WDYCM 30 pt.1

Chapter 30- Status: In Love


That night.


The blackout curtains strictly blocked the moonlight, and the room was filled with darkness, covering every narrow corner of the room.


Ran Shu was restless in his sleep, groping around with his hands, always trying to grab something.


Sang Xian seemed to be awakened by Ran Shu. He turned on the bedside lamp, quickly grabbed Ran Shu’s flailing wrist, and whispered his name: “Ran Shu.”


Ran Shu frowned as if he was trying to shout out in his sleep, but nothing came out of it.


He knew that Ran Shu must be having a nightmare, so he quickly woke him up.


Ran Shu finally opened his eyes and looked at him in a daze. After concentrating for a while, he raised his hand and gave Sang Xian a slap.


“…” Even if the blow was not heavy, Sang Xian was taken aback.


“Bastard!” Ran Shu scolded.


He was finally able to make up his mind and asked, “Did you dream that I cheated?”


“No, I dreamed that you were running happily on the beach in the sunset.”


“…” He took a breath, clearly confused. “Why did you hit me when I was running?”


“The main reason is that I want to run with you. I keep calling you, but you didn’t wait for me still. I can’t catch up with you. I just keep chasing you, and you just keep running away from me.” 


“That’s it?”


“I was chasing after you, and you woke me up.”


Sang Xian could only accept his fate. He reached out and hugged Ran Shu into his arms, coaxing him softly: “Okay, it is my fault. I will try my best to run with you in your dreams next time.”




Ran Shu leaned into Sang Xian’s arms. Sang Xian’s shoulders were very broad and the warm body temperature surrounded him, which could give him an endless security feel.


By Sang Xian’s side, he will look petite, as if his whole body can be covered by Sang Xian and Sang Xian’s embrace allows him to have fun.


Sang Xian was silent for a while, but still asked: “But why did I run under the sunset? Is there a reason?”


When he spoke, the blow made the hair on the top of Ran Shu’s head softly flutter and swing.


“I was chasing you all the time. I think you were afraid when I just want to ask why you ran,. So why did you run?”


“Is the problem coming to me?”




“Let me think about it…”


Sang Xian hugged Ran Shu as he pondered for a long time before saying, “Maybe I… want to relax, and then… I’m going to run with headphones on.”


“The headphones are not completely soundproof, so you just didn’t wait for me on purpose, scumbag.”


“What if it’s noise-canceling headphones?”


“Then you should also remember that you have a boyfriend, and you should run with him!”


“Well, you have a point. This reminds me.” Sang Xian held back a smile as he brought up a core memory.


“What is it?”


“It was when you were in high school, and you fell asleep in class. That time, you dreamed of something and barked like a dog before waking yourself up. When you woke up, everyone around you laughed at you. You were so ashamed that you ran wildly on the playground. I chased you with Suihou Yu and Hou Mo, but I wasn’t able to catch up with you. This is the first time I know that you have such good physical strength.”


“Our classmate of a dog didn’t chase me. He kept laughing and gave me a video. Half of me was trying to get rid of that in my head! Later, Brother Yu went to deal with them, and you were the only one chasing me.” Ran Shu got angry when he mentioned this.

“You were so ashamed that you ran more than two thousand meters. If I didn’t stop you in the end, you might have jumped out of the school.”


“Actually, I wanted to quit school at that time. I think I couldn’t stay there any longer.”


“Do you remember what you dreamed that day?”


Ran Shu buried his face in Sang Xian’s arms and replied reluctantly: “Didn’t you say that I look like your old Chihuahua? Then I dreamed about that Chihuahua. We both bit each other to grab you. I-I wasn’t able to bite it back yet.”


“Looks like it’s my fault again.”


“You know that it is!”


“Okay. It is my fault.”


Ran Shu asked in a low voice, “What time is it?”


“It’s almost five o’clock. Your flight is this morning.”


“Oh…” Ran Shu turned over to get his clothes.


The orange light at the head of the bed shone on Ran Shu’s back, casting a soft light on the beautiful swan’s neck.


The ends of his hair, his neck, and his slender and fair back were completely presented in front of Sang Xian’s eyes.


He simply reached out, fished Ran Shu back, and kissed him.


Ran Shu didn’t have much strength due to last night, so he just lay on the bed and said weakly: “Your house location is prone to traffic in the morning. I have to leave early.”


“I’ll take you there.”


“You will also be stuck in traffic.”




After answering, he dragged Ran Shu into the blanket again.




Ran Shu finished washing, dressed neatly, and stood in front of the mirror to arrange his hat and mask.


Sang Xian also finished dressing at the same time. Still in a neat suit, standing beside him and straightening his tie.


He looked up at Sang Xian and saw the tooth marks on Sang Xian’s Adam’s apple. Ran Shu then asked. “Can I help you apply a layer of concealer to cover it up?”




Sang Xian knew that he was an artist, so he would restrain himself a lot.


But Ran Shu can’t restrain himself, he can do whatever he wants. God knows how many strawberry prints are hidden in his neat shirt.


However, Ran Shu was very satisfied looking at his masterpiece.


His man, he can do whatever he wants.


Sang Xian asked Ran Shu to wait near the exit of the community and went to the underground parking garage by himself.


Ran Shu looked at the traffic jam outside. He couldn’t help but sigh. He took out his phone to check to see if the nearest flight was still available.


While inquiring, he saw a locomotive parked in front of him.


A red body, a man riding a bike in a suit and leather shoes. He is a standard-suit thug.


Ran Shu’s preferences are very flashy, and it just so happened that Sang Xian appeared in front of him with this attitude, which poked his XP very much.


Such a man is really easy to make him fall in love at first sight.


Oh, this man is his boyfriend, what a coincidence.


Sang Xian’s legs were very long. After stopping the car, he could rest his feet on the ground, and handed him a helmet: “Come up.”


Ran Shu immediately reached out to take it. He put on the helmet and got in the back seat.


He hugged Sang Xian’s waist tightly, and couldn’t help but scold him: “Holding your old dog’s waist feels different.”

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