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What a fart.

“get out.” Yu Fan pressed the idea of silence, “Close the door. I told you not to come in.”

Zhang Xianjing said to herself, “Yu Fan, you don’t want to hit him, do you?”

Wang Luan: “how is it possible! Yu Fan never covers his mouth when he beats people, so he likes to hear others scream. ”

Zhang Xianjing: “……”

Zuo Kuan stood at the back, and his eyes turned around between the two people: “are you talking?”

Wang Luan: “is there anything you can’t let high achiever sit and talk about …… ”

Yu Fan: “get out.”

“all right.” Wang Luan stepped back and pulled the door. Before closing the door, he said, “take your time. I’ll keep alookout at the door.”

The door closed and the classroom quieted down again.

Chen Jingshen moved his eyes and looked at the person in front of him.

Just carrying him up and down, Yu Fan’s body is not so cold. Half-warm palms ran over his face, and he seemed to be able to smell a faint smell of sugar.

After the three men went out, Yu Fan still held him down.

“Don’t mention the stupid long jump again.” He threatened fiercely. “Don’t say anything about whether you like it or not. Do you hear me? ”

The three people outside were restless, and the voice of chatting intermittently spread inside.

Yu Fan: “Don’t talk?”

Chen Jingshen moved his eyelashes and his eyes drooped.

Yu Fan looked down with his movements.

“…” Then release both hands together.

“Why?” Chen Jingshen spoke.

Why else?

Yu Fan frowned and said casually, “I don’t want to be regarded as Gay.”

Chen Jingshen sat up with one hand and leaned back against the wall. His collar was described as messy, and the whole person felt a little more messy than usual.

After a long time, he said, “I see.”

Yu Fan relaxed his eyebrows with satisfaction and was just about to sit back.

“then I have a secret crush.”

Yu Fan almost sat on the ground.

During the lunch break, students went back to the classroom one after another.

When his fists were clenched again, Wang Luan knocked at the door and said that someone in the class had come back.

As soon as Wang Luan entered the classroom, he looked at Chen Jingshen.

High achiever sat in his seat with a pen in his hand and his hand tidying up the neckline of his clothes. there was no scar on his handsome face.

Sure enough, he didn’t get hit.

He said, although the situation just now was strange and scary, he could see that Yu Fan didn’t really want to hit high achiever.

If he did, he would have done it 800 years ago.

Wang Luan opened the plastic bag, took out the braised beef brisket and put it in front of Yu Fan “hurry up and eat, it’s getting cold for a while, we’ve brought it back for a long time.”

“mm-hmm.” Yu Fan was lacking and bowed his head to play with his gluttonous snakes.

Zuo Kuan sat in front of him and opened the takeout: “what’s with your face?”

“it’s none of your business.” Yu Fan said, “go back to your class.”


Wang Lu’an felt that he was tired of sitting and sat in front of Chen Jingshen with a lunch box.

While eating, Wang Luan asked, “high achiever, how did you run the 3000m second? I saw you run four hundred before. ”

Chen Jingshen said succinctly: “extraordinary play.”

“impressive.” Wang Luan said, “high achiever, why don’t you eat in the canteen?”
Chen Jingshen: “my legs are sore and I can’t walk.”

Yu Fan ate other people’s little snakes without expression.

“hiss, I’m stupif! I should have brought you a meal. After all, you helped me run three thousand meters. Wang Luan patted his head, “ How about this, I’ll buy one for you in the canteen now. Or do you want takeout? ”

“No need.”

“Don’t be polite to me.” Wang Luan said, “you just ran three thousand meters, and your body is not good. What about hypoglycemia later?”

“No,” the man who had been expressionless suddenly looked up. “I’ve had sugar water.”

“Ah? Oh. All right. ” Wang Luan was stupefied for a moment and did not insist any longer.

After eating and drinking enough, Wang Luan tied up the garbage bag and rubbed his stomach.

“do you have the lighter?” Yu Fan asked suddenly.

“I have one here,” said Zuo Kuan. “what do you say? Would you like one in the bathroom? ”

Wang Luan glanced at the untouched takeout in front of Yu Fan: “Why don’t you eat? Don’t like braised beef brisket? ”

“not hungry yet.”

Wang Luan got up and said, “then go.”

When he walked out of the door and found that there was a lack of a person, Wang Luan turned around and shouted, “Yu Fan?”
“you go first.” Yu Fan threw the phone into his pocket and kicked Chen Jingshen’s chair: “get out of the way.”

Chen Jingshen put down his pen and got up.

The other two had gone out the back door and were out of sight.

Yu Fan put away his eyes, rubbed Chen Jingshen’s shoulder, raised his hand and hooked it on his desk.

The plastic bag containing braised beef brisket was picked up, shook in the air for a second, and then put on the table next door.


Dropping this sentence coldly, Yu Fan went to the toilet without going back.


In the afternoon’s 4×400 relay, Zhuang Xingqin and specially came to the playground.
There is no other reason.

After nearly a day of events, she found that Yu Fan took second place in the long jump, Chen Jingshen took second place in the 3000-meter long distance race, and the only young athlete in his class took the first place in the 100 meters.

Plus the others who took the top six, the total score of zero adds up to…

“does it mean that our class is now fourth in the whole grade?” Wang Luan was amazed.
When it was almost time for recording, the relay runners gathered together first.

Gao Shi excitedly said: “Yes, if we can get 5 points in this 4X400, that is, the top two, then we can break into the top three today!”

“run well.” Zhuang Xingqin lamented, “I’ve been with you for more than a year, and I’ve never had an extracurricular activity so close to the top three.”

“can you do it?” Zhang Xianjing looked at Wang Luan anxiously. “you haven’t even practiced 400 meters and take the baton.”

In the morning, Chen Jingshen was carried away in the attention ceremony of the teachers and students of the whole school. Although he said he could still run the relay, Zhuang Xingqin did not agree and decisively let Wang Luan take the third leg of the relay.

Wang Luan: “Don’t worry.” I used to go to watch them train every afternoon. I’ve never eaten pork but I’ve seen pigs run. ”

Yu Fan grabbed a bag of potato chips and threw them at him: “if you can’t speak, shut up.”

Wang Luan caught it with a smile, tore it apart and ate a piece.

“I’m just kidding.” Wang Luan turned his head and looked at the person sitting next to him. “high achiever, don’t worry. You got a second for me in the morning. I will certainly run well in a moment.”


Chen Jingshen raised his eyelids, glanced over Wang Luan and looked at the old man behind him, “come on.”

The uncle occupied the pocket with one hand, ignored the person, and went straight to the direction of the examiner.

There’s a line on this side of the recording.

Wang Luan was warming up in accordance with Guanfei’s teaching method, turned his head, and was on the line of sight with Zuo Kuan, who was also queuing for records.

Wang Luan was stupefied for a moment: “Why are you here?”

“surprise,” Zuo Kuan raised his eyebrows, “just like you, to help people run.”

“is there no one in your class?”

“you don’t know anything. I run so fucking fast. You’ll follow me and smell my fart in a minute.”

Zuo Kuan giggled, “but you have to work harder, but you can’t even smell my fart at the bottom.”

“you have no originality!” Wang Lu’an touched the person next to him with his arm. “come on, Yu Fan, tell him that our goal this time is–”

Yu Fan looked at them like a fool: “first.”

Wang Luan: “?”

“you think too much, number one?” Zuo Kuan laughed, “it’s a little impolite of you to say that, two sports students in my class came to run the relay.”

“it doesn’t matter,” Yu Fan said. “aren’t you here?”


After the recording, the athletes have gathered at the relay point, and the competition will begin immediately.

In the grandstand of Class Seven of Senior High School, several female students stood up and looked into the distance.

“can our class really get the top two?”

“I don’t know, to tell you the truth, yesterday, I didn’t even think that our class would be able to meet people required.”


“but it would be better to have Guanfei far away this time. He is the fastest sports student in our school, and he has won the national championship for senior high school students. He had training last year and only took part in two individual events, otherwise our class would not have been at the bottom. ”

“But will Yu Fan run well? ”

Several girls were silent.

Chen Jingshen looked in the direction they looked at.

The athletes are already near the starting point.

Guanfei has a lot of foresight and is waiting for the referee leisurely and leisurely.

Gao Shi was desperately patting his face. Wang Luan saw it and clapped it twice.

The last man, with his hands in his pockets, stood with a lazy hunchback, and even stretched himself when the referee was in place.

Class member: “…”

He really can’t run well!

At the moment of the gunshot, everyone rushed out of the starting line.

Guan Fei is far from letting everyone down. The two students running are sports students like him, but they are easily pulled out by him for some distance.

After a lap, Guan Fei left all the people behind, handed the baton to Gao Shi and retired.

As soon as Gao Shi caught the stick, he ran with all his strength.

Then he was overtaken by the PE students of Class 8 within running 100 meters.

“I’ll go first,” Zuo Kuan made a gesture ready to pick up the stick, mocking the person next to him. “you stay a little longer.”

Wang Luan: “pretending doesn’t come to a good end.”

By the time Wang Luan took over, his class had fallen from the first to the fourth.

“Wang Luan!” Zhang Xianjing’s voice came from the grandstand: “fight! You try to surpass one! ”

Wang Luan thought he was handsome and pulled his hair and gave her a thumbs-up.

Then he took the baton and staggered as soon as he took two steps. He almost knelt infront of everyone.

The other athletes had to hold back a smile as they passed him.

Zhang Xianjing: “……”

Pretending didn’t come to a good end.

The girl next to her said, “it’s over. I don’t know if we can get any place… ”

“it doesn’t matter, it’s only the third best.” Zhang Xianjing put her hands on her mouth to make a trumpet, “Yu Fan! You run! Take the first place! ”

The last stick of the other classes are all ready, and Yu Fan ….

His face was loose and he was looking back to see where Wang Luan had climbed.

Wang L’an has fallen to the fifth. At the last sprint, he used all his strength to shorten the distance with the people in front of him. The moment he handed the baton to Yu Fan, he said,
“Brother, it depends on you.”

Before he had finished speaking, the baton was taken away, and the man in front of him rushed out like an arrow.
” Yes. ” Wang Luan finished in a dazed manner.

When Yu Fan surpassed the first person, the students of Class 7 sitting in the grandstand did not recognize that he was from their own class.

The students who ran in the fourth felt that there was an evil wind passing by them, and then they could only see the boys’ wanton back.

Yu Fan galloped on the track, and the wind put all his hair behind his head. He doesn’t know how many teachers and students finally saw what he looked like at this moment-so handsome.

The school guard who came to patrol stood by the tree. seeing this, he resisted the impulse to light a cigarette and looked at the sky with emotion.

That’s right.

This guy runs so fast every time he finds him skipping school and climbing over the wall.

” Have he ever practiced sports? ” Guan Fei looked at the figure from afar and asked blankly.
“No,” Wang Luan paused for a moment. “right?”

When Yu Fan surpassed the third place, the students of Class 7 suddenly woke up.
Class 8 next to him did not expect such a dark horse in the last moment and immediately held up a banner to cheer for the athletes in their class.

“–Don’t be overtaken by Class seven! They had been in the last place last year! ”

What the fuck?

Several students in Class 7 stood up abruptly!
At a time like this, regardless of their usual relationship with Yu Fan, they shouted at the top of their voice–.

“Yu Fan! Come on! ”

“come on! Overtake him! ”

“almost– too much! Ah, one more! One more than the top two! ”

Yu Fan surpassed the second place amid a crowd of cheers.

The faster you get to the finish line, the faster Yu Fan runs–.

When he was shoulder to shoulder with the first one, the whole class was shocked and silent.

The two crossed the finish line at about the same time.

The two classes were silent for a while, and the grandstand floated a sentence: “who is the first? Who is number one?! ”

After exchanging their opinions, the two referees announced: “Class Seven!”

Class 7 are boiling in an instant!

The finish line was very close to the grandstand of his class. Wang Luan came up and sat down to have a rest after running. Hearing the result, he excitedly got up and hit the buttocks of the people next to him.

“Ha! Eat my brother’s fart! ”

Zuo Kuan: “….”

Yu Fan ran a few steps across the finish line before he stopped. he was listening to the results, bending with his back to the grandstand and gasping silently with his hands on his knees.

The school uniform was affixed to his back, sketching his thin figure and his shoulders fluctuating with his breath.

At the same time he stopped, several girls on the side of the runway almost wanted to come forward at the same time, and they were a little embarrassed after meeting each other’s eyes.

Wang Luan is relieving his breath. He sat in the grandstand and counted: “Fuck, Yu Fan is very good. There can be three water delivers in every 400 meters of the track.”

Zuo Kuan said sour: “If I were a woman, I would bring water, too. ”

Wang Luan stretched his head: “Hey, the girl from Class 4 was there, too. Didn’t she had a crush on my brother before.”… ”

Chen Jingshen glancecd and suddenly said, “Even with unrequited love you can bring water?”

“Ah?” Wang Luan was fooled for a moment, “It’s all right, what’s the matter?”… ”

“Wang Luan!” Gao Shi shouted to him from below, “come down! We are going to sign on the playground! ”


Wang Luan casually put the potato chips on the ground, ran quickly down the steps, and followed Gao Shi to the referee’s bench to sign his name.

A figure hurried past behind him.

Chen Jingshen walked down the steps, bent down and took a bottle of water out of the box.

He walked towards the runway without looking back.

“Classmate Yu, are you all right? Would you like some water? ” The third girl who delivered the water handed it over and glanced shyly at Yu Fan.

The boy hung his head awkwardly, avoiding looking at her.

She plucked up the courage and continued, “I’ve been cheering you up when you were running. I don’t know if you listened.”… ”

“Sorry.” Yu Fan stiffly said for the third time today, “I’m not thirsty.”

Although he refused, his voice was still mild and his tone was different from that of his usual self-criticism.

The girl suddenly felt that Yu Fan was not as fierce as he was rumored to be, and she might have a little hope.

She held the water a little harder: “that.”

A dark shadow hung over her head.

The girl was stupefied, and subconsciously looked back-to see the face of the person ranked first in the grade.

Chen Jingshen raised his hand and handed the water to Yu Fan.

He just opened his mouth: “Yu–”

“Get away.”

The man who had been hanging his head suddenly looked up, scowled coldly, and uttered a word ferociously.

“?” The girl shook a little.

And then silently drew back her water.

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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