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The spring temperature in Nancheng is fast, and the spring sports meeting of each school is held earlier than in other places.

The sports meeting lasts for two days. These two days they don’t need to attend classes or study in the classroom. For most students, it is equivalent to two days of school holidays. The bolder students even skipped school for two days.

The opening ceremony of the sports meeting was sunny.

The class is required to dress uniformly. At a glance, almost every class wore a school uniform T-shirt and trousers.

It’s rare for Zhuang Xingqin to wear a brightly colored skirt today. He stood by the class queue, waiting for the entrance.

“What’s the matter, one by one listless?” Zhuang Xingqin glanced at the team. “Put all your school uniforms in your waist.”

“but that’s ugly.” Zhang Xianjing said anxiously.

“This is the opening ceremony, not a cultural performance. You don’t need to look good, just look energetic.” After Zhuang Xingqin squinted close to her. “Zhang Xianjing, are you wearing makeup?”

Zhang Xianjing shrank back: “No, I’m a natural beauty-”

“Go to the leader later, and wipe your lips so you won’t get caught,” Zhuang Xingqin said. “Your mouth is painted like a flower.”

Zhang Xianjing immediately complained in her heart: “I know!”

Zhuang Xingqin looked back and saw the person in the penultimate row, and the smile on his face instantly dissapeared

“Yu Fan,” he said, “did you hear everything I said?”

Yu Fan as so sleepy that he didn’t have the strength to play devil’s advocate and didn’t care about it.

He propped up his eyelids, dawdled his hands, and stuffed the hem of his trousers.

Because the entrance is coming soon, the queue is vertical.

Chen Jingshen stood at the end of the team and lowered his eyes as he moved.
The metaphor is very untidy, and the clothes are crumpled together, pulling out the waistline of the boy.

Chen Jingshen glanced at the other people next to him, and quickly gathered back to the line of sight.

How come his waist is so much thinner than others?

The school stipulates that two classes are admitted side by side, and Class 8 is next to them.

Zuo Kuan was quite listless. When he turned around and saw Wang Luan, he burst out laughing,

“Fuck, Wang Lu ‘an, your ass is really big. You look so stupid.”

The students in both classes laughed.

“Why don’t you tie your waist in your class? !”Wang Luan blushed. “You say a fart, who’s not stupid? Look at other classes, everyone is as ugly! ”

Zuo Kuan said, “Look back.”

Lu ‘an Wang turned away.

Yu Fan stood lazily, his head drooping, his hands in his pockets, and his wide school uniform tightened at the waist, making him look messy.

Not to mention Chen Jingshen, although he is a little weak, his image is completely fine. He has broad shoulders and long hands and feet, but anyone who has a little expression on his face he can go directly to shoot student brochures.

Wang Luan: “…”

What do you mean? Only two handsome men in the whole school gathered behind me, didn’t they?

The opening ceremony was held for an hour before it was dissolved. Their class was assigned to the stand next to the podium, which was in an excellent position. When they turned their heads, they could have close eye contact with the school leaders.

Zhuang Xingqin is in a good mood today.

For him, it doesn’t really matter which place he won in the sports meeting. As long as everyone in the class is here, it doesn’t matter if he is the last one.

He took out the snacks he bought in the supermarket last night and shared them with the students. Then he called the contestants in the class and emphasized the location and competition time with them one by one.

Yu Fan was forced to take part in two events, one relay and the other long jump, all today.

It’s time to check the long jump. Yu Fan rubs his eyes and plans to secretly find a place to smoke and refresh himself.

” classmate Yu …”

Yu Fan look back and the few girls in the class, who usually didn’t say a few words.

A bag was opened to him, and it was so heavy that they had to carry it with two hands.

“We bought some food and drink with the class fee,” the girl said. “There is Red Bull in it. You look sleepy … Would you like a bottle?”

Yu Fan with his drooping eyelids glanced in the bag.

Although he has never bullied any classmate in the class at ordinary times, everyone is actually a little afraid of him.

When they saw it, they said, “If you don’t want to drink it, forget it …”

The boy’s hand reaches into the bag.

Yu Fan took out a bottle of Red Bull and said, “Thanks.”

Yu Fan carried the red bull into his mouth, that posture looks like he is openly drinking in broad daylight.

Other students in the class sat scattered, most of them went to check the records or cheer for the class, and occasionally they could hear a few cheers. Only Class 7 seats are almost full, and everyone is doing their own thing with their heads down.

Last year, their class was the last in the grade, which had already smoothed out the fighting spirit in the class.

Everyone is short of interest this time, and feels that it is not important to participate.

Yu Fan took Zhang Xianjing’s umbrella and stood beside it, blocking the view of the leaders on the podium, leaning against the wall to pull his mobile phone.

Wang Luan sat in the grandstand with potato chips in his hand, and his mouth never stopped from the moment he sat down. He looked at the person next to him and said, “Oh no, why are you here for the sports meeting?”

Zuo Kuan’s class sat next to them, and Zuo Kuan leaned against Wang Luan, like a member of Class 7: “you’re all here. What’s the point of running away by myself? What events have you signed up for? ”

“Yu Fan reported to the long jump and relay,” Wang Luan said. “I ran three thousand meters.”
Zuo Kuan: “are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy. Zhuang Xingqin is the crazy one.” Wang Luan said, “forget it. I’ll just run. Anyway, I won’t rush the rankings. After running, I will win.”

“you still eat so much when you know you have to run three thousand meters?” Zhang Xianjing sat in the last row of the girls, turned around with her legs crossed, and said, “it’s potato chips and ice cream. Won’t you throw up later?”

“No way, didn’t I tell you? I have an iron stomach. ” Wang Luan handed the potato chips to the people around him. “do you want to eat?”

Yu Fan yawned: “No.”

He found a game in WeChat Mini Programs to pass the time, and after playing it for a while, he
found it interesting. As soon as he stepped out, he found a dynamic prompt popping up on the other side of the friend circle.

Click in and have a look.

Chen Jingshen liked one of his moments two years ago.


He looked up and sure enough, the man in front of him was hanging his head and playing with his cell phone, revealing a long, clean neck.

In fact, there is no content in Yu Fan moments, it is all posted blindly, and since it has been posted, he doesn’t care whether others read it or not.

But somehow, he knew that Chen Jingshen was sitting in front of him, still going through his previous posts one by one.

It’s just, it’s fucking weird.

Yu Fan sat up with a smelly face and just wanted to ask Chen Jingshen not to look at him. A boy took a step ahead of him and talked to Chen Jingshen.

The boy’s name is Gao Shi, and he is their monitor. It also took a long time to come forward.

Gao Shi asked hesitantly, “classmate Chen, do you have time?”

Chen Jingshen raised his eyelids and said, “Hmm?”

“that is, do you have time to write a radio draft? 50 to 100 words, just a few words of praise. ”

“the school requires each class to write a radio draft for every project,” Gao Shi said. “now we still lack two project manuscripts.”

Zhuang Xingqin just told him to take advantage of this group activity to try to integrate the newly transferred students into the class.

It took him a long time to come up with such an idea.

Chen Jingshen glanced at the book in his hand and said nothing.

Gao Shi: “if you don’t want to write ……”

“what items are missing?” Chen Jingshen asked deeply.

“shot put and long jump!” Gao Shi thought for a moment and said, “but the long jump is about to start. I’m afraid it’s too late, or I’ll change a draft of this project and hand it in first, and you write lead–”

“give me a piece of paper,” Chen Jingshen said. “I’ll write about the long jump.”

Gao Shi hurriedly handed over paper and pen. He was just about to say that this thing could be copied online, he saw the high achiever take it and be able to write a good article.

To roar, the first boss in the grade disdain to copy the template on the Internet!

Gao Shi looked at it curiously.

To Yu Fan, the long jumper of Class 7, Grade 12.’

Huh? You don’t have to write a specific name, do you?

Gao Shi originally wanted to remind him that when he saw Chen Jingshen bowing his head and writing carefully, he swallowed it back and went on reading–.

You are like a sword in the playground, a sunny and handsome sword.’

Gao Shi: “?”

Huh? Can you still describe it like that?

Standing among the crowd, you are the most beautiful scenery on campus.’

Gao Shi: “?”

The whistle sounded, you ran like an arrow from the string, took off like a clam toad, and the arc of the leap shone like a rainbow in my eyes.’

Gao Shi: “?”

Your fighting spirit makes me admire, hard sweat makes me intoxicated, no matter what the final result is, you are the most colorful rose in my heart.’

Gao Shi: “?”

Gao Shi stared up and bowed his head again and again. He couldn’t believe it was written by the expressionless Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jing, Class 7, Grade 12, Senior High School.’

Gao Shi suddenly regained his senses and was just about to say that high achiever didn’t have to sign off.

With a whoosh, Chen Jingshen’s hand was empty and the paper was taken away.

As soon as he looked up, he saw his flushed face.

What’s wrong with this guy?

Red Bull works so well that Yu Fan feels his face bursts with heat.

The draft paper was clutched up in his hand, and he said to Gao Shi, “what level of his Chinese do you not know? Do you still dare to ask him to write? ”

Gao Shi: “1-110 points level.”
Although it is not good compared with Chen Jingshen’s other subjects, it is still at the upper-middle level.

Yu Fan ignored him and stared down.

Chen Jingshen, who sits lower than him, is looking up at him with a light expression and looks very eager to be taught a lesson.

Yu Fan is considering whether this piece of paper is torn up and stuffed into his mouth or let him swallow dry. In front of him comes Zhuang Xingqin–.

“Yu Fan, why are you still here?” Zhuang Xingqin glanced at his watch and said, “hurry down and go! The long jump is about to begin! ”

Yu Fan had a lump in his throat: “got it.”

“do you know that you are still standing? Come on down. ” Zhuang Xingqin caught the strong man in place, “Gao Shi, you go to the record with him, lest he run away halfway.”


Gao Shi felt a little unlucky.

When he saw Yu Fan standing motionless, hesitating how to open his mouth and urge him, the other side raised his leg and came down.

As he passed Chen Jingshen, Yu Fan kicked Chen Jingshen’s schoolbag with his toes and coldly warned: “Don’t write those shabby radio drafts again.”

Chen Jingshen quietly twirled his pen and was about to say something when the other party hurried down the steps, leaving only a quick and whispering sentence: “…… You are not allowed to turn to my moments. ”


Yu Fan queued for records, and the high stone next to him suddenly leaned against him.

“Yu Fan, our group is a bit unlucky. We are all tall and long-legged, and there is also a sports student who can’t figure out the line.” Gao Shi patted him on the shoulder. “but it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to participate. Don’t be under too much pressure and just try your best.”

Yu Fan, who has the tallest and longest legs in the team: “…”

He stretched his body and said, “Why don’t you go?”

“Oh, there’s no hurry. I’ll fill you up before I go.” Gao Shi smiled. “and you’ve never taken part in a sports meeting before. I’m afraid you’ll forget to register after the jump.”

Still have to register?

Yu Fan said, “whatever you want.”

The draft of the men’s 3000-meter broadcast sounded on the radio. Gao Shi glanced at the other end of the 3000-meter starting line and thought that after staring at Yu Fan’s long jump, he can bring water to his classmates who ran three thousand meters.
His clothes were caught off guard.

“wait a minute,” Yu Fan frowned. “I didn’t take part in the sports meeting last year.”

Gao Shi was startled: “Ah?” Yes, yes. ”

Yu Fan stared at him for two seconds: “I didn’t even come to the playground.”

After that, Yu Fan didn’t think he was blaming him for not coming to the sports meeting, did he?

Gao Shi: “Yes, but I know you must have something delayed.”… ”

No sooner had he raised his heart than he felt his clothes loose. Yu Fan let him go and turned around in silence.

Gao Shi heaved a sigh of relief and dared not say any more.

It was not until Yu Fan signed and recorded that Gao Shi dared to sneak a glance at him.

Yu Fan’s face was very heavy, his eyelids were taut hard, and he was frighteningly cold.

What did Chen Jingshen say before?

I’ve been paying attention to him since I was a freshman in high school.

I also saw his project during the sports meeting.

He climbed over the wall to surf the Internet in the first year of high school sports meeting. What events did Chen Jingshen see? E-sports?

Shit, Chen Jingshen played him.

Gao Shi stood on the side and waited. The athletes of other classes were cheered before they jumped, and the people in their class could not do without cards.

When it was Yu Fan’s turn, as soon as Gao Shi was ready to open his mouth, the boy had already started a quick run-up, jumping tall, and his tall figure drew a beautiful arc in the air.

Gao Shi suddenly felt that the speech written by Chen Jingshen just now was not unusable.

After registering the score, Gao Shi still felt a little unresponsive.

He opened his mouth for a long time and asked blankly, “Yu Fan, you, you jumped the second?” Just a little short of that sports student? ”

“that’s amazing. Have you practiced it before? ”

“what time does the teacher play?” Yu Fan interrupted him.

There are also teacher events in their school sports meeting, but there are not many, and they are not included in the class score.

Gao Shi: “there seems to be a relay at 11:00. Why?”


Pick the time to hit someone.

On the way back, Yu Fan kept thinking about where to beat Chen Jingshen.

That face wants to be taught a lesson.

What would Chen Jingshen say to beg for mercy?

He can’t believe it.

Will Chen Jingshen cry?

It’s best to cry with a runny nose. Then he will take a picture, and the picture would be attached to the love letter and posted on the school bulletin board.

Yu Fan walked impassively outside the runway and had beaten Chen Jingshen ten times in his heart. As he passed a refereeing point, he was suddenly grabbed by the arm and dragged into the crowd of onlookers.

He turned his head and looked at the quiet eyes of the person.

Zhang Xianjing was stupefied: “hiss-why are you so fierce? Didn’t do well? ”

“is it possible?” Yu Fan said, “Let go.”

Zhang Xianjing didn’t let go: “where are you going?”

“go back.”

“No, let’s cheer for our classmates.”

After a long time, he remembered that it was now the men’s 3000-meter event.

“how many laps is it?” He stood still and asked.

Zhang Xianjing said, “it’s already the seventh lap, and it’s almost over.”

Yu Fan gave a sound, and his eyes turned around among the half-dead figures behind him, but no one was found.

“where is Wang Luan?”

“he,” Zhang Xianjing sneered, “is squatting in the teaching building.”


“the son of a bitch ate so much that he complained of a stomachache and went to the toilet before the interview. Well, high achiever took over for him. ”

Yu Fan was stunned for several seconds before he burst out, “who are you talking about?”

“high achiever, Chen Jingshen.” Zhang Xianjing raised his chin. “there, what about that?”

Yu Fa looked.

Chen Jingshen, tall and thin, dressed in a school uniform, suddenly huddled around a group of people in sportswear.

People who run 400 meters and gasp to death actually come to take part in the 3000-meter event.

Yu Fan: “is he one lap behind?”

“How is that possible?” Zhang Xianjing glared at him. “high achiever doesn’t show up and is competing for the top three with three sports students.”


Before Yu Fan could react, Zhang Xianjing shouted to the students in the next class, “here we come! I’m going to sprint! Hurry up! Shout! ”

“come on, high achiever!”

“sprint high achiever! Sprint! ”

“high achiever, go! More than the little eye in front! ” Zhang Xianjing shouted.

In the midst of their uproar, Yu Fan stared at Chen Jingshen, speeded up, and then the second broke through the 3000-meter finish line.

He accelerated a little hard at the last minute, and Chen Jingshen jogged a few more steps before he stopped.

He stood firm, bowed slightly and tilted his face after stopping, as if waiting for the referee around him to report his results.

Chen Jingshen was a little sweaty, his school uniform was badly damaged during running, his hair was a little floating, and his whole body was messy, contrary to his usual serious appearance.

But his expression was still calm, and his handsome face was taut, setting off a few tired boys who looked like dogs.

The referee gave him a number, and Chen Jingshen nodded, then, like all the boys, grabbed the hem and wiped the sweat on his chin.

The taut waist and abdomen passed in a flash.

— “Ah! How’s it going? Have you finished registering their time? Can I deliver the water now? ”
Zhang Xianjing’s screams brought Yu Fan back to his senses.

Chen Jingshen obviously heard the news on this side and looked up at him.

Yu Fan’s heart jumped and quickly turned away: “I’m going back.”

It is hard to win a fight with a man who has just finished running three thousand meters.

Wait. I’ll hit you tomorrow.

But why doesn’t this guy look tired at all? Even the second place among so many sports students.

Is he better at long-distance running than sprinting?

To hold on and not fall down is to be pushy. Come on, with his physique, he might be lying on the ground in two minutes.

The arm was grabbed from behind, and Yu Fan was forced to turn around before he could react.
To Chen Jingshen’s dark eyes, Yu Fan was stunned: “you are so special.”

Chen Jingshen shook himself and leaned straight towards him.

Yu Fan, subconsciously reached out his hand to catch the person.

Someone taller than him fell on him, his head on his shoulder, and he could even feel Chen Jingshen’s hot body temperature.

“Sorry.” The breath of the person on his body is warm as if he were about to go into shock

A weak voice said in his ear, “I can’t stand.”

Shizun: CJ is always pretending to be frail in front of Yf and I find it funny

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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