WDYCM 8 pt.1

Chapter 8- Status: Captured


What is Ran Shu’s ability to act?


On the night when he returned to the city where he lived after work, he sets up a bureau and invited three or five friends to go to the nightclub together.


Back then, he was also a restless person, that is, the legendary person came crazy.


The more crowded the occasion, the more fun he has. Ran Shu likes this kind of occasion.


Interacting with Sang Xian seriously delayed his savage growth.


Now coming out to party again at night, Ran Shu felt that he had returned to his home turf.


Ran Shu came back from the dance floor, wiped the sweat from his brow, and said to the people around him, “Why is no one accosting me?” 


The nightclub was very noisy, and Ran Shu needed to shout.


When the others answered him, they shouted back with the same effort. Qiao Chuangui tried his best to let him hear clearly: “You are so crazy about disco dancing, most people dare not approach you. They can only suspect that there is a switch under your feet.”


“Damn. Wearing a mask affects my charm.”


Qiao Chuangui chuckled: “Your dancing posture is incompatible with this group of young people.”


“Do I have to learn how to shake flowers?” Ran said in his own hand. After practicing for a while, he suddenly came to his senses and cursed, “You are old, and I am only twenty-seven. Did you die when you were over forty? If you live past forty-one, you will be sorry for this era of survival of the fittest “


“Wrong, wrong.” Qiao Chuangui suddenly moved to Ran Shu’s side, “I recently met a new anchor, who is very handsome. He is eighteen years old this year and he is 1.87 meters tall.”


After hearing this, Ran Shu’s eyes widened. As soon as he lit up, he raised the corner of his mouth and asked, “What else?”

“Physical students.”

Ran Shu exhaled immediately, lacking in interest, and waved his hands: “Physical students? I can’t stand sports students at my age, people Ah, it is true that you still have to obey your old age.” 


The eighteen-year-old sports student, who he met back then, knows how crazy he is.

He doesn’t plan to grow up with a sportsman anymore.


At this time, the MC shouted excitedly with the microphone: “Mr. Sang will pay for all the expenses tonight.”


Immediately afterwards, there was a burst of cheers in the nightclub, which could not even hide the almost boiling music.


After hearing this, Ran Shu rolled his eyes: “Have you read too much Ba Zong’s literature? In non-xue novels, he pretends to be aggressive and picks up girls. Isn’t it vulgar? Don’t delay my performance…”


After muttering for a while, he suddenly came back to his senses. He turned his head to look at Qiao Chuangui: “What’s the surname of that young master just now?”  


Then, he quickly checked whether his appearance was decent.   


Soon he reacted again. What is he buttoning up for? Sang Xian is just an ex-boyfriend! Ran Shu, are you really going to buckle your chastity lock from your forehead to the soles of your feet?   

You have to stand up!   

You are a man who does not abide by male virtues!   

So, he stood up, intending to enter the dance floor again.  

Unfortunately, as soon as he turned around, he saw Sang Xian and Shen Junjing walking towards them. Both of them used to be sports students who played tennis. They are of outstanding height, and they are much taller than others when walking in the crowd. They are particularly conspicuous and easy to spot at a glance. 


He immediately sat down again.  


Sang Xian walked to their table and nodded to Ran Shu’s friends.  


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Some people didn’t know Sang Xian, only Qiao Chuangui who saw him toast to him: “Thank you Mr. Sang for your treat. I would like to toast you.” 


“Thank you.” Sang Xian replied.   


Qiao Chuangui introduced to the others: “The boss of the entertainment company.”


They were all from the industry, and they greeted Sang one after another.   


Sang Xian saw that Ran Shu was sitting on the chair like a statue, motionless, so he leaned down and asked him, “Have you played enough?”


“How do you want to have fun?”

“At the very least…find…an eighteen-year-old sports student.”

“You’re quite dedicated.”

“…It’s just a coincidence.”


Ran Shu raised his head and looked at Shen Junjing resentfully, as if he had already guessed that Shen Junjing had betrayed him.


Shen Junjing spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders with an innocent face. He is now working under Sang Xian, so he has to bow his head.


Of course, from the bottom of his heart, he wanted to see Sang Xian in a panic.


Ran Shu adjusted his state and said to Sang: “Don’t disturb me, it’s off work time. You have no reason to-“


“I have a few new scripts in my hand that I can show you, but I only have time today. Do you want to come?”

“Give it to Brother Liu first.”

“I’m on a business trip tomorrow, and the script is at my house, and you’ll miss the audition when I get back from the business trip.”

Ran Shu: “…”


Qiao Chuangui took a sip of his wine, watching eagerly. Looking at the two of them, they smiled and said nothing.

Only Sang Xian could restrain Ran Shu’s bad mouth.


Ran Shu gave Sang Xian a blank look, and continued to speak stubbornly: “It doesn’t matter!”

“Then let’s play together.” Sang Xian didn’t leave and sat opposite Ran Shu.

“…” Ran Shu thought of Sang Xian watching him playing dicks, watching him seduce others, and his scalp tingle.


So, Ran Shu began to scold Shen Junjing who was sitting next to him: “I heard you broke up with your girlfriend? Are you still single?”

“Yes.” Shen Junjing nodded without denying it.

“Boss is not young anymore, should he get married? Deng Yiheng is already married.”  


“I’ll stop playing. I’ll be going home.” Ran Shu stood up with his coat in hand and walked out.

Sang Xian followed quickly, and said to him, “I’ll see you off.”


He turned around and saw Qiao Chuangui waving goodbye to him. Shen Junjing didn’t leave either.


He reluctantly followed Sang Xian out of the nightclub and was dragged by Sang Xian to his car.

Sang Xian’s driver had been waiting, and as soon as Ran Shu walked to the front of the car, the driver opened the door and motioned for him to go in.

After closing the door for him, the driver returned to the driver’s seat.


Sitting in the car and walking for a while, Ran Shu looked out the car window: “This is not the way to my house.”

Sang Xian was very indifferent, and replied confidently: “It is the way to my house.”


“I said I wasn’t going to your house. Why would you do this?”

“After reading the script and telling me your thoughts, I’ll send you back.”


Ran Shu snorted coldly in his heart. This man has so many tricks, but it’s just a trick to get back together with me.

Before, he didn’t admit that he was the overlord’s character, but now the overlord’s dog has learned 100%.

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