Chen Jingshen casually picked a noodle shop on the side of the road, fearing that the dog would scare people, so he went into the store and packed it.

Yu Fan was holding the leash, one man and one dog stood guard outside the door, and the shop’s mood suddenly deteriorated in the past ten minutes.

After a while, Chen Jingshen came out with several bags in both hands.

Yu Fan took a look and thought that he might want to open a full table for the dog.

Yu Fan took them to a nearby artificial lake.

There were benches all over the artificial lake. Yu Fan randomly picked one to sit down and looked lazily at the dog in front of him.

Chen Jingshen sat down with him, and the dog immediately turned around and leaned against Chen Jingshen’s leg.

The dog looks like the picture and is well raised. Its ears stand high, and when it sits quietly, it has the aristocratic temperament that comes with it.

Yu Fan stared intently, and the man next to him handed over a plastic bag.

“there is an extra bowl of noodles.” Chen Jingshen said, “that store have a buy one get one free.”

Yu Fan even glanced at it: “I won’t eat. ”


His belly made a sound.

Yu Fan: “…”

Half a minute later, Yu Fan lifted the plastic lid.

The smell of the food wafted out, and the dog could not sit still and stood there with a “whine”.

Chen Jingshen reached out and rubbed it: “Don’t bark.”

Chen Jingshen’s hands are long and white, his bones are obvious, and he can see a little slightly protruding blood vessels when he uses them. He has big hands, whether he is turning a pen or training a dog, a leisurely laziness can be seen.

The hand moved up from the dog’s neck and ended up on the metal muzzle.

Chen Jingshen looked at him and said, “do you mind?”
Yu Fan returned to his mind and shook his head.

Chen Jingshen took off his muzzle, and the dog immediately opened its mouth with a loud “woof”.

“Don’t bark or I’ll put it on again.” Chen Jingshen patted the dog on the face and then said, “it doesn’t bite. It’s just reassuring to passers-by.”

“mm-hmm.” Yu Fan cocked his legs and casually asked, “is his name Yuan Yu?”



Fan-Fan didn’t dare to call out when he heard his name, so he could only turn around beside Chen Jingshen’s legs

Yu Fan held the bowl and turned his head: “what character does it’s Fan mean?”

Chen Jingshen was silent for a moment: “the flowers but it means numerous flower.”


It is normal for pets to use reduplicated words as their names. Traditional characters are rare, and they are not completely unpopular.

If it were someone else, Yu Fan wouldn’t think too much.

But at the moment, he just felt that the name offended him a little bit–.

Chen Jingshen looked at Yu Fan’s face with the words saying “are you a pervert?” and thought for a few seconds.

“it was sent when I was in primary school, and it was named at that time.” Chen Jingshen grabbed the collar around the dog’s neck and said faintly, “Fan-Fan, come here.”

Yu Fan: “.”

Chen Jingshen scratched out the dog tag hanging around his neck with his fingers.

Yu Fan squinted his eyes to see.

Chen Jingshen’s phone number is on the front of the dog tag.

A line is written on the back: [Fan-Fan, 2011.12.29].

“it’s the date of shipment.” Chen Jingshen said, “he has it on every dog tag.”



Yu Fan was not very comfortable and bowed his head and ate noodles.

When the dog got something to eat, it kept spinning around its feet. Chen Jingshen grabbed its collar with one hand and reached into the bag for a while.

Then he took out a tea egg.

Yu Fan watched helplessly as he opened the eggshell and broke the egg. The egg white was stuffed into his mouth by himself, and it was the dog’s turn to eat the egg yolk.

Yu Fan: “you just bought it an egg?”

“mm-hmm.” Chen Jingshen said, “Don’t let him eat too much, or he can’t hold it.”


You have to be a loser to think his reason is good.

The cold moon hangs high. There are occasional breezes by the lake, which are cozy and comfortable.

After a bowl of noodles, Yu Fan’s nerves that had been stretched all night were suddenly soothed by the wind.

He just wants to smoke.

Yu Fan endured, his shoulder slightly collapsed then he lazily said: “look at it is not difficult to be pulled, how did you let it lead you here all the way?”

“I can’t hold it when he’s grumpy.” Chen Jingshen said, “but usually he is very good.”

It’s feel like the dog knows that they are talking about him, his feet trued to step on Chen Jingshen’s leg.

Chen Jingshen stretched out his legs and let him do it, and his hand naturally touched his body, bending his fingers and scratching it a few times.


A crisp mobile phone prompt tone called Yu Fan back to his mind.

Oh, shit.

In the dark night, Yu Fan reached out and rubbed his face and hurriedly opened his cell phone.

Wang Luan: the hard study is over. I am determined to relax. So are there still brothers playing games? ].

Wang Luan: @Brother are you no longer online and playing? ].

It was only then that Yu Fan came back.

When he has finished eating, he is still sitting here with Chen Jingshen.

“I’ll go back.” Yu Fan said, “can you take it back?”


Yu Fan turned around: “that–”

“wait a minute.”

“I just saw a bookstore around the corner and wanted to go in and buy a guidance book.” Chen Jingshen held the dog in one hand and looked at Yu Fan in the corner. “can you take care of it for another five minutes?”

At the door of the bookstore, one man and one dog stood.

Yu Fan stood and waited for a while, then Yu Fan glanced down and looked at the dog.

For a while, he squatted down and said to the dog, “from now on, you bark loudly.”

Fan-Fan: “…”

Yu Fan: “Louder.”

Fan-Fan: “…”

Yu Fan frowned: “can you make a sound?”

Fan-Fan: “…”

Yu Fan thought he was sick, so he renamed the dog here.

He straightened up and took out his cell phone to reply to Wang Luan ‘s message just now.

The dog sat obediently at his lap, his dark eyes wandering curiously on the pedestrians.

The door of the bookstore was opened and the wind chimes swayed in the air.
“Fan- Fan.”

Yu Fan turned his head subconsciously – with the dog beside him.

Chen Jingshen was looking at the dog, and when he felt his gaze, he turned his eyes and looked at him.

Yu Fan: “..”

Turn your ass back?

“Bark-bark!” The dog responded happily hundreds of times louder in the direction of Chen Jingshen through the muzzle.

Chen Jingshen walked over, and as soon as he called, he saw the man with a calm face and handed him the handle.

“take your dog away.” The tone is worse than the stinky expression on the face.

Chen Jingshen said yes. Take the handle and put another slightly heavy plastic bag in the palm of his hand.

“As thanks for tonight.” Chen Jingshen said.

Yu Fan looked at the “stupid Bird Flying 2017” in the bag and said, “you and your dog will be sent away tonight.”


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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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