Chapter 44 – Status: Breakup

At night, after Ran Shu finished washing, he quickly ran out of the bathroom. He ejected like a bullet and fell on the bed. Lying on the bed, he sent a message to Sang Xian: [I miss you.]


X: [It’s just the first day of my business trip.]


RS: [This is to maintain my relationship with you!]


X: [It seems that you have had a lot of experience in live broadcasting recently.]


RS: [That’s right. What are you doing right now? Do you miss me?]


Sang Xian did not continue to reply to the message but directly made a video call, which he quickly connected.


After connecting, Sang Xian stared at the screen for a long time, as if observing.


Ran Shu realized where Sang Xian’s gaze converged, so he raised his hand to cover his eyebrows and explained: “I’ve just washed my face, don’t look at my eyebrows.”


Ran Shu looked normal, but his eyebrows were thin and extremely light. Every time he washes his face, he washes off his eyebrows along with it.


He is a beautiful man who is short of thick eyebrows with big eyes.


Sang Xian was used to it. He nodded his head and asked, “They had a video with you and you’re just showing me this?”


Ran Shu was immediately overjoyed, did Sang Xian get excited?


He got up immediately, found a shelf to fix his phone and said, “The miracle will begin!”


After speaking, he entered the cloakroom.


After a while, he came out wearing a doctor’s attire, adjusted his clothes to the camera, and muttered, “Isn’t it very abstinent to have no eyebrows?”


Sang Xian propped his face. He looked at Ran Shu on the screen with deep eyesHe stared at him for a while before saying, “It’s okay.”


“I’m going to draw my eyebrows.” He said and stepped out of the camera again.


After a while, he stood in front of the camera and asked, “This time, how do you feel?”


Because the eyebrow drawing project started when he was a student, it is easy for Ran Shu to draw his eyebrows and make them quickly.


As he said that, he took a few steps toward the screen. He really looked like a doctor in an idol drama, but he was far from a doctor in reality… It was almost tasteless, mainly because Ran Shu’s eyes were not smart-looking enough.


Fortunately, Sang Xian was very supportive: “Not bad.”


“Look at your expression… you’re not very interested!” Ran Shu nudged. He turned around and entered the cloakroom again.


After a while, Ran Shu came out wearing a leather strap and a bell around his neck.


He deliberately turned around to show Sang Xian: “Look, I got myself a tail!”


“…” Sang Xian looked at him and raised his eyebrows slightly.


Ran Shu seemed to be looking around the house and finally found a cat ear headband. He put it on and said “meow” to the phone.


Sang Xian’s phone vibrated for a while, and it took him a while to stabilize it again. He then said: “It’s pretty good, go back and wear it for me to see.”


“No, Lu Yanxin gave this to me. I had to stimulate myself when we broke up. Now I shall stimulate you.”


After Ran Shu finished speaking, he left the camera again.


Sang Xian didn’t see enough, but he didn’t say anything. He was afraid that he would get turned on by watching him for too long. 


After a while, Ran Shu came out with other clothes, and said, “Lu Yanxin also gave me JK! There are a lot of stockings, look.”


While speaking, he had already changed back into his pajamas.


“It’s already opened, have you tried it?”


“Definitely, to  try to see if the size fits!”


“I have to see when you wear them again.”


“No.” Ran Shu smiled slyly at the screen, “I have to keep some suspense. Otherwise, how can I keep my best brother?”


“Okay, very good.” Sang Xian took a deep breath, “I’ll be back in three days.”


“It doesn’t matter if I see you or not, just keep giving me gifts.”


“Okay, I see.”


Ran Shu threw down his clothes, went back to the bed with his mobile phone, lay down again, and asked the screen, “Does my brother miss me?”


“Well, I thought about it.”


“Then why didn’t you call me before I asked you?”


“I’m at work”




Sang Xian lowered his eyes and said: “Okay, you should go to bed early, I will stay up all night to speed up the completion, and try to go back as soon as possible.”


“Don’t stay up too late yourself.”


“You made up for me a while ago, don’t worry.”




After hanging up the phone, Ran Shu turned over under the quilt and muttered in a low voice, “Why are we always separated…”


“Forget it. It’s good to be separated, and I can rest for a few days, otherwise, my kidneys won’t be able to handle it… If this gets out of control, what’s the difference between Brother You and Hou Mo’s relationship with theirs?”




The next night, another day of live broadcasting ended. Ran Shu held the script in his hand, but his eyes were dull and he couldn’t read it.


At this time, there was a sound at the door. Ran Shu heard the sound of pressing the password, and guessed that Xiao Qi should have come to bring him supper, so he didn’t move, and continued to let himself go.


After a while, the sound of changing shoes and unfolding takeaway bags came from the living room.


Ran Shu finally put down the script, opened the door, and went out. He then saw the tall figure, and couldn’t help but be taken aback.


He paused, seeing Sang Xian looking back at him. “I met Xiao Qi downstairs.”


“What a coincidence?”


“Well, I contacted him in advance, and he waited for me for a while.”


“Don’t you have two days still before coming back?”


“I missed you.”


Ran Shu raised the corner of his mouth, walked over pretending to be calm, and stood beside Sang Xian.


“We have to eat quickly, the live broadcast is quite tiring.” Sang Xian said to him.


“Suddenly I don’t want to eat, I want to nibble on my husband first.” As he spoke, he hung onto Sang Xian.


Sang Xian held the little octopus monster hanging on his body. He kissed him and led him into the bedroom, but instead of going to bed immediately, he pushed open the door of the cloakroom.


Ran Shu stopped the kiss, wrapped his arms around Sang Xian’s shoulders, and asked him, “Did you come back for the tail, or for me?”


“Actually, there are the bells too.”


Sang Xian stood in front of the cabinet, holding Ran Shu as easily as holding a child and even had one hand free.


He picked up a pair of stockings and asked him, “Is it okay to wear these?”


“No.” Ran Shu leaned lazily on Sang Xian’s shoulder, “You didn’t cherish the last time I wore it, but I went to the bathroom to take it off secretly in the end, so don’t even think about it in the future.”


“I’ll help you dress.”


“I don’t want to wear it!”


Sang Xian probably just asked politely. After making a selection, he took these and walked out with Ran Shu in his arms.


The bell shook tirelessly, the tail wagged again and again. Ran Shu and Sang Xian “meowed” all night.


They wasn’t able to eat supper that night.




Ran Shu must have been tired and slept very deeply.


Sang Xian got up alone, cleaned up the messy room, picked up the stockings that were too rotten to wear anymore, and threw them into the trash can.


He went into the kitchen to deal with the supper that he couldn’t eat but saw the familiar medicine bag in the trash can.


He looked at the bag and fell into silence, thinking whether he should restrain himself a little. Ran Shu’s physique didn’t seem to be as good as his, and he was older than before, so he shouldn’t be too presumptuous.


For such a delicate person, after taking such a bitter medicine, he must’ve gathered all his strength to swallow this.


Even if this is the case, he just secretly drink this alone without telling him.


Sure enough, his Ran Shu had grown up.


Sang Xian was very pleased.


After tidying up, Sang Xian walked back to the room, gently lifted the quilt, and lay down beside Ran Shu.


He kissed Ran Shu’s forehead lightly but saw that Ran Shu stretched out his hand as if looking for something. After understanding, he took Ran Shu’s hand over and Ran Shu continued to sleep satisfied.


At this time, Sang Xian saw a black cat walking gracefully and standing on Ran Shu’s body.


After Suihou Yu and Hou Mo finally went to the competition, the elder brother was once again handed over to Ran Shu to take care of him.


After Sang Xian came, he had been “busy” with Ran Shu, and he just noticed that his elder brother was here.


Sang Xian stretched out his hand and touched the eldest brother’s head. The eldest brother is the cat of Suihou Yu and Hou Mo, and he must have experienced a lot of troubles, so he doesn’t care about his and Ran Shu’s actions.


As expected, the cat still looked calm and breezy, stepped on Ran Shu’s body, stopped on top of Ran Shu’s head, and lay beside Ran Shu to lick Ran Shu’s hair.


Ran Shu seemed to have just fallen asleep and could easily be woken up, so Sang Xian could only reach out his hand to stop the cat.


It’s a pity that the cat just gave Sang Xian a haughty look, as if to say, it is just taking care of its subordinates, don’t meddle with uninterested men, get out of here.


Sang Xian and the cat were in a stalemate for a while. Ran Shu opened his eyes and looked at him in confusion, and he quickly hugged the cat into his arms.


Ran Shu didn’t wake up completely and soon fell asleep again.


Sang Xian could only hold the cat like this all the time so that Ran Shu could rest properly.


After all, he has been tossing him to the point of secretly drinking traditional Chinese medicine, and he has to get enough sleep, otherwise, his kidneys will be even worse.




His thinking was simple after all.


When he opened his eyes the next morning, he saw Ran Shu crossing his arms and looking at him coldly.


He was a little puzzled, and looked at Ran Shu inquiringly, and then followed his gaze to the cat sleeping peacefully in his arms.


He seems to have guessed it.


Sure enough, Ran Shu lifted the quilt got out of bed in an instant, and muttered while putting on his clothes: “You came back late at night with a tail and cat ears, and you made me meow all night. Do you really want to pet cats? Then what about your little cow-printed cat at home? Did Xiaoju take it back too? Why did you come to my place?”


Sang Xian could only let the cat sleep on the bed alone, and followed Ran Shu into the bathroom: “No, it disturbed your sleep last night, so I hugged it.”


“If it disturbed me, you should’ve sent it to the living room! I still have a cat room! But I have to sleep with it?!” Ran Shu’s tone became sadder and sadder.


“I’m afraid I’ll wake you up again.”


“You’re so considerate! I’m so lucky to have met a boyfriend like you who sleeps with a cat and doesn’t sleep with me!”




Ran Shu put the toothpaste and electric toothbrush in front of Sang Xian: “Hurry up and wash it off!”


Sang Xian hesitated for a while before he wanted to say something, then he heard Ran Shu roar, “Hurry up!”


He could only accept his fate and wash up under Ran Shu’s gaze.


Ran Shu continued to make things difficult: “Look how serious you are about washing, do you also want to leave my place quickly? I thought you missed me too much, but it was actually a one-night relationship. When you woke up, you left.”


“You told me to wash up quickly.”


“Yes, it’s all because of me! I made trouble again, didn’t I?!”




Ran Shu quickly walked out of the room again. He found Sang Xian’s clothes and threw them to him: “Put them on and leave quickly. I’ll be upset when I see you. Don’t come back when you leave, you also have a cat at home you can pet.”


After finishing speaking, Ran Shu suddenly realized: “You went to visit the shooting because of the cat, didn’t you? You didn’t want to see me? No wonder you left after catching the cat.”


Sang Xian held his clothes: “…”


His eyes are getting darker and darker.

“What’s the look in your eyes? Are you getting impatient? You go look for your cat and your dog, don’t look for me. They are so considerate and don’t make any noise! Why are you looking for me?! If you find me, you won’t hold me to sleep, you hold the cat. I can’t believe you slept with a cat! Let’s break up! Break up! “


“…” Sang Xian silently put down his clothes.


“Why are you putting it down? Go to work!”


“I’m not going to work.”


“Day off?”


“To fuck you.” Sang Xian said. He picked up Ran Shu and went into the bedroom again, seeing that they had already left the room, Sang Xian simply closed the door behind him.


Then, he concentrated on cleaning up that annoying “breakup man”.


Luckily, he still feels sorry for Ran Shu’s kidneys.


Although, Ran Shu is not dry at all.

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