WDYCM 41 pt.1

Chapter 41 – Status: In Love


Two hours of live broadcast.


Ran Shu cried twice, ran off the screen seven times, and Sang Xian played for him once.


During these two hours, Ran Shu experienced what is called ups and downs, and his mood fluctuated greatly.


Of course, the most exhausting thing is that he screams too much.


In the end, he almost ended the live broadcast with a stopwatch and didn’t even watch the fans say goodbye.


When he turned off the computer, he seemed to vent his anger. Everything was settled, and he didn’t have to suffer anymore.


As everyone knows, the more embarrassing the live broadcast is, the more tired the fans are from laughing.


Then, he got up yelling. He yelled at Gao Qin, “How much are the liquidated damages?! I quit!”


Gao Qin seemed to have been prepared and actually held up a piece of A4 paper with the number of liquidated damages printed on it.


Ran Shu calmed down when he saw it and muttered: “This game is very fun and exciting, I like it.”


Then a person sat in a corner drinking stuffy water.


Well, only water.


Sang Xian thanked the team members politely and sent them away from Ran Shu’s home.


Then, he sat beside Ran Shu and asked, “Is there anything you want to eat?”


“I don’t really want to eat it. The impact of the game’s graphics is too strong. I feel sick when I think of rotten flesh.”


Sang Xian didn’t say anything else. He stretched out his hand to hug Ran Shu into his arms and smoothed his back: “Okay, I know how hard you have worked to make money, and the baby is the best.”


Ran Shu buried his body in Sang Xian’s arms and calmed down for a while. He then looked up at Sang Xian: “Have you eaten yet?”


“Not yet.”


Ran Shu looked up at the time and soon realized that there was something wrong with him. It was obviously just ten o’clock when the broadcast was released, which impressed him deeply.


He suddenly cheered up. He stood up and said, “I’ll make it for you.”


“You will?!” Sang Xian asked in disbelief. Could it be that Ran Shu has researched new skills in the two years since they broke up?


Ran Shu bounced to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and took out a can of food from it.


Sang Xian watched silently: “…”


He had a sense of foreboding.


Ran Shu took out the leftover pancakes that he had eaten half at noon, dug out half of the canned meat sauce, and then took out the sausages to cut it. Each sausage was as big as half an egg.


Sang Xian: “…”


He can actually order meals. He is not a coquettish boss who can’t eat takeaway.


Seeing that Ran Shu was very excited, Sang Xian could only ask, “Do you want pancakes? Shouldn’t they be separated? Are you mixing them together now?”


“Oh, when I’m cooking in the pot, I get nervous so I only make a mess, especially if I am in a hurry. With this, it’ll be easier to sir now that I’ve mixed it all up and put it in. Once it is hot, you can eat it.”


Sang Xian took a deep breath and asked, “Have you practiced cooking recently?”


“No, but I have thought about it and think it is feasible.”




Sang Xian was already mentally prepared, thinking as an encouragement: Even if it is not delicious, try to eat a few mouthfuls, so as not to disappoint Ran Shu.


As a result, he saw Ran Shu running into the storage room in a hurry. He ran out holding a Captain America shield after a while.


Sang Xian stared dumbfounded at Ran Shu holding up his shield to defend himself, firing and pouring oil.


It’s a pity that there was still water in the pot, causing the oil to splash wildly. Ran Shu was so frightened that he quickly turned off the fire again, and ran to Sang Xian in a panic: “Honey! It almost exploded just now!”


“It’s okay, you don’t need to force it. We can order food…” Sang Xian hurriedly comforted him and he breathed a sigh of relief. He must secretly throw away the pot at Ran Shu’s house tomorrow. Ran Shu rarely went to the kitchen, so he wouldn’t be able to find out even if he threw the dish away.


“I’ll try again!” Ran Shu said and entered the kitchen again.


Sang Xian quickly followed in and said, “How about I do it?”


“No, I’m afraid you’ll blow up my kitchen.”


“How did you have the confidence to say that?”


“…” Ran Shu turned his head unhappily and glared at Sang Xian, “Are you questioning my cooking skills?”


He is not questioning, he is fearing it.


But he dared not say it.


Ran Shu held up his shield, entered the kitchen again, and turned on the stove again.


At the moment when the oil was about to splash out, he threw all the things he had mixed into the pot and then covered the pot. A series of actions were completed in one go.


After waiting for a while, seeing that there was no abnormal sound in the pot, Ran Shu opened the lid of the pot and tried to fry pancakes.


“Husband! Hurry up! Soy sauce!” Ran Shu was so nervous that he spoke very fast. Sang Xian could only look for soy sauce in Ran Shu’s kitchen. As soon as he opened the lid, he saw Ran Shu blocking him with a shield, “I’ll cover you, you go.”


Sang Xian could only walk over and pour the soy sauce.


Ran Shu commanded again: “Honey, salt.”


Sang Xian continued to add salt under the cover of Ran Shu.


Ran Shu continued to stir fry hard and finally turned off the fire when he smelled the smell of paste.


When the fried cake is finished, it seems that it is okay as it doesn’t have much paste.


Ran Shu looked very satisfied. He helped Sang Xian out, tasted it first with chopsticks then was startled. He then said after a long time: “I forgot that the meat sauce has a salty taste.”


“Very salty?” Sang Xian directly used Ran Shu’s chopsticks, ate a piece, and was also stunned for a moment.


After the two people ate fried pancakes, they were stunned together and finally looked at each other.


After a long time, Ran Shu tried to ask: “Can we add some water and make porridge out of it?”


“Can cakes be used to make porridge?”


“Then let’s make soup.”


“Forget it, don’t take any more risks, I’ll make do with it.”


“Don’t, don’t, your voice is like a thousand-year-old phlegm stuck in it. If you get it, won’t it turn into a voice of tobacco and alcohol?”


Sang Xian took out his mobile phone, ready to order food.


Ran Shu suddenly began to take off his pants: “Why don’t I feed you?”


Sang Xian didn’t even take a second look: “I’m really hungry this time.”


“Oh.” Ran Shu pulled up his pants again.


While Sang Xian was ordering, Ran Shu came over to watch.


Sang Xian noticed it and asked him, “What do you want to eat?”


“I don’t really want to eat either.”


“Then I can order something casually.”

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