WDYCM 42 pt.2

“Didn’t I break up with Sang Xian two years ago? We just reconciled recently, and after reconciliation, I was very busy, so I wasn’t able to visit.”


“What if you have a share, will you keep coming to see me?”


“You make a lot of sense!” Ran Shu was suddenly awakened, “You are my sister, and Sang Xian is my boyfriend. I’ll call you sister, he calls your mother, and we don’t interfere with each other.”


“Well, that’s it!” Mrs. Sang nodded approvingly.


Ran Shu suddenly leaned over to look and said seriously: “Sister, should I say it or not, you really haven’t changed. When I saw you at the school gate, I almost asked you for your WeChat account. Walking through, I can still be amazed.”


Mrs. Sang especially likes to chat with Ran Shu. After all, Ran Shu’s words please her much better than Sang’s father and Sang Xian’s.


“I bought a watch and some jewelry at the auction last time. I’ll have someone send them to you in a few days. Have you moved?”


Ran Shu waved his hand: “What does a big man want jewelry for?”


“It’s nice to put it as a pendant at home, or if Sang Xian offends you, you can hit him with green emeralds!”


“What kind, let me see.”


Mrs. Sang didn’t have her mobile phone with her, so she asked Ran Shu to check the official website of the last auction.


Members who log in to Sangjia will be able to see what they have bought, including the price at the time of the auction, detailed introductions, and pictures.


“Tell me which one you like.” Mrs. Sang said it easily as if those things that cost millions or tens of millions are just gadgets and pennies.


Ran Shu flipped it up with relish, and sure enough, he lost the anger he had just now and continued to choose with sparkling eyes.


Mrs. Sang just looked at him with a smile. Ran Shu really did exactly what Sang Xian said. His anger came and went quickly, and he was easy to coax.


The method of coaxing him is too simple for the Sang family.


After Ran Shu flipped through it for a while, Mrs. Sang suddenly asked, “Is he your friend? He had been looking at me for a long time.”


There is an ornamental glass in the VIP lounge. You can see the scene downstairs. It seems that you can observe whether your distinguished guests have come, and you can go down to greet them when they come.


Ran Shu looked up and saw Lu Yiran repeatedly passing by the door of their room.


He put down his phone and said to Mrs. Sang, “He’s the one who provoked me. I’ll go out and scold him.”


“Go, come on!”


“Of course!”




Lu Yiran was very dazed at the moment. He tried his best to pretend to be casual. He looked into the room and then asked his friends, “Is what you said true?”


“Well, really.” The man replied with a chuckle.


Lu Yiran’s stable position in the entertainment industry is also due to his good background and being a young master himself.


Naturally, he also knows some family members, such as the one beside him. He was from Zhuma family


Zhuma and the Sang family have some friendship and know some information about each other, For example: Sang Xian is actually high school classmate with Ran Shu, Suzhou Yu, and others.


That’s all he said to Lu Yiran, but Lu Yiran was dumbfounded.


“Then I scolded the wrong person?” Lu Yiran was very annoyed, “If the two of them were classmates in high school, it would be fine for Mr. Sang to help Ran Shu when he had a problem. I thought the company didn’t have the  problem of Ran Shu being a mistress, so I had to scold him myself”


“Well, that’s the way it is now.” Zhuma said, walking to his side, “You change your temper with him..”


Lu Yiran slapped his forehead in frustration: “Then do I have to apologize? Me apologizing to Ran Shu?! Ran Shu can laugh at me for three years, he is that kind of bastard!”


“It’s just an apology. After all, it’s true that you said something wrong first.”


“Let me take it easy…” Lu Yiran leaned on the wall to build up his emotions, thinking of Ran Shu’s haughty look when he apologized. He felt all the energy and blood in his body rushing out of his body. Shame and annoyance boiled in his mind.


When Ran Shu came out, Lu Yiran was leaning against the wall with a distressed expression on his face.


Ran Shu was immediately delighted: “Yo, you’ve been single for a long time, and the air is still thumping?”


Hearing Ran Shu’s voice, Lu Yiran immediately cheered up and clenched his fists.


Looking at his posture, Ran Shu thought that Lu Yiran was going to fight him. He then looked up at the man next to Lu Yiran vigilantly. He was quite tall, and if they fought together, would he not be able to beat him?


Did Mrs. Sang bring bodyguards?


Who knows, Lu Yiran suddenly said: “It was my fault that I scolded you before I didn’t understand the truth, I hope you can forgive me.”


“…” Ran Shu was stunned, he couldn’t use a single curse word he had prepared and felt a sense of powerlessness for a moment.


“However, you and he are classmates in high school. Is it necessary to hide this matter so closely? It will be misunderstood…” Lu Yiran added.


“is it my fault that you pushed me before you knew the truth? What is filled in your head will cause you to think that other people’s clean behavior is what you think it is, and you need to improve your knowledge and open up your own circumstances, instead of making others as unclassy as you are.”


“I’ve already apologized, and your concealment has indeed caused a wide range of misunderstandings.” Lu Yiran blushed and retorted in a low voice.


“Why do you apologize and make me feel bad for a while?”




At this time, Lu Yiran’s friend opened his mouth to help explain: “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any bad intentions. He regarded you as an opponent before, but in fact, he admired you in his heart. He has a high spirit, and you are a rare opponent he recognizes.”


“Once he heard that you actually became a mistress, he was a little disappointed and acted impulsively. He also hoped that you would stop quickly. Later, he found out that it was a misunderstanding, so he immediately came over to apologize to you.”


“The last sentence he had said just now is actually to remind you that it is better to explain the relationship between you and Mr. Sang to the outside world so that the gossiping would eventually stop. His mouth is really not very good at talking. Sorry, he made you angry.”


As expected, Zhuma’s speech was much more pleasant than Lu Yiran’s, and Ran Shu’s temper also eased a bit.


Ran Shu put his arms around his chest and muttered in a low voice, “Of course…”


Mrs. Sang called him Ran Ran, and Lu Yiran called him Ran Ran. Only then did he realize that the two of them had the same pronunciation.


“I’m sorry!” Lu Yiran suddenly roared, “If I was wrong, I was wrong. Why did you humiliate me by calling my name?!”


Then, with tears in his eyes, he tried to endure it.


Ran Shu was taken aback by this look of embarrassment and anger.


Ran Shu: “…”


He is really famous for cursing, even if he mutters a name, it feels as if he is cursing the said person.


What a shame.


At this time, someone walked slowly to the door of the VIP lounge and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”


Ran Shu turned his head and saw that Sang Xian had also come.


“He said I was a mistress! Then he realized that he had wrongly blamed me, so he came to apologize, and now he looks like I bullied him.”


Sang Xian nodded, indicating that Ran Shu could go in first.


Ran Shu didn’t stay any longer and turned back to the VIP lounge.


Sang Xian gestured to Lu Yiran’s friend and continued: “There is no mistress. I have only one lover from the beginning to the end.”


Zhuma raised his eyebrows and then smiled lightly: “Okay, I understand.”


Then he dragged Lu Yiran away.


Lu Yiran didn’t understand, and asked, “What did it mean?”


“It’s fine now.”


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