At the moment, there are students coming and going around. They dare not stop for fear of being affected, but they can’t help but want to see the hustle and bustle.

Some students who are confused in some questions automatically put this sentence into their heads to do some reading comprehension, and the meaning is roughly “take a look at me again and see if I can’t take your eyes off.”

The two girls caught in the middle looked at each other and immediately decided to run away.

But before them, the boy behind him moved first.

He raised his hand, hooked the shoulder strap of his school bag with his thumb, and walked calmly towards Yu Fan in front of the people causing them surprise and fear.

Yu Fan stared at him with no expression, saw him coming, and got up slowly–.

“what are you doing around here when you don’t go home after school?”

The meeting was interrupted by a spirited voice.

Yu Fan’s eyelids jumped for a moment, tilted his head, and glanced behind the man. Before he could see it, he first saw the bright Mediterranean.

“.” The strength he had just stretched dissipated in an instant, and he sat back lazily.

The man obviously recognized the voice and stopped.

A slightly chubby middle-aged man with a dark blue briefcase came from the school gate. As he walked, he stared at the students watching the hustle and bustle, and the people around him scattered in the blink of an eye.

The man was the director of their school. When he saw the man who caused the disturbance, his eyebrows were raised and said, “Yu Fan? It’s you again! School hasn’t started yet. What are you doing here? ”

Yu Fan looked back at the milk tea shop and then looked at him: “Is the stuff here illegal in school?”

“.” The instructor was dumbstruck for two seconds, saw his face clearly, and then stared, “What’s wrong with your face? Did you get into a fight again? ” .

“I fell.”

“Don’t fool me, how could you fall like this?”
Yu Fan thought for a moment: “it’s not far, shall I show you?”

The director took a deep breath.

After so many days off and just after a good year, he almost forgot the taste of being so angry that he had a pain in his chest.

“You wait. I’ll talk to your head teacher when school starts tomorrow.”
He pointed to Yu Fan and then turned to look at another student standing beside him.

For a moment, Yu Fan thought he was watching Sichuan Opera.

“Chen Jingshen, ready to go home?” The dean smiled affectionately.

Yu Fan saw that the awkward-looking classmate finally looked away from his face and lowered his eyes and answered in a tone: “Mm-hmm.”

The instructor patted him on the shoulder and said, “wait a minute. I happen to be looking for you. Come back to school with me first.”

With that, when the director looked over again, his eyebrows twisted up again: “and you! Go home and stop fooling around like a gangster! ”

Yu Fan raised his hand, shook it perfunctorily, and waved goodbye to the instructor.

Students around: “…”

Do you think this guy doesn’t look like a gangster right now?

Watching the instructor leave, Yu Fan was about to turn his head back, and the man who went back to school with the director suddenly turned his head.

Yu Fan raised his eyebrows, and his hand, which was about to be put down, was raised again and generously sent him a friendly gesture.

This is what Wang Luan saw when he came back.

Wang Luan gasped and put the box on the table and said anxiously, “how did the fat tiger come out? He is not here to get you, is he? What did he say? ”

The teaching director is Hu Pang, and Wang Luan privately calls him Fat Tiger.

“He said hello,” Yu Fan glanced at him. “Why are you running? Didn’t pay? ”
Wang Luan breathed a sigh of relief and sat next to him: “I just thought you were going to fight with someone across the street, so don’t I need to run faster? Hey, who messed with you just now? There was a tree in the way, and I didn’t even see it. ”

Wang Luan said while looking at the school gate, he only caught a flash of the figure.

He was stupefied and blurted out, “Chen Jingshen?”

Yu Fan: “do you know him?”

“No, it’s just he is always the first in our year.” Wang Luan said, “you don’t know him?”

Receiving Yu Fan’s look, Wang Luan remembered that his brother had been in the
same class for three semesters. He is afraid he didn’t even finish remembering the names of his classmates.


“do you remember that you said you would study six times in front of the whole school last semester?”

Yu Fan was silent for a moment: “I don’t remember.”

“then think about it again,” said Wang Luan. “every time you finish the review, it’s his turn to take the stage to receive the award and give a speech.”


Where can one get so many awards?

“His name is always in the first place. Oh, you don’t know that’s normal, and you don’t look at that thing. ”

Oh, honors.

The metaphor is so complicated, no wonder it looks so annoying.

Wang Luan was so hungry that his chest was pressed against his back. he buried his head and ate a few bites of barbecue before he remembered and asked, “how did Chen Jingshen just offend you?”

“nothing.” Yu Fan bowed his head and played with his cell phone.

“can you eat quietly?”

“it’s too hot. I have to open my mouth slowly.”

Wang Luan looked at the people around him, then startled, reached out to grab his sleeve: “fuck, what happened to your hand? Why did you draw a line? Didn’t you see the wound just now? ”

Yu Fan did not raise his head: “I scratched it by accident.”

Wang Luan saw that he looked like he doesn’t care, was shocked, and said: “this can also be called being careless such a long wound…Don’t you feel hurt? ”

“come on, give me your hand, and I’ll give you two blows.” Wang Luan said, blowing on the back of his hand.

Yu Fan pushed away his close-up head: “… Don’t be disgusting. ”

He really didn’t feel the pain. Although the wound was long, it was shallow. Maybe he didn’t enjoy the fight just now, and he even had a subtle sense of relief when the blade broke the meat.

It’s weird. Yu Fan stared at the back of his hand for a few seconds, and then looked back at the phone, the giant gluttonous snake he controlled had hit the edge of the phone, and the game was over.

He got up in low spirits and said, “I’m going back.”

“so early?” Wang Luan said, “there is no one at home. How boring it is to go back. Why don’t you go to my house? I just bought some new games. ”

“No.” Yu Fan simply refused. He had just finished a fight with someone, and his body was filthy, and his nose smelled vaguely bloody. He wiped his nose lightly and said, “Let’s go.”

The weather in Nancheng was changeable in February, the sun came out in the afternoon, but it was overcast and rainy after a while.

Yu Fan put on his sweater and hat, occupied his pockets with both hands, turned left and then right, and finally walked into an old street.

There are Remix versions of some hapless songs in shabby shops, low buildings, and shops that sell second-hand mobile phones.

When Yu Fan turned into the old neighborhood on the street, he saw a minivan parked at the entrance of the corridor, several movers carrying furniture upstairs, and two middle-aged women standing behind the car chatting.

Yu Fan glanced at the blocked corridor and simply stepped aside, intending to wait for the family to move in.

The two people beside the car did not realize that there was a person behind them, and they had a hot chat.

“from now on, just go upstairs and find sister. Our environment is a little poor, but it is very human, the neighbors live close to each other, and everyone who can help us with some small things will help. ”

“Thank you, sister. I made some dumplings. When I have cleaned up the house, I will send them to everyone door to door.”

“you’re welcome. Oh, yes, don’t go to room 201. ”

“Ah? Why? ”

“it’s nothing,” the woman hesitated and lowered his voice. “that family is not a good thing! The man’s wife ran away, the man only knew how to drink and gamble every day, and only came back once every three or five days, and the little one was also a social scum who made trouble all day long. A few years ago, the father and son fought at home every day, and the noise scared me from going out all day. ”

“Mom!” A childish voice came from the dilapidated iron gate of the community.

The little girl wrapped in clothes like a ball ran over with the lollipop she had just bought, probably because her clothes were so heavy that when she jumped within a few steps, she tripped and fell straight to the ground–.

Yu Fan bent down quickly and hooked her little hat behind her cotton-padded jacket with her forefinger.

The little girl was firmly held, her body leaning in mid-air, clutching the sugar in her hand, her expression dazed and lovely.

The woman’s heart is about to jump out, so she comes forward to check the situation. She squatted down and held her daughter in her arms. When she was sure she was all right, she looked up and said gratefully, “Thank you.”

The other party had turned and went upstairs, and all she saw was a tall, thin figure.

The social scum came home, threw away the bread bought on the way, went into the bathroom and took a shower.

When he came out, the cell phone on the desk was buzzing but there was no one at home. Yu Fan picked up the phone at the table and wiped his hair while watching.

Wang Luan:[ did you copy your homework during the winter vacation? Do you want me to send you a copy? ].

Wang Luan: [why don’t you write a few words to deal with it, or you’ll have to stand on the blackboard for another day tomorrow? ].

Wang Luan: [where are the people? ].

Wang Luan: I’m sorry. I just saw a message in a large group of students at school, saying that the Bureau of Education is paying close attention to it, that the top classes in our school are not allowed to run, and that they are going to be scattered into our ordinary class. ].

Wang Luan: [I wonder if there will be new students in our class. ].

Wang Luan:[ by the way, there will be a school opening ceremony at 8: 00 tomorrow morning. We will meet in the classroom at 7: 40. Don’t be late. ].

Wang Luan:[? ].

Yu Fan took a bite of the bread and typed slowly.

[-: send me. ].

Wang Luan:[ what? ].

Wang Lu’an: [you finally came back. I thought I was blocked again. ].

[: homework. ].

More than a dozen documents have been sent from the opposite side.

[-: so many? ].

Wang Luan: [you can copy the homework. The other teachers don’t care about you anyway. ].

Wang Luan: [no, did you see what I said before? New students are coming to the class! ].

After rummaging around for a long time, he found a pen that could be used.

[-: yes, I’m not interested. ].


At eight o’clock the next day, Yu Fan stood in front of the closed school gate, listening to the athletes’ march inside.

He took out his cell phone and looked at it.

Wang Luan: [brother, the whole school is standing on the playground, and the headmaster is here. Where are you? ].

[-: overslept. ].

Wang Luan: [what would you do? the school gates are all closed now. It’s not good for you to climb the wall when the flag is raised, is it? ].

Going in now is no different from raising the flag directly.

Yu Fan didn’t even think about it, and replied, “call me when the flag-raising is over.”

He threw his cell phone into his pocket, planning to find a place to pass the time and wait for everyone to break up before going in. As soon as he looked up, he saw the person at the other end of the iron gate of the school.

Hu Pang put his hands behind his back and asked him with concern, “Where are you going?”

What kind of bad day is today?

Yu Fan was silent for two seconds: “to the flag ceremony.”

Hu Pang nodded and opened the small door on the right side of the iron door: “come in.”


Hu Pang seemed to be afraid that he would run away and followed him all the way from behind the crowd to the queue of the second year of high school.

All the teachers and students in the school have lined up on the playground, and when the students in the back row saw him passing by, they couldn’t help taking another look.

Yu Fan turned a blind eye to this attention and walked in front of Hu Pang.

“Your face stinks early in the morning,” Hu Pang said. “Why, is it because I am keeping you from playing truant?”

“No,” Yu Face was so sleepy that he was expressionless. “I will smile more when the flag is raised later.”


Hu Pang didn’t bother to tell him more, pointing to the line a few steps away and saying, “your class is here, go and stand up quickly! I’ll report the lateness to your head teacher later. ”

“remember that the line is lined up according to height, you find a good position yourself, and the school photography department will take a picture later!”

Hu Pang finished throwing words and left. Yu Fan stood at the end of the line he had just referred to, bowed his head, and yawned.

The family who had just moved into the building lived above him, and the sound of moving furniture did not stop until three o’clock in the morning.

He slept uncomfortably in the house, woke up at the slightest noise, and was forced to stay up all night.

He was about to stand up and sleep for a while when he heard a shrill sound from the stereo on the rostrum, the sound of a microphone falling to the ground.

The shock made his ears ache. He raised his head impatiently to see which school leader couldn’t even hold the microphone–.

Something hit on the back of his head.

At this moment, Yu Fan is a little confused.

There is a tradition in their school that the class queue is arranged according to height, and Yu Fan is the tallest one in their class, so he is always the one standing last in line, while Wang Luan is infront.

Yu Fan looked at the figure of the man behind of him.

The shoulders are broad, the hair is neatly cut, and the school uniform coat is shiny white and smells like laundry soap.

By contrast, Wang Luan’s school uniform coat, which is old and yellow, wrote “I am the craziest in the Seven South City” on the back, is like picking it up from a trash can.

So, who is this?

The next moment, the other party seemed to hear his question and turned around.
Yu Fan is a little slow to respond because he is too sleepy. It took him a long time to look at his emotionless eyes before he realized that he had seen the face he wanted to teach a lesson.

It’s the one he wanted to talk to yesterday.

What’s Chen’s name again?

Yu Fan hasn’t figured it out yet, but the other side moved first.

Chen Jingshen suddenly turned aside and gave way to the side, leaving a piece of land between them.

Yu Fan wanted to make sure that he was in the wrong line. Seeing this, he occupied his pocket with one hand and said coldly, “are you looking for something?”… ”

“The shorter one should stand in front.”

A word from the other party directly silenced Yu Fan.

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