WDYCM 48 pt.2

Status: In Love pt.2

Under the unity and cooperation of two people, a pot of fried cabbage came out of the pot.


Ran Shu was very satisfied with the dish and quickly realized something was wrong: “Did we not stew the rice beforehand?”


“Hmm…” Sang Xian also just thought that his attention was all on Ran Shu’s cooking.


Ran Shu quickly waved his hand: “It’s okay, isn’t it the staple food? I have bread at home.”


Sang Xian hesitated: “Cabbage with bread?”


“This is called Ran’s way of eating.”


Ever since, the two of them simply gave up the stewed rice and took out the sliced ​​bread with the fried cabbage sandwiched in between. They ate it just to make do.


They’re afraid that in the end, neither of them could tell whether they were full of bread or with cabbage.


During the meal, Ran Shu turned on the projector and used his mobile phone to project videos so that he could still see the barrage.


The two of them were watching the new issue of “Not Me”. They were normal at first, but when Ran Shu ran wildly on the treadmill in order to follow Suihou Yu, Sang Xian’s eating movements obviously slowed down.


Immediately afterward, Suihou Yu appeared on the stage and began to explain his relationship with Ran Shu.


Sang Xian suddenly resentfully said: “You two can be in a cold war and still send each other 1. On the other hand, you and I quarrel and you completely ignore me.”


Ran Shu was still watching the video and replied casually: “The two of us don’t have a giant ship.”


“Yeah…neither of us has giant wheels.”


Ran Shu gradually felt something was wrong. He turned his head to look at Sang Xian and said, “What do you compare yourself with Brother Yu?”


“Yes, I can’t be compared with him…”


“…” Ran Shu continued to eat and even felt that the person beside him was really disappointing.


[Yushu facing the wind!]


[Ran Shu is so spoiled!]


Immediately afterward, the full screen was refreshed with “Yushu ship is sailing”.


Sang Xian suddenly pointed to the screen and said, “No one mentioned me.”


“You didn’t participate in a reality show, why would they mention you?”


“But a few days ago they were still talking about you and my CP. But now they are talking about you and Suihou Yu.”


“When you and I were broadcasting live, they all mentioned you!”


As soon as Ran Shu answered, Ran Shu’s crying voice came from the video: “Brother Yu, hug me…”


Sang Xian started again: “You don’t talk to me like that.”


“If I tell you that, you will not only hug me but also fuck me!”


“But you always act like a baby with him.”


“Didn’t I flirt with you?”


“The domestic flowers are not as coquettish as the wildflowers.”


“…” Ran Shu was drunk at that time, and he couldn’t remember what he said in detail, but Sang Xian remembered it clearly.


Ran Shu quickly picked up the remote control, not intending to continue watching.


But Sang Xian pressed his hand: “Is there any scene behind that I can’t see?”


“No!” Ran Shu explained.


“Why did you suddenly raise your voice? Are you covering up your guilt?”


Ran Shu rubbed his brows with a headache. Sang Xian is usually a qualified overlord, and it’s really unbearable when he’s jealous.


Boss Overlord is also overturning the old score, can’t the price drop?


That’s right, this is a boss who keeps a diary when he quarrels with him!


So annoying!


After Liu Xun appeared, Ran Shu had gotten a little nervous. He secretly glanced at Sang Xian several times, for fear that Sang Xian would eat Liu Xun’s vinegar together. That would be a double blow.


Fortunately, Sang Xian’s reaction was very flat. He didn’t say anything, and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.


But the barrage still doesn’t stop.


[I feel like Brother Yu is robbing Liu Xun of uncle?]


[I saw the smoke of war!]


[Suddenly feel that brother Yu is very possessive.]


[The reality show seems to have become an idol drama.]


Ran Shu really wanted to explain to Sang Xian that Suihou Yu didn’t want to rob him from Liu Xun, Suihou Yu just wanted him to keep a certain distance from Liu Xun.


But he couldn’t speak about it.


Sang Xian looked at the screen seriously, watching the CPs of Ran Shu and Suihou Yu happily knocking on the bullet screen.


“If they know that Suihou Yu is actually 0, how will they feel?” Sang Xian suddenly asked such a question.


“Standing with me, Brother Yu is quite 1.”


The show ends when Sui Hou Yu and Ran Shu lock Liu Xun and the others in the elevator, and the rest will be in the next issue.


After watching it, Sang Xian got up silently. He took the dishes and went to the kitchen as if he was studying how to use the dishwasher. After all, he had never used it before.


Ran Shu followed secretly. He glanced at Sang Xian and saw him coming out of the kitchen after tidying up. He suddenly went to put on his coat.


He asked puzzledly, “Are you leaving?”


He is angry like this?


Sang Xian walked in again: “Go post on Weibo and say you want to broadcast live.”


Ran Shu glanced at the time: “It’s 10:30, and I’ll live broadcast now?”


“Well, we will live broadcast.” After Sang Xian answered, he brought his bag. He took out a box and opened it. He then asked Ran Shu, “Which cufflinks look good?”


“…” Sang Xian didn’t have the habit of bringing so many cufflinks out before.


Sang Xian strongly insisted, so Ran Shu could only really start a live broadcast.


Still, in the preparation stage, there were not many people in the live broadcast room, and they saw inexplicable bullet screens dominating the screen.


[Speed limit!]


Ran Shu looked at the same barrage that filled the screen and silently turned his head to look at Sang Xian who was still struggling with his cufflinks. He reasonably suspected that this was the navy hired by Sang Xian.


Soon, Ran Shu’s fans entered the live broadcast room, and all of them seemed to be inexplicable.


[What does the speed limit mean?]


[Why did uncle suddenly go live?]


[What did I miss, why can’t I understand the barrage?]


Just as Ran Shu was about to explain, a piece of potato chips was stuffed into his mouth in an instant.


He can only chew with his mouth shut.


Sang Xian’s hand appeared strongly on the screen, angrily creating a sense of presence.


The barrage quickly responded.


[Ahhh, the boss is here.]


[You guys are still together so late, can you blame me for wanting to be crooked?]


Sang Xian was satisfied when he saw the news about himself in the barrage.


Ran Toolman Shu could only adjust the game silently, without being able to say a word, and was stuffed with almost a whole bag of potato chips as soon as he chewed it out.


He dared to be angry but dared not speak.


After all, Sang Xian’s stir-fried little idiot is a really good dish.



Author’s Note:


Ran Shu: Actually, I don’t want to eat…


Sang Xian: Eat it for me!


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Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022
Issue # 1: Ran Shu was a top performer before. It is a pity that he now became unpopular through the years.   The younger generation pulls the trigger as the fans are waiting for Ran Shu to see when he will burn thoroughly.    But as if it was only a day and a night, he then returned again on the hot search. However, the news seemed to be a little strange.   # Ran Shu saved a cat and had gotten into an accident in the middle of the night. # After the haters scolded Ran Shu, the keyboard warriors continued to attack him nonstop.    Issue # 2: Many people knew that Ran Shu had an ex, so his opponent went to look for his ex's identity so that they can attack him with that. Who knew that it could provoke people that they should not be messing with.   A few days after Ran Shu publicly stressed that he was single, he had gotten drunk in a live broadcast on his cellphone. And from there, he entered Sang Xian’s house while slurring: “Husband, show them your chest muscles! Don’t be shy; my fans are not outsiders.”   It’s a complete reversal of his statement.   The next day, his car was immediately surrounded by his fans. Fortunately, a helicopter came and land on the roof of the building. Ran Shu took the helicopter to leave.    Later, Ran Shu said, “I was indeed single when I declared that I was. Every one of you should read the specifications carefully.”   Issue # 3: What does it feel like to fall in love with Mr. Sang?   Ran Shu: “I am in a bad mood today.”   Sang Xian: “Open the map and buy an island.”  


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