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Zhang Xianjing rushed to the forefront of delivering water with the determination that “I will take you down before the monthly exam”.

Chen Jingshen glanced at her and suddenly got up and hurried over, walking so fast that he didn’t seem to have just finished running three thousand meters.

Zhang Xianjing raised her lips–.

What do you call it?

It’s called never forgetting, there must be an echo!

Chen Jingshen was about to walk in front of her. Zhang Xianjing immediately tilted her face to the best-looking angle. when she handed the water, she inadvertently revealed the beauty nail polish she had stayed up late last night, pinching her voice: “Chen Jing -”

Then she watched Chen Jingshen turn a corner in front of her, passed her, and fell on Yu Fan’s shoulder.

Zhang Xianjing: “……”

She looked at Yu Fan’s gloomy expression and her heart felt it was over.

If she remembers correctly, the last one who was so sweaty and so close was the one from the school next door who came to make trouble. He heard that the man didn’t go to class for a week.

Zhang Xianjing was about to rush to save the beauty and decided to fall in love when she saw Yu Fan raise his hand–.

Hugged Chen Jingshen.

Zhang Xianjing: “?”


Yu Fan held the man stiffly, thinking about throwing him on the ground or kicking him: “lie down if you don’t stand still, there’s no car to run over you.”

Chen Jingshen said hoarsely, “I’m afraid of affecting other people.”

“Are you afraid of being beaten?”

The man on his shoulder was quiet for a moment and stood up slowly.


Chen Jingshen’s pale lips moved and took a step back as if to give him a place to leave, and the next second the person flashed, Yu Fan had another head on his shoulder.

Yu Fan: “…”

A few seconds later, Yu Fan rudely changed his posture in full view of the public.
He moved Chen Jingshen to his side, picked up an arm and put it on his shoulder in disgust, and carried the man away with a cold face.

The school medical room is not far from the playground, and by the time Yu Fan arrived, the people waiting for medicine had already crowded to the door.

There are only three chairs and one bed in the school medical room, which is now full. Yu Fan can only drag people to stand.

The school nurse was squatting on the ground to help other students apply medicine to their legs. When he heard the noise, he raised his eyes and said, “what’s the matter?”

“He just finished running three thousand meters,” Yu Fan said. “He might have pushed his limit.”


It’s not like he beat this person up like this.

Because Zhuang Xingqin always brings him here to apply for medicine, the school nurse also looks familiar with him.

The school nurse looked at Chen Jingshen and said, “what’s wrong with you? Does your heart hurt? ”

Chen Jingshen shook his head lightly: “dizziness, lack of strength, unsteady stand.”

“that’s all right, it’s normal. It should be that you don’t exercise and are tired. It will be relieved later. ” The school nurse raised her chin. “go, pour a cup of warm water with some sugar and salt, a little less salt, 1/3 spoon is enough, stir it for him to drink. It’s on my desk. ”

Yu Fan stood still: “me?”

“shall we let him go by himself?”


The school nurse looked around and found that there were no seats around. He was just about to say that you should let him stand against the wall for a while.

Yu Fan carried the man and washed the sugar water with one hand.

School nurse: “…”

Yu Fan didn’t know what 1/3 tablespoons were, so he filled more than half of them.

“less.” The man on his shoulder said weakly.

“one more time to force yourself to soak up.” With that, he shook the spoon, skimmed the salt back in half, then stirred the cup perfunctorily, picked it up and handed it to Chen Jingshen.


Chen Jingshen took it and sipped it slowly.

“want to get beat up?” Yu Fan said, “drink up.”

Chen Jingshen drank it down obediently.

The students next to them knew them and both held their breath and looked at them with shock on their faces.

After giving people the medicine, the school nurse stood up and asked, “how are you? are you feeling better?”

“mm-hmm.” Chen Jingshen whispered, “but it’s still a little shaky.”

“it should take a while to go back to the classroom and have a good rest. Don’t do strenuous exercise for the time being.”

The school nurse said, looking at the man who supported him, “Yu Fan, have you also run three thousand meters? Shall I make you a cup, too? ”

Yu Fan was going to ask where he put it. When he heard the words and twisted his eyebrows, he said, “No, I didn’t run.”

The school nurse wondered: “Why is your face so red if you didn’t run?”


Yu Fan threw down the sentence “I pulled him back to the classroom and dragged him out of the school infirmary.”

The students are either on the playground or in the classroom. There are few people in the corridor.

Fearing that he would faint again when he went upstairs, Yu Fan helped him impatiently and walked step by step.

“do you have the strength?” Chen Jingshen suddenly opened his mouth and said lowly, “if you can’t, I can go by myself.”

Who can’t do it now?

“shut up,” Yu Fan clenched his teeth. “Don’t talk next to me.”

There was still a strange taste of sugar and salt in his mouth. Chen Jingshen swallowed it silently, and the breath sank a little.

Yu Fan: “Don’t breathe either.”

Chen Jingshen glanced up and shut up.

The classroom of Class 7, Grade 12 of senior high school is empty and there is no one around.

Yu Fan threw him into several merged desks to lie down and sat beside him playing with his cell phone.

Wang Luan sent him a lot of messages, which buzzed his pocket all the way.

Wang Luan: I’m comfortable. Where are you? ].

Wang Luan: there is something really wrong with this brand of ice cream. I must sue him! As soon as the compensation arrives, I will buy the school directly and hold a sports meeting every day! ].

Wang Luan: my grass! It’s over! it’s over! Zuo Kuan sent me a message telling me that high achiever helped me run the 3000m, but no one could be killed after running his broken body! ].

Wang Luan: where are you? why aren’t you in the grandstand? ].

After reading it, Wang Luan just made a voice call and hung up for a second.

[: classroom. ].

Wang Lu’an: what are you doing in the classroom? ].

[-: wake. ].

Wang Luan:? ].

A little noise came from the front. Yu Fan moved aside with his mobile phone, facing the guard in line of sight.

Chen Jingshen lies flat on the desk. The desk is not enough with his body, and at least half of his legs are hanging outside.

This posture is very silly.

He looked at Yu Fan and said, “how are you in the long jump?”

There was a little distance between the desk and the chair, and there was enough space. Yu Fan cocked his legs arrogantly and asked without expression, “are you sleeping?”

“I can’t sleep,” Chen Jingshen said. “I.”


With a very light sound, Chen Jingshen was interrupted.

Yu Fan lifted his leg on the other knee and kicked it on the table where he was lying, which shifted a little weakly.

“Chen Jingshen,” Yu Fan said, “you said earlier that you began to pay attention to me when you were a freshman in high school.”

Chen Jingshen’s eyes moved slightly and looked at him quietly.

He continued: “during the sports meeting, you saw me”

The appearance of a cold face in daily life is actually quite different from that when he is really angry.

Usually, he talk to Hu Pang, meet with people who come to blackmail from the school next door, and even meet Ding Xiao in the milk tea shop, he is indifferent and lazy, and doesn’t really take those things seriously.

Unlike now, his eye looks like a knife, and the face says, “I’ll let you sleep forever with this punch”, and the voice is covered with ice.

“I didn’t take part in the sports meeting in my first year of high school. Where did you watch the event? ” Yu Fan was expressionless. “did you learn all that bullshit from Zhang Xianjing?”

“Chen Jingshen, are you kidding me?”

There was a moment of silence in the classroom.

Chen Jingshen looked at him motionless, his lips a little tight.

Let’s just hit him.

Yu Fan waited for a while and made a decision.

He pulled back his legs and got up, looked down at Chen Jingshen, grabbed his collar, and said faintly, “get up and settle this matter at noon.”… ”

“Grade one of junior high school.” Chen Jingshen suddenly made a sound.

Yu Fan was stupefied: “what?”

“in the first year of junior high school, in Chengshan Middle School,” Chen Jingshen still lay, looking at him calmly, “you took part in the long jump.”


“I went to your school for an exam, and I saw it.”

Is there such a thing?

Yu Fan’s eyelids jerked.

It’s like there’s a fucking–

“you were lifting your trouser leg without shoes, tripped while running up, rolled on the ground, fell into the sand, and failed to jump. And then you jumped again. ”

Yu Fan: “.”

“You didn’t jump far the second time.”


“then you stand by and watch others jump, refuse to go, watch and cry–”

“I’m crying my ass!” Yu Fan grasped the collar a little harder and corrected it with clenched teeth. “that time my eyes got into the sand!”


Um, in the end, Chen Jingshen suddenly turned his face in silence.

Yu Fan’s heart jumped, just ready to shut him up, Chen Jingshen has looked up at him again: “but very cute.”


The strength on the collar suddenly gained again.

The murderous spirit on Yu Fan’s face has not faded. He glared at Chen Jingshen, looking a little dazed.

“later, when the flag was raised for the first time in the first year of senior high school, when you went to the stage to study for self-criticism, I knew that we were in the same high school.”

Yu Fan said ferociously, “shut up.”

“I didn’t learn from others, nor did I play with you.” Chen Jingshen said, “I.”

“you don’t fucking understand people–”


The classroom door was kicked open unexpectedly from the outside.

Wang Luan was carrying a large plastic bag, followed by Zuo Kuan and Zhang Xianjing: “Yu Fan, why didn’t you reply when I sent you a message? Outside, Sister Jing said to eat takeout. I ordered you a braised brisket casually, and you made do with it. ”

The three of them saw the scene clearly and stopped at once.

Yu Fan clung to Chen Jingshen’s collar in one hand, as if to pull a person from the desk, while the other hand clung to Chen Jingshen’s mouth. His face flushed, his eyes were three points ferocious, three points shocked, four points at a loss, and he was uncomfortable all over.

On the other hand, the man he caught lay calmly, his hands naturally hanging on one side, allowing Yu Fan to cover his mouth.

It’s like being slaughtered and fearless.

Hearing the noise, the two men looked at them at the same time, one hot and the other cold.

What is this? Wang Luan was stupefied.

Do you hit someone? No, he has never seen Yu Fan hit someone with a red face, let alone cover whose mouth with his hand.

But look at this posture, what can it be if you don’t hit someone?

There was an eerie silence in the classroom.

For a while, Wang Luan asked in a low voice, “you …… Are you having fun? ”


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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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