WDYCM 15 pt.1

Chapter 15- Status: Jealous


The crew is in a period of alternate shooting locations.


The new venue is still under preparation, and the venue in Linzhong has focused on filming supporting roles these days, giving Ran Shu a two-day vacation.


He also happened to be able to use these two days of vacation to meet Brother Yu, whom he missed day and night.


Ran Shu returned to the city where he lived a long time ago, for an overnight. He brought his Big Brother- the cat home, bought a cart full of flowers and fruits, and went to the homes of Sui Houyu and Hou Mo in a mighty way.


Holding flowers in his hands, Xiao Qi walked to the door in two steps.


After ringing the doorbell, the person inside opened the door very slowly, looked over, and asked, “When are you leaving?” The person hadn’t entered the door yet, and he was already expecting him to leave.


Naturally, the person who opened the door could not be anyone else but Hou Mo, who had just returned from the grand slam.


When Ran Shu saw that it was Hou Mo, he immediately rolled his huge eyes and made no effort to hide his dislike: “I just came here, so I have to stay at your home for at least two days.”


“Two days?!” Hou Mo asked in displeasure.


“Yes!” Ran Shu said and handed the cut to Hou Mo.


Even though he has been with Sui Houyu for many years, Hou Mo is still a little afraid of cats, especially black cats.


Upon seeing the cat approaching him, he immediately took two steps back so that it could enter the house smoothly. Ran Shu followed the black cat swaggeringly in.


Xiao Qi handed the flowers and fruits to Hou Mo, and Hou Mo reluctantly said, “I’ve never seen a bouquet of roses among girlfriends. How about provocation? You might as well come here empty-handed.”


 “Brother Yu!” After entering the room, Ran Shu completely ignored Hou Mo’s nagging and rushed toward Sui Houyu.


Seeing that Ran Shu was about to hug him, Su Houyu immediately raised his hand to stop him: “I understand.”


Ran Shu looked at Su Houyu slumped on the sofa and then looked back at Hou Mo.


Hou Mo was still thinking about whether to throw the flower away or let Suihou Yu take a look at it before throwing it away. Thus, he had no time to pay attention to Ran Shu.


It’s amazing for these two people to finish the competition and come back from the event. Ran Shu doesn’t know how intense it is. Thus, he has no idea that it can make Suihou Yu’s iron-like physique paralyzed like this.


Ran Shu began to complain and sat beside Suihou Yu before sighing: “I’ve known you for twenty years, but I’m the one who bothered you?”


“Hey.” Ran Shu continued to talk about it authentically. “I rushed over to congratulate you non-stop after you returned to China while you- you and your bad boyfriend are also doing it non-stop.”


Suzhou Yu started to laugh and adjusted a bit while slowly sitting up. He then said, “Maybe you can complain to Sang for three minutes.”


“Among us, are we talking about an outsider?” Ran Shu said, wiping the corners of his tearless eyes hypocritically.


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Suzhou Yu analyzed rationally: “That means you haven’t reconciled yet.”


“I…have been lonely for so long…”


Suihou Yu judged again: “You’re the one who broke up with him.”


“…” Chatting with smart people is not really that easy, and it’s easily embarrassing.


Ran Shu looked at Suihou Yu, and Suihou Yu quickly understood. He then began scolding Sang Xian for Ran Shu: “Sang Xian is an idiot, and he doesn’t know how to treat you at all. When he comes, I will deal with him.”




“Oh, I see. I asked Hou Mo to clean him up with me. Tomorrow Su Anyi, Shen Junjing, Deng Yiheng, and his wife will all come. We’ll fight together.”


Ran Shu was finally satisfied: “Okay.”


Ran Shu watched Hou Mo take the bouquet and throw it in the laundry room. He immediately stood up and chased after it cursingly: “Put it in the living room, right in the middle! I gave it to Brother Yu, so he can see it when he raises his eyes.”


Hou Mo He didn’t particularly insist and said: “Don’t you have to stay in the guest room? I will put you in the guest room.”


“I want to stay with Brother Yu.”


“You fart!” Hou Mo scolded immediately, “I have various competitions with him throughout the year, so we can’t do excessive things at all. There are only a few days of rest in the middle, and you still don’t know how to do it. Did you come to make trouble?”


Judging by the way Suihou Yu slumped on the chair after “non-stop” doing you know what, Ran Shu knows that if they are so presumptuous during the game, it will definitely affect their play.


Ran Shu was ten thousand dissatisfied: “I can only see my Brother Yu a few times a year. You are together all year, so how many days are left? At worst, the three of us sleep together and let Brother Yu sleep in the middle.”


Hou Mo put down the flowers as he looked at Ran Shu in shock, “Doesn’t Sang Xian need to sleep next to you or do you need four generations to live under the same roof?”    


“What the hell…” Ran Shu also began to feel ridiculous, “A family of three is fine.”


As if on cue, the doorbell rang.


Hou Mo put down the flowers and went to open the door. When he opened the door, he saw Sang Xian standing at the door. His eyes glanced at the shoes at the door as if to make sure that Ran Shu was inside.


Hou Mo was also looking at him and asked, “You came here empty-handed?”


“Well, I’m too lazy to buy things. How about I transfer the money to you, is 100,000 enough?” 


“It’s unsightly.” The two walked into the house while they were talking.


Hou Mo didn’t know if it was intentional, so he led Sang Xian to the place where the flowers were placed and introduced it to him: “Ran Shu sent Brother Yu 99 roses. Did he send you one as well?”


Sang Xian: “… “


Hou Mo smiled brightly, and his cold white skin became even more dazzling under the light: “No way, no way; he hasn’t given you roses for so many years of dating?”


Sang Xian looked at Hou Mo and raised his eyebrows: “…”


Hou Mo continued: “Ran Shu still said that he wanted to sleep with Brother Yu, but I didn’t want to. He wanted to sleep between us. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for me to sleep next to him?”


Sang Xian: “…”


Hou Mo asked as if he didn’t know everything: “By the way, are you two broken up or in love now?”


Sang Xian’s voice became deeper and deeper: “I haven’t been in the house for five minutes. It’s time for you to say something, human.”


Hou Mo understood: “Oh, you two is still broken up.”


Sang Xian and Hou Mo entered the living room side by side, and Ran Shu and Suihou Yu were chatting together.


When Ran Shu saw Sang Xian, he immediately asked in displeasure. “What are you doing here at night?”


Sang Xian replied calmly, “Let’s see if the flowers you sent to Suiho Yu look good before they bloom.”


Ran Shu pushed Suihou Yu’s arm and urged: “Brother Yu, beat him up.” 


Suihou Yu didn’t move: “When there are more people tomorrow.”


Hou Mo went into the kitchen and start preparing dinner.


Sang Xian took off his suit jacket, picked up his apron, and put it on. He then asked Hou Mo. “What do you need me to do for you?”


“Wash the dishes.” The two tops were busy in the kitchen.


Meanwhile, Ran Shu and Suihou Yu sat in the living room and continued chatting. When Sang Xian came, Ran Shu stopped talking about the previous topic, but talked about his adventures of catching cats.


After dinner was finished, Ran Shu sat at the dining table and stared at Suihou Yu.


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