Status: Hmm…

Chapter 27- Status: Hmm…


Sang Xian really held back.


And Ran Shu was so angry that he wanted to jump up and poke a hole in Sang Xian’s head!


We will not get back together!


Don’t think about it!


It is such a delusion!


Don’t even think about it!


Sang Xian probably heard about what Ran Shu wanted to eat from Shen Junjing, so he canceled the restaurant reservation and called many of their friends together to go to Xiangjia Lane that day.


Xiangjia Lane was the location of their high school at the beginning. The location is relatively remote, but it is a good place for tourism, so the scenery and air are very good.


A group of them entered a small restaurant in a mighty way.


The restaurant owner has long been accustomed to groups of tall boys and girls like them. After all, there are always sports students from Fengyu High School who come to eat in their restaurant.


At first, the people in the store didn’t pay attention to them, but after seeing who came, the proprietress came out to greet her directly: “Hey, why are you back?”


“Coming over for dinner.” Hou Mo greeted the proprietress with a smile. Apparently, they very familiar with her. “Auntie, we are your third bundle of children.”


Hou Mo said, pointing to him and Suihou Yu, as well as Deng Yiheng and Lu Yanxin.


They will also go abroad to compete.


Wiping her hands, the proprietress said cheerfully, “You run so far just to eat my food? Tell your aunt, and she will mail the food to you.”


They did come to this store all the time. They used to come here when they were in high school. He will often participate in competitions, and he is forbidden to eat outside three months before the competition to avoid failing the urine test.

Only the dishes of this family are guaranteed to be grown at home, without any pesticides, so they can eat with confidence.


“No, I just want to eat what you made yourself.” Hou Mo said, leading the people behind him together.


The proprietress asked: “Do you need me to clear the venue for you? Will other guests bother you?”


“No.” Suiho Yu quickly replied, “It’s not that exaggerated.”


“Enter the private room then!” The proprietress said and went to the private room with a rag tidy up.


The group of people entered the private room, and Ran Shu behaved awkwardly the whole time.


It’s not that he doesn’t like the environment of this restaurant. He also ate several times here since this is next to the school.


He was just… afraid that people would find out that he was wearing stockings in his trousers, making everyone think he was a pervert.


Especially since Lu Yanxin also came. This female hooligan is really scary, she may order some small leather whips and small chains for him that night and mail them to him all at once.


She really dared to give it away, and she always watched some comics and short videos. She even really sent out new poses to Sang Xian and Hou Mo.


Ran Shu secretly stared at Sang Xian as if scolding him with his eyes: ‘Sang Xian, you bastard!’


Sang Xian was calm and composed, looking at him as if he was very understanding. He understood what he meant. So, he helped him unpack the tableware, wiped it clean, and put it in front of him.


He began to think. Should he take out the needle and thread in the bag, go to the toilet, and sew his trousers and shoes together just so it won’t get exposed?


‘He must die!’ Ran Shu thought to himself.


This way of social death, he couldn’t get over it even after three days of crying.


But, oh! What if he sneaked it off and throw it at the nearby trash?


This is more convenient.


The proprietress walked in at this time, holding a notepad in her hand. She then asked. “When will you compete?”


“We don’t know exactly when yet.” Hou Mo replied.


The proprietress frowned when she heard that: “Is it safe to go there?”


“The country is definitely safe for athletes.”


“That’s true.”


Hou Mo already had the menu memorized. That is why, he ordered with ease.


“What about them?” the proprietress asked.


Hou Mo pointed to the others: “They don’t compete.” 


The proprietress only noticed the others this time, and finally looked at Ran Shu: “Is this the one on TV? He looks better in person!” 


Ran Shu just smiled at the proprietress. He simply laughed and was about to thank the proprietress when he heard her add: “I saw you on TV, your mouth is so big.”


Ran Shu couldn’t laugh anymore, he was even aggrieved.


Suihou Yu helped Ran Shu and said, “Auntie, he has a small face and big facial features. Have you seen Anne Hathaway? She is also of this type.”


“Is Anne his celebrity name?” the proprietress asked.


Sui Hou Yu couldn’t answer, so the topic ended hastily.


The proprietress was very enthusiastic and continued: “Hou Mo, did you take a big pot a few days ago?”


“Grand Slam.”


“Well, it’s pretty good, I saw you on the news. I think you can do it back then- be number one in the country. And now, number one in the world.”


Sang Xian gave Ran Shu the menu.


The menu of this store is very simple. It is an A4-sized cardboard box sealed with a plastic film. Because it has been used for a long time, the edges of the film are somewhat rolled up.


Ran Shu looked at it and said, “Give me a big stewed goose!” 


The proprietress didn’t write it down immediately, but reminded him: “Are you going to eat a big goose this season? It has to be killed now.”


“Kill it now?” Ran Shu looked at Sang Xian, “Are we going to kill?”


 “It is just the four of us. We ordered so many dishes that we might not be able to finish it all. Let’s order that if we are still not full yet later.”


“Saving money? It’s not your style.”


Sang Xian deliberately moved closer to Ran Shu, whispering in his ear: “Auntie will come to check on us from time to time. If there is too much left over, she will not think that we are full. Instead, she will ask you, ‘what is wrong with this dish?’ They will improve it in the future and send it to us. Then continue to watch whether we have finished eating it or not.” 


It’s not that the proprietress is like this after they became popular. The proprietress was like this even when they were students. 


Sang Xian once came home with a bag of vegetables, since the proprietress packed the most for him, thinking that he was big enough to eat it after not being able to finish his meal this one time.


After he returned home, all the helpers in the family fell into deep thought, wondering if they couldn’t do their daily work well, so they let the young master go shopping by himself.


Ran Shu immediately raised his hand to signal: “I’m going to let that goose go!”


Sang Xian said: “I’m going to order a Guolao. Do I have to go to the next door to choose the hot pot?” 


The  proprietress wrote down the Guolao and said: ” If you don’t want to go out and show your face, I’ll call for you.”


Sang Xian said and got up: “No, I’ll go. I know what he likes to eat.”


Ran Shu picked the menu carefully for a while and said: “This is chicken, right? How much is it?” 


The proprietress replied quite proudly: “Chopped the house.”


“I’ll let them go too.”


After finally ordering, Ran Shu heaved a sigh of relief and hurried to the toilet to secretly take off his stockings and throw them into the trash can.


Going back to the private room again, Sang Xian came back after waiting for a while. He then said after entering, “The owner of the hot pot next door will deliver it later.”


Deng Yiheng suddenly felt emotional: “Oh, my aunt is over 60 years old.”


Ran Shu immediately “tsk”, pointing to Deng Yiheng to warn him: “You are the one who is suddenly emotional every time. Don’t make us cry before we eat”


“It is just an exclamation!” Deng Yiheng said while fiddling with his phone. “I actually wanted to call Ge Ge and the coach over, but unfortunately they are all in school.”


Lu Yanxin looked at the people present and sighed: ” It seems like there are only a few of us every time.”


Ran Shu also nodded along, “It’s time for someone to have a baby for us to play with.”


Lu Yanxin looked around. There here were two gay couples, Su Anyi’s steel bachelor, and the other was Shen Junjing’s golden bachelor. It seems that she is the only one who can do this.


“Wait for me!” Lu Yanxin waved his hand, “When I think of the Sang family dying out, I feel heartbroken. If that’s the case, let my children inherit the Sang family business.”


Deng Yiheng was the first to hit his wife: “That will be difficult. You have to pray that the Sang family’s property will not be wiped out by Ran Shu before our children grow up.”


Ran Shu immediately retorted angrily: “What does it matter to me? We haven’t reconciled yet!”


 “Not yet?” The others present asked in unison.


Sang Xian rubbed his brows helplessly but didn’t answer.


Shen Junjing, who knew the inside story, smiled and remained silent.


Ran Shu nodded with righteous indignation as if he wanted everyone present to decide for himself.


It’s a pity that no one wants to care about their separation and reunion, and they all avert their eyes.


Suihou Yu made a video call at this time. In the video, Ai Mengtian asked lazily, “What’s the matter, Brother Yu.”


Suihou Yu took a shot of everyone with his camera and then said to her: “Greet again. You said you don’t have time to meet so watch us eat.”


While following Suihou Yu’s camera, everyone greeted her.


Ai Mengtian, who exists like a little sister in school, has a good relationship with Su Anyi and Lu Yanxin, and they are collectively known as the three sisters of Zuan.


As a result, after graduation, Ai Mengtian became a female judge, often unable to leave, and failed to come to every party.


After seeing this scene, Ai Mengtian was so angry that she yelled in the video. As if disturbing her colleagues, she shuts her mouth in a particularly uncomfortable manner. She puts on her earphones silently and watched them eat. There were still files on her table even if it was a lunch break. Even if it was supposed to be her break time, she still couldn’t rest.


They finished their meal in a noisy manner, but they were still misunderstood by the proprietress.


Ran Shu was afraid that the proprietress would be disappointed, so he chose to pack the leftover dishes.


This caused a misunderstanding to the proprietress. She thought it was his favorite food and immediately said: “Wait a little longer. Your aunt will fry up two more servings for you to take away.”


Ran Shu could only sit down again, pointed to his chest and said, “I’ve already eaten this much.”


Sang Xian comforted him: “You can eat more. You are too thin.”


“My Brother Yu is thinner than me “


“It’s not my turn to care about whether he’s thin or not.”


“That’s right.”


Sang Xian noticed that Ran Shu, who was originally reserved, seemed to be more comfortable now. He looked carefully, and sure enough, he saw that the stockings had disappeared.


He was suddenly disappointed. The next time he wanted to coax Ran Shu to put it on, it would probably be very difficult.


After walking out, Ran Shu took the takeaway bag and clamored to follow Hou Mo home.


Sang Xian immediately called him to stop: “I brought the cow-printed cat home, do you want to go and see it?”


Ran Shu turned his eyes to him several times in disgust.


Hou Mo and Sang Xian looked at each other, and could only push Suihou Yu into the car, saying, “We have to go to the provincial team instead of going home.”


“Yes, yes, the two of us will have to go too.” Deng Yiheng also said, pulling his wife into the car.


Su Anyi looked around and finally said: “Since I am already here, I’ll go to Fengyu to see Teacher Li, goodbye.”


Shen Junjing held back for a long time and finally could only answer: “I’m bored, I’ll find a river to jump. You guys go get busy.”


Ran Shu finally could only look at Sang Xian.


Sang Xian calmly walked to his car and opened the door.


Ran Shu emphasized: “I’ll go home after watching the cat.”



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Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Why Don’t You Coax Me?

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022
Issue # 1: Ran Shu was a top performer before. It is a pity that he now became unpopular through the years.   The younger generation pulls the trigger as the fans are waiting for Ran Shu to see when he will burn thoroughly.    But as if it was only a day and a night, he then returned again on the hot search. However, the news seemed to be a little strange.   # Ran Shu saved a cat and had gotten into an accident in the middle of the night. # After the haters scolded Ran Shu, the keyboard warriors continued to attack him nonstop.    Issue # 2: Many people knew that Ran Shu had an ex, so his opponent went to look for his ex's identity so that they can attack him with that. Who knew that it could provoke people that they should not be messing with.   A few days after Ran Shu publicly stressed that he was single, he had gotten drunk in a live broadcast on his cellphone. And from there, he entered Sang Xian’s house while slurring: “Husband, show them your chest muscles! Don’t be shy; my fans are not outsiders.”   It’s a complete reversal of his statement.   The next day, his car was immediately surrounded by his fans. Fortunately, a helicopter came and land on the roof of the building. Ran Shu took the helicopter to leave.    Later, Ran Shu said, “I was indeed single when I declared that I was. Every one of you should read the specifications carefully.”   Issue # 3: What does it feel like to fall in love with Mr. Sang?   Ran Shu: “I am in a bad mood today.”   Sang Xian: “Open the map and buy an island.”  


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