WDYCM 46 pt.2

“In my university, I majored in architectural engineering.”


Tan Yan was shocked again: “Not from the acting department?”


He didn’t specialize in acting, but his acting skills is on a top notch.


“The performance was an accident. Originally, my family was an investor, but I was spotted by the producer. I played a cameo role. I played for forty minutes and became popular.”


Ran Shu knew about it: “Oh, I know that. That was for a drama ‘No Return’, right?”


“Yeah.” Lu Yiran carried the vegetables and meat he bought into the kitchen.


‘No Return’ is a costume drama, not a hit drama, but it has always had a good reputation.


The magic of this drama is that no one remembers who the male and female protagonists are, but they remember that Lu Yiran played a fairy in “No Return”, with fluttering clothes at that.


There are forty episodes in a drama, and all of Lu Yiran’s scenes together only last forty minutes, but Lu Yiran is still popular.


Seeing that Lu Yiran was about to start cooking, Ran Shu immediately went over to learn.


He has to learn it and go back to make it for Sang Xian.


Lu Yiran and Ran Shu are not that close, but when Ran Shu spoke, Lu Yiran would not refuse talking to him.


However, after seeing how Ran Shu was chopping vegetables, Lu Yiran tried to teach him. Nonetheless, it was all futile in the end. So he could only take most of the vegetables from Ran Shu’s hands and said to him: “You can cut those for fun, just make sur enot to cut off your fingers.”


Tan Yan also came over to watch. He pointed to the cucumber in Ran Shu’s hand: “Give me that part, I’ll eat it.”


Ran Shu handed him a section and then continued to cut vegetables seriously. The program team also gave a close-up of Ran Shu cutting vegetables.


It is rare for Lu Yiran and Tan Yan to have the same idea. Even though Ran Shu cut it seriously, this close-up scene will still be horrible.


Tan Yan asked while eating cucumbers: “You guys are always act in costume dramas, don’t you know how to use swordsmanship? Why did Brother Ran cut the vegetables like this?”


“Can this be regarded the same? Which swordsman have you seen cut cucumbers with a sword? But I really know how to hold a sword flower.”


As Ran Shu said so, he found a knife in the kitchen and had to show Tan Yan a few times.


Lu Yiran saw it, and after going out, he brought a feather duster to Ran Shu: “It’s dangerous if the knife is sharpened. You two should go out and play, don’t make trouble here.” With that statement, he drove both of them out of the kitchen.


Tan Yan looked at the door of the kitchen and said, “Why do I think he treats us as children?”


“I can understand that you are ten years younger than him, but I am only two years younger than him.”


“I could not tell..”


“Is that because I look very young?”


“No, it’s because you don’t seem to have the same accumulated wisdom over teh years.”


“…” Ran Shu immediately threw the feather duster out of a set of flowers, and then stabbed it out, “look at the sword!”


The two of them quarreled outside for a while, and then they went over together to watch Lu Yiran cook.


Ran Shu really wanted to learn.


Tan Yan is to observe whether Lu Yiran is pretending.


When Lu Yiran started cooking, Ran Shu immediately ran over and said to him, “I’ll help.”


“Oh…” Lu Yiran turned on the fire indifferently.


At this time, the enthusiastic Ran Shu had already poured oil into the pot.


The water droplets in the pot hadn’t evaporated completely, and the oil started to splash around after the oil was poured, causing Lu Yiran to quickly turn off the fire, exclaiming: “Ran Shu, have you ever murdered others before?!”


“Huh?” Ran Shu was puzzled.


Lu Yiran seemed to be observing Ran Shu’s expression to judge whether Ran Shu was deliberately making things difficult for him. In the end, he could only sigh helplessly: “That’s not how it is done. You go and watch.”


As Lu Yiran said, he cleaned up the pot again.


Ran Shu stood aside and watched, watching Lu Yiran boil and evaporate all the water droplets in the pot before pouring the cooking oil as he spoke: “This way it won’t splash out, it’s common sense.”


“…” After Ran Shu looked at it, he turned back to Tan Yan, “Do you know?”


Tan Yan shook his head: “I didn’t know it before, but I know it now.”


“Look, he doesn’t know either.” Ran Shu pointed to Tan Yan.


Lu Yiran stopped talking and continued cooking.


Ran Shu and Tan Yan were watching all the time, but Lu Yiran stopped them when they wanted to help.


The two of them seemed to only add to the chaos.


Ever since, the two of them stood aside and ate cucumbers together as a crowd of onlookers, eating them with a crunch.


After Lu Yiran brought four dishes and two soups to the table, Ran Shu and Tan Yan finally admitted that Lu Yiran was not just doing this for show, but really is good at cooking.


Moreover, it looks delicious in color and fragrance.


Ran Shu commented while eating the meal: “I suddenly feel that you have a good wife and mother.”


“My mouth will be very picky. After I came here, I wouldn’t be able to find a restaurant that I could eat well, so I should learn how to do it myself.”


“You can ask the chef to come over.”


“It is not for a filming program, I actually don’t like others to disturb my personal life.”


This program is to show the audience the artist’s life. In fact, the theme is: take you into my life.


Two guests will visit the celebrity’s home to see what the celebrity looks like behind the scenes and what kind of state they are in in life.


Ran Shu only flew for one flight, and Tan Yan would be a regular guest. Afterward, Lu Yiran would visit Tan Yan’s house as a guest to experience Tan Yan’s life.


Ran Shu guessed that Tan Yan would definitely give Lu Yiran a lot of trouble.


He suddenly felt pity that he couldn’t see the two people choking each other from the first perspective.


Ran Shu suddenly looked at Tan Yan and asked, “If you don’t say a few words, you won’t have a shot in this scene.”


Tan Yan has been eating sullenly all this time, and when asked about it, he reluctantly opened his mouth: “Well, it really… tastes good.”


Ran Shu laughed softly: “The taste is good, and you took three big bowls.”


“I’m young!”


In a word, Lu Yiran and Ran Shu were silent for a moment at the same time.


But Tan Yan was very conflicted.


He didn’t like Lu Yiran and always felt that Lu Yiran looked down on idols like him.


He really wanted to embarrass Lu Yiran today, but Lu Yiran had nothing to find fault with, and his cooking was super fucking delicious.


It was so delicious that it almost bit his tongue.


Tan Yan sulked while eating.


The three of them then continued their meal.


Ran Shu likes to chat while eating, and his appetite is average.


When Lu Yiran ate, was well-behaved, and ate the least amount of food.


Tan Yan ate quietly and was embarrassed to eat a fourth bowl after being rebuked by Ran Shu earlier.


In fact, he really wanted to eat, so he couldn’t help being a little tangled.


“Young man, wash the dishes.” Ran Shu suddenly lowered his voice and wanted to get back with just a tease.


“Oh…” Tan Yan agreed without saying anything.


Tan Yan obediently went to do the dishes.


However, Ran Shu and Lu Yiran waited outside for a long time, but Tan Yan didn’t come out.


Lu Yiran naturally thought that Tan Yan didn’t know how to wash dishes, so he walked into the kitchen and saw Tan Yan eating another bowl alone while the two of them were away.


When the two looked at each other, they were both a little embarrassed.


Lu Yiran’s tone was a bit unnatural: “If it’s not enough, can I make some more rice?”


“No…no need, I’m just afraid…the leftovers will be wasted.” When Tan Yan answered, he wished he could get into a crack in the wall.


“Oh.” Lu Yiran backed out silently.


After Lu Yiran left, he asked Ran Shu with a puzzled expression: “How old is Tan Yan?”




“Is he still growing his body?”


Ran Shu thought about the problem with his appetite and replied: “Anyone who is big can eat a lot. After all, he is 187 centimeters tall.”


As Ran Shu said so, he quickly set up his live broadcast equipment.


This live broadcast can catch two strong men accompanying him!


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