Chapter 29- Status: Composite


Ran Shu reached for the water glass, and Sang Xian hurried over to help him up. He handed the water to him.


After Ran Shu took a sip of water, he felt that he had calmed down a bit, so he began to scold Sang Xian: “Sang Xian, if you were not born into a good family, you will not be able to eat three dishes and one soup in this life with that personality.”


Seeing Ran Shu could now scold him, Sang Xian heaves a sigh of relief as it means that Ran Shu is now back to normal.


He thought he made Ran Shu stupid for a moment there.


Ran Shu took another sip from the water glass and continued to curse him: “Even if I wasn’t a lark on earth before, at least it was the sound of nature. Listen to the pure sand grinding the bark of old trees. So tell me, are you an animal or not?”


“Well, I am an animal.”


“You had a good attitude before. What happened to that, huh?!”


Sang Xian changed the subject. “I greeted the crew. I said that you won’t be going for two days. I will go directly to record the reality show, and I will bear all the losses afterward.”


Ran Shu continued to drink his water, not showing his pleased look to Sang Xian at all.


“So…” Sang Xian looked at Ran Shu again. “Could it be… Could we do it again right now? It’s probably all stretched out by now, and it won’t hurt as much as it did at the beginning.”


Ran Shu almost choked on the water.


“What do you mean?!” Ran Shu yelled, “How about you pass through the sewer? If you say you are an animal, you really don’t think of yourself as a human being. Don’t you have any other plans for human affairs?!”


“Okay Okay, don’t shout.” Sang Xian couldn’t bear Ran Shu’s voice.


“Sang Xian, you wait, I’ll let Brother Yu beat you up.”


Sang Xian could only persuade him: “Well, he will feel distressed if he doesn’t hear the sounds of nature when he comes, but I think the lark is more attractive.”


Ran Shu was about to continue scolding Sang Xian but immediately shut up after hearing this persuasion.


Mainly because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold back his seriousness and scolding to the point of laughter.


Fortunately, he didn’t laugh and kept his dignity.


Lying under the blanket, he watched the drips drop by drop. Nonetheless, Ran Shu still took out his mobile phone, took a photo of his hand, and sent it to Suihou Yu.


Brother Yu is as beautiful as a flower: [Congratulations.]


RS: [I don’t have any voice left.]


Brother Yu is as beautiful as a flower: [Congratulations.]


RS: [I can’t go to the set tomorrow.]


Brother Yu is as beautiful as a flower: [Congratulations.]


RS: [Even if the repeater is imperfect, at least it is not as indifferent as you.]


Brother Yu is as beautiful as a flower: [I really am dry. Just be honest with him for two days. I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to hear about your mental journey.]


Unwilling to give up, Ran Shu sent the picture to Su Anyi too.


Aunt Su:[…]


RS: [My voice is also hoarse.]


Aunt Su: [How did the two of you manage to stay together for ten years?]


RS: [He went too far this time.]


Aunt Su: [It’s understandable since he is holding back for two years.]


RS: [I don’t want to talk to him anymore.]


Aunt Su: [Oh.]


RS: [Sang Xian was jealous this time, he had a lot of jealousy. Alas, he cared too much about me.]


Aunt Su: [I’m busy, let’s stop talking.]


Satisfied, Ran Shu put down his phone and continued to wait for the drip input to finish.


Sang Xian had been sitting beside him while looking at the report on the tablet.


“The drip is so cold!” Ran Shu complained.


Sang Xian put down the tablet immediately and put his hand gently on the back of his hand to help him warm him up.


 Sang Xian looked at him sideways and asked, “Are we back together now?”


“Forget it…”


“Oh.” Sang Xian stared at the drip for a moment  and then asked resolutely, “Not even before the day you return for your reality show?”


Ran Shu sat up even with his aching body and started scolding him again: “Sang Xian, are you sick  Huh?! If you have nothing to do, you can analyze where Genghis Khan’s tomb is, or solve a world unsolved puzzle. You can become famous with that. Go ahead! “


Sang Xian stopped talking.


Ran Shu was so angry that he laid down on the bed again.


After lying down, Ran Shu calmed down for a moment and then began to think. Sang Xian wants to make up like this. If he doesn’t vent, will there be any problems?


Moreover, it was he who indiscriminately offered compensation to Sang Xian, which caused Sang Xian to be like this.


The susceptible period of an Alpha in a novel is quite painful.


In the end, his heart relented: “Then you… have to be gentle.”


“Well, okay then.” Sang Xian’s smile could not be restrained.


On the other hand, Hou Mo saw that Suihou Yu had a troubled expression. He threw his phone on the coffee table, and immediately asked with a smile, “Why, these two people got back together again?”




“Ah, they persisted for a long time.”


Suihou Yu leaned on the sofa. He raised his head and let out a long sigh.


It seems that every time Ran Shu and Sang Xian break up and reunite, the pain index of the two parties is only 80.


But Suihou Yu has 8,000,000 here.    


Lu Yanxin sat not far away and asked with a smile: “These two are really interesting. How can they go on like this for so many years?”


Suihou Yu replied lazily. “Look at Ran Shu. Although he is noisy, he is thinking about Sang Xian wholeheartedly.”


“Does he really?”


Suihou Yu nodded: “Ran Shu was very noisy before, and his social circle was very wide as if he knew all the female classmates around him. After falling in love with Sang Xian, he has never had any scandals, and he has never accepted the intimacy that must be real. It is very rare for him to be able to do this in that rumored chaotic entertainment circle.”


“Even if they broke up for two years, Ran Shu never thought of looking for someone else because he knew that Sang Xian would definitely come back to look for him.”


Lu Yanxin thought about it, and it was really the case.


Suihou Yu continued: “Although Ran Shu scolds Sang Xian every day, he himself knows that Sang Xian is very busy, so he can try his best to answer his messages and spend time with him.”


“On the other hand, Sang Xian came out to his family for the first time, and he didn’t have any ambiguous objects around him. Because Ran Shu praised Sang Xian’s assistant as beautiful and he was afraid that Ran Shu would misunderstand him, he only dared to use Shen Junjing as his personal assistant.”


 Lu Yanxin nodded: “I understand now. These two people have been running in both directions. “


But Sui Houyu was very distressed: “The two of them are enjoying themselves together, but Ran Shu really…” Then he sighed again.


This sigh caused several other people to “giggle” and laugh for a long time.


Deng Yiheng laughed the most: “Shen Junjing was once high-spirited, but now… what kind of crime is this?”


Thinking that Shen Junjing might be worse than himself, Suihou Yu finally got some comfort.


At this moment, Shen Junjing, a hard-working worker, is still studying the follow-up process of customizing the helicopter. 


The rest will be done by him…




Su Diandian ‘s career suddenly became sluggish. He is still very young, so naturally he will not give up. He entered the celebrity circle through connections, after all.


If he couldn’t count on HuYongqi anymore, then he might as well get to know other benefactors. He doesn’t care whether it’s male or female. As long as it can help him.


The quality of this dinner was very high, and the guests were all prominent figures. Su Diandian sacrificed a lot to have the chance to sneak in.


His good friend Tu Yuanze stood beside him, pointing: “See that lady in red over there?” 


Su Diandian looked in the direction Tu Yuanze pointed, and sure enough, he saw a group of people surrounding a tall woman.


The woman looked a little old, Su Diandian initially guessed that she was 30 to 40 years old, but she was well-maintained and had an outstanding temperament. Looking at her bone structure, he knew that she was a great beauty in her early years.


What is more distinctive is that this woman is an European and American type, with wheat-colored skin, and is extremely sexy.


Su Diandian took a look and asked, “Who is she?”


“Didn’t the Sang family buy your company? She is the mother of President Sang.”


Su Diandian was stunned. According to his calculation, Sang Xian should be in his twenties or thirty or so years old, so this lady is almost fifty years old?


She doesn’t really look that old.


Su Diandian looked at Mrs. Sang back and forth but was pushed by Tu Yuanze, who reminded him: “Don’t worry about it. The family style of the Sang family is to spoil their wife. They have a good relationship. President Sang Xian and his father are notoriously single-minded, so you don’t have a chance. This is your only one.”


Su Diandian also knew that Sang Xian would definitely reject him if he asked him to assist in getting to the top.


If he disturbed the feelings of his parents, he would definitely not be able to please him.


He still has something on Sang Xian.


“If you try to restore Mrs. Sang’s impression of you, maybe you can restore some of Mr. Sang’s opinion of you. It’s best to recognize a godson or something.” Tu Yuanze reminded.


“Well, okay, I’ll try.”


Su Diandian raised a glass of wine and walked towards Mrs. Sang. After meeting Mrs. Sang’s eyes, he walked over to toast her: “Hello, I’m Su Diandian. I am no an artist in your son’s company.”


Mrs. Sang looked at him and smiled decently: “I know you.”


Mrs. Sang also reads the news from time to time and has heard about Su Diandian trying to bully Ran Shu, so she has some impressions of Su Diandian.


Su Diandian was overjoyed when she got this answer and was about to chat again when she saw Mrs. Sang greet another lady beside her and stopped talking to him.


He soon realized that Mrs. Sang had no intention of making friends with him.


He heard that many rich wives from magnificent families look down on artists like them, and he thinks this one is the same.


At this moment, he heard someone ask Mrs. Sang: “Is your son married?”


Mrs. Sang smiled and said, “How can you forget? My son has been engaged for a long time.”


At that time, her husband bought Ran Shu from the Ran family to be a child bride, so he naturally ordered a baby relative.


“Haven’t the two broken up yet? Has it been ten years? “


“Well, it has been ten years, but they haven’t broken up. They have a good relationship.”


“The men in your family really have to do it in advance, or they won’t get it at all.”

The Sang family has a lot of money and career, so there are naturally many people who want to get married to the Sang family.


In addition, the men of the Sang family have always had a good reputation. They are all very dedicated, and they are also very good to their wives. Their family style is upright, so they are naturally more likable.


 However, the Sang family couple only had only one child and got engaged early on, so they couldn’t even think about it.


But Su Diandian discovered the New World— 


Boss Sang had a lover early and was engaged. Aren’t Mr. Sang and Ran Shu…


The relationship that made his teeth tickle with hatred became ridiculous.


Su Diandian felt a sudden sense of relief.


After the party was over, Mrs. Sang walked out of the hall. After confirming that there was no one else around, The lady, who had always been on good terms with her asked. “I heard that Sang Xian and Ran Shu broke up. Have they reconciled already? If not, well, the daughter of that family just now is really good.”


“The two of them are inseparable. I know that son of mine. I am determined that I will only describe one in my life.”


“But what about Ran Shu? With the entertainment circle, will he…”


“Neither will Ran Shu.” Mrs. Sang’s complexion is not good, “Ran Shu is a very good child, and I have always liked him very much. My Sang Xian can only be accompanied by ran Shu. “


The lady knew that she had said something wrong and made Mrs. Sang unhappy, so she quickly apologized with a smile.


Author’s Note:


“Why Don’t You Coax Me” is a sweet narrative——Sang Xian.


“Why Don’t You Coax Me” is making up and breaking up narrative, nothing to read here——Sui Hou Yu.


“Why Don’t You Coax Me” is an abusive story——Shen Junjing.

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