Chapter 13- Status: Bed Warning


Three days later.


Ran Shu was still wearing wire equipment, and the staff around him were adjusting the equipment and telling the extras how to cooperate.


Ran Shu was bored at leisure, so he took out his mobile phone to check Weibo.


He found that he would be very angry as long as he opened Weibo and entered his own account.


For example, the article “bear the burn”


IReallyWantToMarrySuiHouyu: [Ran Shu was scolded for dancing and throwing his shoes for a long time, and the whole network scolded him for his incompetence in business. Now that I think about it, I really didn’t cherish it back then. That was actually Ran Shu’s most exposed time.] [Video]


Comments from there also hit the nail on the head.


[Who would have thought that Ran Shu’s most exposed scene in many years in being in the industry is actually taking off his shoes?]


[I also didn’t expect that the most breaking news about uncle was actually about catching cats in the middle of the night.]


[When I saw the official announcement of Ran Shu’s new drama, my first feeling was that it was nothing to watch. There wouldn’t be a decent kiss scene, so let’s watch it without expecting CP. ]


Ran Shu’s finger slid down quickly and unexpectedly saw Meng Xinya’s fans coming to visit.


Ma Ma Miya: [Thank you Teacher Ran for cooperating with YaYa. We are relieved to see that the hero is you.]


[YaYa is a very good actress, and it is my uncle’s honor to work with YaYa. ]


[It’s rare to see such two harmonious fanbases.]


[The female artists that my uncle has worked with will become brothers with my uncle, and they have long been used to it.]


[Shu Shu doesn’t know how to profiteer, and he doesn’t know how to fire CP. After all, his energy is limited, and he’s been busy catching cats recently. ]


[This damn sense of security. 】


Ran Shu searched everywhere then waved to Meng Xinya.


Meng Xinya got the instructions She walked over in a bouncing manner and moved to Ran Shu’s side to look at Ran Shu’s cell phone. She could not help but laugh loudly: “Speaking of which, did you catch the cat it?”


“Still working hard on it.” While the two were chatting, a visiting crew appeared on the set.


Ran Shu looked up and saw Sang Xian and Brother Liu come together, standing in the corner and looking toward them.


He subconsciously hid a little back, so as to be far away from Meng Xinya, but he forgot that he was hanging on the wire, so he tiptoed and swayed in place a few times before stabilizing his body.


 Meng Xinya quickly reached out to help him stabilize his body, supported him, and asked, “Are you okay?”


Ran Shu’s heart tensed subconsciously, and he quickly comforted himself. Why panic? It’s only his ex-boyfriend!


“It’s okay…” His tone was a little weak.


Sang Xian rarely came to visit Ran Shu’s crew.


The main reason is that Sang Xian’s appearance is too outstanding, and he couldn’t pretend to be a staff member to sneak in. So he was very patient before.


But this time, he came in openly as Ran Shu’s boss.


At this moment, Ran Shu was hung on the wire, and he watched helplessly as the other staff members brought up milk tea one after another.


He thinks that Sang Xian brought it.


He gestured to Sang Xian with his eyes but saw Sang Xian sitting on the wicker chair he used to sit on and ignored him.


The vinegar jar will not change for eight hundred years.


He hinted at Xiao Qi again.


Xiao Qi was very smart, so he hurried to choose a cup. But before he could hold it up to Ran Shu, Ran Shu ascended to heaven little by little.


Ran Shu was suspended in mid-air, unable to get up or down. Looking around, he found that there was a barbecue truck not far away. The smell of barbecue was everywhere. It was probably heating up, and the production began when the crew arrived.


He said “bajibaji”, a little curious about what else Sang Xian brought.


Too bad no one could tell him.


It was the first time for Sang Xian to visit the shoot calmly, instead of being sneaked into the hotel by Ran Shu in the middle of the night. It was very pleasant.


He sat on a chair and watched his ex-boyfriend flying around in the sky.


For the first few tens of minutes, Sang Xian thought it was very interesting. He couldn’t talk and laugh with girls if he flew to the sky.


He couldn’t laugh anymore in the next two hours, during which Ran Shu only rested for five or six minutes. He even felt that the shooting was a bit too slow. If Ran Shu was a piece of bacon, it would be dried after hanging it for so long.


Sang Xian couldn’t bear to sit up. He hooked his fingers to Brother Liu: “You go and ask if it will still take long in completing shooting these scenes. If it is, then they can stop here today.”


“It’s better to finish shooting this scene today, or they have to do it again tomorrow.”


Sang Xian could only give up and continue to watch quietly.


Fortunately, after this fighting scene was filmed for a while, Ran Shu was through with it.


He moved his body and walked towards Sang Xian: “What did you bring?”


“The barbecue machine is for the other crew members. I also brought the head chef of your favorite restaurant.”


“No more?”


“And me.”


“…” Ran Shu looked up and down at Sang Xian. He sighed and shook his head.


Sang Xian followed Ran Shu into Ran Shu’s cabin. After entering, Sang Xian explained: “Brother Liu said not to bring too exaggerated things because it will make the crew suspect my relationship with you. As your boss, It’s fine to come here.”


“That’s right, after all, we’re just subordinates.”


Sang Xian didn’t deny it either: “Besides, I can save some of the company’s reputation by coming here this time.”


“Oh, so the real reason for your visit is for this intention? You really are a good leader who is considerate of his subordinates.”


“And help you catch cats.”


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/why-dont-you-coax-me/


Ran Shu opened the window, pointed to the forest not far away, and said. “Did you see it there? The two of them usually lie in that bush. I tried it with Xiao Qi two days ago, but we couldn’t catch it.”


Sang Xian, seeing the cat food on Ran Shu’s window sill, guessed that the two cats were attracted by Ran Shu feeding the cats.


Cats are very vigilant animals. Even if Ran Shu feeds them, they will still be wary of Ran Shu.


Sang Xian looked at the two kittens hiding in the forest, and called: “Mimi.”


Sang Xian had a standard subwoofer voice, and he would be gentler when dealing with small animals. With that, his voice can be very bewitching. After that, Ran Shu subconsciously raised his hand and rubbed his earlobe.


Some people, even their voices are a scourge.


An unbelievable scene happened.


The orange cat didn’t seem to be afraid of Sang Xian, so he bravely approached Sang Xian and jumped onto Ran Shu’s window sill.


Standing aside, Ran Shu watched Sang Xian hold the orange cat in both hands for a look. And then he turned his head and asked Ran Shu: “Is it one of the suspect cats?”


Ran Shu: “…”


Does he have a  liking for cats and dogs? But there is no such thing as liking both cats and dogs. It’s either you like cats or you love dogs. Ran Shu doesn’t want to speak.


Sang Xian didn’t care about Ran Shu’s silence and brought the orange cat in to check on the orange cat’s body. After stroking the orange cat, he said to Ran Shu, “I’m afraid it won’t be able to be neutered in a short time.”




“It’s pregnant. It’s been a while.”


Ran Shu squatted down immediately, and Sang Xian held his wrist to guide him where to look: “Look at its belly. It’s very soft and obviously very big. If you look at it again, it has turned pink and bigger.”


Ran Shu quickly withdrew his gaze: “It’s a little girl, it’s not good for me as a man?”


“Well, you really are very masculine.”


“Shut up!” It’s not because I’m afraid you will be jealous! ! !


Sang Xian continued to check the body of the orange cat and then said: “It’s okay, there is no skin disease. This should be a kitten that likes to be clean. I will contact the assistant to send it to the hospital.”


Maybe it was because it saw that they caught his partner, the brave black and white cow-printed kitten also jumped onto the window sill. Ran Shu was about to reach out when Sang Xian stopped him: “Don’t touch it when it blows at you.”


“Oh…” The two waited for a while. And when the cow-printed kitten was sure that it was not in danger, it stabilized a bit. Sang Xian wrapped his clothes around the cow kitten and caught it.


Sang Xian still simply checked the cat’s body first and then said to Ran Shu: “It has some ear mites, but fortunately, it is not serious. It has injuries on its body. It should’ve fought with other male cats during the estrus period. Or it was caused by competing with other cats for food. It’s better for it to be neutered. It can prolong their lifespan. I’ll send it to the hospital and send it back to you after it’s neutered. The orange cat needs to wait until the birth is over.”


“You understand so much about cats quite well.” Ran Shu looked at Sang Xian’s skillful look and muttered.


“Well, I raised a stray dog ​​before. After I picked it up, the doctor said that it had given birth at least three times, and it was so hungry that is why it was skinny every time. That’s why it left the world very early even though it lived in my home. The neutering will prevent it from hurting other kittens.”


“Is the chihuahua the stray dog you are talking about?” Ran Shu raised his eyebrows.



Ran Shu remembered the dog and tapped something from his deep memory. The main reason is that Sang Xian once showed him a photo of a Chihuahua, saying that Ran Shu looked a bit like this dog.


Ran Shu broke up with Sang Xian because of this.


The reason for the breakup was that Sang Xian used him as a substitute. Sang Xian didn’t really like him, but because he was like Sang Xian’s white moonlight dog.


Sang Xian was inexplicably disturbed by Ran Shu and became very angry. He pressed Ran Shu for a few days and couldn’t get rid of his hatred.


Ran Shu started digging up old scores again: “You really don’t know how to be a human being, but you actually said that I look like a dog.”


“It’s really similar.”


“I’m not a Chihuahua!”


“You’re just a Chihuahua, you’re so anxious.”


Ran Shu gave Sang Xian a direct look of displeasure: “Okay, the cat has been caught; you can go back.”


“So you’re letting me go?”


“Otherwise, look at this bed, it probably will collapse in a few minutes.”


Sang Xian looked back at the bed in Ran Shu’s room. It was indeed very thin.


Sang Xian asked with a half-smile: “What? We are just going to be sleeping. Sui Houyu and Hou Mo’s bed collapsed because they were fighting on the bed, and I won’t fight with you.”


Ran Shu: “…”


Sang Xian approached him suddenly and asked in a low voice: “Ran Shu, what are you expecting?” 


His voice is both soft and alluring as if scratching his ear, which made Ran Shu flustered.


Ran Shu immediately pushed Sang Xian angrily: “I look forward to seeing you soon.”


Sang Xian didn’t continue to ask but gave the two cats to the assistant.


The assistant took the air box, shut the cat in, and went directly to the pet hospital.


After returning to the room, Sang Xian mentioned other things: “When I went to your house to feed the cat, I saw the urinal in your house, which seemed to have words printed on it.”


Most people’s bathrooms only have toilets. But Ran Shu’s house is very particular. In fact, there is something in the urinal where you can stand and relieve yourself, which Sang Xian saw at a glance.


“Oh… it’s your name printed on it. I usually use your name to practice aiming. When I think of you, I’ll piss you.” Ran Shu replied very frankly and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.


Sang Xian raised his hand and rubbed his brows before asking helplessly: “It seems that you have missed me a lot in the past two years.”


“It doesn’t matter whether you think about it or not. The main thing is that I want to fuck with you.”


Sang Xian laughed angrily.


He is tired of coaxing him. He must destroy it, let this bed collapse.

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