WDYCM 12 pt.2



Ran Shu’s makeup on this day is a married look.

After the day’s shooting, he didn’t take off his makeup immediately. He went back to the cabin first and took Sang Xian’s friend application with his mobile phone.

He quickly posted a short video. In the video, he was wearing a groom’s red dress. He really had the temperament of a young man with red lips and white teeth.


Then, he hummed a little tune and sent a voice message to Sang Xian: “I’m getting married, and the groom is not you. You are a big bitch. Being single is suitable for you!”

After sending it, the other party replied quickly: [Do I need to accompany a gift?]

X: [Which table should I sit at the banquet?]


RS: [The old classmate’s table.]

X: [Well, the exes of men who don’t abide by male virtues can’t even make a table.]

RS: [Then you have a table with the dogs. You should invite all three of your dogs to come.]


Sang Xian did not reply immediately but sent him a short video.

In the video, Big Brother, the cat, is eating cat food indifferently. Seeing that the person shooting the video is always there, he gracefully walks over and rubs his head against Sang Xian’s hand.


Brother Liu came to visit him here, but he couldn’t help feed the cat, so why did Brother Liu just hand over this job to Sang Xian?

But Sang Xian is also okay, Sang Xian and the cat Big Brother are still familiar with each other.


Ran Shu: “…”

Big Brother’s original owner went abroad for competitions from time to time, and he helped raise Big Brother for a while. But he didn’t get this kind of treatment from that cat.

Meanwhile, Sang Xian just went to help feed the cat and shovel the excrement, but he got acquainted with it already?


Leaving aside other things for the time being, it is really good for Sang to offer animals.


Ran Shu quickly typed a message to Sang Xian and asked: [Do you want to visit the shoot?]

X: [Are you afraid of being discovered?]

RS: [You should come here and help me catch the cats. I have to neuter them both.]


If this kind of request is heard by the employees of the Sang family industry, they will definitely find it absurd.

The value that Sang Xian can create in the company in one day is definitely an astronomical figure.

However, when Ran Shu opened his mouth, he asked Sang Xian to come to him in order to help him catch cats, which is outrageous!


X: [OK.]

Sang Xian agreed.


RS: [Let me know before you come. I’m going to remove my makeup.]

X: [Well, ok.]




When Ran Shu needed to get up, Xiao Qi tiptoed into Ran Shu’s room, and carefully turned off the mute on Ran Shu’s phone.

He put his mobile phone back on the bedside table and then hid in the corner. After Ran Shu got up, he could do him a favor.


Ran Shu is usually fine, but the state when he wakes up is really scary.

Xiao Qi is a newcomer who has just graduated from university for two years, and Ran Shu is the second artist under his care. Even though they have been together for more than a year, he is still cautious, for fear of offending Ran Shu.


But upon Ran Shu waking up today, Xiao Qi witnessed a miracle happen.


When it was time for Xiao Qi to wake Ran Shu up, a notification sounded on the phone against the side table: “Pay | Alipay | 5,000 yuan has been credited to the account.”


Xiao Qi was startled when he heard this voice.


Immediately afterwards, the account notification sounded continuously.

“Pay| Alipay 30,000 yuan into the account.”

“Pay| Alipay 7,000 yuan into the account.”

“Pay| Alipay 200,000 yuan to the account.”


After the 200,000 yuan arrived in the account, Ran Shu sat up from the bed in an instant. He reached for his mobile phone and opened Ali|Alipay to check his bill. He made sure it was real. After receiving the account instead of a voice message, he started to laugh instead of being angry.

He ignored these transfers and entered the bathroom with his mobile phone.


Xiao Qi quickly followed to the bathroom door.

The condition of the cabin is limited. The bathroom is a bit crappy and the equipment is also a little old. Xiao Qi needs to support Ran Shu with the faucet pipe, so that the faucet will not sway and spray Ran Shu with water.

While Ran Shu was washing his hands, Ali| Alipay’s receipt message continued.


Ran Shu was holding a toothbrushing cup, and when he was brushing his teeth in front of the mirror, he heard: “Pay|Alipay|Accounted

to 521 yuan.” Suddenly, he laughed out loud and foam from his mouth splashed onto the mirror. He wiped it off and rinsed it with water.


Xiao Qi looked at it and found it very strange. It’s as if the voice of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of credits to his account  was numbing, but a sum of only more than 500 yuan made Ran Shu very happy.

The most important thing is that this time, Ran Shu did not only wake up mad, but he also laughed out loud!


When Ran Shu was about to go to make up, he did not forget to remind Xiao Qi: “Let Brother Liu see whether these transfers are for individuals or companies. Also ask him how to pay the taxes for this.”


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/why-dont-you-coax-me/


The shoot set in place up all night.  


In the early morning, Sang Xian was sitting at his desk to transfer money to Ran Shu. Meanwhile, Shen Junjing was so exhausted that he seemed about to collapse: “I can’t take it anymore, I want to resign…” 


In order to be able to visit the shoot, Sang Xian gathered all his work within a few days and jumbled it all in one night. It was completed, but it was Shen Junjing and others who suffered in the end. 

“I’ll give you a car.” Sang Xian said to him, “I’ll pick up whatever car you like.” 

“I’m willing to do my best for the company!” Shen Junjing immediately regained his spirits and tidied up his suit.


Sang Xian stopped transferring money after seeing Ran Shu’s WeChat message.

Shen Junjing leaned over to take a look, and couldn’t help but comment: “Tsk tsk tsk, finding the right boyfriend is worth millions every time you wake up on time.”


“Ran Shu doesn’t like many things. It’s just so happen that money is one of the exception. “Sang Xian put down his phone and continued to organize his things.


Shen Junjing was already planning to leave the office, but he couldn’t help but step back curiously and asked, “What else does he like? A car? A house? Or buy him an island?”


“He likes two things the most. One is money and the other one is me. “


“I’m so cheap.” Shen Junjing quickly left the office after scolding himself.


The author has something to say:

General Overlord: Heh, he just likes money.

Sang Love Brainmaster Chief Xian: He likes my money! Give him more.

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