WDYCM 47 pt.1

Chapter 47 – Status: In Love


When Ran Shu adjusted his live broadcast equipment, Lu Yiran lit incense in the room.


Smoke curls up from the gap in the incense burner, exuding bursts of elegant fragrance as if stepping into the plum blossom forest, surrounded by tranquility.


Tan Yan came out after washing the dishes and saw that the two people outside ignored each other.


Ran Shu planned to live broadcast in advance and sent a Weibo to inform his fans to join in the live broadcast.


Lu Yiran sat cross-legged on a futon on the mat and raised his chin slightly. He closed his eyes and then began to meditate.


Tan Yan thought for a while and finally went to Ran Shu and asked, “Were you allowed to live broadcast this horror game while filming this show?”


Ran Shu’s recent live broadcast is very popular, every major platform can easily see the scene of Ran Shu being scared to death. Not to mention the fact that the game party is also working hard on marketing. Tan Yan knows some content even if he hasn’t watched the live broadcast.


“Well, it is also the hegemony of the investors in the program.” Ran Shu said, giving the oral broadcast to the inkstone, “Get familiar with it, and you’ll have to recite it later.”


No wonder Ran Shu was able to broadcast live during the recording of the program. It turns out that the game merchant is also one of the investors, which can be regarded as an implant.


Tan Yan took a look at the content of the live broadcast and then looked up to see that Ran Shu had entered the game.


There were not many people at the beginning of the live broadcast, and Ran Shu didn’t say hello but continued to look down at Weibo as if waiting for more people.


The eldest nieces who entered the live broadcast room chatted enthusiastically.


[Have you changed the location of the live broadcast?]


[He seems to be on the set.]


[Is the person next to him his boss?]


[Boss, I love you! Marry me!]


At this time, Tan Yan leaned in front of the camera to look, and then said hello: “Hello, everyone. I am Tan Yan.”


[Holy shit, Tan Yan is here!]


[From behind, I vaguely saw Lu Yiran.]


[How is it possible? How could Lu Yiran live in peace with uncle?]


[He’s really a bit like…]


Perhaps it was because of seeing Tan Yan, or seeing someone suspected to be Lu Yiran, which made the live broadcast room instantly lively.


Ran Shu, who was originally broadcasting live only in the evening, suddenly broadcast live in the afternoon, which also caused a small upsurge.


Ran Shu saw that it was almost time for people to come, so he entered the game and started the live broadcast.


Soon, Ran Shu’s roaring game method caught Lu Yiran’s attention. Lu Yiran, who was at peace in meditation opened his eyes and looked at the startled Ran Shu with his thin lips tightly pursed.


Next to him, Tan Yan was still helping with the analysis, trying to help Ran Shu how he could pass the level.


Ran Shu shouted passionately: “Now let’s go out, go out!! I don’t believe they can give me another open door. This is a bit new, planning team! Ahhh! No, it’s safe. Let’s go into the room. Let’s go in! Yes! No, I won’t take a look!”


“I seem to see something. There, yes. Turn the angle a little more.” Tan Yan looked at the screen seriously, “Is there a photo frame there? It might hold clues for us.”


At this time, Lu Yiran came over and asked, “Is there really someone watching your live broadcast? Don’t they find it very noisy?”


Ran Shu looked up at Lu Yiran and replied, “Have you never broadcast live? If you don’t speak during the live broadcast, what will the audience watch?”


“Can’t you speak softly?”


“I have this as my style. Are you just meeting me recently?”


The barrage instantly boiled.


[I’m seeing you guys together in the same frame again!!! The freaking same frame!!!]


[It’s Lu Yiran, alright!]


[Fight! Fight!]


[Can they really live in harmony? To be honest, I have been looking forward to the two of them playing Xiao Yuer and Hua Wuque.]


[Didn’t you see the way they’re choking on each other?]


[Uncle, blink if you are kidnapped?]


[Suddenly suspect that uncle’s sudden live broadcast at this time is his way of asking for help.]


Ran Shu looked up at the screen and explained, “What are you worried about? I’m safe. Lu Yiran can’t do anything to me. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Don’t call the police or save me. We’re recording a variety show…”


Immediately afterwards, he laughed softly: “I also think the program team is very good at making trouble, but just now I had a very harmonious meal with Lu Yiran, which was cooked by Lu Yiran. Well, Lu Yiran can cook and it surprisingly doesn’t taste that bad.”


Since Lu Yiran had already arrived, he stood by Ran Shu’s side and did not leave. He bent down to watch Ran Shu play the game.


After seeing the game screen, Lu Yiran became quiet until the three of them were startled together.


The three people moved almost in unison. Their bodies trembled, and then their upper body subconsciously fell back. Lu Yiran blurted out: “Amitabha…”


Ran Shu was so scared that his face turned pale, and he didn’t speak for a long time.


Lu Yiran was the first to slow down and ask, “Why do you have to work so hard for this little endorsement fee?”


This is a nod to the horror of the game.


Ran Shu replied aggrievedly: “My boss helped me. I have to help him earn some money…”


[All the money you earned for the boss was thrown into the live broadcast room by the boss.]


[Is the boss not here today?]


[Hahaha, Lu Yiran is so cute after being scared!]


[Why do I think the three of them get along well?]


[How much money did the program team give to make the three of them exist harmoniously together?]


[Give me 100 million, and I am willing to fall in love with my uncle.]


[Upfront this 100 million is really hard to earn…]


[Treasure, why do you have to work hard for a mere 100 million?]


At this time, the special effects gifts all over the screen eased the ridicule of the live broadcast.


Ran Shu’s legendary boss makes his debut.


“Wow!” Tan Yan exclaimed, “The live broadcast is so lively.”


Ran Shu was very indifferent: “Isn’t it just a gift being smashed, just get used to it.”


It’s very common, but it means a lot.


Lu Yiran lost interest again. He turned around and went back to meditate and adjust his breath.


He doesn’t like to watch bloody pictures, and he has very little feeling for money. After all, his family was a real estate tycoon when the real estate market was at its hottest. After the housing price began to decline, he quickly stopped and switched to other industries. 


Otherwise, he would not be able to get so many pieces of land to build his own house.

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