Chapter 43 – Status: In Love


After Sang Xian entered the lounge, he saw that Ran Shu was talking to Mrs. Sang and calling her his sister as if they were good siblings.


It’s not that Ran Shu deliberately pleases his mother, but that Ran Shu is a boy who is very popular with girls, and he can get along with girls of any age and personality to become… girl friends.


Mrs. Sang liked Ran Shu very much even when they were not in love.


Sang Xian looked at his mother displeased, but she simply ignored him.


“Don’t call her like that.” Sang Xian could only remind Ran Shu by himself.


Ran Shu naturally wanted to refute him: “I can call her whatever I like, can you control me?”


“It is not appropriate.”


Ran Shu immediately held Mrs. Sang’s hand: “Our little sister is so beautiful. Why can’t I call her like that?”


“Then call her Mom.”


Ran Shu rolled his huge eyes: “You didn’t even marry me.”


“You didn’t disclose me to the public either.”


“…” Ran Shu was speechless for a moment.


Mrs. Sang saw that she had become the center of the young couple’s quarrel, and immediately waved her hand: “Stop.”


She got up and spoke to Ran Shu: “Next time, you go to see me at my house alone. Don’t be with him, he will spoil the fun when he comes. Your sister is going.”


“Yeah!” Ran Shu nodded, getting up to see her off.


Mrs. Sang put her hand on Ran Shu’s shoulder, and said, “I still have a party to mingle in.”


When Mrs. Sang left, Ran Shu and Sang Xian stayed in the lounge.


After a while, Ran Shu asked dryly, “Why are you here?”


“Ask knowingly.”


“Oh, to see your mother?”


“If I came here specifically to see her, I would go out with her right now.”


Ran Shu snorted softly: “Why can’t you just tell me straight up then.”


Sang Xian finally adjusted his attitude: “I’m here to pick you up. I came right after the meeting. Aren’t you afraid of walking at night lately?”


“That’s about the same.” He quickly mentioned what happened today, “It’s rumored that I’m a mistress!”


“Don’t worry, my mother can solve it.”


At the same time, after Mrs. Sang went back again, someone who didn’t know asked in a low voice: “Do you know Ran Shu?”


Mrs. Sang smiled and explained: “Yes, the Ran family and the Sang family have been related for generations. I watched Ran Shu grow up.”


When the others got this answer, their faces were stunned, and they all put away their gossip.


The two families are relatives, and it is outrageous that they can be passed on as a dog-blood relationship.


Sure enough, many “melons” in the circle are not credible.




After a few days, Ran Shu once again put up a live stream, playing the horror game.


It was also his first time playing this game, and he didn’t even know how he was progressing.


It’s the fifth live broadcast, and he is still trying to find clues to get out. He’s been scared and collapsed countless times.


Sang Xian did not come back to accompany him today. The staff of his team watched the live broadcast outside the living room and did not accompany Ran Shu into his room.


Ran Shu could only sit in the room and play the game alone and was once again frightened by the game with a dull expression.


Just now, he was caught by a “ghost”.


After being caught, his character couldn’t be operated, and he could only watch the extremely high-definition hands on the screen control him. The bright red nails even poked directly into the character’s eye sockets.


Because of the first-person perspective, Ran Shu even squinted his eyes subconsciously.


He was too scared that he wasn’t able to calm down for a long time.


He pursed his lips, wiped away his tears from the fright, looked at the screen, and said, “Let’s chat for a while, let me take it easy.”


In fact, the game team didn’t care about Ran Shu’s fishing during the live broadcast. After all, if he slowed down the progress, he could broadcast a few more episodes, which would be a good thing for them.


Interaction at this moment can also increase the popularity index of the live broadcast room.


[Uncle cried so much that I was so excited!]


[I was also scared just now. 】


[Shu Shu is crying…huhuhu… Our poor Shu Shu…]


[I’m directly traumatized.]


[Sincere live broadcasts like Uncle’s are rare. The game does not rely on technology at all, but on emotion.]


“Are you perverts?” Ran Shu looked helplessly at the barrage.


[Why isn’t your boss playing games with you?]


[I thought I could hear the bubbling sound of the subwoofer today!]


Ran Shu patiently answered the question on the barrage: “He has a very important meeting today, and he is on a business trip, so he can’t come. Besides, he is also very busy, so it is impossible for him to spend time here with me every day.”


At this time, a special effect gift flashed across the screen.


Ran Shu quickly wiped away his tears and looked at the name. After seeing the name clearly, he quickly began to thank: “Thank you for the gift, boss.”


As he spoke, he made a heart sign to the camera.


This number is called: Surnamed Sang.


It fits Sang Xian’s style very well. As Sang Xian’s boyfriend, Ran Shu can recognize him at a glance.


[Ahhh! Is it the account of the boss?]


[The trumpet that just registered only sent gifts to Shushu, it is undoubtedly true love.]


Ran Shu looked at the screen and asked, “Is your meeting over?”


Sang Xiann’s barrage replied to him: [Still in the meeting.]


He asked again: “Then you listened to me crying and howling here during the meeting?”


[Wearing a headset.]


Others in the barrage began to boil.


[You also have to watch Uncle’s live broadcast during the meeting, I got it, thank you!]


[Official sprinkling of sugar is the deadliest.]


[It’s so cute!]


It seemed that the competition was on, and another person started to give him gifts.


Ran Shu didn’t know who this person was, so he took out his phone and looked at it. He then formed a heart to the screen: “Thank you, my little sister.”


[Who is this? A rich woman is also his fan?]


[Little Sister, I love you. Let’s fall in love.]


Ran Shu quickly stopped: “Don’t, don’t. She is my boss’ mother.”


[Is that uncle’s mother-in-law? 】


[His boss’ mother knows him?!]


“Speaking of which, my boss and I have a kinship relationship. The old man of my ancestors is a sworn brother with the old man of my boss’s family, so my boss and I are also considered relatives? Nowadays, the separation of relatives is serious, and this kind of sworn relative can be maintained to my level. Life is not easy, and I often go to the boss’s house to pay New Year’s greetings during the New Year and holidays.”


What he said was also a clarification of the rumors about being a mistress.


[Did the boss buy your company because you were hidden in the snow before?]


[So that’s their relationship!]


“It’s not considered a relationship. it’s just that there is a problem with the connection between work, and it has gradually gotten better recently, and I will join the team again after a while.”


[Hello, I see that you have rich expressions and good facial features. Do you want to consider becoming an actor? ]


Ran Shu looked at the barrage and felt helpless: “Should I consider becoming an actor? What is my profession now? Aren’t I an actor now?”


[Uncle, you have been classified as a game anchor.]


[The last time was in the category of good-looking anchors.]


[What? Shouldn’t it be a category of funny bloggers?]


“I have become a game anchor? Am I already so professional now?” Ran Shu said and went to check his category, and it was really in the game category.


Now he is everything, not only an idol.


But Ran Shu didn’t care and continued talking to the camera: “Thank you for the official recognition of my game live stream. I will continue to work hard!”


[Uncle, I’m a boy. My boyfriend and I mistook Kayserol for lubricant when we were shopping. What should we do now that we’re in an embarrassing situation?]


Ran Shu was stunned for a while looking at this barrage, and then burst out laughing out loud, even appearing speechless: “Oh my God…how can I stop making up my mind and still be in an awkward situation? This…hahahaha , It’s true love without breaking up!”


After Ran Shu answered, he stretched out his hand to hold the mouse, and laughed again after thinking about it: “It’s better to forget about this or you really won’t be able to make out in the future, and it will cast a shadow on that matter.”


[Why do I feel that uncle understands?]


[Uncle’s smile is very connotative.]


[Is it just me who thinks Shushu is pure 0?]


[Heh, do you think it is possible for Ran Shu to be 1?]


Ran Shu glanced at it, ignored it, and continued to pick out interesting bullet screens.


“What color is my lipstick?” Ran Shu smeared on his lips, “I don’t wear lipstick! What link do I use? I’m playing a game during this live broadcast!”


“Why don’t you start dancing? I’m playing games this time! Do you understand playing games?!”


[Uncle, can you sing us a song?]


[Uncle, let’s sing “Good Luck”!]


[Is it possible to link the mosquito coils? The same model as the boss’s. Hasn’t it been mass-produced yet?]


“Hey—why are you still asking for a song? I’m not a talent anchor, I’m just playing games…” Ran Shu was talking, when he saw gifts starting to appear on the screen.


Looking at those gifts, Ran Shu’s expression gradually eased, and then he showed a smile: “Okay! I’ll sing “Good Luck” for everyone!”


Ran Shu re-entered the game and returned to the previous save location while really singing.


He had just finished singing a song when he saw Suihou Yu also come and start giving him presents. He immediately raised his hand: “Don’t do it, don’t do it, it’s almost more expensive than my endorsement fee.”




After the live broadcast ended, Ran Shu walked out of the room, exhausted.


Gao Qin looked at the data and said: “This time the data is very beautiful, Party A is very satisfied, and even attracted many other investors. I will check first, check whether these companies have black history and determine their political stance. If there is no problem with the product, it will be handed over to you.”


“Okay.” Ran Shu leaned against the sofa, his body paralyzed.


“The reality shows Mr. Sang invested in last time is the one where you will be the first flight guest. The regular guest has been confirmed, and there is Lu Yiran.”


Ran Shu sat up straight immediately and looked at Gao Qin: “This is a life program or a program about mutual tearing, the two of us can fight in the first episode.”


“Although Lu Yiran’s personality is not very good, his character is not bad.”


“But the two of us really don’t get along.” Ran Shu thought for a while and then asked gossip, “Is it true that Lu Yiran has never been in a relationship?”


“Well, he feels that no one in this world is worthy of him.”


Back then, not only Gao Qin try hard to pick up Ran Shu’s boyfriend, but Ran Shu also went to pick up Lu Yiran’s relationship situation.


The final answer is: 0.


In addition to accepting various jobs, Lu Yiran actually went to build a house in his spare time, who would believe it?


Ran Shu held a photo of Lu Yiran driving the excavator and digging the foundation by himself and was silent for a long time.


After listening to Ran Shu, she nodded: “I definitely don’t believe that this matter should be put on someone else, but on Lu Yiran, I believe that he is indeed very stupid and harder to understand than you. He must be twenty-nine, and he can do it.”


“You two are the same.”


Ran Shu looked at Gao Qin suddenly, and asked with a smile, “Do you have any special hobbies in picking artists? The more difficult it is, the more challenging you find it?”


“No, I choose character. Don’t confuse it with that, or a career will easily be collapsable.”


Gao Qin will definitely avoid some bad artists. If one day she officially announces that the artist can no longer appear on the screen or simply goes to jail, her years of hard work will be in vain, and she will definitely not bring them.


Neither Ran Shu nor Lu Yiran would have these problems.


Although, they hold a lot of small problems.


Ran Shu slumped on the sofa again and asked, “What if I fight him in the first episode?”


“I’ll be good and be a gimmick. If the two of you can live broadcast with each other, many people will happily buy gifts. If you are short of money, you can try to open a large-scale outdoor live broadcast.”


“Live fight?”


“No, catch the cat live, we will arrange a cat for you, you go…”


Ran Shu immediately got up and pushed Gao Qin out of the door: “Let’s get off work early! Bye!”


After speaking, he closed the door.


After the door was closed, Ran Shu secretly took out his mobile phone and counted: “How much money did I earn from the live broadcast today? Why is the share ratio so high? One, ten… million, oh yo! It’s okay then. Hehe…”


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