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When the bell rang after class, Yu Fan turned back to the classroom, and the only thought on his mind was.

Tear up that love letter when you get home today.

As he passed the second group, Wang Luan could not help pulling his clothes and asked, “what were you and Chen Jingshen talking about in the hallway? You had such a happy chat.”

“which eye did you see me talking to him?”

There are 40 people in the class except for you two, plus Zhuang Xingqin, 82 eyes can see it.

He looked at Yu Fan’s face and dared not to say.

Yu Fan returned to his seat and the transcript that had just been handed in had been sent back to his desk.

The team leader was in such a hurry when he collected his homework this morning that he casually wrote a name and handed it in without opening it.

How good can a left-handed handwriting be? Normal people can’t write with their left hand. He must have visited Zhuang Xingqin to see that his homework was too careful and found it in his brush strokes.

Yu Fan opened the book with this idea.


And then closed again.

Chen Jingshen returned to his seat and saw him with his exercise book and glanced at his hand–.


Yu Fan quickly pressed his hand on his name to block it, then rudely grabbed the exercise book and stuffed it into the drawer.

This is what Zhang Xianjing turned to see.

“what are you doing? It was frightening, you made me jump. ” She patted her chest, then blinked at Chen Jingshen. “classmate Chen, I heard that you got a full mark in this exam again. It’s really amazing.”

Chen Jingshen leaned back and pulled out the textbook for the next class from his desk: “Thank you.”

“I was distracted in class just now. There was a question in the paper that I didn’t understand. Could you tell me about it?”

Chen Jingshen asked, “which one?”

Zhang Xianjing reached out and casually pointed to a question, revealing the lovely pink band-aid on her finger.

Chen Jingshen: “your hand ……”

“Oh,” she shyly withdrew her finger. “I made too many mistakes. I was too tired when I copied the answer yesterday. It’s not a big problem, but it really hurts. If someone copied it for me, it would be more–”

“You are blocking the point.”


Yu Fan looked at Zhang Xianjing’s face and thought that she might do it before herself.

Chen Jingshen drew draft paper and told her briefly.

Yu Fan didn’t want to hear it, but he had no choice but to get so close that every word was very

Zhang Xianjing originally just wanted to find an excuse to talk, but Chen Jingshen explained and she really understood.

Chen Jingshen: “do you understand?”

“I see. Thank you. ” Zhang Xianjing grabbed the test paper and turned back.

A few seconds later, she suddenly regained consciousness.

Fuck, she doesn’t really want to ask questions!

Zhang Xianjing suddenly turned her head again.

“Mr. Chen,” Zhang Xianjing pushed her black-rimmed glasses and couldn’t help asking, “Don’t you like to wear glasses?”

Yu Fan played with his mobile phone and probably guessed the next play.

He doesn’t like the gossip and hesitates to go out for a walk.

“I didn’t say that.” Chen Jingshen said.

“then what kind of tperson do you like? A person with ;ittle eyes? Thick lips? The thin and small one? ”


Zhang Xianjing said quietly that Wang Luan you are dead, and then laughed: “there are a lot of pimples or pockmarks on the face?”

There’s no sound next to him.

Yu Fan had a bad feeling that he put away his cell phone and was just about to get up and leave.

Chen Jingshen looked at him.

The dark eyes, cold and direct, turned gently at his face.

Soon, Chen Jingshen withdrew his sight and said.

“not really.”

Yu Fan: “.”

Before Zhang Xianjing’s puzzled eyes turned around, Yu Fan first picked up his school uniform coat and put it on his head, lying on the table to sleep and pretending to be dead.


In the first week of each semester, Zhuang Xingqin will focus on finding some students who did not perform well in the last semester.

In the afternoon, when Wang Luan came back from the office, his eyes were red.

He sat on his back at Yu Fan’s front table: “I think it’s really hurtful to visit Xingqin.”

Yu Fan is not good at coaxing people. When he saw Wang Luan ‘s expression, he had a headache and gave Snake a pause: “she’s a little verbose, but it’s all for your own good.”… ”
“she said that if I went on like this, I would have no choice but to pick up the garbage with you.”


Feeling that Chen Jingshen was a little slow in doing the exercises, Yu Fan said in a cold voice,

“shut up before I throw my phone in your face.”

“I’m just kidding.” Wang Lu’an sighed. “but I’m a little at a loss. I just asked Zhuang Xingqin to mark the school where I could go to the end of last semester. There are all vocational and technical colleges in the row! There are no undergraduates! If I go to a technical college in the future, my father would beat me to death. ”

“Zhuang Xingqin also said that if I go to the technical college, the road of life will be narrowed, and I may have to help people collect debts in the end. With hair redder than a chicken and tattooed dogs shaking their heads, my parents will dislike me, my friends stay away from me, and beauties won’t love me. ”

Yu Fan fell asleep and finally heard the concluding remarks.

Wang Luan: “so I learned from the bitter experience and decided to study hard in the future.”

“well,” Yu Fan said, “I wish you success.”

“sure, brother. If I become rich and famous in the future, I will certainly rescue you from the garbage dump. “Wang Lu’an clenched his fist and hammered twice on his chest.” I will go back to study now, for the sake of my future and yours. ”

Yu Fan waved his hand and signaled him to get out of here.

Wang Luan didn’t take two steps before he turned around.

“are you going to surf the Internet later after school?”


Yu Fan said, “Don’t you want the future?”

“with a combination of work and rest, it’s not too much to relax once in a while, let alone today’s Friday.” Wang Luan said, “Let’s go to the ‘cool boy’ at the back door and get closer.”

Before leaving, Wang Luan knocked off the pen hanging from the edge of the table.

He was stupefied, picked it up and put it away: “I’m sorry, high achiever, I hit it.”
Chen Jingshen scratched his finger and held the pen back in his hand: “it’s all right.”

Cool Boy is a black Internet bar across the street from the back door of their school.
The location is hidden, the store is small, but the environment and computer configuration are good.

“I’m coming. I have a flash! Big him-nice! ”

The person who said he wanted to study hard in the afternoon was sitting in the Internet bar with a louder voice than when he took part in the military song competition.

At the end of the game, Yu Fan could not bear to take off his headphones: “would you like to roar again?”

“I’m excited.” Wang Luan took out his cell phone and said, “wait a minute, Zuo Kuan has been sending messages to me, asking me to wait for them to go online for one yuan and five rows.”

Yu Fan put the headphones on the table, lay back on the sofa and casually clicked on a live room on the home page.

Their computer is located on the left side of the front desk, and occasionally they can vaguely hear the movement at the front desk.

“Come to surf the Internet? ” The voice of the front desk.

“mm-hmm.” A cold answer.

Yu Fan’s eyelids jumped for a moment.

He watched the live broadcast on the screen and thought that there was a second person in the world who wanted to be taught a lesson.

“We have to charge extra if you don’t have an ID card.” The front desk reconfirmed, “scan the code to pay, then go to the left area to pick up the computer, oh yes-the emergency exit is on the far left.”

The man did not answer again, but listened to the news and was coming towards them.
The left area itself is small. Yu Fan listened to the man walk up to him without looking up.


The sound of heavy objects falling to the ground.

Yu Fan was chewing gum and looked at the ground lazily with his head tilted.

Then he saw a black schoolbag that looked familiar.


He paused as he chewed gum.

“high achiever?” Wang Luan, next to him, raised his head and said in shock, “Why are you here? ”

Chen Jingshen stood in front of the machine, and his eyes stayed on the complicated computer screen for a while.

There is a live broadcast interface on which the boys dye their blue hair as if they are playing some game, which does not look like a serious live broadcast.

He withdrew his eyes and said, “come to the Internet.”
Wang Luan: “……”

First in the grade, come to the black Internet bar at the back door of the school and surf the Internet?

Everyone around is looking at them.

It is not new to see people who wear school uniforms to surf the Internet. Yu Fan and Wang Luan wore school uniforms. But Chen Jingshen, who fastens the buttons of his school uniform to the top and has a decent posture, is really the only one in the whole Internet bar.

Yu Fan returned to his mind and raised his foot and kicked his seat before Chen Jingshen sat down.

Chen Jingshen moved for a moment and lowered his eyes.


Yu Fan wanted to say, “go sit somewhere else,” but a group of people just walked in outside.
With red, yellow, blue and green hair, they should all be from the school next door. They raised their jaws at the front desk and walked directly in and sat down in the row next to Chen Jingshen.

Looking carefully, one of the people who blackmailed Chen Jingshen that day was also inside.

“- change places with me.” Yu Fan finished his words coolly.

Chen Jingshen curled up his index finger and gave way obediently.

Wang Luan looked blankly at the change of seats between the two nearby.

The cell phone buzzed..

He looked down and said, “Yu Fan, Zuo Kuan said that one of them could not come. Let’s play the fourth platoon.”

“Whatever.” When he moved to a new position, Yu Fan no longer looked at the people around him, “pull me.”

Yu Fan reopened the game interface, just ready to accept Wang Luan’s invitation to form a team, a familiar face suddenly flashed in the computer screen next to him.

Yu Fan and Wang Luan had a reflexive heartbeat, and they frowned together and twisted their heads to look in the middle.

On Chen Jingshen’s computer screen, there happened to be a big introduction–.

The concept of sine theorem and cosine theorem in “famous teacher’s net course” (basic).

This lecturer: Hu Pang.

Yu Fan: “.”

Wang Luan: “……”

Wang Lu’an frowned, and he couldn’t help turning his head: “high achiever.”… ”

Chen Jingshen: “?

“you came to the Internet bar just to. See Hu Pang? ”

“No, I want to play games.” Chen Jingshen paused for a second, “but I was temporarily stood up and couldn’t play.”

Dogs don’t believe it.

Wang Luan: “so abominable?” What are you going to do now? ”

Yu Fan: “…”

Chen Jingshen said, “Watch some online lessons.”

Wu Jing said goodbye to his peace of mind. It was us who are tortured when you watched the online class.

He was still watching Hu Pang’s class, which was even more unlucky.

An idea flew by, Wang Luan patted his thigh: “high achiever, why don’t you come and play with us? we happen to be one short of four. Will you play League of Legends? ”

“I haven’t played much,” Chen Jingshen said. ”

“it doesn’t matter. We all know each other. We’ll take you–”

“take a fart, no.” Yu Fan twisted his eyebrow and interrupted, “just four people, open.”

Wang Luan was stunned and was just about to say that he had just finished your homework. Is it a bit too much for you to turn your face and not recognize others, brother?

“good.” Chen Jingshen said in a flat tone, “if you can’t bring me, it doesn’t matter if I don’t come.”

In a minute.

Yu Fan grabbed the mouse next to him, turned off Hu Pang’s online class, and opened League of Legends.

“See that registered account?” Yu Fan said coldly, “Don’t talk nonsense, choose a name.”

Shizun: Yu Fan is too soft-hearted//////

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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