WDYCM 46 pt.1

Chapter 46 – Status: In Love


Standing at the station, Ran Shu looked at the rural town in a daze.


Green mountains and green waters with dry clouds covering the sun. This place has the taste of long forests and abundant grass.


Ran Shu felt as if he was back in high school. They moved from the city center to the suburbs, and when they got out of the car, they saw the endless cornfields.


Fortunately, he only needs to stay here for two days.


He also confirmed at the same time that he and Lu Yiran were indeed not from the same world.


Ran Shu likes flashy things while he likes more less costly things.


Not long after, Tan Yan’s car also came. He dragged the suitcase to Ran Shu’s side and said hello politely: “Senior.”


“Ah, hello.”


Ran Shu is different from Lu Yiran, Lu Yiran is a pure actor, while Ran Shu is capable of singing and dancing. Not to mention the fact that he is also a good actor.


So he and Tan Yan are still in senior and junior relationship. Although Tan Yan is proud, he has a good attitude toward Ran Shu. After all, he is a really capable senior and deserves respect.


Tan Yan looked around and asked, “Does Senior Lu really live here, or did he come here to find a place to record the program?”


“Old Lu has many houses. He even built it himself. This may be just one of them.”


“Old Lu…” Tan Yan muttered and chuckled.


Ran Shu knew that Tan Yan had restrained himself in front of the camera, otherwise, he would never have been so cute.


After all, he doesn’t look cute, and he even vaguely heard about Tan Yan’s promiscuous deeds.


After a while, they saw Lu Yiran driving a tricycle to pick them up.


This tricycle is amazing. It is fully opened with a driver’s seat in the front row, two seats in the back row, and a cargo bucket in the back, which can be put into the suitcase.


Ran Shu watched Lu Yiran come riding a tricycle like a fairy, and couldn’t help but let out a “huh”.


Tan Yan pushed the sunglasses down to the tip of his nose, and used his naked eyes to see how Lu Yiran was driving: “He drives pretty well.”


Lu Yiran parked the car in front of them and hooked his chin at them: “Put the luggage up.”


He had no intention of getting out of the vehicle to help.


After weighing it over for a while, Ran Shu looked at Tan Yan. He suffered a backache from Sang Xian and could not lift the box.


Tan Yan looked at Ran Shu and nodded: “Senior, I’ll help you move it.”


Ran Shu thanked him gently: “Okay, thank you.”


Tan Yan loaded their luggage into the car and sat in the back row of the tricycle with Ran Shu.


Ran Shu is fine while sitting, but Tan Yan is taller, and he can’t fold his legs down properly when sitting, so he just put it on the outside, but Lu Yiran stretched out his hand and pushed him: “Take it back, it’s dangerous.”




Ran Shu glanced at it and suddenly realized that it was really difficult for these two people to fire CP. They didn’t even say hello when they met and this was the first conversation between them.


There is no superficial politeness, so how can there be sparks?


This move by the program team is really self-defeating. They could have lived in peace, but now they don’t even want to maintain a superficial relationship.


On the way, Lu Yiran stopped the car in front of the vegetable market. He turned around and asked the two of them, “What do you like to eat?”


“I can eat anything.” Ran Shu replied first, “Just not something too oily.”


Tan Yan asked a question: “Do you cook?”


“Otherwise?” Lu Yiran said and got out of the tricycle, “Do you two know?”


Ran Shu and Tan Yan looked at each other and shook their heads together.


Lu Yiran didn’t care. He stopped the car and said, “I’m going to buy vegetables. You guys look after the vehicle.”


Ever since, only Ran Shu and Tan Yan were left staring at each other in the tricycle.


Tan Yan looked at the camera uncomfortably, and asked, “Will this always follow us?”


“Yes. However, most of the clips would be edited out in the later stage. Else, the show would be too boring, flashing the dull and idle scenes.”


Tan Yan hesitated for a while. He approached Ran Shu and asked in a low voice, “Can I add you on WeChat, Senior?”


Ran Shu didn’t care that much, so he took out his phone, and said, “Yes.”


Tan Yan and Ran Shu quickly became friends.


Tan Yan didn’t put down his phone immediately after adding Ran Shu on WeChat. Instead, he  covered the screen of his phone with his hands, as if blocking the light, and chatted with Ran Shu by typing: [Is he making a persona, or is he really like this?]


Ran Shu glanced at the message and knew that Tan Yan couldn’t bear it anymore and had to ask, so he typed and replied to Tan Yan: [Lu Yiran is really like this.]


Now that Lu Yiran’s opponents have said so, Tan Yan also believes it then.


He put down his phone and continued to wait, but he didn’t show any lack of cooperation.


After a while, Lu Yiran came out with the groceries he bought. He put them in the trunk and then drove them to his residence in a tricycle.


When they arrived at their place of residence, Ran Shu and Tan Yan were taken aback. They had to say that there was really something wrong with them.


At this moment, Tan Yan no longer suspects that Lu Yiran came to such a place because he made things difficult for them. This place is really… beautiful.


The house stands tall on the mountainside.


The architectural style of the house is very classical, like a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, with white walls and black tiles. Then there is also the courtyard walls that have a simple yet exquisite design.

Walking into the courtyard, you will see the screen wall first, and then you will see the small bridge and flowing water when you go around. The green plants in the garden seem to have been carefully designed, and every part is exquisite.


They walked through the winding path and entered the villa. The interior was also very classically decorated. If they hadn’t seen the lights on the roof and the central air conditioner, they might have felt that they had come to a shooting location.


A real paradise even for a rich family.


Ran Shu put the suitcase at the door and asked, “You built this house too?”


“Well, I was involved in the blueprints, construction, final decoration, garden design, and furniture purchases.”


Tan Yan couldn’t help being surprised: “You can still build a house?”


Before that, Tan Yan had never cared about Lu Yiran, so naturally, he didn’t get to know him too much.

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