Chapter 45 – Status: In Love


Ran Shu was a little tired.


One is because he had to hate Sang Xian all day and night.


The second one is because he had lost his voice due to the live broadcast, and was ridiculed by fans that he screamed too much during the live broadcast, sacrificing his voice for the live broadcast.


His body is tired, and so is his heart.


Even so, he is still preparing to start a new job, filming “Bring You Into My Life”.


He has to form a team with Lu Yiran, the resident guest, so he needs to visit Lu Yiran’s home for two full days.


Before leaving, he made a special trip to Sang Xian’s psychiatrist’s clinic.


He was led by a doctor’s assistant and entered Dr. Jian’s office. He saw a thirty-year-old man with a peaceful face. He smiled and said hello after seeing him: “Sir Ran.”


Ran Shu spoke as he sat in front of Dr. Jian’s desk and asked, “Has Sang Xian been to your place recently?”


“Aren’t you back together yet?” Dr. Jian was very surprised.


“We’ve reconciled. It’s just that I’m going on a business trip for a few days, and I happen to pass by your place. So, I came and asked.”


Although Ran Shu broke up with Sang Xian in the past two years, he would still visit Dr. Jian from time to time to ask about Sang Xian’s recent situation.


Dr. Jian is also very familiar with Ran Shu, and he will tell him all about Sang Xian without hesitation.


After all, when Sang Xian’s condition relapsed, only Ran Shu could be close to Sang Xian, and Ran Shu was an important participant in the treatment of Sang Xian’s condition.


Moreover, Sang Xian himself did not hide Ran Shu’s intentions, and he recognized this point.


“He’s still the same, He doesn’t look abnormal. He hasn’t hurt himself anymore, but it can be seen that he still hasn’t completely let go of the incident.”


Ran Shu leaned on the back of the chair and sighed: “After all, it’s normal to feel guilty because he indirectly killed someone. However, he has been saved, so he could only cherish his saved life…”


“And thank you for distracting him all this time.”


Ran Shu once asked Dr. Jian how he should cooperate with the treatment as a lover.


Doctor Jian also gave some suggestions, one of which was to hope that Ran Shu could distract Sang Xian.


How to disperse it? Attracting Sang Xian’s attention, making Sang Xian restless, so that Sang Xian has no leisure time to recall the past.


Ran Shu waved his hand: “Although 20% of the reason I was arguing with him was to distract him, 80% of the reason was because I was angry.”


He is not that great, but he is always held down all night in order to heal Sang Xian.


At that time, he really wanted to break up with Sang Xian, but he just hit the right way, and his troublesome behavior relieved Sang Xian’s condition.


Doctor Jian smiled and said, “It’s just because you have a bad temper that you helped him a lot.”


“I want to ask you something. Will his mental illness make him very possessive?”


“For example?”


“Because he was jealous a while ago, and his behavior became a bit extreme. My friend told me that I need to pay attention, otherwise, Sang Xian will easily interfere in my career. Do I really have to completely avoid suspicion? If I have to maintain some superficial relation, will Sang Xian l make more extreme moves?”


Regarding Suihou Yu’s advice to him, Ran Shu still kept it in his heart and was secretly worried all the time.


“Actually, Mr. Sang fell into such extreme emotions because of the paranoid emotions in his character. This paranoia was magnified by him, and finally caused self-torture.”


“What do I need to do? I feel like I’ve done enough.”


“I think Mr. Sang definitely doesn’t want to burden you. You can try to communicate with Mr. Sang.” Dr. Jian said and took a book from the shelf, “You can read this book in your spare time.”


“Oh…” Ran Shu reached out and took it.


“Okay, let me introduce Mr. Sang’s recent situation to you, so you can get to know it too.”




While Dr. Jian was talking to Ran Shu about his treatment, Sang Xian came to the hospital unexpectedly.


Startled, Ran Shu stood up and paced back and forth in the ward, and finally hid behind the screen.


Doctor Jian felt very puzzled. He walked over and asked, “Why are you hiding?”


“Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for me to let him know that I have been secretly paying attention to his condition for the past two years?”


“Do you feel embarrassed?”




“Alright then.”


Soon after, Sang Xian entered the ward.


Generally, in order for Sang Xian to relax completely, Dr. Jian will let Sang Xian lie on the recliner, close his eyes, and chat with him in a completely relaxed state.


Dr. Jian sat on the side with a notebook and asked, “What’s the matter? You came here so suddenly.”


“Recently, I’ve been thinking about a question. You said before that liking idiots is a psychological problem.” Sang Xian asked very seriously. He didn’t even close his eyes but looked at Doctor Jian seriously.


Upon hearing this question, Dr. Jian was very surprised and looked at Sang Xian in surprise.


“It’s just…” Sang Xian tried to explain, “I know he is a little dumb, and many of his behaviors are really outrageous, but not only do I not find it annoying, but I also find it quite interesting. Do you think this is a psychological problem? For example, the tendency to shake M?”


“I think you can get up today.”


“What do you mean?”


“This is true love.”


“…” Sang Xian looked at Dr. Jian and was silent for a while and then sat up, “So, I just like Ran Shu?”


“Or what?”


“Am I mentally normal?”


“Everyone’s love is a different flower, and it blooms in all kinds of ways. You just like that strange flower, so what can you do?”


Sang Xian finally compromised. He sat up and hesitated for a while, and confirmed with Doctor Jian again: “So I like little idiots, is it because I have a psychological problem?”


“It just means you like this one.”


Sang Xian didn’t talk about anything else and left the hospital directly.


When Dr. Jian looked through the medical records, he couldn’t help laughing and looked up at Ran Shu who came out.


“He scolded me!” Ran Shu pointed at the door and said, “He came all the way to you to scold me and tell that I am a little idiot!”


“It’s also the first time I’ve seen someone actually visit a psychiatrist because the person they like is too stupid.”


“You are scolding me too!” Ran Shu was instantly angry.


“No… oops.” Doctor Jian smiled, “You two seem to come here to show your affection to me on purpose.”


“He scolded me and showed affection…”


“The way the two of you get along is unusual. But speaking of it, people in the Sang family seem to be a little paranoid. They are so paranoid that they will only love one person in their entire lives. You are the most paranoid point of him. His mood will change because of you. Through ups and downs, you will dominate him, and you have to be mentally prepared for this.”


“…” Ran Shu took a deep breath, “Okay, I see.”




Lu Yiran needed Gao Qin’s help in a special situation. After all, the contract was negotiated by Gao Qin, and Gao Qin needed to deal with it.


Ran Shu also followed Gao Qin to the program group.


Ran Shu was going to sign the agreement on precautions for being the first flight guest, but Lu Yiran was fighting wits with the program team.


When Ran Shu entered the office, the first sentence he heard was this sentence: “Are you sure I am going to be with him?”


It was Lu Yiran’s cold voice.


Another person asked displeasedly: “Lu Yiran, what do you mean? Being with an idol is not worthy?”


“I didn’t say that, but it wasn’t appropriate.”


Gao Qin hurried in and communicated with both parties.


The staff of the program group entered a separate room with Gao Qin and others to negotiate, leaving Ran Shu to read the contract outside.


He was spinning the pen in his hand and occasionally raised his head to glance at the two people who were facing each other in a stalemate. With the corners of his mouth slightly raised, with a kind of gloating in the face of a good show.


In fact, Ran Shu is also an old man and knows the careful thinking of the program group.


They intend to form a CP to make a gimmick. It doesn’t need to be too obvious, as long as there is a little spark.


This time, they hope that Lu Yiran and another regular guest will perform the process of going from strangers to good friends so that fans will praise the chemistry between the two of them and make the program popular.


It’s a pity that Lu Yiran doesn’t like the other person arranged for him by the program group, and doesn’t want to cooperate.


The other person was obviously following the company’s arrangements, but he didn’t expect Lu Yiran to express his dislike to him face to face, so he naturally lost his attitude.


The relationship between the two has dropped to a freezing point, and neither of them wants to look at the other.


Lu Yiran has a delicate and soft appearance. He learned Chinese dance in his early years. His body is slender and soft, and he walks with a fairy air.


He has a very delicate appearance, with mid-length hair over his shoulders, which is usually tied loosely behind his head with a rubber band, giving him a neutral and soft beauty.


Since his debut, he has always focused on acting. Like the most beautiful man in the world in costume dramas, he can act with ease, and no one will even question him.


One of the most out-of-the-box looks he did may be the appearance of a man dressed as a woman. There is no sense of disobedience, and he turned out to be so beautiful that it is suffocating.


So much so that when this kind of script appeared, fans would screen all kinds of requests to invite Lu Yiran, who has acting skills, good looks, no black history, and is very popular with the audience.


The other person arranged by the program group is an idol.


The boy’s name is Tan Yan. He debuted two years ago and is only nineteen years old this year. He is a rapper in a boy group.


Tan Yan is very popular and can be regarded as a popular fried chicken, but lacks works. His black fans and true fans coexist, and the reviews are mixed.


What works does he have?


There is a song that can be regarded as a relatively high-sung song, but it is a song composed of several people. Participated in two variety shows and received some endorsements.


The others… seem to be a goner.


A person like Lu Yiran whose eyes are above the top is definitely not willing to stir up CP with this little idol. Maybe he will smear himself, and the gain outweighs the loss.


Ran Shu understood Lu Yiran’s thoughts, so he didn’t participate.


After a while, Gao Qin took Ran Shu to the hotel. The filming will start tomorrow.


Ran Shu sat in the car and asked, “Have you negotiated?”


“Well, Lu Yiran was not easy to invite, and the program team quickly compromised.”


“That’s right, don’t make a fuss. Sang Xian invested in this show, so it can’t be overturned.”


“But your task tomorrow will be difficult to complete.” Gao Qin looked at Ran Shu sympathetically, “Tomorrow is a three-person team, and you and Tan Yan will go to Lu Yiran’s house as guests. You can imagine the scene of the three of you spending two days together .”


After Ran Shu finished listening, the smile on his face gradually disappeared.


He began to recall, how much are the liquidated damages?


But Sang Xian has invested in this show, so he can’t make any bad rumors.


He quickly took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Sang Xian asking for credit: [Brother! Elder brother!]


X: [I am here.]


RS: [Brother, it is really not easy for me to make money. You should cherish me more.]


X: [Well, I have always cherished you.]


RS: [How much do you cherish?]


X: [image]


Ran Shu clicked on it, it was a note from Sang Xian to him: Like very much [heart]


He smiled. 


Sang Xian always gives this note, but he blocks Sang Xian’s offer too many times. Still, Sang Xian wasn’t bothered.


RS: [Very annoying [poop emoji] ]


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