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Chen Jingshen turned around and went to the counter to buy something. When he came back, the schoolbag on the table buzzed.

Yu Fan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect students like Chen Jingshen to bring their mobile phones to school.

He took out Chen Jingshen’s mobile phone, and the caller ID on the screen was “Mom”.
Yu Fan felt his shoulders tightened slightly for a moment, lowered his eyelids with no expression, looked at the screen of his mobile phone, and didn’t answer it.

Yu Fan attributed this to the guilty conscience of good students who received a phone call from their parents just after they rebelled.

However, Chen Jingshen’s guilty reaction seems different from others.

Actually, Hu Pang should not have found that the person he was dragging was Chen Jingshen, but Yu Fan still wanted to scare him.

“Take it, it’s a big deal to get beaten.” He stood up in a lazy tone. “I’m leaving.”

No sooner had he turned around than his school uniform jacket was pulled.
Yu Fan looked back and frowned: “What’s the matter again …”

A plastic bag was handed to him, which Chen Jingshen had just brought back from the counter.
“Go back and eat.” Chen Jingshen said.

Yu Fan consciously took it, and as soon as he heard the speech, he was about to say no, but Chen Jingshen already answered the phone and gave a faint “um”.

Yu Fan: “…”

When Yu Fan went back, there was nobody at home.

This is the norm. Yu Kaiming goes out with his unreliable friends to find jobs for half a month, and the rest of the month is either drinking in the bar or playing cards and gambling/football, even if he goes home, it is in the middle of the night.

With any luck, they won’t meet once a month.

The living room table is a mess, the desktop and floor are full of empty wine bottles and leftover take-out boxes, and the whole room smells pungent and unpleasant.
Yu Fan is normal. Pulled a garbage bag, stuffed all the empty bottles into it, went out and threw them into the garbage truck at the gate of the community.

When he came back, the cell phone on the table rang.

[S: Are you home yet]

Yu Fan stared at the avatar for a few seconds before he realized who it was.

Chen Jingshen changed his avatar.

Yu Fan move your finger, click on the big picture and look at it.

It’s a photo of an adult Doberman. Dogs have strong muscles, smooth and shiny coat, wearing collars and metal muzzle. It is estimated that taking them to the next school and howling twice will scare away many people.

Such a weak person keeps such a dog?

Not afraid of being dragged when walking the dog?

Yu Fan turned on the keyboard and just wanted to reply, but after typing two words, he stopped.
Why does he have to say something when he gets home? Are they familiar with each other?

Yu Fan threw the phone on the bed and turned into the bathroom.

He took off his clothes, habitually trying to pull the band-aid from his hand, but his hand stopped when he touched it.

Why is Chen Jingshen so delicate that he carries band-aids with him?

It still seems waterproof.

For a moment, the hand wrapped in the band-aid touched lightly, and the hot water poured down from the top of the head.

After coming out, Yu Fan rubbed his hair with a towel with one hand, opened the plastic bag with the other hand, and took a casual look inside.

There are two sandwiches and a bottle of milk lying inside.

He opened a sandwich, bit it in his mouth, picked up his mobile phone and swipe it twice, then poked the dog open.

[-: I’m here, what are you doing?]

[S: page 3 and 4 of the sprint college entrance examination, page 13 of physics help, reciting Chen Qingbiao and reading ancient poems on page 27 of Chinese workbook …]

【-:? 】

[S: Weekend homework. 】


Let me get back to you. I’m an idiot.

On Monday, after raising the flag, they went back to the classroom. The first subject was physics, but the physics teacher had something to do temporarily and changed it with the afternoon self-study class.

Zhuang Xingqin sat in front to supervise their self-study, and Hu Pang walked to the door of their class with his hands behind his back.

The two teachers met their eyes and nodded to each other.

Hu Pang leaned out and looked around in their class.

The class changed groups once a week, and Yu Fan sat by the wall this time.
Yu Fan half-body lazily against the wall, with his eyes, and nodded to him.

“What are you nodding at? Saying hello? ” Hu Pang said, “Come out!”


Yu Fan poked Chen Jingshen: “Get out of the way, I’m going out.”

Chen Jingshen glanced at him and got up to give up his position.

Yu Fan passed him by, and before leaving, he whispered down a sentence: “if Fatty Tiger asks you to go out and ask you about something, just don’t admit it.”

In the hallway, Hu Pang touched his hair: “Last Friday, in the black Internet bar at the back door of the school, was it you who ran in front?”

Zhuang Xingqin followed uncomfortably, and he could not help twisting his eyebrows and staring at the person next to him.

Yu Fan: “I…”

“you can’t argue!” Hu Pang said excitedly, “although I don’t see the others clearly, I recognize you! I’ve chased your back too many times! Not to mention now, ten years later, twenty years later, even if I am too old to run and have Alzheimer’s disease! I can recognize you at a glance when you flash in front of me! ”

Yu Fan: “no.”

“do you think running is useful? You can run, but the monk can’t run the temple, no matter how far you run, you have to come back to school on Monday! I just went to confirm with several students in the Internet bar at that time– ”

“I won’t argue, it’s me.” Yu Fan said, “Director, take a breath and don’t be so angry.”

Hu Pang: “…”

Hu Pang unscrewed his thermos cup, drank a sip of water, and then said, “do you know that if you take another punishment now, you will be put on probation?”

Yu Fan leaned against the wall: “really.”

“what’s your attitude? Be serious and stand up straight! ” Zhuang Xingqin scolded.

With that, he turned to Hu Pang and said, “Director, he did something wrong, but I don’t think it’s time for punishment, right? Staying in school for probation is to be recorded in the student file to follow him for the rest of his life. I think we still have to give the students a chance to change. ”

“have I given him few opportunities?” Hu Pang said, “Yu Fan, say for yourself, did I give you a chance that night to stop running? What about you? You almost broke the world record for long-distance running for me! ”

Hu Pang said more and the volume of his voice could not be suppressed, the voice intermittently came into the classroom, so that the class could not help looking out.

Yu Fan told the truth: “too far away, did not hear.”


In fact, Hu Pang did not really want to punish him.
After giving a little warning that the other party didn’t care, Hu Pang coughed softly: “I’ll tell you what. You tell me who you pulled that night, and then go back and write a three-thousand-word review, and I’ll forget it this time. ”

Yu Fan: “No one, you saw it wrong.”

“Don’t play dumb. I saw it clearly that night.” Hu Pang opened his mouth. “if I remember correctly, it was Wang Luan.”

Wang Luan: “?”

Yu Fan frowned: “I said no.”

Hu Pang nodded: “OK, there are still ten minutes to go before the class is over. Think about it again. If you really want to stay in school for observation, you will continue to be stubborn. ”

“it’s me.” There was a sound from behind.

“I said I saw it right,” Hu Pang turned satisfactorily. “Wang Luan, you also give me ……”

Hu Pang: “…”

Hu Pang: “?”

Two minutes later, Hu Pang looked at the boy standing next to him, his skull more painful than running the marathon that night.

Hu Pang: “Chen Jingshen, you … What’s going on? ”

Chen Jingshen looked at the man leaning against the wall.

Yu Fan opened his eyes and ignored him.

What he said is just said in vain.

Hu Pang caught their eye contact: “is someone threatening you to come out and take the pot?”

“No.” Chen Jingshen said, “Director, I was the one holding hands with him that night.”

Yu Fan turned back: “who’s fucking holding hands with you?”

Chen Jingshen changed his tune: “you hold me.”

“Grasp,” Yu Fan grinds his teeth. “That’s called grasping.”

Hu Pang: “.”

Zhuang Xingqin: “?”

“all right,” Hu Pang interrupted them with a complicated expression. “Cheng Jingshen, what are you doing in a black Internet bar?”

Chen Jingshen said: “watching online classes.”


Hu Pang has not yet recovered, Chen Jingshen said: “in fact, Yu Fan is also going to watch online classes.”

Hu Pang: “…”

Yu Fan: “?”

Yu Fan turned to look at Chen Jingshen, the other side as usual expressionless, there are no flaws.

Lying is the advantage of your paralyzed face, right?

Hu Pang did not believe: “Yu Fan, what online lessons are you watching?”

“The concept of sine theorem and cosine theorem.” Yu Fan said with a straight face, “the lecturer is you in a handsome suit.”

Hu Pang is gone.

Before leaving, he rubbed his small flat nose proudly and shyly: “I recorded the class many years ago, but I didn’t expect that anyone was watching it. This basic course is very suitable for you. It is good to use the extracurricular time to make up for your lack of study, but you should also choose the right way. If you still want to watch online classes in the future, you can borrow the computer in my office. Don’t go to black Internet cafes again. It won’t happen again. Do you understand? ”

Yu Fan looked at his back and inexplicably felt guilty about deceiving him.

He turned his head and was about to go back to the classroom when he was stopped by Zhuang Xingqin.

“wait a minute,” Zhuang Xingqin said, glancing across their faces. “after school this afternoon, you two will wait for me on the playground.”

Chen Jingshen stopped and said, “Why?”

“in practice, at the school sports meeting at the end of this month, we are missing two people in the 4×400 rice relay,” Zhuang said. “can’t you two run? Make it up for me. ”



“you two get caught and run, 4×400. I didn’t get caught running three fucking kilometers. What the fuck is that?”

On the playground, Wang Luan vented to the sky and remembered that there were more people next to him, “High achiever, did I scare you by swearing? ”

Chen Jingshen said: “No.”

“Here comes the Zhuang Xingqin,” Yu Fan said lightly. “speak louder and try to let him hear you.”

“forget it.”

More than half of the students in the class have to take part in the sports meeting, everyone gets together loosely, and the students of other classes are also gathered nearby, the scene is very spectacular.

Last year’s sports meeting in their class was the lowest in the grade. Zhuang Xingqin was disgraced. This time he was determined to make a comeback and never be at the bottom.

So his first measure was to catch all the boys who escaped from the sports meeting last time and assign them projects.

Zhuang Xingqin picked a starting point for the relay and asked the relay students to come and practice the baton.

Yu Fan glanced at the person next to him.

Chen Jingshen was half kneeling to tie his shoes. He took off his coat and his school uniform t-shirt pressed against his back, sketching the outline of his shoulder blades.

The man gasps after two paces. Can he run the relay?

Chen Jingshen looked up and stood up at that moment, Yu Fan quickly put aside his eyes.

Forget it. It’s none of my business. He asked for it.

The number of PE students in their class is the fewest in the whole grade, only one boy.

Zhuang Xingqin gave him the responsibility of the first stick, the monitor second, Chen Jingshen third, and Yu Fan the last stick.

After Chen Jingshen took the baton, Wang Luan turned his head with him: “Hey, Chen Jingshen’s speed is all right, not slow …… But also, he was able to keep up with the speed of Yu Fan that night. ”

Just after seeing other boys’ foreheads and nostrils enlarged with the wind, Zhang Xianjing sighed: “the most important thing is that he doesn’t run ugly.”

“Yu Fan is not ugly when he runs.”

“Well, so did you find out?” Zhang Xianjing turned her eyes and said, “how many girls have passed around our class?”

Yu Fan was silent. He went to the track and jogged forward and held out his hand behind him.
When he received the baton from Chen Jingshen, he jumped and ran out like the wind.

“Yes, high achiever.” Wang Luan put on Chen Jingshen’s shoulder and “ran very fast.”

Chen Jingshen frowned and did not pat him: “Thank you.”

Wang Luan: “do you want water?”

Chen Jingshen looked at the other side of the playground and said, “No.”

Wang Luan looked past with high achiever and saw his good brother’s hair flying and his face so handsome that he exploded.

“Wang Luan, see that girl over there? Stand next to the finish line. ” Zhang Xianjing touched Wang Luan’s arm.

Chen Jingshen heard the speech and subconsciously glanced at it.

Wang Luan: “I see.” Class four, I’ve heard of her. She’s pretty. ”

Zhang Xianjing glared at him: “I am beautiful or she is beautiful?”
“you,” said Wang Luan, “so what’s the matter?”

“Look,” Zhang Xianjing said firmly. “the bottle of water in her hand must be for Yu Fan.”

Yu Fan stopped at the finish line, and sure enough, the girl walked towards him with water in her hand.

But Yu Fan didn’t see it. He raised the back of his hand and wiped his nose and walked straight towards them.

“Fuck, Yu Fan, you are like this.” When he saw him coming, Wang Luan was stupefied and gave a thumbs up. “but wait a minute, behind you.”

Yu Fan frowned: “if you can’t run, don’t run.”

Wang Luan: “?”

“to tell you the truth, 3000 meters is a bit difficult, but Zhuang Xingqin said that if I don’t run, I will be responsible for bringing tea and water for the athletes-where are you going?” Wang Luan looked blankly as Yu Fan walked past him and went behind him.

Wang Luan looked back and froze.

The man who had not breathed heavily after running was now sitting on the grass, tired as if he had just knocked down ten cows.

“I can run, but my legs are weak.” Chen Jingshen said, “can you give me a hand?”

Wang Luan: “……”


Isn’t the reflex arc of your body a little too long?

Eyyy CJ What are you doing? I’m having second hand embarrassment.

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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