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It was eerily quiet for a while.

“No, high achiever,” Wang Luan was the first to look back. His eyes wafted amusingly between the two. “if you don’t add our campus beauty’s Wechat, why are you so complicated? Do you really want to make an appointment with him? ”

Chen Jingshen looked at him and said, “about a fight?”

Wang Luan wanted to ask again, but the man next to him suddenly moved.

Yu Fan tried again to pull his clothes out of his hand.

“add your mother. How many times do I have to say it, I won’t. ” In the middle of this, Yu Fan cut off his words and said, “get out of here and leave me alone.”

Wang Luan was just about to say that brothers don’t have to react so much, right? He turned his head and froze again.

Why are his brother’s ears red?

It was a little dark. Wang Luan just wanted to take a closer look. Yu Fan had turned his head and left.

His brother’s handsome figure was slightly hurried against the passing bike.

When he got home, Yu Fan lay down on the sofa, picked up his cell phone and scratched twice.

A discussion group he has blocked for more than a year is now at the top of Wechat, and the news has reached 99 +.

The discussion group’s member Zuo Kuan, and the students who annoy the teachers are basically in it. Dozens of people, more than half of Yu Fan do not know.

At the moment, those in the Zuo’s class are chatting happily.

[What exactly happened to the first place in that grade? I think Yu Fan seems to hate him. ].

[ Hate didn’t he just helped him get his money back? ].

[But high achiever asked him to add Wechat, but he didn’t give it either, and verbally greeted high achiever’s parents! ].

Yu Fan’s eyelids jumped and he remembered Chen Jingshen’s expression when he grabbed his clothes just now.

The light of his eyes hung down and looked at him calmly and directly-just like when he handed over a love letter.

Shit, does this guy have any sense of homosexuality or not?

Aren’t all homosexuals supposed to hide?

What does he mean by opening the screen like a peacock every day?

He closed his eyes and rubbed his ears.

He walked too fast just now. I should have punched Chen Jingshen in the eye.

Yu Fan moved his fingers to retire the garbage discussion group. When he returned to the main interface of Wechat, there was suddenly a red “1” in the column of friends.

He clicked on it carelessly, and it was a new friend application, and the applicant was an initial profile portrait, a simple silhouette of gray characters, which looked like a new account–.

[s apply to add you as friend: I am Chen Jingshen. ].

Source: add the friend shared by the other party through “Zhang Xianjing”. ].

Yu Fan suddenly sat up from the sofa with a jerk of eyebrow.

Without thinking about it, he clicked no, took a screenshot and sent it to Zhang Xianjing.

[-:? ].

Zhang Xianjing: Hey, hey. I said I could push your Wechat to him, and Chen Jingshen added me right away. ].

Zhang Xianjing: high achiever has applied, or you can add it. ].

[-: no. ].

Zhang Xianjing: Oh, whatever. I got his Wechat anyway. In the future, I can deceived him into taking the exam / test / answer / case and sent a copy to you, the hero.

Yu Fan then remembered that he still had an exam / test / answer / case in his school uniform pocket.
He got up to get it, and the draft paper was crumpled and stuffed up pitifully.

He stared at it for two seconds, gave a light “tsk”, picked it up and went to the desk in the room, opened the third cabinet below, rudely unfolded it and threw it in.

The draft paper rattled twice and finally lay peacefully on the pink envelope.

Yu Fan casually cooked a bowl of dumplings and just ate two bites. At eight o’clock sharp, the cell phone lit up again.

[s apply to add you as friend: I am Chen Jingshen. ].
[- refuse, reason for rejection: get out. ].

At nine o’clock, Yu Fan was taking a bath.

[s: I’m Chen Jingshen. ].

Set the fucking alarm clock, right?

Yu Fan dried his hands on the towel and refused.

At ten o’clock, Yu Fan opened the gluttonous snake.

[s: I’m Chen Jingshen. ].

At 11:00, Yu Fan ended the gluttonous snake.

[s: I’m Chen Jingshen. ].

At 12:00, Yu Fan stared unbearably at the mobile phone screen and clicked his consent the moment his friend’s application popped up.

Come on.

Yu Fan stared at the blank dialog box between him and Chen Jingshen without expression.
Let me see what you’re going to fart.

Ten minutes passed and there was no movement on the other side.

Twenty minutes passed and there was no message.

Thirty minutes passed and there was no message.

An hour later, Yu Fan looked at the empty dialog box between him and Chen Jingshen, clicked on s’s profile without expression, and dragged him into the blacklist.


In the middle of the night, Yu Fan opened his eyes to a sound.

The drowsiness that just appeared was put back in a moment. He picked up his phone and looked at it. At 03:30, the chicken didn’t wake up.

There was another clatter outside the room.

Yu Fan looked cold, lifted the quilt out of bed and took out a badminton racket with several broken nets from behind the curtains.

He whispered to the door, just holding the doorknob–.

“I didn’t hear the phone just now. I just got home. Did you bet on the ball for me or not? Bet on what. Didn’t I tell you? If you bet on it, I’ll give you the money. Can I still default on it? ”

Yu Kaiming’s voice was like an electric drill that was caught off guard and squeezed in through the crack in the door. “which TV station has a live broadcast?… Got it. Got it. ”

Hearing the familiar voice, Yu Fan threw the racket back into place, and his face became even colder.

Two minutes later, the voice of the game broadcaster sounded outside.

When Yu Fan opened the door, Yu Kaiming was unscrewing the beer, resting his legs on the table and watching the game comfortably.

Disrelenting that the volume of the TV was too low, Yu Kaiming picked up the remote control and added ten more.

Yu Fan leaned against the door: “treat your deafness.”

Yu Kaiming drank and continued to turn up the volume. He put his hand on the sofa and still stared at the TV: “I’m happy to hear it so loud in my own house. If it’s noisy, get out.”

Yu Fan did not hesitate at all. He turned back to the room, bolted the things on the table, grabbed his coat and turned out the door.

Closing the door, he leaned against the meter box and waited for a moment. The moment he heard the “shot -” coming from inside, he raised his hand, pulled down the switch, took out the lock in his pocket and locked the meter.

When Yu Kaiming poked his head out from the balcony, he happened to see Yu Fan’s back.
He blushed and cursed rudely: “Yu Fan of the grass-mud horse! Get back here! You son of a bitch! I told you to get your ass back here, you hear me– ”

In the dark night, the boy was so thin that he didn’t bother to answer a word and walked away without looking back.

Yu Fan went to the Internet bar to turn on a computer and slept for two hours.

The Internet bar is small and the only vacant seat is against a broken window.

He closed his eyes in the cold wind for two hours, and there was an intermittent smell of smoke around him. The people in the box next door played a game like a war, and their voice was louder than the ktv next door.

Yu Fan woke up dizzy and thought he might as well stay up all night.

The early spring morning is cool and drizzle in the air.

The owner of the Internet bar is an old acquaintance with him. when he saw him coming out, he poked his head from the front desk: “Yu Fan, are you going to school? You wear so thin, don’t you know it will cool down today? It’s raining outside. Take an umbrella. ”

Yu Fan zipped up his school uniform and turned into the rain curtain.

There were few people in the classroom when Chen Jingshen arrived at school.

Seeing the man sleeping on the table, he glanced up at the clock at the top of the blackboard.

Yu Fan’s whole face is buried in his arms, his hair is messy, and his shoulders rise and fall slightly with his breath. He seems to have slept here for a long time.

The temperature dropped sharply today, and his thin school uniform coat was out of place around him.

Chen Jingshen pulled out his textbook from his desk and casually flipped through two pages of the text.

A cool breeze floated in, and the person next to him moved and curled his fingers into the broad sleeves of the school uniform.

Chen Jingshen got up and gently closed the next window.

When the class came into the classroom, they were surprised to see the people who were late on weekdays already in their seats.

“Yu Fan, why are you here so early today?” Zhang Xianjing looked back at him and said, “have you changed ?”

Yu Fan moved his fingers on the edge of the table and squeezed out for a while: “mm-hmm.”

“sleepy like this, did you go to be a thief last night?”

Wang Luan raised his eyebrow: “isn’t he so sleepy every day?”

“He usually shows his face for a while, but I only see his hair today.” Zhang Xianjing stretched herself and bent her eyes to look at the people around her. “kiss your deskmate, have you done your math homework yesterday?”
Wang Luan said, “I wrote it. I’ll copy it for you.”

“come on, just your math.” Zhang Xianjing said with disgust, “it’s time for self-study soon. Go back to your seat.”

“Hey, aren’t you bitten by a dog?”

Yu Fan actually didn’t fall asleep, but he just felt that his head was heavy and he didn’t have the strength, so he could only lie on the table and listen without a word.

The sound around him became farther and farther away, and finally turned into syllables that he could not understand, floating in his ear.

After a while, the breath-filled voice of Zhuang Xingqin came vaguely: “some students seem to have come early, but they actually slept there all morning.”

“forget it. Let him sleep. There will always be times when he suffers.”

After a while she regretted, “here are the new knowledge points, everyone write it down. Who closed all the windows in the classroom? Students in the back row, open all the windows around you. The indoor temperature is too comfortable and some people can’t get up as soon as they lie down. ”

“I closed it, sir.” Next to him came a low voice, “I’m cold.”

Zhuang Jingqin looked at Chen Jingshen’s short white down jacket with wonder: “Oh, All right, then don’t open it. ”

“in this paper, I’m talking about today, for all the wrong questions go back and copy the solution for me ten times and hand it in tomorrow. Those who don’t hand in the math class next week will stand on the blackboard for me.”
Yu Fan fell asleep thoroughly.

He doesn’t know how long, two soft clasps rang in his ears, hammering his temples.

Wang Luan’s voice floated down from his head: “Brother, school is over. You’ve been sleeping all day, are you still sleeping? Come on, let’s go to dinner. ”

Yu Fan had a splitting headache and shook his head slightly.

Wang Luan: “you’re not going?”

Yu Fan nodded.

“aren’t you hungry? I heard that there is a Spicy Hot Pot restaurant at the end of the street. It’s such a cold day that you really don’t want to eat it? ” Wang Luan said, “then I’ll go by myself.”
Yu Fan’s eyelashes moved and didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Before Wang Luan left, he subconsciously glanced at the person beside Yu Fan.

After school was over for a while, Chen Jingshen was still studying with his head tilted. His sitting posture was a little more loose than usual, his jawline was cold and taut, and his eyes fell on the exercise book.

He is indeed a high achiever, Wang Luan thought.

The first grade after school still stays in the classroom to do exercises, it seems that it is determined to kill other students.

The students left one after another, leaving only the last two people in the classroom.

After finishing the examination paper in his hand, Chen Jingshen swept past the end of his eyes, and the person beside him is still lying on his stomach, and there was no sign of waking up.

He leaned back and took out another new paper from the drawer.

After working on two questions, he heard the next person exhale heavily.

Chen Jingshen took a look at the tip of his pen and found that there was something wrong with Yu Fan.

Yu Fan felt that he was sleepy so sometimes he was hot and cold, his throat was dry and his breath was not smooth.

A breath of air-conditioning floated in from under the door, and he shrank with cold. Just as he was about to change his position, he suddenly felt a warm touch on the back of his neck.

Before he realized what it was, it suddenly turned over and covered his skin.

The boy’s palms are broad and hot, and he can easily hold the whole back of his neck.

Yu Fan trembled for a moment, and the whole skin began to go numb.

He struggled to open his eyes, turned his head and glanced at the person next to him.

Chen Jingshen put his hand on the back of his neck, knocked on his cell phone with the other hand, felt the line of sight, and raised his eyes gently.

Yu Fan’s eyes is slightly red, lightly spread under the mole at the end of the eye, and his dark eyes are staring at him motionless.

For a long time, Yu Fan moved his mouth with difficulty.

People who have not spoken for a long time have a hoarse voice and lack momentum.

“you fucking.” Yu Fan squinted, “sexual harassment?”

Chen Jingshen frowned and pursed his lips in a straight line. It took him a while to open his mouth.

“Yu Fan, you have a fever.”

Shizun: Gosh I can already feel that he have a shitty parent.

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Wait For Me After School

Wait For Me After School

Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Fan was very upset at the new transfer student in the class. The other person glanced at him. Yu Fan: he is looking for me to make an appointment. Second glance. Yu Fan: he is asking me if I was a coward. Third glance. The transfer student, still holding that expressionless iceberg face, handed him a letter: "Classmate Yu." Yu Fan thought that high achiever was stinky and fastidious, wants to fight and handed out a challenge letter, he rolled up his sleeves and stands up. "Please accept my love letter." Classmate Yu sat back down with a jerk. – Chen Jingshen (Gong) x Yu Fan (Shou).


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