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The newly built account cannot be matched immediately, and there are not many heroes he can play. Wang Luan operated for a while and soon got a number for Chen Jingshen.

“Isn’t this Zhang Xianjing’s account?” Zuo Kuan asked, “who is it?”

“His grade ranks number one, the high school tyrant of our class.” Wang Luan moved the mouse, “I opened it.”

Zuo Kuan, just want to ask Chen Jingshen this kind of nerd also play online games, was interrupted by a “thump”, they entered the game interface.

When Chen Jingshen played for the first time, he got a wet nurse under the guidance of Wang Luan.

“high achiever, do you see the three roads on the map? You go to the bottom of the road, “Wang Luan said,” this Yu Fan plays AD, you can follow him, he is very strong AD.

Yu Fan originally wanted to drive him to another road, but he caught a glimpse of Chen Jingshen looking at his skills carefully and shut up again.

Forget it, just take it as an obnoxious pendant, anyway, he often plays a dozen or two when he gets off the road.

In five minutes.

Yu Fan saw that the number of reinforcements was more than he was, and he couldn’t bear it: “what are you doing with a soldier who helps me?”

Chen Jingshen: “your soldiers?”

“all the soldiers on the way down are AD’s.”

“I see.” Chen Jingshen turned back to the grass and said, “here you go.”


Why don’t you try this almsgiving tone again?

Yu Fan saw Chen Jingshen’s wet nurse coming towards him full of blood.

Yu Fan immediately turned back and prepared for a big fight.

And then was pinned down in the grass to die.

Yu Fan looked at the wet nurse who was already half a picture away from him: “there is a group here. Why don’t you go shopping on the road?”

Chen Jingshen asked, “can’t you beat it?”


Until dinnertime, Yu Fan looked at his one-page red record and fell silent.

“take a break. I can’t do it.” Wang Luan put down the mouse. “I’m going to buy something to eat. Yu Fan, what do you want to eat? Where is high achiever? ”

When Yu Fan was full, he kept a straight face: “Don’t eat.”

Chen Jingshen: “No, thank you.”

Wang Luan got up and went to the front desk to buy food. Yu Fan turned off the game and re-enlarged the live room page and found that the Blue Mao anchorman he had just watched had been broadcast in advance, and the platform automatically transferred him to another popular live room of League of Legends.

She is an anchorwoman who used to be a professional player in other moba games. After retiring, she made a lot of money broadcasting League of Legends on the live broadcast platform. She attracted a lot of fans because of her good technology, interesting personality, beautiful face and sexual sensational figure.

Yu Fan was tired of losing and was not in the mood to move any more. He simply enlarged the screen, leaned back on the sofa and watched the operation of the hostess intently.

The line of sight is burning.

Yu Fan, who couldn’t stand being stared at, turned his head and frowned: “Why, I have online lessons on my face?”

Chen Jingshen’s line of sight swept past the female anchor’s video window: “do you usually watch these?”

“otherwise, look at Hu Pang?”

Chen Jingshen was silent for two seconds: “do you like rabbit ears?”

Yu Fan: “?”

“or,” Chen Jingshen thought about the wording, “nanny skirt?”


Only then did Yu Fan notice the dress of the hostess.

He wanted to say stupid it was called a maid / servant costume. He paused and changed it to: “have you ever thought that I might like her because she is a woman?”

With that, he deliberately raised his finger and paid attention to the anchorwoman in front of Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen looked at his screen in silence for a while, then turned his head and looked back at his computer.

Yu Fan glanced over and saw Chen Jingshen open Hu Pang’s online class again, but the corners of his mouth were stretched down, looking unhappy, and his face looked like Hu Pang owed him 8 million.

Who are you showing your face to?

Yu Fan, who was watching, took back his eyes, licked his lips, picked up the bottle of mineral water at hand, took two sips, turned his head and wanted to say something,when he just opened his mouth.

“I’m not thirsty.” Chen Jingshen said suddenly.

“…” Who cares if you’re thirsty?

Yu Fan turned around and went on to watch the hostess.

What happened to the anchorwoman?

It’s not against the law.

Wang Luan elbowed on the counter, stretching his head and commanding: “Brother, give me more ketchup.”

“Yes.” The receptionist skillfully smeared sauce on the hot dog, “do you buy so much by yourself?”
Wang Luan raised his chin: “I still have two brothers.”

Although the two men said that they would not eat, Wang Luan decided to buy some more, in case they were hungry later.
Wang Luan shook his head and tut-tut, saying that it was hard to find a good brother like me with a lantern.

The receptionist followed his eyes and said, “is that your friend in the middle?” When he first came in, I thought he was at the wrong store. ”

“Hey, don’t say, that’s what I thought when I first saw him.” Wang Luan waited for a little leisure, and his eyes drifted around to the monitor next to the front desk computer.

At the gate on the first floor stood a chubby figure with his back to the monitor. Wang Luan stared at the top of the man’s head for a while, smiled and said casually, “fuck, look at this man’s bald head.”

The front desk glanced at it: “He looks a little familiar.”

On the monitor, the man raised his hand and touched an empty head.
Wang Luan followed suit and touched a handful of his hair: “He looks familiar.”

The man turned and revealed the face that frightened all the students of Nancheng Seventh High School.

Wang Luan’s smile froze on his face: “Fuck me.”

Wang Luan ran back with four hot dogs in his hand.

When he went back, Yu Fan just stood up from his position, probably because he knelt in the afternoon and his face was very smelly.

“Yu Fan! Yu Fan! ” Wang Luan shouted, “Fat Tiger!” Fat Tiger! Fat Tiger! ”

Yu Fan was going to go to the toilet to calm down for a while. Hearing this, he thought Wang Luan was talking about Chen Jingshen’s reopened online class.

He twisted his eyebrow and said, “just look at it. What are you shouting?”

“No! No! ” Wang Luan said, “the fat tiger is coming to catch people!” He’s fucking downstairs! I’m about to rush to the building! ”

At this time, a music bell rang unexpectedly, and most of the boys in this area suddenly raised their heads!

It’s a signal that a teacher is coming!

Wang Luan: “Let’s go.”… ”

Before he had finished his words, Yu Fan turned quickly and grabbed the collar of the person who was watching the online class.

“the lecturer himself is here, but what the fuck are you looking at?” Yu Fan said, “take your schoolbag!”

Two seconds later, a roar full of anger came from the corridor-“South City Seven High School students! Don’t run! ”

Chen Jingshen picked up his schoolbag from the ground and was suddenly caught in the wrist before he could carry it on his back.

The boy’s palms were cold, so he pulled him hard.

“what are you doing?” Yu Fan said, “run!”

Chen Jingshen has never been chased in the street.

Night market lights have been on, barbecue snacks open to set up stalls, white fog rising hot, stimulating the taste buds of passers-by, more than a dozen boys running around in the street, the scene is funny.

Yu Fan ran so fast that the wind swept around him curled his hair behind his ears, revealing his clean and beautiful face.

Chen Jingshen drew back his eyes, clutched the shoulder strap of his schoolbag in one hand, and let the other side pull him on the rampage in this narrow street.

Wang Luan watched helplessly as his two good classmates ran from the bottom of the crowd to the front of the crowd, running faster and farther, and finally disappeared from his sight.



Isn’t Yu Fan a bad teenager who sleeps in class with him and skips PE class hand in hand?

Isn’t Chen Jingshen a weak, short of breath and weak nerd high achiever?

Why are they running so fast?!

Wang Luan couldn’t run any more. he stopped and gasped for breath, holding a bunch of hot dogs in his hand like a fool, so that his fingers turned white.
I’m your licking dog. Wang Luan thought sadly.

Hu Pang came up from behind.

Wang Luan leaned against the wall and looked at the short and fat figure who had run such a long way and was full of energy. He suddenly felt that he was the only useless person in the world.

He was ready to be taken away by Hu Pang, but unexpectedly, the other side ran directly in front of him.

“stop! Stop in front! Yu Fan! Don’t think I didn’t see it was you! If you stop now, we can still talk, or we’ll see what I’ll do with you on Monday! Metaphorical complexity-”

Wang Luan: “……”

Chen Jingshen does not know how long he has been led to run.

The surrounding area has turned from a small eating street into a forest of high-rise buildings, and most of the pedestrians are tired office workers who have just finished working overtime.

Afraid of being found parked on the road, they ran into a 24-hour convenience store.

Yu Fan took time to calm down his breath and then remembered to look back.

A second before he turned his head, Chen Jingshen bent down and began to gasp.

Yu Fan looked at his unnatural shoulders and frowned: “…”… Do you have asthma? ”

“No, a little tired.” Chen Jingshen looked at the seat by the window of the convenience store and asked, “can you take a break?”

Yu Fan went to the counter to buy two bottles of water, one of which was put in front of Chen Jingshen.

Chen Jingshen’s breathing is still a little heavy. He looks pale and doesn’t seem to have recovered.

Yu Fan reached out to help him unscrew the top of the bottle: “drink.”

“thank you.” Chen Jingshen took over.
He looked up to drink water, and the boy’s protruding Adam’s apple rolled gently as he swallowed.

The mobile phone picked up and shook. Yu Fan picked up the mobile phone and took a look. It was Wang Luan ‘s phone.

“what do you think? Did you go to the United States? ” Wang Luan asked.

“I’m in a bad place. I’m not going.” Yu Fan took a sip. “you didn’t get caught, did you?”

“No, so you remember me.” Wang Luan said, “I thought you forgot me when you ran so fast and didn’t look back at me.”

“Don’t be weird.”

“it’s not that, you just ran too fucking fast,” Wang Luan said inexplicably. “I see you were so afraid of being caught by a fat tiger when you came out to surf the Internet.”

He’s not afraid.

Isn’t there a good student here?

“it is you who are too.” Yu Fan’s voice came to an abrupt end.

“too what?” Wang Luan asked.

Suddenly there was no sound on the phone, and Wang Luan was stupefied: “you talk.”
“you won’t be caught by a fat tiger, will you? Hello? Yu Fan? Speak– ”


Metaphorically perfunctory response to a sentence, a little unnatural.

In just a few seconds, his empty left hand was suddenly grabbed and pulled over.

The man who had gasped like an ox two minutes ago was now back to business as usual, staring down at his fingers.

Yu Fan looked down Chen Jingshen’s eyes and found that he had scraped the cut on the ring finger of his left hand. The row is a little long, and the blood flows through the side of the finger, like wearing a dark red ring.

He didn’t feel any pain all the way.

“What did you just say?” Wang Luan still said on the phone, “you have the ability to finish your speech.”

Yu Fan drew his hand back but didn’t pull it out.

Chen Jingshen pinched his finger and looked at his wound silently.

Chen Jingshen pointed to hands were warm, and the two men deadlocked for a while, and Yu vaguely felt that the piece of skin he was staring at was a little itchy.

He was about to let go of the other party when Chen Jingshen suddenly moved.

Chen Jingshen grabbed him with one hand, reached into his schoolbag with the other, and rummaged for a while at the bottom.

And found a band-aid.

Chen Jing had deep hands and big hands, and his knuckles easily gathered his hands inside.

Yu Fan watched blankly as he tore open the band-aid, covered it on the wound, and pushed it open and tight.

After confirming that the paste was finished, Chen Jingshen loosened him, pinched the package of the band-aid into a ball, got up and walked towards the trash can at the door.

Yu Fan’s hands hung in mid-air, and the place where he had just been pointed at his belly suddenly lightened, and some of it was cold.

In the mobile phone, Wang Luan is still babbling: “where are you now? I’ll come to you. I didn’t eat the hot dog. I’m still a little hungry. Is Chen Jingshen still next to you? Hey, why don’t you talk– ”

The moment before Chen Jingshen turned around, Yu Fan quickly pulled back his hand, stuffed it into his pocket, and looked out of the window as if nothing had happened.

Shizun: I wonder how CJ actually fell for YF like something more detailed, still this is already good.

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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