WDYCM 8 pt.2

Ran Shu raised his finger and pointed to the outside of the car: “I’m hungry, I want to buy some supper. You stop at the street in front.”

Sang Xian gave Ran Shu the phone in the car: “Tell him yourself that you want to talk to him. My new driver is familiar, and you will meet often in the future.”

Ran Shu: “…”

He quickly took the phone.


The car stopped slowly on the side of the street. Ran Shu put on a mask and hat. He got out of the car, looked around, and finally found a shop: “A bowl of snail noodles and a serving of stinky tofu.”

After ordering, he felt that he was very witty.

It’s not bad, in fact very good. It’s just that snail powder is a taste that Sang Xian doesn’t like.

If San Xian wants him to come to force his bow with him, he will smoke the dog to death.


Ran Shu returned to the car with the snail powder, and as soon as he got in, he could see Sang Xian’s sour expression.


Although Sang Xian didn’t like it, he just opened the car window and didn’t say anything.


The two were silent all the way to Sang Xian’s daping floor in the city center.


After getting out of the elevator, Ran Shu looked around, but he didn’t know about this real estate. He thought it was bought by Sang Xian during the two years since they broke up.


Ran Shu entered the house with his things, went in and found a counter to put down his supper. He opened it happily and watched the snail noodle cover open. Sang Xian hid so far that he couldn’t see him and immediately laughed out loud.


While raving about fans, he took out his phone to check Liang Junfan’s vote count.


Because of his outrageous hot search yesterday, Liang Junfan’s votes increased dramatically, and now he has counterattacked to third place.


This result made Ran Shu very happy, so he continued to rave about fans.


After eating almost everything, he was so hot that he “sizzled” for a long time. He went out to look for Sang Xian and asked, “Where is the script?”


As a result of him going around, he saw Sang Xian putting ropes on three dogs.


After seeing him, Gouzi was very excited and wanted to pounce on him. He didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t seen him for a long time and he really missed him, or because he smelled the smell of snail powder and stinky tofu on his body? Nonetheless, he pounced on Ranshu excitedly as if asking, “Do you also like to eat shit?”


“The script is on the coffee table in the living room. You can read it yourself, I’ll go for a walk with the dogs.” After Sang Xian finished speaking, he put on his coat and went out with the three dogs.


Ran Shu watched them leave together, and he was left inside the door, surprised for a while.


He didn’t give up when he walked into the living room. He deliberately looked downstairs and saw Sang Xian walking the dog seriously, and walking further and further away.


He looked at the script on the coffee table again. He picked it up, looked at it, and couldn’t help muttering: “Is it really just to read the script?”


Looking for a cup, Ran Shu took a glass of water for himself and quickly drank it clean.


After sitting down, he sighed while reading the script. He looked at the theme first before reading the content. He actually sparked interest.

All three scripts are of good quality.


He read for about an hour and a half that Sang Xian finally came back from a walk with his dogs. When Sang Xian was changing his shoes, the three dogs rushed towards Ran Shu.


Ran Shu really didn’t think he had a good relationship with these three dogs before, but the three dogs liked him very much and wagged their tails at him crazily.


After hesitating for a moment, he reached out and touched the dog’s head, which made the three dogs even more excited.


Sang Xian called out the names of the three dogs, and the three dogs followed Sang Xian to the inner room.


They should be back to the dog-only room, and the house fell silent in an instant.

The sound insulation is really good.


Ran Shu couldn’t help asking: “Do you lock them up every day. Aren’t they too restricted?”


“Their own room is 300 square meters, with many toys, and two exclusive butlers.”


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“Oh…” Ran Shu has been living in a house with 300 square meters as well. He treats the dog the same, and he is still worried about the freedom of the dogs?


“How do you like the script? Which one do you like more?” Sang Xian asked, sitting diagonally across from him.


Ran Shu took out two scripts and said: “You can take both of these, and the schedules do not conflict.”


“No need. Choose the best, and I will find other good scripts for you.”


“I’ll take it back and take a closer look . “

“Okay, I’ll take you back.”

“…” Take him back? ? ?


The dog man wants to bring him back to be the Overlord?

What he said is really for the script, doesn’t he understand?

Then his snail noodles and stinky tofu were eaten for nothing?


“It’s late, isn’t the driver off work?” Ran Shu asked.

“It’s time for him to get off work. I’ll drive you.”

“No need. I’m so sorry, I can just take a taxi back.”

“Oh, okay.”




Let him take a taxi back by himself?

Sang Xian, you are a real dog!

No wonder you keep a dog, you are the same kind!


Ran Shu was unable to curse. Holding three scripts in his hand, he watched Sang Xian help him put on his coat and said to him, “You don’t need to swipe your card when you go downstairs.”



Ran Shu watched as Sang Xian closed the door, and immediately took out his mobile phone, ready to ask Qiao Chuangui to push him the WeChat account of an eighteen-year-old sports student.


Sang Xian seemed to have sensed it. He opened the door at this moment, and said to him: “Don’t make bad news before joining the crew, you understand?”

After speaking, he closed the door again.

Ran Shu could only put down his phone silently.




This is a special night.

When Ran Shu returned home, there were three scripts in front of him but he hadn’t opened them. He just stared at the cover of the scripts in a daze while a black cat was beside him, earnestly doing the movement of burying excrement.


Ran Shu thought about a question for a long time.

He…why did he eat snail noodles and stinky tofu?


Forget it, let’s take a shower. He is already tired.


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